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The #Charity Tuesday Challenge for Operation Smile

The #Charity Tuesday Challenge for Operation Smile

We received the e-mail from Operation Smile 4 hours ago. Sorry it’s late! But there’s still 5 hours to go to win an extra $1000 for Operation Smile. The #CharityTuesday challenge ends at 12 midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time, which is just 5 hours away. As of this writing, Charice is behind by $370 (though that might change for better or worse, hopefully the other charities are asleep at the wheel). For the “Fruitcake” that raises the most money on #CharityTuesday, PayPal will give $1000 to the winner. Let’s win this for Charice and Operation Smile!

Thank you for your support! Chasters unite! Help Charice win, show Operation Smile what we can do as a team!

>>> CLICK HERE to donate to Charice’s Fruitcake. Click the “Donate with PayPal” button to make your $ donation. The charity that raises the most $$$ TODAY will win an additional $1000 from PayPal.

A Thank You Message from Operation Smile

Thanks to Operation Smile’s newest Smile Ambassador and winner of Oprah’s Best Musical Performance 2009 Award, Charice has positioned Operation Smile to win $20,000 in the contest described below.

What’s truly amazing is that Charice only signed to help Operation Smile win this contest FOUR DAYS AGO and she’s already in SECOND place – just a few donations away from winning $20,000 for children’s surgeries!

Only this morning, the contest sponsor, Pay Pal, issued another chance to win an additional challenge for another $1000.

Please read the email below and to learn how you and Charice may help provide surgery for suffering children – Many hands and a lighter load!

Happy Holidays

Subject: Donate to Charice’s Fruitcake – Help Operation Smile win $1,000 for the #CharityTuesday Challenge!

Operation Smile’s new Smile Ambassador, singer Charice, is participating in PayPal’s “Regift the Fruitcake” campaign on Twitter and Facebook to help raise funds and awareness for Operation Smile. As part of the campaign and their #CharityTuesday Challenge, PayPal is giving away $1,000 to the charity with the most donations by midnight tonight (PST). We are currently in 2nd place and only $500 behind the leader, Autism Speaks.

Please consider donating $500 to Charice’s fruitcake to show support for our new Smile Ambassador and help Operation Smile win the #CharityTuesday Twitter Challenge.

To donate: Go to and click the “Donate” button to make a donation via PayPal.

Thanks for your help in raising smiles for children born with clefts!

Kristi Kastrounis
Online Community and Social Media Specialist

Operation Smile International Headquarters
6435 Tidewater Drive
Norfolk, VA 23509 USA

Join our Online Community:

Give the Gift of a Smile – Shop our 2009 Holiday Gift Catalog:
Our Mission:  To mobilize a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe.


The #Charity Tuesday Challenge Final Results

Chasters, you did it again! Congratulations. In just 5 hours, we came from behind $370 short, to winning by a landslide $900 ahead of the runner-up. How’s that for Chaster power!  You guys are the most active and most organized group in the cyberworld– hands down!

charity tuesday The #Charity Tuesday Challenge for Operation Smile.

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  1. grumpq says:

    I have a small suggestion.

    Instead of buying christmas gifts, give a christmas cards that says “Merry Christmas, in leiu of a gift, I have donated $XX in your name to Operation Smile… etc. etc.”

    Too bad there isn’t an official Operation Smile christmas card (signed by Charice would be nice)

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  2. noellen says:

    yuhoo,, Chasters,,, let us regift Charice and some Chaster’s fruitcake,, again,, hehe,,.

    Here is an article from PR Newswire for your reading,. thanks

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  3. malfon says:
    wow. this is just amazing news not just for Charice and the chasters, but most especially to the children benefiting from Operation Smile. What a wonderful Christmas for everyone. Congrats again to everyone! :)

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  4. teamcharice says:
    Charice Operation Smile is the Winner… as of 10am (GMT+ 0800)

    Congrats charice! She’s the best!

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  5. daddy ron says:
    Congrats again to Operation Smile, Charice and all the Chasters. Let’s continue supporting the Fruitcake campaign. We need more donors to hit the goal.

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  6. max says:
    I just want to add that I witnessed “Chaster Power” at its best last night. There are too many contributors to mention and all were very important. I will say that Siane and Noellen kept the attention on the challenge while I was there. We old types had to to go to bed before it was over since I am two hours ahead of the deadline. So I don’t know how it went the last two hours, but you guys raised another $400 after I left.

    Hmm, wonder how many dads, moms, brothers, sisters, aunt uncles, and the guy next door contributed, hahahaha. Anyway, a nice Christmas present for more children who will have a new smile soon. Please keep up the “Fruitcake campaign”, and support Operation Smile.

    Thanks much guys………..

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  7. justcharrie says:
    Wow! What an impressive response from Chasters! I’m so proud for Charice for this accomplishment and of course for Chasters as well. It was a remarkable Tuesday for us as Charice has once again proven her power. Hope we can continue this wonderful beginning till the end. More Power!

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  8. CutieSinger23 says:
    <3 cool!!!! a fruitcake!!!! I wish charice will win!!!!:) <3
    WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!!!!!!!!!:) :) <3 <3 <3

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  9. earmitt says:
    Congratulations to Operationsmile, Charice & to all who donated! You all won the CharityTuesday challenge! W

    We can help them win till the end even through regifting.
    Its fun to regift especially for a worthy cause! :)

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  10. Eve says:
    Update! Charice’s “fruitcake” has now raised $1000 today and is in 1st place to win the $1000 bonus from PayPal. You incredible Chasters have contributed more than $700 just in the past 2 hours to take us ahead of the 2nd place charity by $365. But there’s still about 2 hrs left till the contest ends at midnight so keep an eye out to make sure they don’t sneak up on us! I hope they’re all sleeping cuz it’s already past midnight on the East Coast, maybe they think the contest is already over.

    While you’re donating $$, please be sure to also click the REGIFT THIS FRUITCAKE button to share Charice’s fruitcake with all of your Facebook friends. No money required to REGIFT. Regifting will earn points for Charice, and the charity that accumulates the most points by Dec 31st wins the $20,000 prize!

    Go go Chasters! Thank you so much for supporting Charice & Operation Smile. You’re all amazing!


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  11. justcharrie says:
    Let us give this win to Operation Smile and to Charice. A few dollars response from each Chaster can make a big difference. A few more hours left for #CharityTuesday. Go to the site and act now to be counted.

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  12. Eve says:
    hope Chasters see this and respond in force! It doesn’t take much to raise $500. Maybe a few generous donors or even $5 bucks will help.
    There’s 4-1/2 hours left to win from the time this Comment is posted. This contest is different from the re-gift the fruitcake campaign which ends Dec 31st. You need to donate $$. I’ll be posting more info about the Regift program soon.

    Give a buck or $20 for #CharityTuesday. rah rah rah


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