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It’s #CharityTuesday! Join Ryan Seacrest in support of Charice’s Fruitcake

It’s #CharityTuesday! Join Ryan Seacrest in support of Charice’s Fruitcake

Support Charice and Operation Smile for the third #CharityTuesday contest! Thanks to chasters’ efforts,  the last two weekly contests have earned an additional $2000 in prize winnings for Operation Smile. Let’s make it 3-for-3 and win another $1,000 prize for Operation Smile on TODAY’S #CharityTuesday contest.

>>> CLICK HERE to donate to Charice’s Fruitcake.

The Charity with the most dollars raised by day’s end wins another $1000 from PayPal.  Charice will be making a $1000 donation, today, to help win #CharityTuesday for the third time, but also to  earn an additional 15,000 points towards the $20,000 Grand Prize. 

Each dollar donation is worth 15 points, however, the Contest Rules specifically deny an “eligible participant” (i.e. Charice) from earning points by donating to her own fruitcake  (see paragraph 4, section 3). Therefore Charice will be making her $1000 donation on behalf of other Operation Smile fruitcakes and has contacted us about making the donation to different fansite fruitcakes. 

Please contact or leave your Comment below if you are from another fansite and would like your fruitcake to be considered. Obviously we need to hear from you asap so the accountants can divvy up the donation asap. Remember also the eligibility rules for the Netbook apply only to U.S. residents who are 18 years old or older.

We’re off to a fast start today for #CharityTuesday, actually starting out in first place with an initial $35 donation at 1AM Pacific Std Time.  More significant, however, is the fact that Operation Smile currently finds itself in first place for the overall $20,000 GRAND PRIZE due in no small part to Charice’s Top Fruitcake with an incredible 69,653 points, a whopping 24,000 points ahead of the runner-up. 

This is astonishing considering that Charice had been named the newest Operation Smile Ambassador just recently on Dec 12, and the contest was already halfway over (at week 4 of 6). 

Charice’s success has not gone unnoticed as Ryan Seacrest has prominently mentioned the fruitcake campaign with a big shout-out to “Help Charice Win $20,000 for Operation Smile.”

American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest heeds Charice’s appeal

By Reyma Buan-Deveza,

MANILA, Philippines – “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest is supporting Charice’s attempt to win Paypal’s “Regift the Fruitcake” for Operation Smile.

Seacrest wrote in his December 22 Facebook shout out: “Support Charice and our efforts to win $20,000 for Operation Smile! Regift the fruitcake I tell you!”

Seacrest also made the same call in his Web site on December 22.

“ is supporting Operation Smile’s newest Smile Ambassador and winner of Oprah’s Best Musical Performance 2009 Award, Charice, who has quickly positioned Operation Smile to win the $20,000,” he wrote, adding:

“What’s truly amazing is that Charice only signed to help Operation Smile win this contest days ago, and she’s already in SECOND place.”

As of December 28 noon, Charice, the newest “smile ambassador” of Operation Smile, is currently leading in Paypal’s holiday contest, with 67,311 points. Charice has so far raised $3,740, with 18,272 regifts. Her goal is to raise $5,000 for Operation Smile, a non-government organization that provides free surgeries to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

You help one child for every $240 raised, Charice said.

Operation Smile is one of the 25 charities that are vying for the $20,000 grand prize.

To join the contest, the participants will have to create a virtual fruitcake on behalf of a featured charity group. They can make a donation using their PayPal accounts. They have to regift the fruitcake to their friends on the Internet using their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The more virtual cake that will be made and sent, the more points a charity will receive. Paypal will donate an additional $20,000 to a charity that raises the most money. The contest will end on December 31.

In her e-mail sent to, Charice expressed her gratitude to Seacrest for supporting her advocacy. “Ryan Seacrest is supporting me po sa Operation Smile. He’s promoting me sa Facebook, sa Web site niya and everything. He is so nice,” she said. [He's promoting me on his Facebook, his Website, and everything.]

Charice is now one of the more than 10 celebrity smile ambassadors of Operation Smile. She joined the ranks of Carmit Bachar, Mark Burnett, Dhani Jones, John Salley, Maggie Rizer, Melanie Dunea, Nigel Parry, Benj Gershman, David Pomeranz, Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump.

Promotion video:

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7 Responses to “It’s #CharityTuesday! Join Ryan Seacrest in support of Charice’s Fruitcake”

  1. grumpq says:

    What an incredible last-minute rally! From being #2 with $2280 (vs #1 $2750) at 11:30pm. Chasters stepped up and pulled off a Charity Tuesday win in the last 5-10 min before midnight finishing with #1 $3160 (vs. #2 $2750).

    What a night!

    Charice’ goal $5000 was reached and even exceeded.

    You can still donate up to Dec 31 for the $20K prize

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  2. gonerunner says:
    whew brushing shoulders with the bigwigs of american showbiz i wont be surprised later AI will be your next spot after SI go go my princess share your beauty power and love to this world. simply amazing more power and grace. keep your feet on the ground or youll be swept away by your fame lol.

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  3. joelabad1 says:
    Charice is getting more support and connections from the industry. Not only does she have Oprah, DF, Ellen, Dianne, and a host of legendary producers, she now has Ryan who is one of the most influential TV and Radio personalities. She is now ready to explode in 2010.

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  4. Portia says:
    Ryan Seacrest is undeniably a Chaddict, for when I e-mailed him to request for NTG he rightaway responded to me that he will try his best to play it, and now a strong supporter of Charice for Operation Smile is an add-on, looking forward for Charice guesting at AI now that both Ellen and Ryan are there.

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  5. shalimar ryonen says:
    Charice, young as you are, you are already making a difference in the world. You and these children are the future of this world.

    With you in it, I think the future is soooooo bright, I gotta wear shades…. more power kido.

    love and prayers,


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  6. ebjohn says:
    with Ryan Seacrest supporting Charice – its awesome!
    Getting closer to AI guesting?, i hope so!

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  7. osuna says:
    oh..oh…charice might be getting closer to “American Idol” guesting, miracle happens, lets see, abangan.

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