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Charice Bridging The Gap

Charice Bridging The Gap

The following was written by krazyforyou as a comment on another article recently posted. We would like to share it with all the chasters for the wonderful sentiments expressed.

By age
By gender
By relations
By nationality
By race
By profession
By faith

As a teenager, as girl, as a daughter, as a Filipino, as an Asian, as an entertainer, as a singer, and as a firm and unashamed believer in God, our Charice is a bridge builder.


She is us. She is what we wanted to be. We live vicariously through her. Like her we want to bridge the gap. She is building many bridges. A bridge for Pacific-Asians and the rest of the world. One for the humble and the proud, the rich and the poor. One bridge for the lucky and the unlucky ones. One bridge for lovers and family. One bridge for friends and foes. One bridge for doubters and believers. Like many of us, we want to build bridges. We would like to be Charice-like.

If God chose Charice for anything is because of this – she is a bridge builder. She is filling the gap.

I thank God for being alive right now to witness such a marvelous and amazing little girl from the Philippines who has been continuing to inspire young and old alike, Filipinos and other colors or races to live lives of peace, hope and love. Smiles everyone. Smiles for Charice as well. Glory to God and God bless Charice.


Written by: krazyforyou

Posted by Eve

15 Responses to “Charice Bridging The Gap”

  1. josie854 says:

    god bless you always charice and take care and conquer the world with your talent.

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  2. mrsharbort says:
    You are absolutely right.

    And may I add to that, she is also a messenger of love, hope and inspiration.

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  3. idolming says:
    krazyforyou, I SALUTE YOU!!!

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  4. GRACE says:
    wow!see guys that wht i called GO GO GO!!! A LONG WAY HUH…NOT FOR LONG…we’ll see the SUPERSTAR CHARICE

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  5. Carla says:

    “Márcia show”

    Thank you Carla,,, for this link and the translations…. wow,, who really knows,, you might see Charice in Portugal,……. hehe,..


  6. Carla says:
    It’s gonna be 2 years since Charice went to Ellen but the magic is still there. Her clip was showned on a Brazillian talk show and the viewers spread on Charice’s youtube videos, these are a few comments left by them. (Ellen show)

    “gente nossa ela canta bem demais “OMG she sings too much
    super bem mesmo really really good
    merece esse sucesso todo viu she deserves all this success
    parabéns” congratulations”

    “Espetacular!!!!Não tenho palavras para expressar a minha surpresa e alegria ao assistir o poder de Deus sobre as pessoas!!!!!!Sensacional!!!”
    “Amazing!!!! I have no words to express my surprise e joy when I´m looking at God’s power over people!!!!!! Sensational!!!!” (Listen in TLUC)

    “Fiquei até sem folego….
    Que isso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Se ela não fosse cantora ela seria cantora!!!!”
    “I’m out of breath….
    what is this!!!!!!!!!!
    If she wasn’t a singer she would be a singer!!!!”

    “quando ela canta da ate vontade de chora de tao lindo !!”
    “When she sings it makes me wanna cry for being so beautiful!!”

    “Quem tem talento ja nace com ele ,incrivel esta menina.”
    “The one who has talent is born with it, incredible this girl.”

    In a response to a another comment:
    “Ai não é questão se tem ou não no Brasil ai é questão da beleza da Natureza Humana, maravilhoso só isso maravilhoso……..”
    “Look, it’s not a question if it exists in Brazil or not, it’s a question of beauty from the Human Nature, wonderfull that’s just it wonderfull……..”

    “Que menina é essa!!!???
    Que voz!!! Que coisa impressionante!!
    Divina…..só DEUS mesmo pra explicar!!”
    “Who is this girl!!!??? What a voice!!! Impressive!!
    Divine…… Only God can explain it!!” (I Have Nothing on ASAP)

    “Ela é uma DIVA.ela é IMPAR.MARAVILHOSA”
    “She’s a DIVA. She’s UNIQUE. WONDERFULL”

    ” Maravilha… Linda demais, tem q valorizar uma voz dessa”
    ” Wonderfull… Beautifull, have to apreciate a voice like this”

    “Cantar assim é um Dom lindoooo e ela é mto fofa!!!”
    “It’s a Gift singing like this and she is so cute!!!”

