Charice Performs at the SMART Christmas Party 12/18

Charice Performs at the SMART Christmas Party 12/18

[NEW VIDEOS ADDED] At last! Charice performs the breathtaking “Oh Holy Night” song (remember last year folks?) at the SMART Christmas Party. This was held at the World Trade Center in Manila. The longest “Noel” we´ve ever heard starts at 4:20. Enjoy and don´t forget to hold your breath. Merry Christmas to all the Chasters around the world. 


Oh Holy Night:


Video courtesy of FalseVoice


Video courtesy of FalseVoice

Note to God:

Video courtesy of FalseVoice

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40 Responses to “Charice Performs at the SMART Christmas Party 12/18”

  1. Happy says:

    Happy Holidays Everyone! All the best for the New Year.

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  2. AmazingCP says:
    Paging for Admin (Max, Schoen, Eve, Noellen, and Tintoy)

    Guys, you all got work to do.. pls upload the rare duet by FalseVoice and Charice….go go go quick quick… lol

    Charice and Falsevoice duet – One Sweet Day at Thanksgiving Party

    Lastly – no pressure k?? lol

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  3. nida biazon says:
    To charicemania team i thank you for giving me joy and happiness in my every day life….[charice videos]and to all charice uploaders..from the buttom of my heart thank you …merry christmass and happy new year

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  4. Santa says:
    Hey dude, nice site Happy Holidays!

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    Hi FalseVoice.

    You’re the man and you will always be the man. Without you we may have never known about Charice.

    So thank you a million times over for uploading your videos and always sharing with us true Chasters.

    Please don’t let the negative comments get you down. There are going to be some no matter what. But the positives will always outnumber the bad ones.

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