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Reflections From David Foster and Friends Concert Experience

Reflections From David Foster and Friends Concert Experience

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  1. justin says:
    the vigils that were kept up during the tour, watching for updates and having he chance to watch the vids and chat with charice was great in itself, some of us don’t get the luxury of traveling and seeing the concerts do to circumstances beyond our control but the experiences shared from others and the stories told and the chats, and videos and updates and even the controversies were a thrill.

    Charice has something about her that catalyzes our universe, and her back story in itself is a movie in the waiting. Once she is introduced into the mainstream people will see what weChasters see in her, and will grow to love her just the same, young and old.
    She was able to withstand hardships, slander, tough criticisms, she works hard and she’s only 17. Despite all that her heart has not hardened and she remains real and down to earth. She’s accomodating to all.

    She’s also a great interviewee. Especially when she’s interviewed in tagalog. And she’s coming around in English too.

    that’s what makes charice so great. Thats all i have to say

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  2. Greetings to all men, whatever you witnessed what David Foster had created in the the last few days regarding charice and the whole group, its all a teaser,It is the departure of charice from her youtube era. This is a leap of faith from me.

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    • jn says:

      Ohhhhh, where’s the continuation…….thanks for this installment Shalimar….Hope to see the next part…..Yes. Charice can stir our inner emotions that we don’t want it to go……
      Luv this

  3. shalimar ryonen says:
    THE VOICE ( Part II)…

    the SAGA contineous…

    The little girl promised herself that she will never allow anyone to hurt her mother and her family ever again.And with a heart of a lion adamantly proclaimed that HER HEART WILL GO ON, no matter what happens. Like a sage in the ancient times where they choose oracles that will mirror what will happen in the years to come, this little one positively prophesied what she will face in the midst of trials and tribulations…and above all how her HEART WILL GO ON!

    It was just one of those ordinary days where the mother has to work to send food on their table, when she heard a sweet and powerful VOICE coming from their little room.She slowly peeked to see who was the angel singing to her daughter.Lo and behold, she was stunned when she found out that, that sweet, CELESTIAL, and powerful VOICE comes from her daughter’s little body. The little one was like an old soul trying to strum the MOST VITAL CHORDS of people’s hearts. It was a song coming from the depths of the abyss and moving like a spirit of the mountains… and rivers…and oceans and above all… of hearts. Any ancient tone becomes fresh as the little one slowly sing the words coming from her little lips.

    “Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you. That is how I know you go on… near , far whereever you are I believe that the heart does go on.You’ll stay~~~~ FOR~~~~~~~~~EVER this way, and your here in my heart MY HEART WILL GO ON~~~~and ON~~~.

    It was soft like a gentle breeze brushing on your soul.It was sweet like honey from a faraway land. It was strong like a white squall in a perfect storm… and it was powerful and loving at the same time like the great seas that rise and fall on the shores of the world.

    Young as she is, she was singing her life…high tide and low…twilight and dawn, young and sage, joy and despair, hate and love. Each of these energies she has already experienced in her young life.

    And now… like the princess under the sea who has a sweet golden VOICE, this little one was filled with felicity that finally she …found… her… own…VOICE. This will be the beginning of a journey that will bring her to wonderful and magical adventures like the ones found in the pages of the great books of old.

    This is only the beginning of the saga of the little one with a big VOICE.

    ( to be continued )…just tell me if you still want to follow the next adventures in the young life of the NEXT BIG THING!

    vaya con Dios!


    Shalimar,,, I say go,,, hahahah,,, and thank you ,,. Part 3 coming right???


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    • ArrVee says:

      I’ve always believed what you just wrote down – that she is an “old soul”, and I believe this manifests in her other-worldly talent, the way she projects her voice and touches us deeply, her presence that can be felt in a room, her solid and mature character, and her sense of mission.

      I believe this is the source of the enigma that she is, which I am still trying to put a handle on, but your words definitely helped – she does strum our hearts’ chords at a level so deep that we are moved to tears.

      please continue with the next installment … :-)

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    • corabebot says:
      we want the continuation please!please! please! thank you

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  4. lou says:
    Just watched the HP pavilion concert and wow what a night to remember. All performers are great and just to see David Foster live is a thrill.
    When its Charice turn it was a spectacular moment, her thunderous voice was unbelievable.

