Charice on PMPC Star Awards, Philippines

Charice on PMPC Star Awards, Philippines

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  1. wowwwwwwwww… congrats charice and more power sa career mo day. super bongga ka talaga. i luv u.

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  2. bbelj says:

    errrrr i’d like to call the attention of the mods…that picture of charice in this article holding an award is ….for…awit awards…which will be held on dec – 7 – 2009 ….for clarification only…

    here is the website of awit awards…

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    • schoen says:

      Err… we know that too BBELJ but at the time I posted, nobody found a pic taken during the PMPC Star Awards. Oh well, nobody´s perfect.

      Thanks though. BTW, you happen to have one? I would “switch” the pic immediately! I for one, find the picture so cute! At least we have a Photo to use when the Awit Awards will be shown. Dec. 7th? Calendar marked.



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  3. RodBel says:

    Both Charice and Arnel are great performers in each own way. But to watch them perform together? PRICELESS!!!!

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  4. rafanadal71 says:

    Guud job on both artist!!! powerful combo!!!

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  5. gonerunner says:
    conrats to my princess. you deserved that award. grabe dating “global” they set you aside at the “local” but god lifted you up to the global arena. Glory to god bless his holy name. Never cease thanking the lord cha and be humble always. i will the the first to lament the moment you lost this gift. more power more blessing and please take care of your voice.

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  6. karnak says:
    Charice and Arnel are getting their well deserve dues in the Philipines music or artist industry. Although its a small consolation for being shunned all these years until their discoveries through YouTube, they must feel totally vindicated. But I think they are destined to achieve much more because the world is their stage. Their stars are set to get much brighter. Congrats to both wonderful individuals.

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  7. kwilma says:
    I believe is not for male´s voice. Yes, Arnel has this “feminine” sound (dunno how it´s called musically) but this sone is a bit too high for male even with tht kind of voice.

    Théy´re both good in their own ways.


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  8. Nonilon says:
    I assume Charice is using her unique signature Mic (Sennheiser) given exclusively for her as compliment that is why its a bit better, plus her wonderful voice. Every great musician has his/her own optimum equipment to enhance their talent, similar to Eric Claptons_LesPaul, EltonJohns_Piano…. etc.

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  9. amy says:
    charice looks very pretty here,they have different type of voice that’s why it seems they overpowering each other,they both good anyway,love them both

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  10. Josh says:
    Matagl ko ng napapansin ‘to, pag pinagdu-duet and dalawa, wala talagang harmony. Strong solo performers kasi ang dalawang to. Kahit di sinasadya ay nananaig talaga ang pagsasaspawan. But I don’t think it’s their fault, yung mga organizers…they should have a better understanding about these two singers…wag nyo nang pagsamahin pa sa isang number, bigyan nyo ng solo performance ang kada isa…duh!
    Josh, English please!

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  11. JOsh says:
    I super like Charice and Arnel but darn, this is so unimpressive. They could have been given the quality time to practice. What were the organizers thinking?

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    • eve says:
      Arnel’s microphone seemed to be turned down lower than Charice’s, I could barely hear him. And they weren’t in sync with the lyrics. It did seem that they didn’t rehearse sufficiently, not that they don’t blend well together. They sounded great when they sang ALONE together. We all know they’re both superb singers. Funny how Charice’s consistency just keeps us expecting perfection all the time. She was perfect again, just the duet was a little off, but it’s okay. I’ll bet the organizers are thinking “ratings” with Charice and Arnel, international superstars, opening the show. It was nice to see Arnel in a suit, looking so polished. I loved the last note Charice sang at 5:35, she does that so beautifully, and looked very beautiful too.

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  12. jn says:
    Loved to see Charice and Arnel on stage. You keep us stand tall. Great examples that dreams do come true if you believe and work for it…. bravo!!!!

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  13. marlyn says:
    WOW!!! Charice and Arnel—- You’re both of my favorites . I think nobody can sing Note to God better than Charice .She always nails it .

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  14. Bullseyejames says:
    Two great performer/singer an outstanding performance bravo charice & Arnel you inspired a lot of people by watching every performance you will brought on the stage or off the stage.

    Ebjohns, Max, Lololando where’s 18Weddy? I missed him I don’t write often comments as before but I visit every day CM seems my day is not complete w/out reading 18weddy comments.

