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A Peek at Charice’s Tagaytay Dreamhouse

A Peek at Charice’s Tagaytay Dreamhouse

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  1. JonRes20 says:

    I agree with you. Charice is destined for super stardom. Although her
    house in Tagaytay will always hold a special place in her heart, a mansion in the US will eventually be her main abode. This is so since the hectic demands of Charice as a hollywood superstar will require her to have a regular house in the US. This Tagaytay house I think will be the permanent place to stay for her mother.

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  2. mindoro33 says:

    lol. Charice bumaba ka diyan.

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  3. Chad Wilson says:
    Congratulations! Charice and Family on your new real estate investment, you have a very sharp foresight as to where to put your hard earned money, as what i know, your initial investment is a 7-door apartment somewhere in Laguna then you acquired a condo unit in Manila and now a beautiful house in Tagaytay and i guess this time you’re thinking of buying a property in US? YES! a wise decision to make. You’re on the right track of becoming a rich and famous person. After all these, stay humble and keep your faith to God. Cheers!

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  4. idolming says:
    Thumbs-up Blumentritboy. You’re so right!!!

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