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Charice Featured in Korean Documentary

Charice Featured in Korean Documentary

With Charice just wrapping up a visit to Korea on several television shows which will air later this month, this Korean documentary has resurfaced on YouTube which featured Charice way back in early 2008. We were asked to post it at Charicemania so here it is, the article we wrote awhile back, for all older and newer chasters alike to enjoy!

It was only two years ago today, on October 13, 2007, that Charice made her first ‘special guest’ appearance on the Korean talent show, Star King. Her explosive performance of ai???And I Am Telling You Iai??i??m Not Going,ai??i?? her sweet duet singing ai???A Whole New Worldai??i?? with Korean star, Kyuhyun from SuperJunior, and her easy banter with the host and judges simply charmed the Korean audience. She became a YouTube Internet sensation, generating 13 million hits and scoring an invitation to the Ellen show in her first appearance on U.S. television on December 19, 2007, and her first-ever visit to America.

Following the Ellen show , she appeared for a second time on StarKing on December 28, 2007, after being voted the Most Requested Foreign Act of 2007. And shortly after, a Korean television crew paid Charice a visit to the Philippines to do a mini-documentary of her career and how it all came about through the efforts of one enterprising fan, FalseVoice.

A timely video of that documentary is now available with an English translation.Ai?? With her subsequent appearance on the Oprah show , on May 12, 2008, the rest as they say is history!

How much lady era

Korean Documentary featuring Charice

uploaded by litepci

Star King, Oct 13, 2007

uploaded by bidangbata2

Android keylogger, Mobile tracking.

Part 2 – A Whole New World duet

uploaded by SimplyCharice

Star King, December 28, 2007

uploaded by kendoichi

Written and Posted by Eve

36 Responses to “Charice Featured in Korean Documentary”

  1. macris says:

    Hey guys, I think it would be nice if Super Junior would come here in the Philippines so that they could see how many great performers we have here… And may be they could be invited to perform in ASAP with our very own charice.. (Wow! I could not wait to see it) It will be really really great and I will not miss watching it! HAHAHAHA!
    Just thinking.. Who will agree to me??
    Maybe, we could post a request to ABS-CBN to make it happen… hehehe

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  2. efryll says:
    hi guys… thanks for reposting the videos… i’ve never seen the first one (about her being featured in Korean documentary)… hehe… i’m just a new fan so i have a lot of things to catch up about our favorite singer… thanks again…

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Reposting is a great idea. For the new Chasters it’s good for them to see the hard work Charice puts into her craft and here it can lead to. Plus I get to see my older comments so I can prove to my kids how smart and insightful their dad was about Charice (ha,ha – wish I could have been this smart about alot of other things). But backing a “sure thing” really doesn’t make me that smart.

    Thanks Eve for showing this again and of course thanks to FalseVoice for taking the initiative.

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  4. leilaniandson says:
    I forgot when this Charicemania website started. If it was 3 years ago it means I started posting here since then.

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  5. CutieSinger23 says:
    I can’t wait to watch Her On STARKING again!!! :D YAY!! :)

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  6. muskrat says:
    I found this video of Charice being interviewed last March before the release of her Pyramid Album. She spoke briefly about DF getting
    her a vocal coach Eric Vetro I think is the name, she said that this vocal coach is primarily a Broadway Musical kind of songs or style.
    I was just wondering if they already had “GLEE” in mind back then.
    It’s very interesting if they had everything planned all along. Just an observation, that’s all.

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  7. Josieu says:
    The first time i saw Charice is at Ellen that moment when she was singing i felt something that she will be somebody someday. Since that time i follow her in yt everyday up to this moment every little chances i have. I feel good every time i hear her voice ( very profound )Lienel Richie said in one of the interview Charice performance (sky is the limit i agree 101% ) No wander everybody loves her , very humble ,down to earth person.More power to you Charice and God bless. Your power behind you will always guide you.
    You will not get tired because you have lots of power, plenty of enery. People support you all over the world. You are Angel giving happiness to people.Keep up the good work.We will continue to follow you.

