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Charice is ANC’s ‘Newsmaker of 2009′

Charice is ANC’s ‘Newsmaker of 2009′

MANILA, Philippines ai??i?? International singing sensation Charice has been named ANCai??i??s ai???Newsmaker of

The Purchase detrol generic 17-year-old songstress, who received 47% votes in a poll conducted by ANC, has beaten 4 other strong contenders, namely former president Corazon Aquino, Peopleai??i??s Champ Manny Pacquiao, CNN Hero of the Year Efren PeAi??aflorida and King of Pop Michael Jackson.

  • In the ANC poll, Aquino got 32% followed by PeAi??aflorida (11%), Pacquiao (5%), and Jackson (4%).

Internationally renowned for her covers of powerhouse singers such as Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, the countryai??i??s very own local superstar saw her humble beginnings in San Pedro,Laguna

It was in San Pedro where she began competing in local singing competitions at the age of 7. In 2005, she joined the first season of ABS-CBNai??i??s talent competition, “Little Big Star.”

Charice made it all the way to the finals, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut, losing the title to Sam Concepcion.

Charice also made minor appearances in local TV shows and commercials. But it wasn’t until a fan started posting videos of her live performances onto YouTube that she started gaining international recognition.

Many remember Purchase lady era reviews Charice making her big splash into the global limelight after making a guest appearance on ai???The Ellen DeGeneres Media mogul Oprah Winfrey later invited her to her talk show.

But her first foreign guest appearance was actually on a South Korean talent show called ai???Star King” in 2007.

Her first performance on the international concert stage came when mega music producer David Foster invited her to perform at his tribute show in May 2008.

During the show, she belted out a medley of songs from Houstonai??i??s film, “The Bodyguard,” and her standard power ballad “And I Am Not Telling You” from the Dreamgirlsai??i?? soundtrack.

Now with 2 albums under her belt, her self-titled Philippine debut and her sophomore disc “My Inspiration,” the country is looking forward to what this vocal prodigy has in store for us Filipinos in 2010.

Source:Ai?? abs-cbnNEWS

Here is the Video with Interview.

video courtesy of Ai??Litepci
Posted by: EBJohns11

11 Responses to “Charice is ANC’s ‘Newsmaker of 2009′”

  1. riosovel01 says:

    Congratulatios for all your success and I hope you will stay humble as you are. I hope all the best in life. All the blessings comes from above.

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  2. Robertson says:

    im so proud of our princess Charice ^_^ i love charice.

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  3. peakarach says:
    Congratulation to our Princess Charice.

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  4. Narita says:
    Another Note to God answered for Charice? Definitely! This means she is getting well-needed exposure in the middle-class, news-viewing viewership in the country, which ANC caters to.

    I’m happy she’s covering a lot of ground!

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  5. daddy ron says:
    Congrats to Charice for winning this title. Well, just by saying her name it’s already a news to me. She definitely deserves it. Happy New Year to all :)

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  6. ebjohn says:

    Thanks Max for your help!

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  7. chaddict09 says:
    Charice’s life story has touched and inspired people and her charisma and personality is so endearing. I am not surprise that she got his much attention! Well deserved! She is for real not just some packaged celebrity. She has an awesome talent and a big big heart and humility to top it off!

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  8. Max says:
    Way to go EBJ…first article posted. yeahhhh

    And our princess picks up yet another honor. As I think about what Charice accomplished in 2009, I can hardly contain my excitement about her prospects for 2010. Armed with a hot new album, music video, and single coming out on the first day of the new year, wow, where will she be in another year?

    An international superstar, of course.

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  9. malfon says:
    this show is really fun.

    Wow, good job Charice, all the best! and, Good job Chasters for making her more well known :D

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  10. jn says:
    wow!!! congrats Cha and once again I wish you all the best…
    God bless!!!

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  11. ggg says:
    gratz ! charice

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