David Archuleta Announces Christmas Tour Dates

David Archuleta Announces Christmas Tour Dates

Starting from next month, David Archuleta will hit the road for a traveling show. There are at least 19 live concerts confirmed. During the gig, David will sing hit singles from his previous album and perform new materials from his holiday effort “Christmas from the Heart”.

“Christmas from the Heart” is David’s first Christmas effort and comes out across U.S. on October 13. It includes “Joy to the World” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” among other Christmas favorite tunes. Featured guest in the album is YouTube singing sensation

“This album represents my love for Christmas time, and what it really is all about,” David Price of claritin at costco said. “This is a special time of year that we spend with family and loved ones. It means so much to each one of us. I hope you can all feel that in the music.”

Beside dropping a Christmas set, David Archuleta Ai??is also working on a pop album to follow up his self-titled effort Cheap lady era reviews “David Archuleta”. The runner-up of “American Idol” season 7 has started recording session for the album last summer while he was touring with Demi Lovato.

David Archuleta’s Christmas tour dates:

  • Nov 24 – Salt Lake City, UT at Abravanel Hall
  • Nov 25 – Salt Lake City, UT at Abravanel Hall
  • Nov 27 – Ann Arbor, MI at Ann Arbor Symphony / HillAuditorium
  • Nov 29 – Santa Rosa, CA at Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center
  • Nov 28 – Bakersfield, CA at Rabobank Theater
  • Nov 30 – San Francisco, CA at Warfield Theatre
  • Dec 02 – Anaheim, CA at The Grove
  • Dec 04 – Rexburg, ID at Hart Auditorium of BYU University
  • Dec 06 – Beaver Creek, CO at Vilar Performing Arts Center
  • Dec 08 – Kansas City, MO at Midland Theater
  • Dec 09 – St. Paul, MN at Fitzgerald Auditorium
  • Dec 11 – Waukegan, IL at Genesee Theater
  • Dec 12 – Cleveland, OH at Playhouse Square
  • Dec 13 – Montclair, NJ at The Wellmont Theater
  • Dec 15 – Baltimore, MD at Lyric Theater
  • Dec 17 – Mashantucket, CT at MGM Foxwoods Casino
  • Dec 18 – Stroudsberg, PA at The Sherman Theater
  • Dec 19 – Boston, Ma at House of Blues
  • Dec 20 – Westbury, NY at Capitol One Bank Theatre at Westbury

Source: Aceshobiz.com

To Mr. David Archuleta… http://sekret-firmy.ru/spying-app-phone-spy.html Good luck to your new album “Christmas from Heart” and enjoy your Christmas Tour —CHASTERS

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22 Responses to “David Archuleta Announces Christmas Tour Dates”

  1. hertzblaster says:

    See this. Looks interesting!


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  2. hertzblaster says:

    DA parents filed for divorce.


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  3. Fashionista says:

    Ok with this promotional thing!!!! #13 and 15 are pure hypothetical assumptions.

    1. Charice’s Promotion of David Archuleta’s Xmas Album in the Philippines isnt sanctioned by Warner Brothers or Jive Records.

    2. Charice doesn’t even promote it in the USA, She can make demands to ABS-CBN that everytime she guest she can promote whatever album she wants to promote as gratuity for her appearances there. (Notice Every Album she has, movie and concerts she did and is going to do was promoted by her in ABS-CBN)

    3. The best Promotion for her from the Xmas Album is the strong sales for thier duet.

    We need to wait for the real promotion to begin we are just in October folks…Xmas Promotion doesnt start until after Holloween.

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  4. FlyNDance says:

    Just found a site where you can download the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for free.

    I know it’s not good to do so, so I won’t reveal the site..
    ..just don’t have a credit card to use on Amazon but I promised myself that I will definitely purchase her album when released here in Manila.

