Charice Performs at “Skate for the Heart”

Charice Performs at “Skate for the Heart”

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  1. lovelyrcf says:
    thanks for the lyrics! i’ve been trying to find this since the videos came out :)

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  2. Hans says:

    How will I know…

    A sacred place…

    1st) If I bring my heart, my soul, my all
    In this song

    2nd) If I put my heart, etc

    3rd) If I give my heart, etc

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  3. shalimar ryonen says:
    I wish that CHARICE will sing “AT LAST” by Etta James again. I heard her sing that live… and it was like a bliss. She transported me into a place and time where I have never been yet. And it was like ELLYSIUM or nirvana.


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  4. kalag26 says:
    “Breathe Out”
    written by: Mr. Fantastic

    Ho whoa ho ho, whoa
    we were driving along
    but it felt like I was alone
    cuz you and I weren’t right
    you can cut me out with a knife

    we had to pull off [of] the road
    cuz I felt like something was wrong

    so we put a traffic sign in the middle of nowhere
    then fight in the night

    Breathe in breathe out
    gonna get a grip
    we’re done, no doubt
    was it worth the trip?
    breathe in breathe out
    I’m trying…
    ain’t gonna let you suffocate me
    no matter how long it takes
    gotta breathe you out, out, out – out, out, out.

    So we finally got home,
    a long day, I was tired from the road
    It’s gonna be a long night,
    as I toss and turn to hold you tight

    You’ve got women all wrong
    even though that it’s time to move on
    took a while to realize, so we’re goin’ no where fight after fight

    Breathe in breathe out
    gonna get a grip
    we’re done, no doubt
    was it worth the trip?
    breathe in breathe out
    I’m trying…
    ain’t gonna let you suffocate me
    no matter how long it takes

    runnin and changin,holdin and waitin
    for love to come back with so many fadin
    how we wasted too many risks in this relationship

    lookin for ways to get over the pain
    remember to breathe again and again

    gonna be strong

    breathe in breathe out
    we’re done, no doubt
    was it worth the trip?
    breathe in breathe out
    I’m trying…
    ain’t gonna let you suffocate me
    no matter how long it takes

    I gotta breathe you out
    gonna get a grip
    we’re done, no doubt
    was it worth the trip?
    breathe in breathe out
    I’m trying…
    ain’t gonna let you suffocate me
    no matter how long it takes

    I gotta breathe you out out (ooh) out
    (gotta breathe) out out out

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  5. Le says:
    To Amymeng

    Thank you so much for the lyrics of the song. Love it. Charice just did an AMAZING job on this song.

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  6. Portia says:
    Amymeng2, thank you so much for the lyrics of “In This Song” . Now I can sing along with Charice while watching her, I love the melody and the message of the song. Yes indeed Charice keep giving us her heart, her soul, her very own in all her songs.

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  7. kabarapa says:
    thanks so much for the lyrics! Have a nice weekend!

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  8. amymeng2 says:

    I may not know where I’m going now
    This broken road is trying to tear me down
    But deep inside I found
    A secret place
    That I never knew
    Where I feel safe when the road is untrue
    Here’s what I learned to do

    Just sing this song
    And it takes me right back where I belong
    And everyday there’s a new bridge to cross
    But I’m never far from home
    It brought me my heart, my soul, my own
    In this song

    I don’t depend on friends
    ’cause they come and go
    My belief in myself
    Its gonna carry me through
    That’s why Im’ learning

    I’m learning now
    I’m learning to sing
    Just sing this song
    And it takes me right back
    Where I belong
    And everyday there’s a new bridge to cross
    But I’m never far from home
    It brought me my heart, my soul, my own

    I may not have all the words
    That I need to say
    And though I won’t always be strong
    But I’m never afraid
    ’cause I hold my destiny
    It depends on me alone, alone

    So just sing this song
    And it takes me right back
    Where I belong
    And everyday there’s a new bridge to cross
    But I’m never far from home
    It brought me my heart, my soul, my own

    I keep giving my heart, my soul, my own
    In this song
    In this song
    In this song

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  9. kabarapa says:

    love you charice, love you all chasters! can anyone post the lyrics of In This Song? Thanks

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  10. Abttertomorrow4 says:

    Charice-The Chosen One-Amazing,Emotional,and Powerful Voice- Asian Pride

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  11. begoodenblues says:
    muskrat @ 99

    Yes let’s all do it. I’ve been forwarding links to videos of Charice to friends and relatives in France as well as in the Caribbean for the past 1 1/2 year. I also got them downloads to her “Note to God” single since they could not buy it from most European countries as well as most of the world (which I think was a big marketing mistake). I plan on buying them + some other friends DVDs of “David Foster & Friends” as Christmas presents. And I definitely intend to purchase many of her upcoming album which I can’t wait for… And as you say “muskrat” @ 99 and “ArrVee” @ 100 this is the best way to expand her worldwide exposure. Not only she still needs all the help we can give her but she also really deserves it, for this is the best way we can thank her for sharing her talent with us.