    ” maravilhosaaaaaaaa não tenho palavras p/ descrever o que essa garota passa com essa voz lindaaaaaaaaaaa é um talento nota milllllllllllllllllllll,,,,,,, ,,apesar d ser barasileiraaaaaaa tenho a dizer q infelizmente ñ vi ainda um talento igual…..”
    “wonderfulllllll I have no words to describe what this girl gives me with this beautifullllllll voice she’s a talent 5 starsssssssssssss,,,,,,,, although I’m a brazilliannnnnnn I must say unfortunatly that I’ve never seen such a talent…..”

    “Extraordinaria, me faltam palavras e mesmo que as tivesse não seriam suficientes,,,”
    “Extraordinaire, I have no words and even if I did it wouldn’t be enough,,,”

    I’m sure there’s alot more but I think this gives us an idea of Charice power from a single glance.

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  7. OMIE says:
    Menehune’s story about finding his own Filipino roots through Charice inspired me to write about another bridge that came about thanks to her.

    A few months ago I was approached on ChariceWorld by a Filipina Chaster who wanted to get in contact with long lost relatives in Norway. I live in Norway but my only connection to the Philippines is that I am a fan of Charice. To find the addresses was actually quite simple. This family bridge between the Philippines and Norway was quickly reestablished.

    There are no spiritual overtones in my story. It follows from the fact that Charice is known all over the world, and her fansites make it possible for Chasters to connect.

    If anyone else needs addresses of this kind in Sweden and Norway I will see what I can do. My contact address is omie2041 at yahoo dot no. Remove spaces and set in the appropriate symbols in place of “at” and “dot”.

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  8. pagchange says:
    short but too much meaning in life!! from inner self to universal meessage

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  9. sandy says:
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm… another LOLO (lolo Menehune) is chaddicted. nice one KFY… looking forward for more write ups from you. Charice is always amazing…

    fr camel family

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  10. rlf says:
    Short but strong description of ‘who Charice is’.

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  11. ArrVee says:
    i would like to add that she also bridges the gap by pairing up with other artists (not necessarily singers) to render one of her songs with her, like she has been doing lately. This expands the meanings of her songs across traditional musical boundaries, giving new meaning to music itself. And it takes someone like her to pull it off so effectively.

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  12. ArrVee says:
    thanks Eve for giving KrazyForYou’s comment more visibility by posting it as an article – it is truly something worthy to mull over and comment on.

    she is the common denominator in this forum, and by being so, is acting like a bridge across all who visit and frequent this site, from all over the world. When we make comments, we try to accommodate everyone, translating Tagalog words or Filipino concepts into something universal.

    even for Filipinos like myself who live outside the country, the videos and news about her make me more aware about the plight of my countrymen and the goings-on in the country.

    it is all too easy to say that I am proud to be Pinoy because of her, but the phenomenon that she is, is much larger and more profound than that. The messages of her life story are universal, and we all are proud of her, period. And that makes her a great bridge.

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  13. siane says:
    correct, the elders feel like teenager because of charice, hmmm i’m one of them. hahaha. i’m sure lots of ppl feel like what i feel..

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  14. Menehune says:
    Kudos to Krazyforyou,

    For me she is my bridge back to my unexplored roots. Both my Father(Ilocos Sur) and my Mother’s Father(Cuyo, Palawan) immigrated from the Philippines. They both never returned to PI. We lost all contact with our relatives.

    In the past year I have gained a Daughter-in-law from Cebu, gained a Grandson, and discovered Charice.

    Like other Chasters I spend hours lurking on this site and searching the internet for news about Charice. I am starting to understand a little Tagalog from her numerous PI videos. My Father only spoke English in our home.

    Like other Chasters I am now proud to say that I am part Pinoy. I used to say I was Part Hawaiian (Quarter). BTW I look like a Japanese and my wife is Japanese. I am always mistaken as a Japanese.

    Aloha and Labyo Chasters

    Lolo Menehune

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  15. Ham says:
    Charice will not only be building bridges to win hearts but also an ambassadress of goodwill to all people. Hurray for Cha!

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