Charice Hosts a Media ‘Thank You’ Party 12/18/09

Charice Hosts a Media ‘Thank You’ Party 12/18/09

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  1. pilifines says:


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  2. marie says:

    “webmarketstrat says:
    December 23, 2009 at 4:41 am

    Charice is great. In the “Halo” video, however, I noticed a lot of empty seats. What is wrong with this picture? [....] ”


    It’s limited to the press and besides that, correct me if I’m wrong, but the parties she attended were private parties. I really do think that Charice has a strong Filipino and international following already. God bless her =) .

    By the way, I think her version of “One Sweet Day” was great! The duet looked fun =D . I also dig her shoes! I wonder where she got that because I think I want a pair, too =D !

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  3. web market strat says:

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  4. webmarketstrat says:

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  5. livelifetothefullest says:
    people putting too much emphasis on why there’s some empty sits, it’s a private and informal affair, it’s like a family gathering thus making it fun to just jammimg up with close friends and supporters. And to think that the event isn’t as patronize like the one she holds performed for in the U.S. is so dumb!!!

    we are not there, you are not there. I could see people walking around and preparing or getting foods if i’m not mistaken, and the atmosphere there somewhat looks like a family reunion and some of you expect to see everyone sitting down as Charice sings, you can see and we can witness her playfull moments while doing those numbers, and at the same time giving it all on those performances, just in case it landed on youtube, so people outside the Philippines could watch and hear how astounding her voice really is.

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  6. ebjohn says:
    OMG first time to see Falsevoice duet with Charice. and I am with Becky, she has nice legs! and that red shoes, i want one like that LOL.

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  7. livelifetothefullest says:
    This Christmas I wish that some of Charice close minded, obsessed and blinded by their inborn and selfish characteristic would vanish from this site, if not of this world, gosh! how mentally so imbalance some of you are. You just don’t care about the happiness of this still unstained and altruism of this talented girl’s love for her country of birth, her love for her countrymen and gratefulness for the people who are responsible on her being what she is now, and don’t say ya yah! but if not for Ellen, Oprah, David she wouldn’t be where she is right now. She wouldn’t be where she is right now if falsevoice downloaded other aspiring singer instead of Charice.

    Some of you just dont get it. If you recall late summer when Charice thru an interview said, that trip could be her last visit to the Philippines as she probably be spending the whole year in the States, but look where she is now. Charice and her Mom are deeply rooted in the Philippines and cannot just turn their backs on the country and the people they loved so much, no matter how successful and rich they’ve become, and that for you is a sign of a sweet, kind and loving person, and also as she heeds Oprah’s advice “To keep her feet on the ground, even if she’ll be wearing better shoes”

    While some of you un-reasonable and obsessed and fanatics( not in a good way fanatics ) would dare to advice her to not do what will make her happy and what will make her satisfied. You want her at this early stage to be egotistical like the Mariah Carey of the entertainment world, when were asked about other upcoming singers she said it’s not about new singers capacity to reach those high notes, but that’s where she and other belters been known for, if they can no longer sing or reach the high notes the way they use to do, they should just find another way of living (she’s such a hypocrite’s and a snub) she just pretend to be cordial when she met Charice, but during and interview with David Spade at Letterman show, he (David Spade said that when everyone’s was clapping, she (Mariah) covered her ears and a little jealous, if not a lot for the accolades and attention that was given to Charice. Those superstar who were once popular because of their vocals will soon fade away into the sunset and rightly so, if they can no longer give justice to the songs they used to popularized before they should retire and just savour their memories of success. Have you watch Whitney Houston’s singing ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ on Dancing with the Star’s finale? it is painful isn’t it? and I don’t need to ask you had you watch Mariah singing ‘I’ll be there’ at Michael Jackson’s memorial, and i’m sure you all heard Charice version on her album, and even heard her singing it live without all those high tech acoustic to make the voice sounds great, no comparison isn’t it.

    But some of this top celebrities have forgotten where they came from and the people who help them achieve their glory, their fans (not the fanatic obsessed) their ego became so BIG! and became a first class tupperware (plastic), I really do hope and pray that Charice would be spared from this effects when she, in her due time reach that level of success. That’s why watching her mingling with her fellowmen, her countrymen, her local fans, her friends and relatives in the Philippines makes me happy and a sigh of relief that she do heeds Oprah’s greatest advice. You too should all wish her that, for her to do what makes her happy, coz, at the end of the day and the end of everything is really what count. And I have no doubt that she will reach the pinnacle of success that only god have intended for her. And she (Charice) with the help of god could do it, on her term, not yours or any top producers or manager in this world. And lastly you know what happened with Susan Boyle, she did it on her own term, late at her age right now, but she did it.

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    • livelifetothefullest says:


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  9. luvkcha09 says:
    Our Charice is growing more beautiful each day! She is really blooming.