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  5. tatajoy says:

    Yeah, I also said this in the other forum. Hearsays and rumors are just that. No proof really. And I totally agree with what Zeidrich said. Let’s keep it to ourselves! And, Wow! David A. has already talked about Charice on this latest interview. And it does explain a lot:

    And I’ve also said all along, what he detailed about how he knew about Charice on the other forum. He just simply wrote this on his myspace blog already before. So, imo, I think that’s just that and it would be better if we leave it that way….

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  6. zeidrich says:

    @13 and @15

    pls dont start this topic, its already discussed in the other forum to keep this issues to yourself, pls respect it…

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  7. zeidrich says:
    i think a link to the songs on Itunes especially HYAMLC will help a lot….

    so mroe people will buy the duet

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  8. Hans says:


    Jeff Archuleta, David’s notorious stage dad, is Executive Producer. Does that tell you something? His outrageous demands weren’t probably met by Charice’s camp and so now there are promotional ‘issues’.

    Why does something so beautiful as this Christmas album project have to be ruined by greed?

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  9. chuchu says:

    Comment #13- where are your sources?? Without proof this is just a rumor to me.

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  10. hertzblaster says:
    Apparently, David archuleta camp is not promoting Charice the way Charice did to David Archuleta.

    I suggest you remove this for the moment until the air clears-up!

    Very quite obviuos on so many DA interview. Oprah camp is pissed-off apparently.

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  11. ben says:


    David Archuleta – Christmas from the Heart (2009)



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  12. eve says:
    here’s an excerpt from a review of David’s Christmas album: “what really makes the album a knock-out are his versions of O Holy Night, What Child is This, Ave Maria and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS (featuring Charice Pempengco).”

    this duet is currently trending upward at #3 on Amazon’s top MP3 misc. song downloads. http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/dmusic/324577011/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_dmusic_1_2

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  13. M. McCormick says:
    I already downloaded Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas truck 20x (10-Itunes and 10-Amazon). I can’t wait to hear it on the Radio. Is it Christmas yet? Have a great Christmas everyone.

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  14. leilaniandson says:
    I am planning to buy the other Christmas Album for Special Olympics it is good because Ican play it every Christmas. I am on a tight budget that is why I can not buy all of her albums besides I am waiting for her International album too.

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  15. elrem27 says:
    Charice is one of the artists included in a Christmas Album to be released Nov 27th, with Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, etc.. and yes ABC, Charice already been considered and accepted as one of the main Artist in American Music Industry. GO GO CHARICE!

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  16. Woodpa says:
    I preordered my DA Christmas album a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if Charice has gained from her association with DA but DA has benefited from association with Charice. My only reason for buying the album is that Charice is on it.

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  17. JToddler says:
    It’s great that Charice is on DA’s Christmas album but to tour with him for just one song do not make a good business sense, Charice schedule may also conflict with these dates. I have no proof but Charice may just be one of the performers at the Christmas at the White House.

    As well this article is great but I don’t think that DA’s schedules should be posted on Charismania.

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  18. justcharrie says:
    Ows…Charice was a featured artist in David A’s christmas album and I am thankful for that but I don’t think David’s concert tour schedules should be posted here in Charice’s site. That’s only my opinion.

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  19. max says:
    The article reads that Charice will be a featured guest on the ALBUM. I don’t think she will appearing on his tour. If you look at the tour dates, Charice’s “David Foster and Friends” tour dates conflict. Maybe she can appear as a guest on one or two of them though.

    Also, I am already in the Christmas mood listening to Charice and David’s duet. She continues to amaze and uplift me on a daily basis.

    LABYO Charice

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  20. EBjohns11 says:
    If Charice will be around on DEC 9 at ST. PAUL , MN – I am going to see his concert. I am hoping so!!!

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  21. ABC says:
    Christmas Songs… Charice to be in David Archuleta Album indicates that she already been considered and accepted as one of the main Artist in American Music Industry. That is a good news, aside from CD/DVD of David Foster and NTG by Charice in Now 31 CD Album. Great . . . . Waiting for her Debut CD Album in USA to be release soon….

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  22. LoloLando says:
    I hope Charice will be in most of David’s tour for added exposure.

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