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David Foster Talks About Career, US Tour and Charice

David Foster Talks About Career, US Tour and Charice

Charice’s first concert date on her U.S. tour with David Foster & Friends begins this Wednesday, October 21st, at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.  In Foster’s recording studio in Los Angeles, TFC Production Manager John-D Lazatin sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Foster.  

Garnering 15 Grammys (and an unprecedented 44 nominations), seven Canadian Juno Awards, an Emmy, three Oscar nominations and countless monster recording hits with the world’s greatest singers in a career spanning 40 years doesn’t just happen to anyone. Unless, you’re a born “Hit Man” named

Here are gems from the Hit Man:

TFC: Is there a difference between David Foster the composer/artist and the producer?

Foster: When I go to the doctor’s office and they ask for occupation, I still put musician. I’ve been playing piano since I was 5. All the time, all the things that’s been happening in my life since I started playing piano have always been a result of my being a musician and that’s how I think of myself.

TFC: I read your book, “Hitman: Forty Years Making Music, Topping the Charts, and Winning Grammys.” Lesson number one is “Always go with what you love.” Is that always true?

Foster: The phenomenon that exists in this country and probably the whole world is that when a child turns 17, he or she all of a sudden is forced to make the biggest decision in his or her life: what am I gonna train for as a living for the rest of my life? So at 17, they go, “Hmm, do I wanna try medical school, do I wanna be a lawyer?” But you know, not everybody has a passion at 17. So, most people end up doing what they’re taught to do, not what they love to do. I was one of the fortunate ones that got to do what I love doing. By age 10, I knew what I love to do and I knew that was how I’m gonna make my living. So, my recommendation is always try to go for what you love, not what you’re taught to do.

TFC: If you were not a musician, what would you be?

Foster: I’ve always joked that if I were not a musician, if I had to be a shoe salesman, I’d like to be the best shoe salesman on the planet. I love airplanes. I’m a pilot. I would have loved to be a professional pilot. Had I had more talent in the athletic world, I would have loved to be a hockey player because I played hockey when I was a kid and I was pretty good but not good enough to be a pro. There are other avenues, but the main thing is the discipline that I have as a musician and as a songwriter-producer. That discipline that I learned at a really early age I would have applied to anything. Maybe my gift wasn’t even music; maybe my gift was that I’m disciplined.

TFC: What’s the secret in staying in this industry? How can you stay for 40 years in this business?

Foster: I don’t know if there’s a secret in staying in any industry. The music industry is very youth driven. As you may have read in my book, I credit the man named Ronnie Hawkins for teaching me that you need to sometimes retreat and attack in another direction. The 70s for me was great – I was a musician, everybody wanted me. I became a producer in the 80s and it went great. Then at the end of the 80s, my career just kinda tanked and all of a sudden I wasn’t making hits anymore for a couple of years. You have two choices at that point: you can keep banging your head against the wall and pushing forward in that same direction, or you can do this (hand motions towards another direction) and I did that – I did Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable” album which ended up being a huge hit. That thrust me into the 90s where I had great run with Celine, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, etcetera. At the end of the 90s, that same thing happened: I came up against the wall. All of a sudden, my sound wasn’t on the radio anymore so I went around and did Bocelli, Bublé and Grobin.

TFC: Do you believe in luck?

Foster: My mother taught me that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I don’t think I believe in luck because they say that luck is when hard work meets opportunity. And I do believe in that because I think you always have to be prepared. There’s been so many times in my life where I’ve been somewhere and a singer has come up to me and said, wow, I really like you to hear my stuff and whatever and I say, okay, give me a CD. Oh, I don’t have one on me. I’ll say, okay, sing for me. Oh, I don’t know what to sing. That’s crazy! Be prepared. Luck is opportunity meeting hard work.

TFC: What did you know about Filipino artists before you met Charice?