    More power to all.


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  15. mamamia says:
    I love them both! Charice sings this song amazingly! Arnel on the other hand didn’t seem confident with the song and the lyrics for ‘I Believe’. I think it was not a good song choice for them. I give him props for doing his best with it. Singing THIS song together only exposed their obviously different singing styles and it did not work for me. I blame the musical director for starting and ending their segment with this song. Individually they are GREAT singers. But together, a song with more rock edge would’ve been better for both because we all know that Charice can keep up with Arnel. That way both their voices would be highlighted instead of a song choice that makes the weaker of the two stand out.

    I don’t mean to be a downer…it’s just my honest opinion. It doesn’t negate in any way their talent and I am a fan of both artists.

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    • malfon says:
      I totally agree, “I believe” was not the best song choice for a duet. In fact, I’ve never really heard it performed as a duet before anyway. Nonetheless, they made the best of it.

      What’s really amazing is their look. They really have an international aura and appeal nowadays. Seriously. Charice looked like a global star and so did Arnel. Definitely, this new crop of internationally acclaimed Filipino stars are making our country collectively proud and us, consistently entertained and overjoyed.

      I hope there will be more like them since these modern pioneers are proving to the world and to our doubting Thomases the capabilities of an international Filipino artist.

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    • Portia says:
      Honestly, that was what I thought so too, they don’t blend well, not that I don’t admire Arnel, it’s just that there is something in his voice that separates him from Charice vocal range. No offense, that is just my opinion and I am not a musical genius, I just used my ears and fond of music, any kind of music.

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    • jimfan155 says:

      It’s the haircut. Like Samson, it took away his strength and power. Look at their duet of “Alone” – Magical.

      Don’t worry. Arnel will bounce back next time. Continued support to them both.

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    • jessica86s says:

      Hi Mamamia,

      Maybe another thing to consider is, they are both very busy people now, more than the local artists there. So I’d wonder what sort of time do they actually have to rehearse and practice for each appearance. It’s not like they’re asked to sing their own standard songs. In that case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for either of them. I’ve heard Arnel and Charice duet the song “Alone” before and they both blended real nicely and it sounded great. I think it’s the level of professionalism on the part of their managers and the show producers who put them on the spot really.

      They always say yes without considering what and how Arnel or Charice will do it in the limited time they are in the Philippines. These locals try to cram up every opportunity to take advantage of the very short time these two international stars happen to be in their country. I wish they’d be more considerate to Charice and Arnel and not just utilitarians and opportunists.

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  16. EBjohns11 says:
    Wohoooooooooooooooo – Arnel and Charice duet again – I am so enjoying this !! Tnx =)

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  17. NEGE says:
    wheeeeee!! :)

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  18. josh says:
    the audience looks dead!!! great job charice and arnel. standing ovation here

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  19. shalimar ryonen says:
    Dear Sir David F.

    I am hoping that you will arrange and produce a duet of CHARICE and ANDREA B… like The Prayer. But this time it’s VIVA PER LE.

    I am sure CHARICE can nail that, just like The Prayer. Charice can give a lot of expression and feeling and can dig deep ( Your words) to make the song alive and touch people’s hearts.



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  20. CARA says:
    great performance charice and arnel are awesome!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much guys….. they looks like brother and sister he he

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  21. mlddz923 says:
    Thank you for this great performance. Charice’s voice is great, very well rounded. Arnels voice is high but cold and smooth.Just sit back close your eyes, relax..what a great feeling. Thank you so much.

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  22. leilaniandson says:
    Charice looks like a A Real Star from Hollywood. He voice is getting better and better

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  23. mlddz923 says:
    Very nice performance of Charice and Arnel. More power to both of you.

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  24. max says:
    Finally, Charice sings “I Believe” again, even if it’s in a duet with Arnel. This gives me hope that Charice will again sing it solo one day. In case you’re wondering, it is my favorite Charice performance.

    Hmm, I think LoloLando said it was his favorite too.

    Both Charice and Arnel have voices for the ages. Bravo to them both.

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  25. xpac says:
    I’m tired of this i’m first again. Huuhhh Cha you always give your 110% on your performance. Note To God is very acrobatic vocal power that fits to your voice.

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