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Charice: You Made Me Smile

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  1. kb117 says:

    Now this can be called Enlightenment….


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  2. anitako says:
    hi Kingkong-ur the King of all Apes Kingkong. u r a good storyteller,in detailed. when during ur depressed moments losing ur precious job,and went on beer craze,during ur hallucination moments ur hearing angel singing to u. the angelic voice on tv ur hearing sending u a message,that there is life after all. the voice transmitting messages to u by those goosebumps ur feeling that put u back into ur normal senses-the truth-not to destroy ur life but the voice sends more signals to u that put u back on track. how lovely is that. u gazed back on tv who is that angel thats singing to u, and found out the girl u dont even know of,named CHARICE! and u googled the name charice and there u found out her life story. and this becomes ur life too. good luck to u kingkong. see u on cm. many had been touched by her voice,myself too been depressed for awhile but now busy reading all articles about charice,her YT videos that allays my depression,shes awesome. dec.6,2010, good charice has lots of xmas gigs so we can see her more singing here in america,before she flies back to the phils for xmas.

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  3. Amspidey says:
    Kingkong your story made me cry. Most of us were really touched & inspired by Charice. Inspired by her god-given talent & by her life story. You also inspires me by telling your own story. Good to know that you’re ok. Have a good life & God Bless!

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  4. Cristine Hermosa says:
    I was looking at my comment posted yesterday and I simply noticed that my second paragraph’s first sentence seems to appear offensive to other readers though I did not mean it to. Thus I would like to correct it as follows:

    “I could observe that you are a very good writer as you are able to narrate your story very well and your style is very unique.”

    I must say that in Charicemania community, there are numerous contributors (be it from management, staff, regular visitors, and other participating Chasters) whose styles are so distinct. I simply cannot help myself but be amazed on how each one are able to deliver same message in different styles and create different effects which are all wonderful. I’m in the habbit of clicking the thumbs up button when I get fascinated by the style or touched by the content or stimulated by the thought.

    Thus my delight in visiting Charicemania will never cease same as my support to our beloved Charice as this community brings out the best in everybody. Thanks to Charicemania, thanks to contributors and more than ever, thanks to Charice.

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  5. Cristine Hermosa says:
    It is worth revisiting your article over and over because everytime I read your story (it may be over a dozen times now) I always get struck. While Charice made you smile, I have to admit that your story made me cry but strangely not just once. For yours is a classic that lingers to ones heart and mind….a story that needs to be retold one generation to another.

    I could observe that you are a very good writer as you are able to narrate your story very well … different from the rest. Your opening salvo makes an impression and development of the plot is simply so engaging. Your conclusion tells it all and that’s what for me made it a blockbuster.

    I’m glad that our angel Charice inspired you to write your story, share your thoughts and in the process inspire each and every one of us. With heartfelt gratitude, I salute. Cheers!

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  6. elsa from spain says:
    Viva Kingkong!

    Thanks for sharing it to us..i was moved and can identify with you being ALONE…as like you i am in my golden age but Charice give back my energy to see the goodness of life, being here in Charicemania site is part of routine and i felt we are all travelling with our Princess Charice and Angel of all Seasons, be it good or bad, Charice offers us her music that sooths our body spirit and soul.

    Chao to all global Chasters and my prayers is good health to Charice and all.

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  7. elsa from spain says:

    I was moved with your testimony of encountering our Princess and Angel of all Seasons Charice. I was delighted reading your story and had identify with your being alone as like you am in my golden age too and was thankful at this stage of our life we can enjoy to the max the soaring dream of Charice for with her is like travelling with an Angel…the Charicemania site had been part of my daily routine, to be updated of Charice latest gigs, it is a venue too to share and read opinions and comments of my Chaster friends but most of all to learn from all these sharings and experience and be a better person because Charice is our inspiration. God’s love moves in a mysterious way.

    Good health to all Chasters globally and to i say VIVA KINGKONG!

  8. ArrVee says:
    MyMy@45 – I gave you a thumbs-up for your comment, but that does not do it justice, because of the great substance of your comment – that she is the epitome of true inner beauty is what sticks to my mind.

    I would like to offer an alternative view, if I may: I believe that God started with a beautiful soul, blessed her with her other-worldly gift, gave her irresistible charm, a solid and resilient character that can deal with adversity, then gave her physical attributes that are not what most people consider attractive.

    He then let her out into the world and let her go through great adversity early on in her life, to test the resilient character He bestowed on her. He let her compete with people considered more physically attractive than her, and deal with detractors to see if her God-given gifts will shine through all those man-made standards.

    He let her lose the Little Big Star contest so her great gifts and the messages of her life example can reach a bigger audience – to paraphrase the Star King judge in Korea, she makes the Philippine stage look too small.

    Of course He gave her free will as well, like each of us. And her success is also due to the choices she made, to stick it through thick or thin, to give it her all, and to remain the humble and respectful person that she is.

    her life example is full of profound messages, broadcast to all who would care to listen. For me, it makes me think hard on how much I am putting to good use my own gifts (everyone has her/his own set). As well, she has reminded me to not judge anyone based on physical appearance, station in life, or even cultural background, and to try to discover the inner beauty in everyone.