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  8. ArrVee says:
    Rom Remus@19 – thanks for sharing that. It is amazing how an innocuous-looking young girl like her can have such a profound effect between cultures. What I read about that first Star King performance is that while her first song (and dancing) amazed the audience beyond belief, it was her duet with the Super Junior guy that endeared her to them. And it was particularly touching because that guy almost lost his life in a recent car accident.

    she first conquers the mind with her mind-boggling talents (singing, stage presence and dancing), then melts the heart with that touching duet. They didn’t know what hit them …

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  9. ana says:
    wow….tq 4 post this video….i really2X luV charice… hope she will come once again to korea…

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  10. jn says:
    It is nice to read this write up…It brings a lot of memories from the early beginnings of Cha’s love affair with the world….Thanks a lot

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  11. Portia says:
    Thank you all (staff) and especially to eve@17 for posting again these videos especially the Korean documentary for I did not know about that. I’ve been searching/watching Charice YT videos but not that one. I am so impressed and amazed of how she captures her playfulness and innocentlike personality that her being becoming famous does not affect her. The Star King videos do not tire me, I love to play it again and again, that was the reason why I was hooked in watching her and that started me to be a chaddict.

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  12. Rom Remus says:
    Eight years ago I frequented Seoul, Korea, and became familiar with the challenges Filipino workers (or trainees as their visa described them) encountered. Every Sunday, they filled the 12 noon mass of a Korean Catholic church that was closest to the Filipino Community Center run by priests of the Philippine Mission Society. At the center I met young women who escaped their abusive Korean husbands and young workers who banded together for mutual support after discovering that their contract did not give proper value to their work.

    I like to think that the love affair that Charice ignited with Koreans translated to a better appreciation of Filipinos in their midst. This documentary will help consolidate those gains.

    I know first hand how Lea Salonga improved the image of Filipinos in England when she landed the role of Miss Saigon. Our neighbor became more outgoing toward us because they wanted someone to hear how much they loved her. We were the closest they could get to Lea.

    I like to think that their lot

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  13. ArrVee says:

    eve@17: every now and then, new users join the group, in small trickles as they individually discover Charice, or in waves, as a result of a major appearance by Charice (like the Big E event). Some we know about because of articles submitted of how they have just discovered Charice (like the one in Brazil) and these are interesting because they remind us of how we ourselves felt when we first discovered her. Some remain in lurk mode, silently reviewing the archived articles, viewing old videos, and when they are compelled to comment, do so.

    I initially likened this to a train where people get on board, and we welcome them. But I realize it is more like a big carrousel, where people get on and off, and which gets bigger as more articles get posted. People who board later will have more material to catch up with, and re-posts of events like the one you posted help them feel at home and set some historical context, as well as mark significant milestones for us all. As well, this historical reflection might well inspire someone to write a new article with a new twist.

  14. eve says:

    Hmm, guess I should have called this ‘Happy Anniversary Charice’ cuz that was really my intent in posting this article two years to the date of her first StarKing appearance. Especially since the documentary was actually filmed a while ago, some of you are complaining that it’s redundant. However, this is the first time I have ever seen it in English! And it has over 3000 hits on it now, within the past 2 days, so I suspect there are probably a lot of other readers who’ve never seen it either. While every Filipino has probably seen this all over the place in the Philippines where Charice seems to make the daily news (translated into Tagalog perhaps?), that’s not the case here in America. A Korean documentary would not even merit a mention, especially if it’s in Korean without even English subtitles.

    Now Jezet@9 asked if we can at least publish a new article that will inspire every Chaster? Well, the same day that you posed that question, there were 4 other articles posted that day. Does that mean that you did not enjoy the one about Brazil or Has Charice Touched Your Life? Or my favorite just last week-Charice, You Made Me Smile. That one actually made me cry. 28 articles have already been posted since October 1st, including Bridging The Gap, Walking Tall, and the very touching NTG duet with Lisa Smith. If none of these have inspired you, I don’t know what else we can do for you.

    The difficulty of pleasing everybody is that Charice is gaining so many new fans every day that the readers here are at different stages of “chaddiction” and thirst for knowledge. The NTG video has jumped from 567000 views on Sept 2nd to 923,290 views as of 10/13/2009 2:00AM, because of the repeat Oprah episode that was shown on Sept 3rd. That’s a whopping 63% increase or +356000 views in just 42 days! Charice’s Twitter likewise has also increased by 1000 followers since the beginning of this month (they track it over at charicediva). It now stands at 10727 followers – see

    This article is written for all of you new fans who appreciate seeing these ‘old’ videos for the very first time. And it’s written also for the oldtimers who might enjoy reminiscing about Charice’s spectacular StarKing performance that started the ball rolling for her. That video, btw, has enjoyed a surge of 3300 hits since this article was posted (164298 two days ago, now at 167552 views). That’s a pretty big jump for an old video. Do you think that might be influenced by the video being posted here at CM? We average 7-10,000 daily views, you betcha it does!