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  5. manang babes says:
    second time to watch Charice live in the Gibson Ampitheater DFF concert. First time was in Mandalay Bay. And it was worth it. There’s nothing like listening and watching Charice perform live. According to David, he is an executive of Warner Bros. and based on the names that he called out, Warner Bros was in full force last night. Charice’s shout outs to Pinoys are a non issue to me. But before it used to bother me a little bit. However, if the big wigs of Warner Bros. don’t mind it, maybe it is because they see the big picture which escapes us mere fans of Charice. In fact, it was DF who initiated it, he thanked TFC as a sponsor and the Filipino people for sharing Charice to the whole world.
    The whole time Charice was singing the hairs on the back of my nape were standing on end. It was an incredible experience. And the audience reaction was so infectious that I was also screaming at the top of my lungs whenever Charice finishes a number.
    More power Charice.

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  6. Alex says:
    Where to start.. I’m Alex a huge Charice fan from NYC and I attended the DFF concert in WAMU MSG.

    I knew that Charice was going on the DFF tour the moment it was posted on, but let it fall out of my notice because I go to college 400 miles away in Buffalo, NY. On the week of show day I grew more and more excited that Charice was going to perform in my hometown.. I started to debate with myself whether or not I should go down for the concert. If I go, I’ll know it’ll be a blast.. if I don’t go I save money, but will regret it. Thursday, afternoon before concert I splurged; bought a bus ticket to NYC the same night, plane ticket up on saturday, and most important of all tickets to the concert.

    When I arrived at the venue 90% of the early comers were filipino. That enhanced my realization of “Charice will be performing tonight”.

    Philip Bailey was great, Deborah Cox made a pleasant rendition of through the fire, Cody was alright but not as good as Groban or Bocelli, Latika who was in orange sang great for a namedrop contestant, the Canadian Tenors made an impression on me, Ruben Studdard was also great, Peter Cetera gave me goosebumps, and David Foster as always is a legend.

    I knew what I was getting into having seen countless videos of Charice on youtube, coming to the conclusion that she has the voice equaling if not surpassing Whitney and Celine.. but WOW seeing and hearing her live was incredible. Charice as a reality to me had only existed behind a computer screen on youtube videos before this concert. The person, and the voice in full flesh and sound is just something everyone has to experience. The goosebumps and chills you get from the videos are multiplied intensely. When you listen to her sound you attain a certain euphoria. When she sings she hits you with a wonderful shock, then there is a slight delay before it interrupts your body electricity in the best way possible. Her performance was amazing.

    She received many standing ovations, but only one full one during God Bless America. But you could hear she got the loudest applause of anyone in the night.

    I had only signed up to the meet and greet the day before the concert, and GM was quick enough to put me on the waiting list. After haggling with Loel I eventually got the MnG bracelet on. We didn’t get a room like the other MnG’s. We were seated in line and getting the bracelet so late I was forced to sit near the middle. The rows were clearing as lucky fans were meeting Charice, the row ahead of me stood up and I stood up as well anticipating the meet.. but before we knew it Charice was pulled away by security so about half or a third of us unlucky ones missed Charice. She had a look of reluctance and shock that she was getting pulled way before she met everyone. The meet would have made the journey well worth it, but seeing her live was awesome enough.


    Thank you Alex, what took you so long to come and write your story here??,, Jokeeeeeee,. I remember, you were in the chatroom talking how how amazing the concert is, and you were chatting the whole night, and no sleep,. wah, see how Charice voice affects us really,,, hehhe.. Thanks,,


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  7. Joe R. says:
    As a follow-up to my comments on this section last 10/26/09, my brother-in-law was very kind enough to upload in You Tube the following songs (and rehearsal) from the Chicago concert last 10/21/09:

    The Power of Love –
    Note to God –
    Bodyguard Medley –
    I Will Survive –
    America –
    Rehearsal –

    Please don’t blame the uploader (“Raytatlo”), he just helped me on this. The sound is off at various times. In my excitement and I’m too old for this, I probably placed my right finger(s) on the little mic on top of my old Samsung camera (I don’t know why it was designed that way) while filming. My idea is to bring out to you people, my experiences from my side of the stage. You are all probably familiar with the songs and sound at this time anyway, right?

