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Charice Videos at Private Party

Charice Videos at Private Party

Recently Charice performed 6 songs in an intimate party setting. No details are known as to who the party was for or who attended. Perhaps it was a private birthday party for the little girl that Charice sings to in the last song. With several performances under her belt at prestigious fundraising events, Charice is getting well-known with the jet set for her superb singing and performing skills who can quite afford to hire her for private parties. But anyway, here are her performances for you to enjoy.Ai?? It’s like a private mini-concert of 6 songs!!

A BIG Thank You to Kuya Mike and FalseVoice for providing all the videos below!
(Mike is the Admin at Charice’s Official Website –

Kuya Mike says:
November 28, 2009 at 1:13 am
Okay, I went back and checked the original e-mail this gentleman sent me about the videos (he sent the e-mail through, I still go through all the inquiries)ai??i?? He said his name is Bob Payne from a company called Fuzzy Video, and just out of the blue he asked us if we wanted a DVD he made of Charice performing at a married couplesai??i?? 50th Anniversary party in Tullahoma, Tennessee. He said that he thought it would be nice if her fans (AKA: us Chasters) could view what he described as a very special evening. He went on to say that there was a surprise part in the performance that was REALLY special (Now we all know what that part was right icon smile Charice Videos at Private Party

So anyhow, I said ai??i?? ai???Well Bob, let me think about it, and maybe Iai??i??ll get back to ya JUST KIDDING! HaHa! Of course I said HECK YES ai??i?? please send it to me! So I gave him my address, and a few Cheap dehumidifier cannabis days later I got it. So thatai??i??s the story behind the videos.

Cheers! -Mike 1. Because You Loved Me


2. Bodyguard Medley – I Have Nothing & I Will Always Love You

3. I Will Survive

4. God Bless America w/ intro

5. Note to God

6. The Climb

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44 Responses to “Charice Videos at Private Party”

  1. noyb says:

    This must be a private party from a jet-setter/billionaire who can afford to throw away $100,000 in professional fees …. too much?
    I don’t think so. To the very rich … that is nothing. And that is the reason why Charice was able to accumulate $16 million in a very short time.

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  2. luvkcha09 says:
    I did not take notice of this song when it first came out…. Now that Charice is singing it- it sounds all-new and improved and I really listened to the lyrics and it is a beautiful song… because it is sang with heart and feeling! It is telling a story. Look at this video – the little girl turning into a performer in a minute!!!! Charice turns ever song into a FAVORITE song!!!

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  3. frfyokohama says:

    Fastantic!!! I never get tired of watching all these videos!!.. Great great performance..!!

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  4. 1604JP_BG says:
    WOW, Great、perfect performance as always as she did !
    Nobody could do like this. This is incrediable.
    6 unbelievable songs on one stage, very, very defficults songs she did perfectry.
    What an amazing performance again.
    The audience are very happy hearing Cha in live.
    God bless Cha !
    Special thanks Kuya Mike and FolseVoice.

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  5. luckybuddha says:
    Charice you are one TALENTED girl. OMG!!! I haven’t heard anybody sing like this live. Anybody knows who’ private party is this? The audiences are so lucky to see and hear Charice sing LIVE! LOVE IT! Little girl you are so cute singing with Charice.
    Thank you for the upload.

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  6. pom2pom says:

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