Foster: Before I met Charice, I knew that the Philippines and the Filipinos were great lovers of music and especially, it seems great lovers of my particular kind of music. The first time I heard of a Filipino artist that I loved was Lea Salonga. She sang so beautifully in “Mulan”. And of course she was cast in “Miss Saigon”. She was incredible and we actually almost worked together. And then this new kid from Journey got everyone’s attention. But I’ve always believed, at least for the last 5 to 6 years, from my trips to Asia, that the next huge big star will be Asian. I believe that Charice is the one. It just makes sense. There’s a billion-and-a-half Asians. Twenty or thirty years ago with the Japanese, they used to copy American music. But in the last 10 years or so, the Asians have really found their own sound. It’s just not copying anymore. They have such rich heritage to draw from, thousands of years of music to draw from. And I think it’s all coming out. You see that in Charice, she’s so well-rounded. I believe she’s the next big star.

TFC: After Charice, are you watching out for other performers from the Philippines?

Foster: I’ve yet to go to the Philippines but I’m excited to go there. I want to know more about this country and this culture that has embraced American music for so many years. It’s really no different from what England did in the beginning. England in the beginning copied American music. The Beatles’ favorite artists were Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. They took it and made it their own and I believe that’s what’s happening to the Filipino community now, too. They love the American culture and the American music scene. But they’re now taking it and making it their own. So, I’m sure if you drill down the Philippines, you’re gonna find a lot more talent. But I don’t look for talent though, talent finds me.

TFC: What’s your idea of David Foster and Filipino Friends?

Foster: What would be exciting is for one is to have some of the local artists perform with me and sing my songs. Because the David Foster and Friends traditionally, at least with the last two or three concerts, and the tour I’m about to do in 12 cities in America is my music so that is sort of what it’s all about. So, having Filipino artists, young or old, singing my music will be a lot of fun plus I think we should have a talent search and find somebody – a complete unknown – that could win a spot to open the show.

TFC: How long have you known about The Filipino Channel?

Foster: I knew about The Filipino Channel. My friends Michael and Millie (Gurfinkel) have told me first about it and it’s spectacular what you guys do. It’s amazing – the coverage has been incredible. I’d like to say to all the Filipino communities across America that I am going on tour in October and November and, of course, I will be bringing Charice. I would love for all of you to come out and see the show. Come and support me which would be great, but most importantly, come and support Charice because I believe that Charice is going to be the next national treasure for the Philippines.

For venues and ticket prices of David Foster and Friends, visit

Note: TFC is the official Asian Media Partner for Television.  Continuing the success of David Foster and Friends last May at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, TFC Entertainment and ABS-CBN International’s The Filipino Channel (TFC) have signed a contract to promote 2009 Hit Man David Foster and Friends in its North American tour.

In another recent interview with David Foster, Hit man: Songsmith David Foster steps out from behind the piano , is this quote:

“True to his legacy, Foster wants to introduce talent as much as remind people of it. His young protege, Charice, will handle lead vocals on the tour, and a different young performer (discovered via a talent search conducted on the website will join the cast in each city.

CNN Interview with David Foster
quote – “Charice the 17 year old phenom from the Philippines… she’s incredible”

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15 Responses to “David Foster Talks About Career, US Tour and Charice”

  1. zeidrich says: , DOMINO – by Drew Ryan Scott duet with Charice (full song – remix)

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  2. zeidrich says: DOMINO – by Drew Ryan Scott duet with Charice (full song – remix)

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  3. eve says:
    Mr. Foster is way too busy to be actively seeking talent through YouTube. But Charice’s talent was so big, it screamed through the YouTube, and someone called him to take a look, I think it was his sister. Then Oprah called him too. He said it sorta all happened at the same time that Charice’s video was dropped onto his lap by Oprah and others. Charice’s prayers were answered. Not only that, it seems to be revitalizing DF’s career as well and his excitement to take the show on the road, from which we all benefit!