    Now let me share a little anecdote:

    My parents are 75 years old they’re both french and don’t speak nor understand a word of English or Tagalog, well, I made them listen to some of Charice’s covers and songs, and even though they couldn’t understand the lyrics, my mom was (overwhelmed with emotions by Charice’s voice) crying like a squeezed sponge and my dad (having a hard time himself holding back his tears for the same reason as my mom) was glued to my PC screen as if he had been put under a spell. And they were so happy about it. Now they keep asking me about her music, I guess she’s their new idol.

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  12. Becky says:
    The more I listen to In This Song, Breathe Out and Note to God, the more I love them. These songs really grow on you. Now, I am beginning to hum these songs all day. I hope the others songs that will be included in her album will be as good or better. I could foresee that her album is not just going to be a good one but a GREAT ONE like what David Foster planned it to be. Soar higher, Charice!!!

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  13. Amsterdam says:
    I hope Charice can sing “In this song ” to the movie Chipmunks so that she can promote it as well instead of “No one ” by Alicia Keys. Paging the Movie Director and writer Hehe can you please revise the script?

    I guess Charice will be one of the famous singer in the world in just a short period of time like her idols Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

    Charice can sing any kind of songs and one of my favorite is her version of ” AT LAST ” simple but with goosebumps.

    Greetings from Amsterdam

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  14. gallentknights says:
    Wow, I really LOVE In This Song and Breathe Out.

    I liked In This Song the first time I heard it, but now I really LOVE it!

    Breathe Out has a really cool sound to it, awesome! Hope she sings these songs in San Jose at DF&F!

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  15. Artg says:
    IN THIS SONG I have BREATH IN BREATH OUT to enjoy and go to the motions in LISTEN(ing) to Charice. AT SEVENTEEN (by Janis Ian)Charice seems or is a seasoned performer. Hope and pray she stays grounded.

    From the beginning I thought Charice was just a wannabe, a passing fancy or a “ningas kogon”that will fade right away. I guess I was wrong. The faithfuls (i.e Arrvee, DrTp, lololando or max etc) has been fanning the flame to keep Charice into where she is today. I’ve watch, listened to most of her performances and all I can say is “WOW” what a voice and personality. Just like clock work I have to go to website to find out the latest and greatest on Charice. She “makes my day” just to read snippets of the faithful followers and great writers articulating their deep admiration of Charice. As David Foster said Charice is one of the few that possess this kind of talent and I am glad she’s our kababayan.

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  16. Bryant says:
    I have to disagree to something said in post #99. As a longtime Journey fan who had the priviledge to see four different tours with the incomparable Steve Perry, I could not wait for their album release and tour with Arnel. In fact, I bought mine at 7:30 a.m. on my way to work the day it was released; and the first CD I listened to was the originals, not the remakes. Watching him on youtube prior to the album release proved one thing to me, Journey’s back. Even though Arnel could not “replace” Steve, he is a phenominally talented singer that I believe almost all true Journey fans are overjoyed to have fronting their favorite band. Journey’s shows have and continue to sell out all over the world with Arnel, and the vast majority of those audiences are not Phillipino. And, with the high price of concert tickets these days, he must bring something special for all Journey fans or these sellouts would not occur. I think we can all agree that there are only two people who can truely sing Journey songs now that Steve is completely out of the scene, and that’s Arnel and CHARICE.

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  17. CBToronto says:

    There’s a link provided by Noellen on post #117 showing Michelle Kwan and another lady shaking hands with Charice. Michelle had picture taken together with Charice and Jordin. In my opinion, Michelle and that other lady became fan after hearing Charice sing….hehehehe

    I can’t wait to see you perform live at MSG, NY and for your debut album.

    Amazing job Charice and God bless you always!!!!

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  18. mrsharbort says:
    Pardon me, but I felt my previous post was an understatement. I feel the need to add one more word for She Who Sings Like an Angel, just this one word and I would be content:


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  19. mrsharbort says:
    All what I have in mind, have already been said in each of every post. My heart cannot contain my happiness, pride and love for the one I fondly call

    “S h e W h o S i n g s L i k e a n A n g e l”

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  20. JonRes20 says:
    Prime @126

    Yes you’re correct. This is why Google (owner of Youtube) recognize the big opportunity Youtube has in terms of advertising. Actually they are not earning anything from the free videos here. And so, they are now in talks with major studios (Fox, Warner, etc) where movies could now be seen thru Youtube for a fee of course. This is now the biggest threat of video stores. This is probably one of the considerations why Blockbuster Video is slashing down its number of branches since this will surely slow down video rentals (aside from its already weak sales due to crisis). And I would not be surprised if in the future Google will also charge for a fee every music video of any singers seen here in youtube. If Charice did not get any monetary benefit from Youtube by being a Youtube sensation just think of the amount Charice could possibly get if we sum up all the views she has here and assume that say only 20- 30% will download it for a fee. :) Nevertheless with or without that benefit Charice has already enough to thank Youtube for. It was here where she was discovered in the first place. :)

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  21. aaron says:
    114 Chiboy
    Michelle Kwan and Peggy Fleming was also shock with Cha’s beautiful voice…

    how did you know? where did you see? is there any video that michelle and peggy were shock with cha’s voice? im just happy to see that also. can you send me the link?

