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The Kindness of Charice and Mommy Raquel Shines in a Brief Chat

The Kindness of Charice and Mommy Raquel Shines in a Brief Chat

I was privileged to have been on recently when Charice and her mom stopped by for an impromptu chat (ET Room).

Mommyraqz and Charice were funny and friendly to all. Jonbudz got to live out a dream when he sang to Charice and assembled online Chasters. Charice was especially engaging when she saw Marty from Italy online. Charice started blurting out Italian words amid giggling. She and mommyraqz even teased Marty (a female fan) about being Carl’s girlfriend, telling Marty “say bye to your future sister-in-law.” I’m sure Marty and Jonbudz, as well as all who were there for the ‘all too brief chat,’ spent the rest of the day smiling.

Charice sang a little, including “the Christmas song” and even an imitation of a cat singing “Note to God!” Throughout the brief chat, the friendly and down to earth nature of Charice and her mom shone through. And she generously invited Chasters to chat on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Celebration) from their house in Tagaytay; a great Christmas gift, which I’m sure she will update us more later.

Charice confirmed that her Twitter account was hacked and she will be setting up a new one later. Charice also revealed that she was in a recording session earlier with Dianne Warren, author of NTG and other great songs. The chat closed with everyone lucky enough to be there wishing for more and thanking Charice and Mommyraqz for taking the time to share with us. We are all lucky and blessed to be fans of someone  so accommodating and kind to fans.

Thank you again Charice and Mommy for treating us like friends as well as fans; our prayers are with you always.

By Tom Morris (Grace’s Uncle)


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21 Responses to “The Kindness of Charice and Mommy Raquel Shines in a Brief Chat”

  1. noellen says:

    a another video of Charice at ET room,..

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  2. Eve says:

    Thanks to CarrnCanada for the video upload this time of Charice’s visit to ET room last night!

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  3. jonbudz says:
    i was so nervous and shocked when mommy raqz ask me to sing the harana song (charice) coz if i remember it correctly its NTG who’s actually asking me to sing the charice song.. and i got too nervous when charice speaks and said come on jonbudz i wanna hear your harana that moment i felt like my soul move out from my body hehehehe.. and im shaking literally coz i dnt know what to do… i told my self to do it!!! i have to do it!! feels like performing live in front of every body and charice i cant even remember if i sang the song right,,whooooooooo.. its a dream come true for me.. mommy raqz charice and carl are so beautiful persons inside and out.. im so lucky to be a chaster to have all the good people in the chat room.. im hoping someday i can make a song that can make people sing it..i want to hear my song airing in the phil. and be recognized..i want to be known as jonbudz the composer..(its all a dream)..
    thank you charice mommy raqz and carl…god bless always..
    thank you to all my friends in cm and et guys rock!!! god bless to every one….
    jonbuz :)

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  4. Joy Co says:
    Tom Morris,

    Thank you for sharing the cha-ETroom experience. That was priceless.

    BTW, since the location stated is Tagaytay, Philippines …. Is it safe to say that Christmas Eve is Phil. time, which is 16 hours ahead of California?

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  5. NEGE says:
    I Miss this.. since i was running for school.. huhu.. :) well i have to catch them on the Xmas Eve.. :) so Happy for JOnbudz and Marty who finally got there Chamoments with Charice and Mommyraqz in the ET room

    And im thankful for Charice and Mommy raqz for spending spare time to talk to us Chasters. :) be safe and Godbless to all..

    #chasters for Charice , Carl and Mommyraqz! … LaBYOO lAByoo.. po !! :)

    ~chaster Nessa Gem AKA NEGE

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  6. Alex says:
    What a pleasant time for us. I’m glad I could help with the creation of the account mommyraqz used to channel their joy to you guys woohoo.

    Hopefully in the near future ET will be upgraded and you can dock more peoples, and it stores more comments because while i’m singing i can’t really read people’s comments much. and you have to be selective on who to view.

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  7. Lola-elrem says:
    I was there too! And I enjoyed every minute and second that we sparred with Cha and MomRaqz. And at the same time, got a few surprises myself!

    First I thought Jonbudz is a middle-aged Caucasian only to be greeted with a video and sound of a cute pinoy-looking kid. I visioned Marty was a teenage girl with Pinoy roots, and found that she was pure Italian. And the most surprising of all was to realize that Graceuncle was a white gentleman! So Graceuncle is not a girl (really?)

    That also reminds me of that shocking moment I had meeting Char_ming in Manhattan New York == someone whom I thought all along was a balding tummy-bulging-fifty-year old. Well, Char_ming appeared to me as a 30-year old Japanese-looking dude. I havent started my beer yet then, so I must have seen real images!

    See what the chatroom has in store for chasters, eh?

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    • t morris says:
      lol! sorry if i scared you lola! i use gracesuncle cause grace is my little deaf niece that i love and miss in the philippines.

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  8. t. morris says:
    Hans, it was so fast I even forgot some stuff in article. I don’t know if anybody got a whole transcript. Cha and mommy also sang ‘Bahay Kubo” and cha blurted out some superfast tagalog so if somebody caught it and can translate great. I’m sorry I didn’t get more but tried to convey the flavor of the chat.

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  9. Hans says:
    no transcripts?

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  10. sandy says:
    woot woot! what a great night for me…. I was there……, thank you mommyRaqs and Charice… Take care and may god bless you always.

    I guess Carl was there too… hehe.

    fr Camel family

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  11. Texan says:
    TO MAX

    i think ET ROOM -name is based on ENTERTAINMENT.. not sure though but for sure its not Extra Terrestial.. lol

    Go Chasters!! LABYO CHARICE, MOM Raqs, Carl, CHUSKY, Chester, wow the family is growing!! who else???

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    • max says:

      Texan, hey, thanks. It makes sense to me. Does anybody else have any knowledge of how the Community Chat became known as the ET room?

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    • Robertson says:

      The F4 with shades = Carl – leader of the group, Jonbudz – our singer, guitarist, Me and Arz – the entertainer in ET room ^_^ got it… Carl said that we are the F4 or Filipinos 4 in charicemania lolz… sounds interesting and im so glad that brother of charice is my friend in YM and Charicemania ^_^…. Carl makes me happy that we battle in ET room by using our fashion show hahahaha… TNX carl

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  12. ebjohns11 says:
    ok ill Park in ET room from now on …cos i missed that again.
    and I cant do Noche Buena cos Im working both X-mas eve/X-mas day. Poor me. =( .

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  13. FTC13 says:
    I cant believe i missed them ! The one day I decide not to lurk around CM and they show up LOL oh well at least I was there in ET during the Vancouver M&G that was great! So I know how the chasters that were there today felt, Charice is so nice to her fans & like you said treats us like friends.
    Hope Charice continues to surprise us by visiting the ET room & the chatbox

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  14. Max says:
    With a webcam and mic, you can visit anybody in the world who is online with you in the ET room. This area of CM is vastly under used. Another area not used much is the forum area. Start your own subject and debate it to your hearts content.

    Why is it called the ET Room?

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  15. grumpq says:
    I missed this by a few minutes!!! By the time I registered, it was over.

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  16. irmsmith_04 says:
    ohhh..i’m the first? too can relate to their kindness because i experienced it myself..i always pray for your success Cha..and good health for the family…take care always..hope i can be with that chat on Noche Buena..:)

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