Charice Delivers ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Performance on ‘Singapore Idol’

Charice Delivers ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Performance on ‘Singapore Idol’

MANILA, Philippines – Charice has delivered a “jaw-dropping” performance on “Singapore Idol” that earned her another standing ovation from thousands of people at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The 17-year-old international singing sensation, who was invited to perform at the talent show’s grand finale on Sunday, belted out Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and “I Will Always Love You.”

“What was that! That’s amazing. How did you do that?” the show’s host, Gurmit Singh, said after the medley. ” Singapore loves you. We heard so much about you, seen you on YouTube, and finally you are here.”

When Charice told the crowd that she came from the Philippines, some Filipinos in the audience applauded. She also shared how she was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey on YouTube.

charice singapore 75x75 Charice Delivers Jaw Dropping Performance on Singapore IdolCharice also sang her first international single, “Note to God.” To which, Singh commented: “I tell you my jaw dropped, bounced, and dropped again.”

The pint-sized singer also took the opportunity to promote her upcoming international single called “Pyramid.”

In an exclusive interview with, Charice described the audience as “the best crowd ever.”

“Natutuwa ako kasi hindi po lahat ay Pinoy. Halos puro Singaporeans po sila… kakatuwa ‘yong host when he told me na, ‘Singapore loves you.’ The best crowd ever,” Charice said.

I was so happy because they’re not all a Filipino audience. Almost all of them are Singaporeans. I was so pleased when the host told me, ‘Singapore loves you.’ The best crowd ever,” Charice said.

After her Singapore guesting, Charice is set to return to Los Angeles, California to prepare for the release of her international album. Reports said she will be launching her first global CD on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in January 2010.

By: Reyma Buan-Deveza,

Bodyguard Medley – I Have Nothing/I Will Always Love You

Stage view, video from emelyn828: screaming fans 1:10
video from xXJuNyIXxHD 5:19
video from retardeddramaqueen 5:30 (shaky video but pretty close-up shot, lots of OMGs)

Video courtesy of Chaz7N

Great crowd shot & audience reaction

Video courtesy of 4EarTHangEL

More audience reaction, courtesy of kikaypac: Bodyguard Medley 8:38 and Note to God 4:09
Video from xjrandomized: Bodyguard Medley 7:22 and Note to God 4:37
Video from enexified: Bodyguard Medley 4:54 and Note to God 3:46

Note to God

video from cyberman00005 (televised version)

Video courtesy of FalseVoice

Rehearsal Videos

Video courtesy of FalseVoice

Actual Performance Videos from FV

A Blog about Singapore Idol Finale — The cheers, the tears and what you didn´t see on TV by Christopher Toh IDOL CHATTER


Singapore Idol Grand Finale Tickets: Due to overwhelming public response for tickets to the “live” recording of Singapore Idol Grand Finale, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this Sunday 27th December 2009 at 8pm, there will be new tickets* available at MediaCorp (Terms & Conditions apply), on a first-come-first-serve basis on Wednesday 23rd December, from 6:00pm onwards! Charice is scheduled to sing 2 songs.

For more information about the show, visit their Official Home Page and you can also read the Singapore News about the two finalists, Sylvia Ratonel VS Sezairi Sezali, one of whom (Sylvia) is half-pinay on her father’s side and mom is Eurasian.
Watch Sylvia perform >>> here.

GO GO Charice, take the world by storm as S’poreans are about to experience The Charice Effect!!!

Hope that we can see video of this guesting later this month!

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165 Responses to “Charice Delivers ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Performance on ‘Singapore Idol’”

  1. Portia says:
    FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks all, there is no doubt that Charice captures the Singaporean Idol audience by heart. I’ve got a very very happy feelings just watching their reactions while Cha was singing, watch out Singapore Charice invasion is forthcoming or rather she is “IN” now. Looking forward to her debut album, just counting days now.

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  2. Granny in Vegas says:
    I have been watching the SI videos especially those w/ audience
    response and to think that most of these people didn’t know Charice should give Charice Mx an idea to give her more exposure in Asia in preparation for the release of her Album. She should be guesting in China ,Japan and should go back to Korea before they forget her.

