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Has Charice Touched Your Life?

Has Charice Touched Your Life?

We Chasters all have a story of how Charice has touched our lives.Ai??Ai?? I myself have been touched in so many ways.Ai?? Please tell us how she touched yours.Ai?? Charicemania received this testimonial from Jomz that I want to share with you:

Iai??i??ve never been a super fan of someone until Charice. Let me share with you how Charice touches my life just by doing what she does bestai??i?? Sing!

I stumbled across Charice way back her during her “Little Big Star” days.Ai?? I remember coming home from school during the weekends and my mother would immediately say, Iai??i??m just right on time. My mother and I bonded a lot cause of charice just by watching her perform and Iai??i??m grateful for that because weai??i??ve never had that kind of relationship before.Ai?? So when Charice got eliminated, we got so disappointed that we never watched little big star again after that. Itai??i??s like why bother now? My mama and I used to say, ai???what??? I mean, that was the best Nasonex price lebanon vocals weai??i??ve ever heard. Then the ai???beauty factorai??i?? came in and I was likeai??i??ai??i??hey, sheai??i??ll grow into a beauty somedayai??i??.Ai?? And that time I was also like, ai???come on..Itai??i??s easier to do something to our outside appearance than do something with whatai??i??s withinai??i??. I guess they had never seen whatai??i??s within her that time, the amount of talent she has.

But then a friend of mine told us that there will be a wild card on LBS and we weai??i??re like, ok! Weai??i??ll watch LBS again, hehehehe. Weai??i??re so thrilled that she got back on LBS then and when the finals arrived, when they were announcing the winners, weai??i??re like holding our breaths and saidai??i??ai??i??noooh.. 3rd place?ai??i?? Again we felt disappointed but still sheai??i??s the winner for us.

After that, I constantly waited for her appearances on local tv shows, but I guess thereai??i??s only a few back then. And then on one faithful event, while I was Skunk seeds #1 browsing YouTube, I come across her video of “And I am telling you Iai??i??m not going” in koreaai??i??.and I know this sounds like what everybody felt when they first saw that videoai??i??ai??i??goosebumps! Iai??i??ve felt that tooai??i??. From that video, so many surprises have happened to her since then. InternationalAi??TV guestingsai??i??ai??i??hey thatai??i??s more than what I want to happen to her tooai??i??. I just want to see her on the local shows and look what I get to seeai??i??Ellen, Oprahai??i??ai??i??wow! how good things are going for herai??i??.. But it never stopped there. I get to see more surprises from Charice. And everyday Iai??i??m beaming with pride and smiles.

Iai??i??m actually a graduate student of chemistry and being so means a lot of studying to do, lots of sleepless nights and most of all stress. Believe me, when I feel like Iai??i??m gonna burst because of the pressure of my studies, I always find myself listening and watching to chariceai??i??s songs and videos. And just listening to her soulful voice calms me. She does make me feel that, I too, have a lot of surprises that are yet to come in my life. Knowing that, I get right back on my feet.

In different ways, I know Charice had touched our lives. I also believe that she will become more of what she is now because there are lots of people who believed in her. I guess thatai??i??s what it takes for us to succeed in our lives, to have someone believe in us no matter what.

Written by:Ai?? JomzAi??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Posted by:Ai??Ai??Max

24 Responses to “Has Charice Touched Your Life?”

  1. luvkcha09 says:

    I would like to address this to all of you who posted dated Oct 2009,
    I am new to Charicemania (3 months old) and I can only agree with you because you all said what I wanted to say. I feel the same way and you said it all. I’m so Chaddicted already and I don’t want to be cured. I’m married with 2 pre-teens – that’s enough stress lol, but I have my escape and therapy. Thanks to you all, you now belong to my world – Chariceworld, like I wrote elsewhere, where the sun is always shining and the sky is blue and friends abound…
    from vancouver

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  2. Fuzu says:

    Ooh dang i just typed a long comment and when i submitted it it come up blank! Please please tell me it worked properly? I dont want to write it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am just stuipd, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.
    Fuzu, I’m releasing this comment which went to spam, but bad news, I don’t see your long comments. You will have to re-submit, sorry.



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  3. lola-elrem says:

    hey CM, what happened to comments 1 to 10, just disappeared? my comment was number 7.

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    • eve says:

      no worries Lola-Elrem. I still see your comment, just click “older comments” at the bottom of these comments and it will take you back to the first page to your comment #7 Well, they’re not numbered any more, too bad. But it’s still there!

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  4. Max says:
    Has Charice touched my life? Probably more than anything in my life for the last two years. My first exposure to Charice was on the Ellen Show. I was so mesmerized by her voice that I wanted to learn more about her.

    I Googled her and OMG, it was like i was a child at a party where the ceiling opened up and candy filled the room. I can seriously say I did nothing for the next day but watch her videos. Then strangely enough, something happened to divert my attention, and I let her slip from my mind for a few months.

    A friend of mine mentioned that she saw this little Filipino girl on TV, and recorded her singing on tape. Well, to make a long story short, I watched her appearance on the Oprah show. That immediately brought back the memory of her Ellen Show performance.