    The odds of this happening again are probably pretty slim. There’s an abundance of talent here in the U.S. as well, he doesn’t need to go all the way to the Philippines. He might go for other reasons, but not to find talent. You’d have to be the voice of a generation to get his attention, and he’s already found her.

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  4. LoloLando says:
    DF utilizes YouTube to search for singing talents. It is easy to market your talent through this medium, so his staffs might have heard a multitude of Filipino singers already, but it was only CHARICE who captured his attention. CHARICE has everything a promoter or songwriter is looking for: a multi-genre singer. So why should he look for singers with limited repertoire, who could not even elicit goosebumps!!!

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  5. g says:
    It’s so obvious what TFC/ABS-CBN’s intention. They are using Charice to be closed with David Foster, so that they can promote their ABS-CBN talents. I hope that DF will only visit the Philippines when Charice career is already stable internationally. I’m sure when DF visit Philippines all the singers will line up and meet DF desperately in order for them to be notice.

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  6. justcharrie says:
    I’ve said thankyous a lot of time to David Foster for always talking about Charice in his interviews. But personally, I would love him to go to the Philippines when Charice has already put her feet firmly to the ground of Hollywood fame. Let her career be stable enough then I would agree to this idea of “David Foster with Filipino Friends” but making sure that Filipinos acknowledge Charice’s role in making this happen.

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  7. ArrVee says:

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  8. melody says:

    Thank you so much Mr. David Foster. I am not in any way related to Charice but i do fill so blessed because of all the great help you extend to her to make all things better for her…I know that you are nurturing her the best way like she is your own.. I cannot thank you enough for that. I hope and pray that she will stay humble and kind always.

  9. tyramaid says:
    Charice used to wait in line just to audition in singing contests, look at what she’s bringing now to her country, who even now is reluctant to accept her success.
    I can imagine big names in music industry lining up to audition to DF, just like how Charice was doing to earn recognition and food on the table for her family.
    It’s ironic, but look at Charice, she seems to be proud of the fact that DF may discover yet another Filipina talent. She don’t hold any grudge to her countrymen.

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  10. cizcan43 says:

    I particularly noticed that DF knew only 2 Filipino artists ( Leah & Arnel) before Charice.I think the intent of this question was to determine if DF also knew or heard about TFC’s current crops of talents,(e.g., Sarah G. Regine,etc.).Unfortunately, it’s obvious he did’nt. And there’s also a dose of reality-that DF does not engage in finding talents cuz it’s talent that will find him.

    Looks like ABS-CBN really missed BIGTIME by failing to recognize the once-in-a-decade talent of our Charice. When this interview will be read by the Pinoys, I hope it would open their eyes and mind and go for an all-out support for their next national treasure.

    • bebeispregnant says:
      TFC and ABS/CBN are using Charice to promote their talents. Thats the real truth that’s why they are all over David Foster now.

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  11. malfon says:
    For sure, Charice’s breaking through the world music scene is going to open broad doors for other Filipino artists. Now, when major recording studios have Filipino artists auditioning, they know these people can sing and thanks to Charice, they’ll be really considered.

    What a bright future!

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    • Elbiz says:
      I have a similar sentiment with bebeispregnant., I feel that Charice was not well endorsed by abs-cbn as I noticed with the interviews, settings and the audience. For me TFC just want to captivate the Filipino audience in the U.S. thru Charice coz she is more popular here in U.S. and I have feeling that once they get in it will be different. This is my opinion and I’m just concern about Charice, she is a down to heart young girl.

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  12. nikki says:
    Well, the only thing I can say about David Foster is “YOU ARE STILL THE BEST AMONG THE BEST” Mr. Foster!

    I love your newfound talent Charice, multi-talented and the best among the singers of her generation. Great voice…you can find one, once in a decade.

    Once again, good luck to your ten city tour “David Foster and Friends”, I know that it will be a great success as always.

    More blessings!

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  13. romeo says:

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