FASO’s Pride – Charice Cover Story

FASO’s Pride – Charice Cover Story

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  1. Roja says:

    hi guys! if you have a free time this sunday, dec. 6 @ 5 pm, let’s watch our Christmas Concert in Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Charisse, Joey Albert, Kit Navarro, Isabella Ramos and Joanne Villanueva will be our Special Guest Performers. See you there!

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  2. Jessica86s says:


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  3. ggg says:

    ebj..you’re beginning to become a stalker..hehe you should get a collapsible house..and move wherever charice may be..ehehe Gratz! to Efren Penaflorida…you are truly a hero for the young ones..a role model for all teachers!

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  4. rant says:
    shes opening the door to all talented pinoys in the international arena. she must be awarded the highest achievement Pinas can give to a private individual. Thanks God for His gift to us through CHARICE.gogogogo CHARICE. we support you all the way.

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  5. EBJohns11 says:
    I should move to California – cos it seems like a lot going on there when it comes to Charice . Have Fun guys!

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  6. Jessica86s says:
    Thanks for the post Eve. Hope to see you guys in Pasadena this time, God willing.

    Efren Penaflorida is truly another Filipino hero.

    I hope people now see how Charice has opened the doors of opportunity and recognition for the other deserving Filipinos in all aspects worthy of international attention.

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    • Eve says:
      You’re welcome. I love to see Charice get this kind of coverage and any exposure she can bring to our kababayan is a plus++. Soon it will be mainstream magazine coverage as well when her album drops and the movie. My hubby just recently saw the trailer for the Alvin Squeakquel and laughed so hard, he says “we’re going to watch that. I don’t care if it’s a cartoon!” Love the Chipettes, haha! And love Chariiicccceeeeee!!!!!


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    • EBjohns11 says:

      Girlfriend, where are you? Havent seen u in a while =) Why didnt u come to LA last time.

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      • jessica86s says:
        Hey, girlfriend! Did you go to the LA show? I was requested by a patient that time and it happened to be her last request on this sorry earth. I could not say no, so I went to her instead and stayed until she left. I didn’t mind it because she had no one else she felt close to. Her only relatives were coming in from Michigan and New York and were still on their way here. She couldn’t wait so I was the only one with her. Even the lawyer and the “live-in” care giver were asked to leave the room. I didn’t regret it a bit. I just missed Charice and the nice fellowhip with the chasters but instead accompanied my patient off to the after life. Just at the gate only, hehe. It’s not the first time I’ve done that and it has always been something I wouldn’t exchange for anything I know yet. I’m sure you have similar experiences like that too so you’d know what I mean.

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  7. muskrat says:
    Wow, am I first? Go Charice, soar high!

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