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  3. joelabad1 says:
    Masterful performance!  Cha, you have performed this medley to perfection countless times but I believe this is the best of them all!

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  4. joycebinct says:
    i ♥love watching Charice. she was funny during the interview and as always, her singing was, sublime. thank you for the video uploaders…and Singapore, for inviting Charice!

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  5. ebjohn says:
    Thats cool! Hope Singapore buys her ALBUM we need their support!

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  6. lola-elrem says:
    oh i hope they stop referring to her as a “pint-sized” singer.. arggh!! because we are of the same height!!

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    • OMIE says:
      “Pint-sized” is not a part of my active vocabulary. However, as a person at the other extreme when it comes to height, for me it is a word with definite affectionate flavor.

      There was a legendary singer who seems to have been even smaller: Édith Piaf, “The Little Sparrow” (1915-1963). 4′ 10″ (147 cm) is a conservative estimate for her. You find her on Youtube with millions of hits. Small is beautiful!

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    • ArrVee says:
      I think when they say “pint-sized”, it is just to emphasize the improbability of the magnitude of her vocal power, coming from someone of her size. It is an adjective used in preparation for a huge compliment, just to increase the compliment even more. When you see that kind of vocal power coming from someone like that, you can’t help being amazed and cheering – it is part of the Charice effect.

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  7. londoner says:
    WOW! Another superb performance from Charice.Looks like she’s conquered Singapore.I can’t wait for her album to be released.I will definitely get one once it’s out.

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  8. muskrat says:
    As of last night, The Chipmunks Movie is third in ticket sales with 50 Million plus movie goers watched it. That means more than 6 Million people watched Charice, wow what an exposure. More Than 6 Million the first 3 days!!

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  9. chakyun says:
    There´s another video who really captured what was the reaction of the audiences that night. If no one see it yet this is the link. Hoping it is not wrong of me to give the link. I just wanted to share my happiness when I am watching it.

    Before I forget Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous New year to everyone!

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    • eve says:

      can never get enough of Cha, that’s why so many of us are always on YouTube watch all hours of the night. Then we keep watching the same videos over and over again! And older ones, too, we all have our favorites right. ^_^

      Thank you for the links. Keep ‘em coming any time. Mods cannot keep up with them all, so of course your links in the Comment section are always welcome.

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  10. luvkcha09 says:
    Thanks for this post. This video captured the performance the best! The best show of appreciation!! Thanks Singapore! You recognize what a real gift and what a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was! WoWWW wish I was there with you all!

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  11. jessica86s says:
    Breaking News***

    “Charice-demic” has finally reached Singapore and officials are now meeting to discuss strategies on how to contain and prevent further outbreaks…after the unprecedented response of the attendies and viewers of the December 27th live edition of the Singapore Idol, witnessing and experiencing the awesome, jaw dropping performance of Charice (as a guest for the show) which blew the top off the auditorium leaving the whole audience, including the hosts and emcees terribly smitten, it was clearly established that the “Charice-demic” has begun to infect Singapore.

    It was also established that the exceptionally powerful and beautiful voice of Charice and her extremely professional entertainment prowess were more than enough to instantly infect the huge crowd, but the turbo charged boost of Charice’s blooming beauty ensured a very long lasting contaminating effect. Authorities warned that all who have witnessed this phenomena should consult the internet websites of Charice and purchase Charice’s singles and upcoming album to keep this sickness under control.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      Hi Jessica86,

      Whew thank you for finding the words – I would have written the same thing – ha ha you just beat me to it … lol
      I am shivering with excitement… I caught the bug too – again. First time in Korea and then on Ellen and then on Oprah and then on all the DFF tours .. it is contagious and unstoppable it seems..

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      • Cox says:
        I guess quarter of the audiences were Filipinos since there are about 250,000 filipino migrants listed here.

        I was too proud yesterday… As all my colleagues here in Singapore were asking about CHARICE

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  12. jn says:
    Congrats Cha!!! ….What an experience and seeing the vids with the crowd focused …..i saw the crowd went “gaga” once Charice started singing…..I hope to see you more in the US primetime shows soon….Good luck

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  13. RicK0825 says:
    What a talent! More success,you deserve it.