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  9. MyMy says:
    I’ve posted these thoughts on my Facebook page and was encouraged by a fellow Charice fan to share it here. The thing that blows me away the most about Charice Pempengco is the fact that this young lady has remained genuinely humble despite the fame and good fortune that she is now enjoying. She is, for me, the epitome of true inner beauty. Much to the disbelief and dismay of her earlier fans, she didn’t make it big in the Philippines as one would’ve hoped and expected, perhaps because of whatever physical attributes or aesthetic qualities most people thought she was lacking in, but God knew her very well from the inside and saw nothing lacking, and so she was blessed for her patience, perseverance and humility. And just as God guaranteed, “those who humble themselves shall be lifted up”, we now have seen for ourselves that God is always true to His word. Charice is where she is right now, not because of the approval of men, but because God said “it is time”.

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  10. mrsharbort says:
    Why are you people making me cry? After watching Charice’s video and now this? Please stop, I am drained now. LOL

    Kidding aside, you just have all the elements of a good writer. You were able to invoke all the necessary emotions.

    Thank you for your testament. It is just amazing how an innocent girl could inspire a lot of people.

    God really moves in mysterious ways.

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  11. Robert says:
    That was a moving story. Charice is truly an inspiration. I for one has been inspired by her, moved by her and she makes me smile.

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  12. vanvan says:
    kingkong, thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story. i too find inspiration in watching charice’s way of passionate and powerful singing whenever i am feeling down and out. God bless!

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  13. Daniel says:
    Kingkong- You captured every chasters’ hearts with your true to life story. I have been in Washington State and the weather is always gloomy. I am glad Charice gave you the strength to move on with your life and smile again. If you have the chance to see Charice in person, you should because her live performance is amazing. Don’t forget to mingle with fellow chasters who are all wonderful in person and spirit. If you have a chance to hug Charice,
    this could be one of the most memorable moment in your life.

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  14. hermiemel says:
    Thank you Kingkong for this rising from the ashes story.

    Good & bad things happens in my life. Lately though, I am adrift in mostly bad things.

    Just like you, in her I found the motivation to do good. Now I have the courage to stir my wheels to a fresh & new beginning.

    Thanks to Charice. She is the epitome of good things happening to good people. At the early age of 17, she lives a life so far of rising from poverty, adversity & chaos. She is truly an inspiration to do good.

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  15. Lalapot says:
    What a wonderful story kingkong. I’m glad you’re up and running again. Thanks to Charice!

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  16. Tintol says:
    Charice inspires us all. Touching Story.

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  17. elrem27 says:
    kingkong, elrem was like you (minus the alcohol), living alone and had not known a partner for decades. when my husband died, half of me died with him and had been half-empty for so long.

    early spring, my sister in vegas emailed me a youtube of charice singing listen at the oscars party — and my jaw dropped, felt goosebumped, and tears came out of my eyes. that was the first time ever that a singer had moved me that much, and whoa! from the vocal chords of that petite 16-year old!

    i started googling charice, and like you was surprised to see her all over. for so many months i have been ignoring this teenager thinking she was just another disney kid with so-so singing talent.

    i found this charicemania fansite and from then on charice has become my companion. i chat on charice websites almost everyday and made friends through chatrooms. charice filled my half-empty life!

    CHARICE indeed is a GIFT FROM GOD.

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  18. ArrVee says:
    kingkong98270, thanks for sharing your story. I’m amazed that you kept this bottled up for so long, since it is very much worth sharing, since we very much have more or less the same experience.

    i say this because i discovered her exactly the way you did (minus the beer), that is, at the David Foster event shown at PBS. I was amazed by her vocal power, googled her, and was surprised like you were how I could have missed a talent like her, judging from all the news she had made up to that point.

    i similarly share with you and others the inspiration I get from her, not only from her songs, but mostly from her life story, and this helps me get through my most challenging of days.

    even your article title speaks to me. I just arrived on a short visit to the Phils, and after a long tiring flight, I heard for the very first time ever in public, through the plane’s sound system as we were disembarking, a song I’m used to hearing privately, all by myself – A Note to God, by none other than Charice. And like your title says, this made me smile and pumped some much-needed energy into me.

    thanks again for your article – you speak from the heart

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  19. Mawige says:
    Hey KingKong, a very touching story. Seems everything about Charice either inspires or brings to tears, in a good way. I got misty eyed reading your account just from the contemplation that Charice is able to have that effect on you and others, without any concious attention on her part. Praise the Universal Forces for an incarnaton such as the one we call Charice. :<)

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  20. nequi says:
    Hi kingkong! It felt like i was reading my own story only that i didn’t have alcohol to drown everything for even that i couldn’t afford. Neither had the gun to threat my life but only a pack of blade. I’ve been through it all it seems. I haven’t found a job yet and my business isn’t doing as well as i hoped. I’m as glad as u are to have discovered Charice. Her failures and her successes are a source of inspiration. Everyday i sought her for encouragement. Young as she is, she inspires me. I’m not ashamed to admit that me an adult (more than 2 decades older than her) is taught a tough lesson by a very young person like Charice. Like her, I could dream and dream again.

    thanks for sharing ur story. It makes me glad to read about someone going through the same thing i did (though i’m still trying to recover) and found a way to live again.

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  21. arz_bayani says:

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  22. temeculaCA says:
    An absolutely uplifting and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

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  23. EBjohns11 says:
    Very inspiring story Kingkong. Tnx for sharing. you need to see our wonderful Chasters on Vancouver.
    Im glad u didnt pull ur trigger or you wouldnt see Charice at all.

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