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  10. jessica86s says:
    First, I’d like to say, this party was one of the very best moves in strengthening Charice’s media relations which would serve her well in infortifying and improving and protecting her image in the Phils. It would be great if she were able to make a few more loyal friends (on a personal level) within the local media there. This is professional PR in action. Keep it up Charice. You’re on the right track with these media people.

    Secondly, I’m glad and happy to see that Charice maintains this “open” relationship with D Aldueza – False Voice. I hope things worked out for the better and the needs of a friend were taken cared of without fanfare or unnecessary embarrassing attention. The problem sometimes with Filipinos is they’re too “mahiya-in” to ask for help and sometimes too proud but allow their problems to eat away at a good friendship. I hope that’s all settled and ironed out so everyone can have a really merry Christmas. Thank you very much Charice for the help and say thank you too David (or I’ll slap your head – hehe just kidding)

    Finally, Charice, may you and your mom and brother have a very happy and safe holiday season and may the Lord acknowledge your gratefulness for all the blessings He has given you and may the end of this very good year usher in another year of good health for all of you and may you be blessed with wisdom to know the right things to do and decisions to make, and may your good fortunes be multiplied many times that more people may benefit from all these blessings coming to you. And Most especially, may you always be nurtured with love that your inner power never faints and you continue with your joyful heart in blessing and bringing joy to many more people through your talents. Take care dear . My love and peace to you and your family.


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  11. webmarketstrat says:

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    • eve says:
      I think you might be reading too much into the empty seats. How much media are there in the Philippines? She still is at the beginning of her career really. We chasters follow her so closely and see so much potential that we think she already deserves worship status by the media and others. Yet, she is only 17 years old, without a major album to her credit and nothing of substance to show for her talents… yet. Except the rave reviews that she has had in all of her international appearances in America, Italy, London and Canada. This is exactly why the press are still in their “wait and see” mode.

      The same naysayers were there when Justin Timberlake broke out from his boy band, N’Sync. Then when his FIRST album came out and was a huge success, everything turned around for him. Then his second album, again a huge success. He’s a big star today, with the right moves, excellent music, and also a very charming personality btw like someone else we know. Everybody loves JT. Cha’s first album isn’t out yet. Nobody really knows who she is when I ask around. When she makes it big in the U.S., her countrymen will be racing to be first at her feet at every event and appearance.

      So there’s nothing for you to feel bad about, nor should Charice feel bad. To feel ‘snubbed’ is all in your attitude because you think that you are more deserving than the recognition given. Charice shows her humility once again (which is why we love her), in expressing her appreciation for the Press. If she were to act high and mighty and offended at the turn-out, gosh, then people would find that to criticize and a reason to dislike her.

      It must be hard to be a celebrity. Everyone’s a critic. Yet Charice has a great attitude, she performed well, they loved her, and that can only translate to good press from the media who did bother to come. Her charming reputation and goodwill and humility will only endear her to the media, will spill over to positive press in the future, and eventually win over the people’s hearts. We just have to be patient another year.

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      • Portia says:
        Amen to that Eve, great job as usual, a true Chaster!!!

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      • webmarketstrat says:


        It is what it is. The sears are half-full. I feel bad for Charice. Lest it be misunderstood, let me say I like Charice and I support her. Still, I think she was snubbed by those who did not come, for whatever reasons, one maybe what you said. But your reason is not the end all. It’s a free meal, a free lunch with an international talent. Respect the invitation.

        Though not as big as JT or Beyonce, yet, she has an international following. It is only in the Philippines where talent isn’t enough to determine star quality. I need not elaborate on this. But you know what? People get to know about “stars of no talent” and “genuine stars” because of the media. The very same group she invited, and some, did snub her.

        Spare me the armchair analysis of self-reflection through my post. I saw the videos. It is not a matter of self-serving recognition when I say, “there are empty seats paid for.” That observation was not conjured from a psychotherapy session. It’s on YouTube. Veni, vidi, some media people didn’t come.

        High and mighty? How did that come about? Charice is humble. What you wrote will be out of her character. For the record, nowhere in my post was it implied she should have had an attitude. Please read again, carefully. Somehow, your response gives my post a different tone.

        Oh yeah, you had a riff about celebrity status and criticism. Lest I misunderstood, again, it sort of implies the nature of my post–and it is not a critique of Charice but of those who snubbed her. Yeah, media people. Some.

        I only wish Charice the best. To paraphrase a tired cliche, “a prophet is not without honor, but in his own country.” I hope Charice stays abroad longer and make it her homebase. Higly unlikely, but still probable. There, she’ll always get her respect and appreciation.

        Peace out.

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        • Eve says:
          Thanks for clarifying. There was no intent to disparage any of your remarks or put a different spin on it. Aside from the different perspective that we have on the empty seats, we both are saying the same thing about being true fans of her abilities, admiration of her humility and character, and desire that she have greater recognition. I have no doubt it will come in time and I am glad she doesn’t take umbrage at the “no-shows,” in fact, doesn’t even seem to notice. This quality will serve her well in the profession that she has chosen. We can respect each other’s opinions on the empty seats, hopefully without taking personal offense where none was intended.