    The volunteer staff at charicemania are dedicated to finding interesting articles to share with you here and keeping you posted on appearances, contests, interviews, concert dates, etc. That’s why our site is called “the one-stop source for all things charice.” But it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. To the oldtimers, I’d like to say a big “thank you” for being gracious enough to overlook the “redundancy” that may occur at times. Sorry if I haven’t been around long enough to know any better, heh heh. I post stuff that’s interesting to me, and I just hope it’ll be interesting to some of you as well.

    If you want to see your own stories get posted, then by all means, hit the ‘contact us’ button above to see how you can get involved and join the staff! If you’re not willing to do that, then I suggest the cafeteria plan to you: just read the articles that interest you and skip the ones that don’t. It’s as simple as that! (I’ll resist saying, keep your negative comments to yourself… oops, I just did, my bad) Peace out, Eve

    • Mateo says:
      I’ve seen these videos many times before but I enjoyed watching it again especially with English subtitle. It feels great to reminisce how everything started with Charice. Star King made her one of the brightest star on the planet and it’s only proper that she makes another visit to the place where it all began. I can’t wait to see her performance on Star King at the end of this month. I want to see how the Koreans’ reactions now that Charice has become an international singing sensation. Eve, you did a great job on posting these videos and writing this article. I give you two thumbs up!

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    • neznez says:

      Amen to that Eeves I have been in Charicemania websites since beggining of last year although I have been following Charice career since first time I saw her in Ellen De Generes Show. Even I have been fan for a long time, I come to this website just to read new column of Charice, or watch for new link.

      I like this website because most of Chasters posted are still encouraging and the reason I what you called “babad” now in my computer. I am still not updated for all apps here but Im happy as long I have something to read nice about Charice. It is bad enough you watch bad news all the time, at least when I see Charice is hopeful for me.

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  15. Jessica86s says:
    I believe Charice already has opened doors of opportunities to other Filipino talents. Arnel Pineda soon followed with his guesting also at Oprah’s show. Expect more to come. I just hope their promoters know what they are doing and play by the rules in the international arena. But definitely, Charice has and continues to open doors of opportunities for her kababayan entertainers here abroad, and Anel too is doing the same. They both are, just like the hundreds of thousands of OSW’s who give their fullest in the services they provide the international market, presenting the Filipinos as a dependable and first rate producer of products and services, be it in care giving , maritime services, military and medical, and for Charice and Arnel, in the music and entertainment industry. This is why the Filipinos as a people should be proud and give due honor and respect to these unsung heroes who’s blood sweat and tears bore fruit not only for themselves, but for the whole country.

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  16. tony says:
    this video of Charice in Starking, Korea singing ‘and im telling you im not leaving w/out you’, is where my chaddiction got started…i was floored with her amazing performance and talk about confidence…WOW. shes so cute and very funny also. by the way, i love her giggles on this video and her smiles melted my heart. shes just pure joy to watch that can ease or forget your problems. the more ive search of her other videos, the more i have become addicted. always wanting more (any latest news, etc.)day in and day out. awwww, okay, thats including the wee hours…heheh. oh, and when i learn of her humble beginnings, i love her even more. Charice, is not only a total entertainer, but most importantly, she is an inspiration to all walks of life.

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  17. joelabad1 says:
    I love music ever since growing up in the Philippines. I specially love Gary V. (my all time favorite), Lea, and Arnel. But Charice is truly one of a kind. She has the voice of the 3 all time divas, Whitney, Celine, and Beyonce. We are truly lucky to have these four talents to call our own (But I love them all, Lani, Kuh, Regine, YRS, La Diva, etc). I love them not only for their talents, but also for their sincere love of God and country.

    I wish Charice’s success will open the doors for all our amazing talents.