    After that, it was on to her website where I watched more videos. Then the clincher…..her MMK documentary. After I watched her story, Chaddictness came over me like a storm. Then I discovered Charicemania. Before long I was commenting and becoming more involved in interacting with her rabid fans.

    Then I planned to attend the first David Foster and Friends after party in Las Vegas. Fate intervened and I was unable to go. But I tried to help the party be successful and pleaded for all fans, even if they were not going, to contribute to the party because I so much wanted it to be a success.

    Soon, KV invited me to become a contributor and join the CM team. I just thought I had spent time enjoying Charice until then. Now it seems I cannot go a day without helping here at Charicemania. Some days I spend more time involved with Charicemania than I really should. It has become a fascinating volunteer job that tends to keep me glued to the PC more and more. I have to force myself to take a break from my cyber world life and enjoy my real world family and friends.

    But I have made so many friends here that I will have to say it has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my life. The Charice Community is a great community and I am proud to be here.

    Do you think Charice has touched my life?

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  5. LoloLando says:
    To Ranty Reyes @16

    Been to the Middle East in the 80s (ARAMCO & SABIC). Boredom and homesickness are hindrance to planned and continued stay there. So you are lucky, you have CHARICE to relieve stress and ease those homesick feelings. Of course cellphones are of great help too, unlike those costly long distance telephone calls during our days.

    Your last sentence said it all: CHARICE is the best thing that ever happened to you and to us too… I had my plans realized, I hope you too.

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  6. ranty reyes says:
    she has been the driving force of the middle east OFW force. kind of a stress reliever, relaxant,daily vitamin, loosens the job pressure, keeps the adrenalin going, diminishes home sickness, lessens the boredome, eases out the tired souls, soothes your worn out bodies, makes the lonely days lively, makes us cry and relishes, reinvigorate the worn out cells. I am out of words, but I can tell you shes the best thing that ever happen to us OFW’s.

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  7. jn says:
    Charice is like a bridge, connecting people with various origins….It is really true that she is building and connecting bridges of mankind…….We all feel one while watching Cha struts across the stage as she renders her songs whether ballads, R&B, slow rock…or whatever…but surely…she captures our attention and imagination.
    Good Luck Charice

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    • max says:


      You are so right. Two years ago I would have never in all my wildest dreams imagined that I would become an advocate of a prodigal young talent who I ont only enjoy every day of my life, but also acquainted me with a whole new country and all of it’s wonderful people. I have made many frinds there…..all becuase of Charice.

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  8. Frank Molino says:
    For sure Charice touched my life. There is not a single day where I don’t checked you tube for new Charice posting. I recently retired (second retirement) from the IRS after 18 1/2 years of service. I retired back in 1989 from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service. I have two grown up kids both boys age 27 and 33 and somewhat missed of not having a daughter. My wife even joked that Charice resemble me when I was younger that is why I am addicted to her. While still working with the IRS as a Revenue Agent which is very stressful job, my blood pressure always high and the stress of the job somewhat affected my mood and the only way to relieve my stress and tension is by watching Charice. To this date after retirement my daily routine in the morning and at night is to look for new Charice posting in youtube and watch her past spectacular performance. I would like to send her a Teddy Bear to add to her collection but I don’t know where to send it. She keeps on improving, there are no boundaries for her talents. I also have a chinese blood and If I can post my old picture when I was younger, you might say that I am related to Charice. I even told my wife who is a mestiza that she is my daughter. lol

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  9. gonerunner says:
    i think what charice represents is the universal ego. – we are one. her singing breaks down the artificial barrier created by culture, economics, politics, religion. singing is a heavenly gift and god chose charice to deliver this gift for us to forget our differences. this is whats happening to all those who hear my princess sings.

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  10. Kentw says:
    How has Charice touched my life?
    I live in the US and I have been following Charice ever since she was on the Oprah show. I have downloaded as many videos as I can of her performances and interviews. I have a fairly large collection and I have watched her go from her days on Ellen to now and I have seen her grow and get better and smoother at her performances. I fix computers for a living and one day a friend of mine asked me to come to his house and help him fix a problem with a Microsoft product. After about 30 minutes of looking at the program I could not figure out the problem, so we called Microsoft tech support. After we were on the phone for quite a while and after trying several different things which were not working the tech support lady contacted a more experienced support person and that person was doing some research into our problem. In the mean time we were just sitting on the phone with this Microsoft tech support lady waiting for the next thing to try. Having to fix a lot of computers I often spend a lot of time on the phone with other technical support people and usually they are from and in countries where their accent is so thick that I have difficulty understanding what they are saying, but not this lady from Microsoft. I could clearly understand what she was saying, but I knew she was not American, so I asked her what country she was in and she said the Philippines. I said wow I did not expect tech support from the Philippines, because there are a few other countries that are better known for their companies that provide tech support for US companies. After I complemented her on her easy to understand english accent I asked her if she heard of Charice Pempengco, and she said she had and that she was one of her favorite singers. I told her that I was a huge fan of Charic’s and I loved to listen to her sing. This tech support lady told the other people in the call center that she was talking to an American who was a huge fan of Charice’s and she told me that they were all very surprised to hear of an American who was a huge fan of Charice. This created an instant connection between us and calmed an otherwise somewhat tense situation, because we were not real happy with this Microsoft program that was being very difficult. Where I live in the US I don’t know any Filipino people, although I’m sure there are some around here. It is very cool that an awesome young singer can breakdown international boarders and connect people in ways they never expected.