    Thanks again,
    Joe R.

    Hello Joe R.

    Wow,, thank you ,, and thanks to your brother-in-law,,..We/I appreaciate the links you provided,,,,


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  8. shalimar ryonen says:

    It started as a newborn baby cry. Then of course as many writers would state, like ,there are seasons in life just like in nature, this LITTLE ONE faced so many seasons in her life at a very very tender age of, let’s say 3 years old.

    Darkness came as she witnessed an angry force dividing her very own young family. It was a day any heart would pray not to happen. But it did. Separation is always painful. At three she knew that life was never easy. Since then, she never saw a part of her that belongs to the past.

    She promised to herself that she will never allow that kind of tragedy to happen again. She raised her young face to the One Above and prayed,,, to be guided always…and be sustained by grace.

    Her young heart was trained to be as hard as an iron and as soft as dandelion. Oxymoronic, but that is what she is. A force to be reckoned with… a gentle heart, sweet and soft voice,,, an addiction, more potent than “your own brand of heroin”.

    And… as: 1. Israel elects Netanyu, 2. TWA flight 800 crashes 3.Russia elects Yeltsin 4. U.S. elects Clinton 5, Huta-Tutsi conflict in Central Africa, 6. Peace elections in Bosnia… etc,
    (CNN year in Review1996)….
    …this little one finally found HER VOICE at a tender age of four.She was fascinated with this new discovery and her mother witnessed this unfolding of a golden moment which will be the start of the saga of the LITTLE ONE.

    (To be continued…)

    tell me if I should continue this…or am I offending anyone with this… for now i will keep the rest of my manuscript in my heart…



    Hey Shalimar Ryonen,

    Do you want an extra article for this? Finish the whole thing and send us. Why not? We have good readers in the team. But no promises OK?


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  9. carla says:
    Charice featured in YES Magazine:

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  10. kababayan01 says:
    I have been watching all her videos in youtube since I first saw her in Star King. Checking all her websites like charicemania for news or updates. I have been wondering what it’s like to see her in person. Will I get a goosebumps or chills just like I have watched her in youtube. So I decided to get a ticket and watch her at Wamu Theater in New York.
    I met for the first time the other chasters before the concert. We have some fun, enjoying each company. Telling stories how we first came to know Charice. Then it’s time to go to the concert. I feel excited and really eager to see Charice perform.
    At the theater, I got to my seat, waiting to start the show. I am still trying to figure out my feelings. Maybe I am just too excited, anxiously waiting to start the show and see Charice in person. The others singers are really good but I know Charice will blow them away. I liked David Foster because he’s such a good entertainer and he really loves Charice.
    Then, Charice came out singing the Power of Love, Note to God, the Bodyguard medley and God Bless America. Just what the others says, watching her in youtube is nothing to compare watching her live. Oh my God…she is amazing. Her powerful voice is unbelievable. I did get goosebumps and chills. I was able to videotaped her performance but I could not download it because my hands are shaking and I was having problem focusing my camcorder.
    I was able to videotaped the chasters before and after the concert but I am still having problem to download it. I will let you know once I figure out the problem.
    The meet and greet was really dissapointing. I was in second in line when they took her away.

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  11. RANTY REYES says:
    guys, there are always crabs anywhere. in this article there are an average of 2 to 3 per comment. these are the hard ones, the left. anyway thats normal. nobody can please everybody. remember even God has His own share. hehehe. but to the crabs your number is way… way… way …way tooooooooooo tiny, toooooooo little. theres a saying that if you cannot lick them, better join them. better rethink.

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Hi fnis.

    It’s good reading your comment. I know you had as good a time as I had at the WaMu Theater. Were you able to get a picture? I think it would have been nice if you cooked her a brisket like you did at Loel’s house last year (ha,ha). All the best and we must never think we have seen the best of Charice because she will always surpass that performance. Don’t know how high the bar can go but I guess the sky’s the limit.

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    • fnis says:
      Hi jimfan

      Yes I got a picture with Cha. Also got a picture with David Foster.You are definitely correct about Cha raising the bar. She never ceases to amaze me.Sorry I couldn’t make it to the WaMu concert as well. I would have liked to see you.

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  13. tisha says: see thi link..charice and Deborah..awesome!!!

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