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  18. jimfan155 says:
    From this very first performance that I saw, she had the “It” factor and the “X” factor and was so comfortable in a country where she couldn’t even speak the language. Plus her English was pretty good from my standpoint.

    How many of us knew she was something special before Oprah, and David came on the scene? I fell for her hook, line and sinker 3 notes into the song.

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  19. Wilma says:
    a very inspirational documentary. More blessings charice you are so especial.

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  20. ArrVee says:

    Eve@6 – I’ve seen that video sometime back, and what stuck to my mind is the part at 4:40 where she chants “mamaya!” (later) when being taunted by the kids for her to sing. Even when she is playing, the power of her voice comes out, with no effort at all.

  21. munzt says:
    i’ve seen this documentary of her multiple of times but still enjoy seeing it…
    Charice is pretty :)

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  22. jezet says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  23. vergie says:
    hie charice, i hope that your doing fine. I hope that you continue in sharing your talents and to inspires people through the world. You have such wonderful and blessed talent from God. So good work and continue to have a golden heart to other people who really needs you.
    May God bless your carrer. we love you and we pray for you

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  24. hermiemel says:
    Charice is so lovable.

    It is like viewing an “epic” movie starring Charice. She really sizzled and her voice was so fresh then and she is getting better each show.

    These people who was able to be there for these performances & witness her from their front row seat were the luckiest people. I can only imagine the goosebumps and emotions that they felt that time. It must have been like seeing MJ perform for the first time.

    Thank you Falsevoice & Star King. You are pioneers for Charice and the world appreciates you.

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  25. eve says:

    Thank you, Biggie @4, for clarifying the context of the documentary. Does that mean the whole thing is available in English somewhere? Someone – give it up, hehe. That would be nice to see. But I am happy to see this short clip of Charice and her playfulness when she yells out to the kids, “later… later… later.” lol

    Yes, the clip was some time ago, which is why I wrote “a short time after” her 2nd appearance on StarKing… but I had never seen it in English, just Korean. FINALLY, I know what they’re saying, to learn how dedicated Charice and her Mom are to practice and train and perfect her performance 2-3 hours day.

    Charice is gaining fans by leaps and bounds, likewise many are discovering charicemania. I remember searching for YouTube videos of Charice when I first saw her perform Note To God on Oprah. And I remember finding the FULL version of her first StarKing appearance, when I first realized how charming and natural and charismatic this little girl was as a performer, the force of her personality was so irresistible. She charmed me just like the Koreans, and I was just so amazed, I think that’s when my chaddiction started! And I’m glad I found charicemania to fill in the background story to some of the videos.

    So to the new chasters out there, enjoy StarKing, you’re gonna love it! And congratulations, Charice, on two whirlwind years. You deserve all the accolades and riches for all of your hard work. Stay sweet and humble.

    Love you Charice! Eve :)

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  26. Lou says:
    Can’t believe my Charice addiction has been two years already? Even then oh how I wish that the world should witness her extra ordinary talent. And now I am so thankful its all coming true before our eyes.Thanks God and mom Raquel for bringing this gift to the world as well as those who helped her a great deal in the likes of Falsevoice, Ellen, DFoster, Oprah and millions of fans around the globe.

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  27. Biggie says:
    They always show this documentary in (Philippine) channel 13.
    It’s kind of dated (post Ellen and prior to Paul O’Grady).

    The documentary is about the Filipino’s love and talent for music.

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  28. jimfan155 says:
    Hope one day soon she gets to go back to where it all began for many of us. From those videos, the path has led her to today and thanks to FalseVoicefor hitting the “start” button.

    Appears Koreans love her and she should recipricate and let them see the new and improved version of Charice in concert.

    Just my opinion.

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  29. noellen says:
    Thanks EVE,,, its like commemoration of her appearance in Starking,…

    and thank to bbelj/litepci for uploading the video of the documentary,,, hope it will not be suspended too,,, heheheh joke,..

    WOW,,, and looking back,, we were able to witness how our Princess Charice grow… and still to witness her growing,,… Viva Charice,..

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  30. Marie says:
    This StarKing Video was the most frequently videos I ever watched…I love the duet…the host…the audience… and most of all our darling Charice. Surely, God will richly bless you for your kindness and love.

    We will always pray for your career, family,good health, joy and everything…

    Cheers.. Love you, Mwaaaahhh…

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