Chasters at the “Probe” Interview

Chasters at the “Probe” Interview

(TRANSLATIONS ADDED) Probe, a public affairs program being aired on ABS-CBN, will feature Charice’s inspiring life story from her humble beginnings to stardom in their year-end special episode. Ms. Cheche Lazaro, head anchor of the Probe, flew straight to L.A. to conduct the interview. Not known to many, the reputable host also admires the international singing sensation.

On the course of the interview, Charice mentioned about the Chasters. Curious as to what the term is, Ms. Lazaro asked her what they are. Charice replied and regarded the Chasters as her friends, a community of her supporters around the globe who often gathers and meet up in a website. The host then asked her how to become one, what site does she needs to go, if there is a need to register, and to tell the Chasters to welcome her as the newest member of the group.

Back in Manila, three Chasters were invited by the Purchase lady era review Probe Team staff last Wednesday (December 9) to give some insights and to know more about Charice. The lucky ones were disciple, irmsmith, and jianee (chaster’s nick). Each of them were asked to share their most unforgettable experience with Charice and how she is as an idol. Some Chasters who were aware of the interview cheered the three to raise the Chasters flag and make the whole community proud. Watch the video below to have a glimpse of the chasters interview.

Chasters @ the PROBE interview.flv

Video courtesy of Irmsmith04

Chasters @ the PROBE interview Part 2.flv

Video courtesy of Irmsmith04

Probe is aired every Wednesday after Bandila. It is still not certain if the airing will be on Decemeber 23 for their Order sinequan side Christmas Special, or on December 30 for their New Year: New Generation of Singers Episode. Just tune in to get the lastest updates about the interview.

Written by ab.Bonita

Excerpts from Probe interview:

Q. Why do you follow Charice. What is it about her that attracted you?
A. Charice has stage presence, and voice quality ai??i?? these are biggest factor why I admire Charice.

Q. How do you support Charice?
A. Through the website like Charicemania and YouTUbe where Chasters interact with each other and we have open discussions although we discourage meanness.

Q. How far will you support Charice?
A. As long as she is here I am here for her.

Q. Why Charice? There are a lot of singers out there.
A. Charice has noble character.

Q. I heard of an incident that made Charice sad? when she was prevented from interacting with her fans after appearing on a show by her numerous bodyguards? Why is that?
A. I think Charice is used to being close to her fans and interacting with people like a normal girl. She draws energy from that.

Q. Why is that?
A. Because of the kind of life that she has been through, itai??i??s what gives her strength.

Q. Any particular song that is a fan favorite of yours?
A. Note to God?

Q. How many Chasters are there?
A.. Countless, lots of Chasters all over the world ai??i?? we are worldwide!

Q. How do you connect with Charice?
A. Through the internet. We always make sure we are subscribed to Charice websites like Charicemania and Charicediva and YouTube. We constantly update and post her performances and pictures for the rest of the fans to see.
Another person piped in: ai??? I heard that Charice Sponsors love her very much!ai???

Translation: Luvkcha09 from Canada
Posted by Schoen

15 Responses to “Chasters at the “Probe” Interview”

  1. ma. teresa says:

    here is the charice interview in probe:

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  2. OMIE says:

    I just came back to read the translations. Have you seen there is a short video part 3 from this occasion:

    I don’t understand a word, of course.

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  3. Marlyn says:

    I ‘m looking forward to watch that episode of probe . I don’t really watch this program but since they will feature Charice and fellow Chasters will be interviewed then i ‘ll go for it

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  4. daysea_4ever says:
    Hello everyone,
    I wanted so much to be a chaster, hope you will accept me too.I am here in HK and I really love Charice, I always promote her with my friends..
    Thanks to all of you
    BINGO,, hahhaah Daysea_4 ever,,. You are chaster once you love/like Charice,. am here in HK too,, heheh… and I am glad that you are here, and for visiting charicemania., Welcome!


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  5. mpasig52 says:
    Hello Chasters, now I’m beginning to see that Filipinos are becoming interested to know more about Charice.

    You are welcome to our world. She’s such a joy to have in our lives. She brings us music and so much joy by simply being Charice.

    Thank you so much, Charice.I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas this year.

    We will be enjoying the movie Alvin and the Chipminks the Squeakel and of course your much awaited international album this new year.

    Happy Holidays to All!!!

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  6. irmsmith_04 says:
    Special thanks to my friend AB(ab.bonita) who wrote this article about us..she spent a sleepless night just to make this nice article..thanks did a good job at the interview..and jianee was the one who covered it..thanks Chasters!

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    • ab.bonita says:

      Wheeeeee. I’m more than glad to spread to the world anything about Charice. Thanks also ate irms for introducing me to this whole community of Chasters. I’m really enjoying it. I’m so loving it! Thanks much. yeah! (^c^,)™

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  7. Narita says:
    Disciple and Irms,

    You make us proud to be Chasters! You make ideal spokespersons for Charice’s fans, seeing that you are masters of her history as way back as Bulilit Starquest.

    Disciple, I’m also impressed that you strive to embody what Charice does and put it so nicely- “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”!

    Irms, I noticed that you did make Charice sign a lot of magazines, pictures and posters during the last M&G but what do I know- how could I have seen that THE PROBE TEAM will capture all of that to be shown on TV? Congrats on the forward thinking!

    Way to go guys!

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  8. daddy ron says:
    Bravo Chasters! Finally our turn to shine and be known to the world. Congrats to disciple, irmsmith and jianee. Well done. You’ve raise our flag and made us proud. Go Chasters. Go Charice. God bless us all.

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  9. phoenixsong says:
    wow! celebrities!!! kewl!

    go chasters!!!

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  10. idolming says:
    Being a Chaster is one of “THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME” Bravo to disciple, irmsmith & jianne. Great job! Dreaming one day i’ll be interviewed too.

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  11. ggg says:
    yay! this is it…i remember that this has been a topic at UNO’s chatroom…good job!we have 3 celeb here in chasters..haha irmsmith,dsciple and guys are lucky chasters! im looking forward to watch this in Probe soon..btw, ebj made it !!! haha labyo!

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  12. Joy Co says:
    Wow, the disciple speaks … ha ha ha. Love the term.

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  13. justcharrie says:
    Congratulations disciple, irmsmith and jianee for representing the Chasters. Hahaha! Were you nervous during the interview? I’m excited to see the episode, bet you do more. Pls. post more vids if you have more, ok?

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  14. ebjohns11 says:
    Lucky Chasters =) Bec of Charice, Chasters are Known too!
    I am proud to be Chaster!

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