    Thank you Charice, keep singing.


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  11. Lola F says:

    Looking for Manang Babes of Anaheim for Charice LA gig:
    Manang Babes, are you going to watch Charice at Universal Studios? I dont drive in LA and hoping I can pay gas and ride with you to Universal and watch charice. It will be fantastic.
    I didnt lose your email but cant remember. I owe u lunch.
    Lola F

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  12. AmazingCP says:
    Charice & Mum @ Ruffa & Ai-

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  13. EBjohns11 says:
    Only Charice did this to me. I spent money to buy magz/shirts/itunes like a teenager will do. She made me fly to Las Vegas just to watch her and im going to fly again to LA to watch her tour with DF. SHE’S SOMETHING. GOD, help me .

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  14. cyberman00005 says:
    charice you’re such a amazing singer and your truly a voice of the decade. im beginning to like her since little big star days and until now you’re still my idol. guys pls do check my youtube channel” cyberman00005

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  15. Elrem says:
    Need I tell again how Charice has deeply touched my life? I am a grandmother living in Toronto Canada for twenty years. When my husband died, half of me died with him. I was dragged into a situation of being father and mother to my two boys. Raising two boys with my half-self was not a rose garden. I must make the most of my half-self while dwelling on that incompleteness. Bobbing up and down keeping our heads afloat in the midst of the sea of adversities.

    Then the boys grew into full adults – but my half-self dragged on.

    Last spring, my chaddicted-sisters from the West Coast emailed me you tube videos of a 16-year old Filipina singer. I deleted any messages but my sister was relentless – “Ate” just listen. It was Charice entertaining the post-Oscar guests. She didn’t look too impressive when she walked into the stage.. I asked myself what can a disney-age kid do but sing disney-like songs in a disney-trendy way. But when this little girl opened her mouth, lo and behold! .. my jaw dropped, got goose bumped, and tears welled in my eyes. Oh my god, oh my god, who is this girl??? Her angelic voice soothed the inner me, and I started feeling complete.

    I googled about Charice, shocked to learn that she started years ago. Where was I.. rather, why was I ignoring her all these years?? Never had a singer affected me as much as Charice had, and continue to do.

    Yes again and again I say, Charice completed me. Charice is my daily companion, she is the healer of my lonely soul. Thank you Charice for singing to me! Thank you God for bringing Charice into my life! LABYO CHARICE!

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  16. leilaniandson says:
    Mee too. I have never been so addicted to an artist until I met Charice. Me and my son love Charice. She is a good person inside and outside.
    I am planning to buy the other Christmas Album for Special Olympics it is good because Ican play it every Christmas. I am on a tight budget that is why I can not buy all of her albums besides I am waiting for her International album too.

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  17. tony says:
    are you kidding me? ABSOLUTELY! i’ve never been so addicted to an artist until i stumbled of her performances (2 years ago) in Starking Korea via you tube singing ‘im not leaving without you…your gonna love me’. believe me, i fell in loved with this young talents wittiness and for the first time, i felt unexplainable goosebumps all over my body watching her performing back then and now. Charice talents in singing and acting is my daily dose of vitamin, my stress and pain reliever, cures my homesickness but most of all, she inspires me(and most of you w/out a doubt) with her humble beginnings. its been a great ride following her journey to stardom and i hope and pray, it never ends. CHARICE, HER MOM AND BROTHER CARL DESERVED all these blessings. CHARICE AND ARNEL …’DONT STOP BELIEVIN’…we Chasters are here for you!!!

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  18. Sandy says:
    Charice definitely touched my soul…. She is the cure of hommesickness hehe… Ming thank you very much… Also to all Chasters, mabuhay….

    fr Camel family

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  19. corabebot says:
    im a 55 yrs old grandma seeking inspiration from a 17 yrs old.when my husband saw me stressed out or tired from work he will tell me ok watch charice videos after i fell relaxed

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  20. kl_fan says:
    Yes totally can relate to that. I face loads of stress in my work life and will always resort to watching her awesome performances on youtube to chill and sort of find inspiration. A 30 yr old seeking inspiration from a 17 yr old? That happened to be a fact in my life. Never been a super fan of anything and still cannot comprehend why i became a super fan of Charice. But one thing i am sure of is that i feel blessed to have stumbled upon this super duper talented ‘little one’. God bless her and all the Chasters around the world :))

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  21. jn says:
    Jornz, this is nice write-up. I can relate on this…I discovered Charice on Ellen (about 2 years),,,Yep, i made it a point to listen and watch her videos before I go to bed, (after a long 12 hours shift or whenever I am stressed out.) Thanks for sharing…..

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