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Charice and MomRaq featured at Rated K

Charice and MomRaq featured at Rated K

(VIDEO WITH SUBTITLES ADDED) Charice and MomRaq were featured on Rated K, Philippines. Basically a review of her amateur years and guestings abroad. I was told that itA?s a motherA?s tribute. The sad part was when Charice recalls she used to see things she wanted to buy in the stores, but they didnA?t have money. So MomRaq told her to wait until she won the contest because it brings bad luck to buy before.

Charice at Rated K w/ subtitles

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Video courtesy of Abilidades

English translation:

Korina: I am Korina Sanchez and this is Rated K
As a child reaches the peak of success, the mother is always the first one who is happy. She is proud of that her childai??i??s dreams are coming true.

Mommy Raquel is the single parent of a very famous child singer, Charice Pempengco. In the midst of fame and success that Charice has experience. And itai??i??s because ai???My Mother is my
Mommy Raquel: ai???If I was not strong, and if I did not stand on my decision to be their mother, Charice would not be here
Ellen DeGeneres: ai???From the Philippines, please welcome Charice

*Charice singing*
Korina (background): Mommy Raquel cant stop her tears when Charice sings those high notes
Korina: What were you thinking during that time?
Mommy Raquel: My tears were already rolling because I had some flashbacks of the obstacles that we have to face before.
Korina (background): Mommy Raquel also dreamed before to become a singer.

Mommy Raquel: Before my classmates who were going to Japan, their houses were beautiful. I also wanted to go to Japan. However, I was not able to finish my studies because I got married early.
Korina (background): The marriage resulted to two children, Charice and Carl. However, her marriage life did not work out. Mommy Raquel also worked as a factory worker.

Mommy Raquel: I cry at night because I also get tired. I just kept on thinking about my kidsai??i?? that I need to be strong for them. So I took another job during the night where I can sing in a band.
Korina(background): What Mommy Raquel did not know that Charice was developing her singing talent at the age of four years old. Charice first joined amateured singing contests at the age of seven years old.

Charice: Sometimes I tell her Iai??i??ll keep on joining singing contest so that if I would win, weai??i??ll have money.
Usually the singing contest are in fiestasai??i?? sometimes when I see somethingai??i??I think Iai??i??m gonna cry

Korina: Whatai??i??s that?
Charice: When I see something in a storeai??i??
Mommy Raquel: Sheai??i??ll tell me that, ai???Mommy, Iai??i??m gonna buy that if Iai??i??ll Iai??i??ll say, ai???Weai??i??ll buy that later because itai??i??s bad luck if weai??i??ll buy that and we have not won the contest
Korina (background): When the doors opened in Little Big Star, they joined.

Sarah Dissertation Geronimo (background): The Big Division Third Honor isai??i?? Charice.

Korina (background): Although the singing contest did not bear much opportunityai??i?? the voice of her daughter echoed in Star king of South Koreaai??i?? in Ellen DeGeneres Showai??i?? and Oprah of America. She performed with David Foster, Andrea Brocelli, and Celine Dion.
Mommy Raquel: I thought that I wonai??i??t get far in being a singer. If there was someone who supported me that time, I could have also pursued a career in singing. That is why I donai??i??t want her experience what I experienced before.

Korina (background): The blessings kept coming in their lives but they what would never change is the humility of their
Do you have any vows that you want to give back because of what God has given to you?

Mommy Raquel: I always tell them that everytime we go back in the Philippines, we should always stop by in Quiapo.
Charice: After I wished there, Star King Korea came, Ellen DeGeneresai??i??and then Oprah.

Translated by Tintol
Posted by Schoen

10 Responses to “Charice and MomRaq featured at Rated K”

  1. anitako says:

    aug.22,2010 sunday, i revisited this “Rated K” and brings back those old life of charice,reminisced what happened in her life,the singing contests,that LBS that we all judged she will win,but weirdly things shocking happened when it was announced she’s 3rd runner up? OH NO!!! that was like a flash of lightning stroke my facem,unbelievable! and we can tell from the facial look of charice,she was in shocked and awe!! that song she sang,”if i were you” when she was singing it,still gives me goosebumps,even i’ve watched that video many times. and not just goosebumps but tears and slashes in my throat!! tho some chasters already had accepted the fate of cha,coz God will lead cha unto HIS FOOTSTEPS….THIS NOW HER LIFE…THANKS GOD!

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  2. ArrVee says:
    Raquel is a statement of what a mother’s love can do, to selflessly endure sacrifices for her children, to be strong for them inspite of her weaknesses, to be there for them, and to make sure they grow up with the right values. This is not lost on Charice, who from an early age already wanted to help out by joining singing contests, and has since dedicated her success to her mother. Her tough, resilient character and her charitable and humble personality are also by themselves the fruits of her mother’s efforts of ingraining her children with the right values, which will not only serve her well for life, but will also be something for others to emulate.

    Raquel also reminds me of the sacrifices my mom went through to provide for us in our early and very vulnerable years. Like Raquel, what my mom prayed for that seemingly was not answered for her own self, was answered in us, her children, and that is not lost on me either.

    While Charice is a statement of what can happen when you dare to live your dream, Raquel is a stand-in for all the unsung mothers (and fathers, and other people) out there who are leading heroic lives on a daily basis, making personal sacrifices to provide for their children and other loved ones. I hope they too will gain inspiration and strength from Raquel’s example.

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  3. Joy Co says:
    A saying in Filipino … Kung ano iyong puno, iyon din ang bunga.
    Roughly translated in english …. An apple tree will bear apples, not another fruit. Meaning, Charice’s talents and inner qualities were inherited from her mother.

    Mommy Raqz is such a role model for all mothers. I have so much admiration and respect for her. Her sacrifices and good efforts bore fruits. She deserves all these blessings and wish her many more blessings to come.

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  4. Alex says:
    omg! wow carl and charice were so cute as babies lol. and there i go getting chills again from watching this video.. even if i don’t know any tagalog. and wow i’d love to meet Mommyraqz.. what a struggle she’s had and kept her perserverence in order for charice the diamond in the rough to shine. so grounded.. and loving.. just “the best mom that i’ve ever known, there’s no way.. there’s no way” hahah. and god forbid what if charice DIDN’T sing.. mommyraqz would still be working so hard to support her children.. great woman. GO PEMPENGCO FAMILY!

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    • Loel says:
      Alex, are you the one I met at the WaMu/MSG meet-and-greet, asking for a name tag? If you are then I’d say you’re a persistent Chaster. Though our meeting was brief, it was nice to meet people like you.

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  5. siane says:
    goodluck to mommy and charice……… we pray to you mom and cha….. and thank you for the kindness,happiness.. my memorable unforgetable experience ever… meeting charice,mom and carl in person is a great experience. it’s a dream come true,before just hoping that someday meet charice and it happen very very fast. I can’t believe what i witness in that vancouver gathering,i was so amaze,shock on cloud 12 as madz said she’s in cloud 9 but me cloud 12 if there is 12 hehehe. charice is undescribable. i’m not mistaken to comment that charice easy to reach, yes she is very easy to reach. chaddict just wait your time and your chamoment that we never ever forget in our whole life. cheers :)

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  6. Max says:
    DrTP, knock, knock

    Please give us a translation. Doesn’t anbody on the staff speak English?

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  7. EBjohns11 says:
    MommyRaqz is one of my IDOL. So down to earth! Shes easy and not arrogant at all. I admire her .. Met her 2x in Las vegas and LA ” You’re the best Mommyraqz!” You deserved this! Labyo!

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  8. grumpq says:
    even now, they still spend their money wisely. They truly deserve all the blessings they have.

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