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Charice Wows Them at the Big E

Charice Wows Them at the Big E

Charice performed at the Big E Fair on September 18th as she wowed the crowd with her first major solo concert in the United States.Ai?? As more videos and information come in, Charicemania will update this article.Ai?? Check back often for updates.

The Intro / And I am Telling You / No One

Video uploaded by LantaoIsland


Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


The Climb

Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


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Video uploaded by: LantaoIslands

Billie Jean

Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


Video uploaded by LantaoIslands



Video uploaded by LantaoIsland


The Power of Love

Video uploaded by LantaoIslands



Video uploaded by LantaoIslands



Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


Para Sa’yo Ang Laban Na To (This Fight Is For You) by Manny Pacquiao, acapella

Video uploaded by LantaoIslands


full stage shot & short Halo clip
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Video uploaded by silliaek


Video uploaded by:Ai?? patsrick2

Thank you to uploaders, and many, many thanks to LantaoIslands for his herculean effort in capturing all of the songs, and then uploading late in the night for all of our instant viewing pleasure. They are awesome and you have our gratitude. Please stop by his channel to thank him.



113 Responses to “Charice Wows Them at the Big E”

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  2. WebScribes says:

    My personal favorite Charice concert because its 100% Charice!
    Even with a terrible band, 17yo Charice was magical – MAGICAL!!
    14 songs without a break, no dancers, fancy costumes, light show, or gimmicks, just pure charm & talent!

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  3. victoria says:
    Hello fellow Charice fans,

    I agree with all those who said “let us stop the comparison comments” and stick to your comments on Charice. Variety is the spice of life – would you only have one singer to listen to? Of course not! I like all the singers that Charice admire and I want Charice to be Charice and Whitney to be Whitney and Miley to be Miley, etc. If they all sound and sing the same the world would be boring, am I right?

    It is very irritating to read put downs and comparisons – think before you post words because whatever goes in the internet may come to haunt you. Stop writing hurtful and stupid comments, okey? Let’s spread peace and love instead. I am inspired by Charice and I love her and if you love Charice, you do as she does. She gives her best in each performance and continues to improve herself and her craft. I do not think she ever thinks herself to be above others. She knows she has gifts and she uses it to help heal the world,and spread joy! not to show that she is better than anybody else. She said in her Nov 8th concert at GM Place Vancouver that “I learn a lot from you guys” mentioning Deborah Cox and her fellow singers who were with her on the tour! Now, that’s humility! So chill out folks and let us just enjoy her music -okey?
    The rule is “If you have nothing good to say , don’t say it”. Oh, one more thing, do not criticize any person on their looks, or height or color because they had no choice in it. We were all born in this world and we did not choose our genetics,okey? The only control we have is in the development of our own character. If you were endowed with special gifts, it is your responsibility to nurture and improve on it. There are very few people in this planet like Charice and all your favorite artists who are endowed with special gifts so that those of us can enjoy them.:)


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  4. kingkong98270 says:

    This is Charice in her element. Is there any doubt that she is a great entertainer? She has the crowd just loving her. They are wrapped around her little finger! She is not only a magnificant singer and dancer, but she knows how to relate to her audience. I hate an artist who does not talk to the crowd. She is so funny!!! I can’t wait to see her in Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. angel says:

    versatile singer, she can sing any song and make it her own, love herrrr!

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  6. swanyswim says:
    Lucky you people who were there. Just wondering if you did sleep that night. LOL

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  7. Susan says:
    It seems everytime Charice does a cover it’s like she’s saying ” Hey guys check it out! THIS IS HOW TO SING THIS SONG BETTER”. Ha Ha
    She is truly AMAZING!

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  8. shalimar ryonen says:
    CHARICE has to make MUSIC VIDEOS… that is a sure way to reach more fans. I’m sure her singles and albums will be CHART TOPPERS.

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  9. pecasino says:
    Amazing performance once again Charice …

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  10. osuna says:
    jimfan155 #102

    if you watched carefully, the double beat tempo on the piano and
    continous tempo on the song and the timing with the other band members…she is genius…don”t you think ?
    like david foster said, she can preserve any last minute changes on a song, “just one time “…I am not sure when or where he said that on an interview of DF ?

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  11. vanvan says:
    OMG! i couldn’t stop watching over and over again. thanks so much for the uploaders. i appreciate so much your efforts. that gave us a chance to enjoy the performance of charice anywhere in the world.
    truly amazing!

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    I am absolutely hooked on Charice rendition of “The Climb”. Just thinking I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and Charice not only sings perfectly but has to divide her thought process to play the piano before thousands of people for the first time. I understand it may not be the most difficult piece to play, but still, she does it well.

    I notice that when she says she doesn’t really do some things normally she has the confidence to try it sink or swim and it always comes out perfectly. Just a true, true talent that I admire and will never doubt that she can’t do anything she puts her mind to. Can’t wait to see what you conquer next.

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  13. Joy Co says:
    palcon10 #99

    It was very nice reading your comment. I’ve been waiting to hear feedbacks about what the audience think about Charice. I am not disappointed at all, in fact I got more than what I’ve expected. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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  14. CBToronto says:
    palcon10@99. Thank you for sharing your experiences at Big E. I enjoyed reading your post and it is really nice knowing that Charice is winning more and more fans of non-filipino origin.

    Your trip to Big E was really worth it!!!

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  15. palcon10 says:
    I took a day off and drove from NY with my teenage son just to see Charice at the Big E for the first time and to support her first solo concert. The experience was magic! Charice was entertaining, used humor, and was simply adorable and natural and the pipes through all 11 songs, wow!!!

