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Singapore Idol Finale – The Cheers, The Tears and What You Didn’t See on TV

Singapore Idol Finale – The Cheers, The Tears and What You Didn’t See on TV

Your Showbiz Sista and Abang bring you the low down of the run down that was the Singapore Idol grand finale.

7.50pm. We arrive at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and we’re greeted by two people carrying boxes of light sticks. “Are you a Sylvia or Sezairi fan?” asks the lady, who tells me that if I’m a Sylvia supporter, I get a pink light stick, if I’m a Sezairi fan I get a cyan one. I haven’t decided, I tell her, can I get both? She looks at me, then says, “If you support Sylvia…” Score one for intransigence then.

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10.33pm. As we go to break, they get this girl called Charice to come on. We know a couple of things about her: She’s from the Philippines, she’s smaller than any of the other people on stage, but she’s got a bigger voice and she’s appeared on Oprah and Ellen. The Muttons interview her, but before she can say two sentences, she gets cut off because we’re coming back from break in 5-4-3-2-. “Well that was quite short,” she says.

Gurmit introduces Charice and she proceeds to blow everyone else away with her powerhouse vocals, singing two Whitney Houston numbers. I’d vote for her.

The crowd screams. Gurmit is screaming at the end of the performance too (someone forgot to tell him that he had a mic). She looks at him like, “dude, what are you on?” but still agrees to sing one more song, something about a Note to God. I don’t know. I’m still too stunned.

by Christopher Toh, Idol Chatter

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10 Responses to “Singapore Idol Finale – The Cheers, The Tears and What You Didn’t See on TV”

  1. hiba sudan says:
    go charice goooooo……u r a big star in sudan :DDDDD,

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    • noellen says:
      yehey,, thank you for visiting us hiba,… you ask your friends and your Mom’s friend to join us too…


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  2. pitbull says:
    yea, Singapore is very nice and very clean country. I’ve been there several times while I was in the service. It is good Charice had that opportunity to be there in person, and English is the linngo, and I beleived chinese also is spoken.

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  3. Evelyn E-G says:
    I’m in Toronto n I’ve been trying to find where can I buy the Note to God single. Have downloaded it fr Itune w/ The Xmas Song n HYMLC. Now speaking of new Charice follower I’m one of them. After Ellen n Oprah Shows I started following Charice on You Tube. Always check new updates n even disappointed if can’t find one. My brother is a fan too as he told me to check Charicemania. Everyday, as soon I arrive fr the office, my computer is my bestfriend. I’m already a Chaddict, n What’s with Charice? Once you hear her sang it makes you want more …n your day is not complete with out checking what’s new from her. Its crazy, I voted fr 8pm-12midnight Oct-Dec for Oprah’s Best Musical Performance. Now in Twitter YouTube Best Video again. I’m happy in doing it n no regrets. Never did this before.

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  4. wicketx says:
    I, for one, plan to buy more than a couple of her CD’s so I can give to friends or co-workers thereby spreading her greatness even more! :)

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  5. wicketx says:
    and let’s not forget, she’s already known in Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, maybe Sweden (where she recorded), maybe Brazil (where she was featured in a show), Thailand (where she was featured in a news show), and England. my point is, once her CD comes out, along with the songs she has on David Archuleta’s Xmas album, A Very Special Christmas, and the Chipmunks soundtrack, she already has a LOT of exposure, people will certainly recognize her and therefore buy her CD- so we’re talking global conquest! lol

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  6. joelabad1 says:
    I apologize in advance if I offend any Singaporean for this innocent comment but I didn’t know that Singaporeans are fluent in English like back home. It must be their second language as well. I will definitely visit Singapore in the future.

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    • cybill says:
      joelabad – Yes, Singaporeans speak fluent English, accompanied by their distinct accent. They were under British rule and English is one of their official languages. Singapore is a highly literate country and very cosmopolitan. Seems like Charice made quite an impression – that’s quite significant. Way to go Charice!

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  7. muskrat says:
    I wonder if Charice already knew that as of this morning The Chipmunks Movie has grossed more than 75 Million in ticket sales!!
    That means @8 dollars per ticket, almost 10 Million movie goers so far have watched Charice and now knows her and the best part about it is, it’s only been showing 4 days. You’re talking about maybe 20 to 30 Million movie goers in 2 weeks. It is mind boggling when this movie hits the International Market, another 40 to 50 million people? When her CD finally comes out is what I like about it, people will be reminded that hey this is the singer in the Chipmunks movie, they will wonder if she really is good then maybe 3 or 4 out of 10 will buy her CD just out of curiousity. Is this possible? What do you guys think?

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    • chardrose says:
      In Spore alone 24-26 December all the movie house is fully book, I can’t get ticket unless you to watch around!but I just manage to get yesterday and watching today….heheheh…so I will not surprised if Alvin in the chipmunks2 will bo top movie this holiday season and for sure all the singaporeans who watch the movie will buy the the new album CD of charice on top of that the appearance of charice to singapore idol also contribute for her growing popularity all over the world..go go go charice

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