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  22. ArrVee says:
    “One reason why I was so enamored to this girl was that her childhood pains were once experienced by me, being a post-war child. Her fights to overcome hardship are part of the roads I traveled through life and at times on barefoot. There is a glaring connectivity between our lives: I love to sing close-door, while she enjoys singing with the audience. Both love to sing though.”

    This sounds like material for an article. I for one would love to hear your story. I’m sure it will serve as inspiration for us all.

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  23. Jake says:
    Comment to #120 & #122:
    Truly, attempting a grand song like Note To God without a full orchestra & back-up singers would be suicide for a lesser singer. However, Charice proved that she’s more than the average singer. To me this is the best rendition of the song to-date. It is evidence for all that she doesn’t need any props to help her carry a song. I’m sure this isn’t the best that we have heard of the song yet – she’s gonna improve on it even more as she has done in many of her covers.

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  24. prime says:
    Burgerray #121

    There was as study that actually found that those music that sell well and get’s into billboard top list are the one that are popular with downloads/youtube/MSN, etc.

    This is the new vehicle for advertising, it’s just that the music industry does not see the benefit. Are afraid of it, because they cannot control and make a spin out of it.

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  25. ArrVee says:
    - isn’t it all the more impressive that Charice, all by herself, is producing this powerful and moving soundtrack that fills the entire arena?

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  26. JonRes20 says:
    I have no words to describe this. I don’t usually get emotional with any song ever since but when I heard Charice sing “In This Song” I don’t know what struck me but I just found it hard to breath. hehe. I wanna cry but I can’t, I dunno. I can’t describe it. “In This Song” is not just a song it’s a story of Charice’s life! It described what she has gone through and what she will be going through. DF thank you very much – you’re really a music genius. Charice keep soaring high. I know this song will be your signature song for years to come. Amazing!

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  27. osuna says:

    # 121 I am confused, you can not watch an album on YOUTUBE,
    its not a DVD, peace…I think ?

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  28. muskrat says:
    Answer to #120: That is quite simple, you can’t have a full effect of her song Note To God if there are no back up singers or a full orchestra, that is why of all her performances of this song, only her Oprah & Italy performances passed with flying colors. The other 2 songs were new, they were never played before, the musical accompaniment had David Foster’s touch all over it, so it was probably arranged and tape recorded by DF way before the show, that’s how DF protect this girl, he will not settle for less when if comes to Charice’s special performance.

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  29. Burgerray says:
    Will the proliferation of videos on Youtube hurt the sales of Charice’s upcoming album release? This is the question.

    1. With dozens of videos uploaded to Youtube following the release of the Album. How Many Flips will come out to buy the ablum. How many of them will just watch on Youtube and will not buy the album.
    I bet you 70-80% will not buy and will just be contented with whatever is on youtube. I know that the economy is weak and a lot of people are out of work. But this is the one thing that will catapult the filipino people into finally be recognized as an economic power in the States. Charice and other pinoy singers will get respect by the American music industry if the sales are great.

    2. Here are my suggestions subject to discussion:

    a. We have to wait a week before anyone can post any video. I think Warner’s will be monitoring the youtube website and will actively close any channel that will show the videos.
    b. We have to create a really big BUZZ. Organized a camp out on the night prior to the release at a local Best Buy. We could specifically go to the Best Buy that are closest to the TV studios. We also have to call BB to say that 2000+ people will buy the record on that day so they could stock up.
    c. Conduct a texting campaign, save the e-mail that was forwarded to you with dozens of e-mail addresses. So all you have to do is fwd to all the information that Charice’s album is out and to go the whichever Best Buy location that we have targeted.
    d. Call all the TV and radio station. Maybe organize a radio
    program at all Targeted locations.
    e. Invite Charice to come and do the autographs. (How do we make this happen!)
    f. Bring laptops so they can download songs direct to their IPODS. I’m sure best buy would have wireless capability.
    g. ABS-CBN to do a 15 day countdown with Balitang America.

    I can do the brand new Best Buy that is in the West Covina Mall. It is not close to any TV station but is in the heart of filipino town.

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