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  14. IMChariceAddict2 says:
    This video best describes how the audiences respond when Charice sings the bodyguard meledy. They cheer and wow to their feet when Charice hits the high notes. They love her!!!!

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  15. mima says:
    WoW…it’s like the first time again…Singapore crowd rekindle my best moment with our Princess Charice….aren’t they? one of the coolest audience…! I have to say that even though I’m not in there the hype in chatroom and twitter trend last night really got me going and cheering…woot!woot! Got to love Chasters more and more….Come on! The power of Charice is like water to the Gremlins…hahahaha….Peace out!

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  16. CutieSinger23 says:
    wow!!! ate cha!!! oh my gosh!!! i wish i was there!!! yaaahhoooo!!!

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  17. joshua says:
    i always love you charice! forever!

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  18. binatilyo says:
    I was there last night!!!!!!!!!!

    Atlast…i see Charice….My wish has been granted…
    Seeing her in person is so much better…

    It’s my first time to see people in standing ovation…so enchanting….With more than 5000 crowd out there…

    At first, audience really dont know her…more than 90 percent of them are Singaporean-malay since the contestants of SI are both malays…
    the host even ask them to raise the hands if they dont know Charice…

    But when she started to sing….wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….
    They were literally shocked….the MC even ask here to sing one more song….

    Btw, it was the only standing ovation that night…cheers…happy new year…

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  19. trabihcra says:
    After watching the videos of Charice on Singapore Idol Season 3 Finale, it seems that the Singaporeans had their New Year Celebration a little early after Charice pyrotechniques!

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  20. mhy says:
    Charice keep dropping their jaws everytime you perform.It was another unforgettable performance.Excellent and keep it up charice.God Bless and Keep up the good work.

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  21. CharisseToo says:

    Check Semisamsudin’s better quality video of The Bodyguard Medley. Charice is simply amazing!!!

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  22. OMIE says:
    Seeing Singaporeans go wild over Charice makes me want to paraphrase the text accompanying a similar scene in Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie” (from 1976):

    “They seem to like her!”

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  23. JaYrOx says:
    Just simply breathtaking!!!
    Thank you uploaders and thanks to those who shared their recount of their ChaMoments!!!

    Merry ChariceMas and Happy New Cha-ear everyone!!! LOL.
    Can’t wait what 2010 has in stored for our beloved Charice.
    Keep on supporting…. :)

    JaYrOx :)

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  24. Amsterdam says:
    Wow simply Amazing… I want to see Charice next in American Idol can you help me to spread my request?

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    • Hans says:
      Me, too. Sure thing. Not only that, I would like “In This Song” to be the 2010 American Idol theme song!

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  25. cory says:
    Thank you somuch for sharing the video, I was in tears just watching her sing, the crowd accepting her and cherring for her its like how i felt when I watched her live in Tampa, Charice good luck to the first single i will 100% support you and whenyou have another concert in the usa I will watch you again.

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  26. bads says:
    I noticed her voice is so much more refined, its smoother, and I like it…it’s excellent. Her Body Guard Medly was awesome, and her NTG was really really good. I initially wanted her to sing some different songs but these songs are good….it was diva like performance. And now that Ryan Seacrest has taken notice of Charice, and hopefully Ellen too, hopefully Charice can get on one of those shows like Ellen, or AI –especially now that she’s done SI. SHe did a great job here on SI. Those singing lessons are helping her..because her voice seems less husky and it seems like she’s trying less hard to belt it out, yet she sounds just as great.
    I also love the outfit.. Well, i hope she gets on ellen and AI. thats all i have to say for now….and look forward to her single, and album.

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  27. HugeChariceFan says:
    KL_Fan. Thanks for sharing this experience.
    ( I feel with u – tears :( ) Wish i had been there as well but i’m living to far away. Maybe some other time in europe.

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    • KL_Fan says:


      Hahha nice name there…LOL! it was a pleasure to be able to share my experiences with u guys. I hope to be able to travel to other continents and experience all of this again in her future gigs. Above all that to also maybe meet the face behind all the nick names here :) Charice definitely brings everyone from all over the world together.