    I expected to see many Filipinos but to my surprise, they only comprised probably around fourth of the crowd. Thanks for the support of her non Filipino fans.The arena was not filled to capacity but it was a good turnout for someone who has not even released an album yet.The couple beside me drove from Connecticut and was telling me how Charice captivated them after watching her in Oprah and the couple beside my son watched Charice everyday whenever the DF & Friends concert was shown in PBS. One pretty Afro American lady behind me said that Charice is so amazing and that she will be world #1.

    I frequent Charicemania but this is my first time to send a comment. There are just too many comments out there from fellow kababayans that use foul language, too critical on looks, English, mannerisms, hand gestures, etc., too negative, too all knowing supposed to be of what is best for Charice. Mga kababayan, cool lang. We have a common denominator so let us all be ONE. Now is the time to show our support for Charice. If you are fans of other Fipino artists so be it, but please stop degrading her, instead join us in bringing her to the world. She is one of our very own and her success is our success. Remember “PEOPLE POWER” pre Cory days? Let us apply the same concept and do it again. Let’s give Charice and ourselves the CHANCE. It is being given so take it and let’s just enjoy Charice music, shall we?

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  16. Braile says:
    When I read Fil-Canadian’s comment re antagonizing other fans, I intended to copy it and repost it on other Charice fansites and Youtube video sites (with FC’s permission of course). It’s just so spot on. I’ve noticed so many posts that are so “provocative” and “combative” it would surely put off many new Charice admirers and would-be fans. As Linda Wilkinson, jiman155, cybill, and Marcy McCormick pointed out in their posts, we should discourage this unhealthy “comparison” of lifting up Charice at the expense of other artists. It would just boomerang on our dear Charice, contrary to what we wish to accomplish. I’m glad that despite the common admiration for Charice that holds us together, we have shunned blind fanaticism and remained constructive in our criticism even of our own.

    However, instead of reposting good comments, may I suggest that Charicemania (hopefully other fansites too) put up an advisory to this effect? So that everyone, especially the overzealous ;-) may be appropriately advised and cautioned. This is more like a campaign… for the sake of Charice. We want to raise more admirers for Charice, not enemies right? What do you think?

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  17. Jake says:
    Wow! Amazing! She gets better and better everyday. I wonder if anyone has noticed that her diction has become much clearer? She is also more free in her interpretation, more varied compared to her earlier renditions of similar songs.

    Something that really makes me admire and appreciate Charice even beyond her God-given talents is that diligent spirit; not taking things for granted & doing her very best to prove herself worthy of the talents given her.

    I can’t wait to see how she flourishes in the coming months & years. It would be definitely more than we can ever imagine or comprehend.

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  18. kababayan01 says:
    I love the way Charice sing Somewhere over the Rainbow. I hope she sings more classic songs. It will be great for us the oldies to listen and relax…

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  19. ericangela05 says:
    What a ‘LISTEN’! that was amazing, spectacular, fantastic, incredible, superb, what other words you can say to express your reaction to this kind of voice from a beautiful Philippine born young lady. Although her album does’nt released yet but brace yourself everybody thats gonna be a BIG HIT in town!

    She is a kind of performer that has a ‘MAGIC’ in every beat of the songs she sing. I believe that Mr. Foster will put this girl on top with a ‘BEST ALBUM’ in her generation. Filipinos around the world! let’s give our support in her upcoming international album to be the No.1 not only in america but through out the globe.

    Yes! there are so many great artist/singers/performers in this generation but the ‘MAGIC’ of charice will get trough on top and no.1! She will be an ICON of music because of her beautiful personality in and out the stage.

    Hope to see her perfrom in LONDON.maybe a guest in X-FACTOR! that’ll be great.


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  20. jn says:
    OMG,it has been already 5 days that I’ve been listening to the chain of songs Charice sang in Big E and Skate for the Heart…….My son is already annoyed because I always have the audio on full blast…..Anyways, can’t help it… is my relaxation time
    Go, go Cha

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  21. Rom Remus says:
    Chasters on site, thank you for the uploads and narratives about the event. You made the rest of us share a very entertaining and proud moment.

    From reading all 92 responses, I get the pulse of the fans and can only describe it as both exuberant and cautious. They are not mutually exclusive as I find them both in me. The former leads to unbridled celebration of a talent that gets better every time. The latter seeks not to alienate anyone and to emulate what Charice is: a unifying force of nature.

    Charice appreciates all artists for they all make life more worth living, including her own. Their songs nurtured her. Their dances piqued her imagination. The pain she went through was once salved by their ballads. In the darkness of her night, a singer suggested it could be a holy night, a night divine.

    She can celebrate the talents of other artists no better than by singing their songs. Imitation is the highest form of praise when done in a very beautiful way. As Charice pays tribute to other talents because they come from the same Giver of Gifts, let us be a source of unity for all other fans because that is the will of the Giver of Gifts.

    ArrVee, please resist the pun.

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  22. odie052 says:
    Lorz @91. I totally agree with your observation. The conductor seems to be enjoying watching Charice than minding his job. After each of the song, he was all smile and applauding in synchronize to the audience. His attention of concentration is on Charice not on the band and I can’t blame this poor guy if ever he would be reprimanded and be fired. Anyways, he is all welcome joining another band no other than the BAND OF CHADDICTS. HEHE

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  23. lorz says:
    I love you charice!!!the conductor is always looking at charice, and always forgot he is the conductor!!hehehe.maybe he is thinking,he is better to be on the audience so that he could concenrate listening to charice.

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