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          • webmarketstrat says:


            I respect yours just as you respect mine. Only, quit with the patronizing potshot. I quote,

            “There was no intent to disparage any of your remarks or put a different spin on it [that you might be imagining.]”

            It diminishes the message you posted and questions the sincerity.

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      • allgringo says:
        I agree whith you…perfect !!!
        God Bless EVA and Adm, very very happy 2010 !!!

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      • allgringo says:

        Sorry…EVE …sorry!

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  12. bads_justin says:
    Charice sang great here and Falsevoice and Charice performed great together — it seemed natural and seemless. It’s great to see Cha have a true friend in falsevoice amidst the pressures of the industry who has stuck by her through thick and thin. Its easy to get caught up in the fast lane when you’re in the limelight, but she seems to keep her head on her shoulders.. and It’s good that she embraces Filipino values too.. she wont get caught up in the “fast lane. She needs true friends like falsevoice down the road, and hopefully she’ll marry someone true, sincere, and stable. SHe’s a humble person who seems to have a good head on her shoulders and she works hard to earn peoples graces and respect..particularly from her peers, and she deserves it. Her album is about to come out, and it’s going to take her to new heights. At the same time, she is working hard to establish herself at home as a local household name, and earn peoples respect..and i hope she gets that.

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  13. henrique says:
    its good to see them together singing for the first time and i see that charice is enjoying the moment and shes very funny as usual. i like that attitude of charice and i enjoy watching it too. i’m loughing aloud even i’m alone. i think theres no problem with me abuot that, isn’t it. from Dammam KSA

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  14. Becky says:
    You have nice legs, Charice.

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  15. jimfan155 says:
    Can somebody wipe this silly grin from my face? I just keep smiling in wonder that even half fooling around she can turn it on whenever she wants and those glorious 12 seconds during Oh Holy Night – wow. And it’s not only me. Even Mommy Raquel still feels it.

    Man I love the all star performances no matter where they happen. Keep it coming, Charice (nice micrphone during Oh Holy Night).

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  16. okkaba says:
    Damn, all this time i thought that Charice would have a hard time singing a Mariah Carey song, she has proven me very very wrong on this video. I AM NOT WORTHY!!!! :))))

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  17. Elbiz says:
    Wow! Hey False Voice good job you got score of…99.9 we have the same voice Ha…haha and Charice sung just like the original. False Voice was very instrumental on Charice success. I wish you will also succeed in your career.

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  18. jabongga says:
    She should also invite the PI chasters in that party coz there’s not much press people came so the party will be more livelier :) and besides that’s a thank you party :) imho :)

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  19. Johnny says:
    I like Charice she’s always fresh 4 some fun. Hahaha :-]

    Good song and well done by Falsevoice as well.

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  20. daddy ron says:
    Wow! You’re the man FV. The guy who started it all. Great job! I did not know FV can sing. This one is rare so we better save this video. FV and Charice blend well together. Way to go FV! You are the original Charice’s knight. The orig Chaster. And Charice what can i say but you hit my heart again :) Luv yah! God bless you, mom raqz, carl and all Chasters in the world.

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  21. DL says:
    Wow! time and again Charice never fails to entertain me. She is a natural born entertainer and one who is good at it. She is indeed a force to rekon with. She can make you smile, She can make you laugh and She can make you cry as well (with joy) hahaha! what more can I say…She is destined to be great!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!


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  22. Eve says:
    This event was mentioned during her interview posted here at CM, “Charice on a Roll,” which reported it was the first time for Charice to host a Christmas Party for the media. Notice the big Thank You banner on the wall. That’s so thoughtful, the kind of gesture that really endears Charice to us chasters. It’s your actions that count in showing your real appreciation, like the blogTV event last night. Charice shared her time with us for over 2 hours!

    I love her songs here, she really looks relaxed and having fun with her guests, talking like a chipmunk again, hehe. On ‘O Holy Night,’ she was asking for more “reverb, kuya” at 0.35, and teasing about it at 2:28 – “still no reverb, tsk tsk, it’ll make me sound like an angel.” And then, of course, there’s her incredible 13-second note at 4:30. At blogTV last night, we were talking about this ability and Charice demonstrated a note for us that someone clocked at 25 seconds. mm, I’ll have to look for that part…

    To Charice, I just want to say, you already are an angel!! And “Thank You” for all your time last night and being so sweet and fun and lovable!

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  23. Portia says:
    Oh WOW!!, that is what “Thanksgiving” is all about, Charice with Falsevoice add the true meaning of it, thanking everyone present and the joy of giving fun time with them. I was teary-eyed watching the two of them together, what a blessing.

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  24. Lou says:
    What an awesome day for everybody watching Charice with her guardian angel.

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