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      • noellen says:

        yay KL_Fan,

        I love reading your sharing, but,,,, where are the photos, and videos??don’t see them on your Facebook yet,,, hehhehe,..

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        • KL_Fan says:

          Hey noellen,

          I only managed 1 group pic with Cha and a 20sec video clip when the MC called out her name as a teaser and the crowd cheered. I’ll share them soon but its not as awesome as most videos already shared :P

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  28. KL_Fan says:
    Okay as promised, i wanna share my 1st ever encounter with you guys while it is still fresh in my mind. (bear with me as it can be a little long winded) I remember during the DFF concerts i was always looking forward and enjoyed reading reports. I didn’t think my moment will come so soon. So here it goes….

    Arrived at the stadium just in time to meet Nes and some other chasters already gathered there to get my tickets. Special thanks to Nes and others who made this all possible. Hope to see you all again. We then split up to find our seats. As the show started with 1 performance after another… i kept asking myself questions. How awesome will it be to listen to Cha singing live compared to on YT?, How would the crowd react?, etc etc. With all the hype and superlatives that i’ve heard in the months i’ve been following her career, i wondered if there was a possibility that i’d be dissapointed. That it wouldn’t be like what everyone was raving about.

    So i was rather subdued the whole time. No offense, the performances from the 2 finalists were pretty good. I won’t say anymore on this because everyone knows the real reason i was there in the first place rite?

    So after a long wait, during one of the commercial breaks… the emcees were doing their bit to keep the crowd fired up. I did not notice that someone quietly setup a mic stand with a rather outstanding looking mic sitting on top. At this point i can feel a sudden surge of energy as i knew the moment is about to arrive. It was really funny when the emcee asked his partner in crime, who’s bling bling mic is this? And he answered something like maybe MJ is gonna perform next! LOL! And then it came…. CHARICE!!!! they shouted to invite her to join them on the stage. What a moment it was…. i mean to see her walking out. Of course i’ve experienced it millions of times watching her YT videos but to experience it live so soon! DF wasn’t joking when he said that this girl beams. I felt it, and it was the X factor which i can’t pintpoint but i can sense it. I was stunned and that was before she even sang anything… heheh. So they were joking a little and sort of introducing her to the crowd. Asking if anyone has not heard her sing before? After maybe about 50% of the crowd raised their hands…. the emcee told them to prepare to be blown away!! That she was phenomenal and the usual praises. So i braced myself. I am also so glad to be able to hear her sing the BGM as i am so addicted to her rendition and always wanted to hear it live.

    The minute she started singing you could almost feel the crowd go crazy. It was simply at a different level. I’ve got the answer to the questions i had when the show started. A well deserved standing ovation from myself and quite a number of the audience. The 5 hrs bus ride was well worth it. In fact i am so addicted right now i can’t wait for the next time. How do you top this? How about getting to meet her in person? Hahaha yes another dream came true! Thanks to warner bros and all others involved to make this happen again. We gathered around before forming a line to take turns to meet Cha in groups of 5. I was too excited i left her CDs at home… bummer. While outside the meeting room waiting for our turn, caught a glimpse of Mommy Raqs n brother Carl… hehehe they seem like such a nice family. So came my turn and i managed to get a pic and also for her to sign on my ticket… hahah a signature is a signature rite? She looks so tiny, adorable and what a sweet smile she’s got :D

    I’m so over the moon right now. Hope you guys enjoyed sharing my happiness. Cheers

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  29. jimfan155 says:
    Come on USA. I wanna see Charice on prime time TV shows. American Idol, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel – who’s first? What’s taking so long?

    Charice, congratulations on another stellar performance. That Singapore audience really got a treat and I can feel the wow effect as I was again mezmerized by seeing you perform songs I have seen you sing over and over again, but feeling like it was my first time. I am stunned and gaping at my computer screen like a smitten fool.

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    • mingfan510 says:
      I agree with you jimfan155, USA, American Idol…more exposure in the USofA. A lot of people here have not heard of Charice yet.

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  30. hertzblaster says:
    Charice exploded her fireworks in Singapore idol. Mama Oprah and Papa David must be very very proud!!!
    Very nice outfit and make-up btw.

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