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Charice Pempengco: truly, a star is born!

Charice Pempengco: truly, a star is born!

In recognition of Charice´s new fans from the portuguese speaking nations, I would like to post the article in it´s original language first. English translation below. Bem-vindo à Charicemania! is an online newspaper/magazine made by brazilian and portuguese journalists and aims the entire portuguese speaking world audience (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, Macau, Guinea Bissau, etc.)
From Bakero

Charice Pempengco: truly, a star is born!
Tem apenas 17 anos e provém das Filipinas, onde depositam em Charice Pempengco uma grande esperança musical.

Charice começou a cantar muito nova e participou em alguns concursos onde provou que o seu talento daria para mais tarde fazer duetos com grandes referências como Andrea Bocelli ou Celine Dion.

Actualmente a sua carreira conta com vários tributos, duetos e participações colectivas e, claro, com uma grande quantidade de prémios nacionais.

Mas foi no programa The Oprah Winfrey Show em que deu o seu contributo no episódio chamado de “World’s Smartest Kids”, que Charice foi ajudada por David Foster. Recentemente lançou o single “Note for God” e voltou ao programa para mostrá-lo. A sua voz pôs, literalmente, a plateia em pé. Vale a pena ver Charice “Note to God” no Youtube.
By Telma Teixeira,

English Translation:
“She’s only 17 years old and comes from the Phillipines where she’s considered a big musical hope.

Charice started to sing very young in some contests where she proved her talent was big enough for, later, make duets with big musical references as Andrea Bocelli or Celine Dion.

Nowadays her career counts with several tributes, duets and colective participations, and, of course, a lot of national awards.

But it was on The Oprah Winfrey Show where she gave her contribution on the episode entitled “World’s Smartest Kids”, that Charice was helped by David Foster. Recently she launched the single “Note to God” and she came back to the show to perform it. Her voice made the audience, literally, stand on their feet. It’s worth seeing Charice’s “Note to God” on Youtube.
English translation: Bakero
Posted by Schoen

16 Responses to “Charice Pempengco: truly, a star is born!”

  1. edna says:

    Kudos to everyone of you guys have written about Charice,like me I’m a big fan of hers the first time I saw her in YT .Then when I watch her in Oprah NTG my heart was pounding so fast I don’t know why,I was intently listening to her my eyes are glued to the TV until she was done.The next thing I realized I even went to her concert in NYC ,there is something that I loved in this girl.If I have he chance to meet her I really don’t know what to expect cuz I’m really proud of her.Maybe to hug her and tell her that she’s an inspiration for everyone,simple and very confident .The last I thing would tell her that she’s well accepted and loved not only because of her talent but her personality.And I hope she’ll be strong always
    especially the situation that she’s im right now.BTW after I got an update here in CM,and I want to commend you guys out there.

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  2. Portia says:
    Thanks Schoen and Bakero for this article and translation. Charice is undeniably popular in every corner of the world, talent is talent and that is something to be reckoned with.

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  3. spawn says:
    Hi Bakero,

    Thanks for the blog you shared with us, it was very nice! Could you also please translate some of the comments on that blog? That will be highly appreciated..

    Silent supporter.. (^^,

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    • Bakero says:
      The first comment says “Awesome!!! Magnificent!!!”.

      The third comment is:

      Closing our eyes it’s pratically impossible to imagine that it’s a 17 years old girl singing.
      She sings with her soul.
      There are simply no words to describe her.”

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      • schoen says:

        Good job Bakero, working overtime now! Just don´t ask for a raise…lol

        Keep it coming guys.


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  4. agno says:
    another great blog for charice…

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  5. Schoen says:
    When I joined Charicemania last year, one of the first terms I learned was “nosebleed” (next to Crab). Let me explain how it is for me, reading something I don´t understand, my head starts spinning. My eyes squint(?), I start having a headache. We only speak German at home, at work and generally everywhere. No English, no Tagalog no Spanish whatsoever. Because of Charice, we have to “deal” w/ other languages too. Different languages, one common denominator: CHARICE!

    Justcharrie I love reading your comments. Maybe we could change “bland” to “nosebleed”?

    Omie, I saw that first page by searching per google. Thanks.

    Bakero, that article was in under Curiosidades (I would translate as curiosity at first) was translated Seltsamkeiten in German, means oddieties in English. You see guys it’s important to have someone who really understands (and speaks) the language to achieve a senseful translation. We can´t just rely on Google translator.


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    • Cizcan43 says:

      Was ist loss? (spelling questionable).
      You remind me of the other Deutches I have met and known while I lived there sometime between 1980-1983 in Kaiserslautern. Well, it was a very pleasant experience I’ll never forget in my lifetime.
      as I learned that:
      1. Germans are very friendly once they know you. They’re like Pinoys when they become your friend-genuine,loyal, and supportive.
      2. I never learned Duetch cuz everywhere I go there was always somebody who speaks english.
      Now, I can feel what’s in your heart for our Charice and Charicemania. We are in good hands!!! You are again rekindling my warm and enjoyable memories for my German friends during my stay there. Dankeschon. Keep up the good work, beautiful!!!

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    • Ana says:
      Your awesome…I am happy reading of what you’ve shared in this site and I am so touched that this little girl with big voice and heart become an instrument to other poeple. Yes I love this kid and I pray that she will never change her heart but she will contenue to be humble and respectfull.

      God Bless

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  6. Bakero says:
    It’s with pleasure that i receive the title of official portuguese translator of Charicemania ahah :-).

    But this works both ways, because i also enjoy when tagalog, for example, is translated to english (specially when is Charice speaking and i want to know what the hell she’s saying lol).

    But most of all, it’s great that every chaster can understand the beautiful words being given to Charice, no matter what’s the language being used.

    Ps: A wonderful example…just read minutes ago this (brazilian) blog:

    It says:

    “The first time i heard filipina singer Charice was on the Oprah Winfrey show. I confess that i almost cried. I had goosebumps. The girl is now with 17 years old and sings like the great black divas of the american music. Success started in her homeland and spread with the internet. No more words are needed, you just have to see and listen”.

    How beautiful is this?

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    • ArrVee says:
      when one reads an article about her in a foreign language, it’s all just words until it is translated into a familiar language, which makes one realize that Charice has the same effects on people everywhere from all cultures, and this is truly interesting.

      and when we learn about other people’s reactions when they first discovered her, we inevitably recall our own and get a flashback to that special moment. Moreover, we can feel the deep emotions behind those foreign words, knowing all too well that mere words could not totally capture those feelings.

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    • ArrVee says:
      Bakero, I forgot to thank you (for myself and on behalf of others) for being the de-facto Portuguese translator for this site. Getting comments/articles from other cultures is really heartwarming, and we will need your services more in the future as the people from Brazil begin to learn more about Charice.

      muito obrigado!

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  7. justcharrie says:
    Hello bakero, thanks for your contribution in the Chaster’s world. That article would have been bland had it not been translated in the language known by many. It has become colorful now that we understand what’s written in it. I wish Charice continues to gain more fans in that part of the continent.

    God bless everyone!

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  8. OMIE says:
    Here is the link to the first page of Diario2 where the article is announced

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  9. schoen says:

    Hi Bakero,

    Thank you for helping us out. You are now our official Portuguese Translator in Charicemania (lol) Hope to get more European news about Charice.


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