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Best Oprah Show Musical Performance – Charice

Best Oprah Show Musical Performance – Charice

A whopping 70 percent of you voted for the 17-year-old singing sensation’s performance of her first single, “Note to God.” The Black Eyed Peas kickoff party performance came in second with only 9 percent of the vote. Charice had a big year in 2009, recording her first album, performing on tour with David Foster & Friends and appearing in her first film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.



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Nominees for the 2009 Best Oprah Show Musical Performance Category:

Congratulations again Charice and thanks to all the Chasters who voted for her.

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46 Responses to “Best Oprah Show Musical Performance – Charice”

  1. jessie says:
    Wow and another wow for you Charice…Well-deserved….What else can i say coz you are the new Diva Of The World….Charice, you are the best of the best!!! I can’t wait for your first album on 2010…I am based here in Los Angeles and i saw your concert at the Gibson Ampitheatre and wow!!! another standing ovation for Note To God…Soar high and make Filipinos proud of you…More power and GOD Bless….Peace…

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  2. jessie says:

    Wow! Charice you did it again…Well deserved…You are the new Diva of the World…I can’t wait for your first album in 2010 and I’m sure it’s going to be a blockbuster of the decade….Well done…Good Luck, more power and GOD Bless…

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  3. maryn says:
    Congratulations Charice . i can’t count how many times i voted for you .I know you’ll made it .You’re really the best .

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  4. riosovel01 says:
    Congratulations Charice your the best of all. I voted for you many times including my husband and my two daughters. Your the one!

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  5. amymeng2 says:


    You deserve it girl… for me, you’re the best among the top ten performers. More power to you and more blessings from the Lord.
    Thank you Charice for giving me joy everytime I turn on my computer and thank you CHARICEMANIA TEAM for all the 2009 news, scoops and videos. Love u CHA

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  6. hyu says:

    a talet beyond everyone was pour on her.. simple word ” perfect” i mean it. love you cha

  7. charmazed says:
    Congratulations Charice and to all of us !!!! Voted for her myself!!! Go Girl!

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  8. lukcha09 says:
    I voted for her. Yeheyyyy! Congratulations Charice and Chasters who supports her and all of the fans who voted for her. She deserves it, and Blackeyed peas came in second. Very good indeed – that was a fun show but the momentous performance was Charice’s.

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  9. Jhoana Marie says:
    Charice congratulations and thank you so much for making us proud. I am praying that you’ll reap more awards (bigger awards specifically) this coming year and beyond and wishing you all the best and more blessings pour on your way. I will never cease to support you no matter what because you’ve been my inspiration. Soar high and continue to make our nation proud. God Bless!!

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  10. t. morris says:
    when she looks at you as she is about to cry during the song she just grabs ahold of you. I never get tired of this performance.

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  11. 1604_bg says:
    WOW, great news!
    Congratulations, cha for winning the best musical performance in oprah show. Charice got that first award in USA. This victory is just one of the many achievements that would set you up for a blockbuster 2010. Go,go Cha in 2010.

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  12. coffee says:
    Congrats! Charice :)

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  13. CBToronto says:
    Charice excellent performance of the song Note to God and goosebumps inducing feelings and emotions…….and with the votes of the Chasters/fans, Charice got that award. I hope she will win more awards like the Grammys…lol..Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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  14. cizcan43 says:
    I know Charice is going to win it cuz her performance on that show was the very best and you can see it through the rocking motion of Diane Warren, Oprah’s cry of happiness and the standing ovation and shouts of jubilation from the crowd.This victory is just one of the many achievements that would set her up for a blockbuster 2010.All systems are now GO for Charice as we approach the New Year. More power, Cha!!!!!!!!

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