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Why Am I Proud to be a Chaster?

Why Am I Proud to be a Chaster?


26 Responses to “Why Am I Proud to be a Chaster?”

  1. TINTOL says:

    hmmmm theodore… cameraman… hahahaha.. no comment… hahahaha chaster ikaw ay chaster, ipakita sa mundo… LOL i wonder who suggested the song for that video? LOL

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  2. ThEoDoRe says:

    im the cameraman hahahah, i know all CHASTERS there in the vid personally hahahaha LOL…. great job TINTheOL :)

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  3. max says:


    Those were very gracious comments you made in comment #22.

    But I want to toot your horn here. For everyone’s appreciation, Tintol and some other dedicated Chasters really did a lot for Uno in his last days. Her group defied foul weather and horrid traffic to be with him. They would bring him Charice’s videos to listen to, talk to him, and just be there for him.

    I didn’t know AncianoUno personally, but I knew he was a special Chaster even before all of the tributes he ultimately received. Tintol wrote the “Not An Ordinary Chaster: Anciano Uno” article at my request, and because Tintol wanted all Chasters to know him. At my urging, she wrote this article also.

    Bless your heart dear lady. We appreciate you very much.

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  4. ebjohns11 says:

    Dang, how could I miss this?? With my busy days, i prolly overlooked this and not read it. The video is funny and hilarious. I am laughing so Hard here LOL. Thanks you guys for sharing. That was a good idea for Uno to give it to Charice as a gift! This is priceless!! and you guys had fun! Chasters are always FUN anyway!
    Proud to be Chaster!

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  5. TINTOL says:
    Lolo Lando and Max

    I think the ilonggo Chasters just want to have a low profile. They want the viewers to focus on the message of the video and not on the performers. Dont want any chaparazzis around them… LOL. Besides, its already a BIG step for them to actually show this to the public since this was supposed to be a private video actually. And the room was dark bcoz the gathering was held inside a karaoke room which is a dark room. I think Charice already saw this video. I got some chasters to DM her the link of this video and this is what she tweeted after (I hope she was referring to this video):

    That is a POWERFUL video.. :) thanks for sharing chasters.. i love you all..
    1:31 PM Sep 13th from web

    This is what MommyRaqz tweeted after:
    @ejadroba ok lng, npanood ko yung vid n gling ky uno , kakaiyak. Umiyak nga kme ni ming
    4:24 PM Sep 13th from Echofon in reply to ejadroba

    Well it was not the reaction I was hoping for… It was suppose to be a gift of laughter but they cried instead… LOL

    Cutiepraw, BeckyM, Narita and other Chasters from Uno team,
    Well you guys make me proud to be a chaster. I’ve known you guys for a short while but we make a pretty good team. Hahaha… eventhough you guys are chaster mommies already, I did not feel any age gap at all (eventhough I’m almost half of your guy’s age…shhhh!!!)

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  6. cutiepieraw says:

    ohhhhh! very well said tintol and made me more proud
    being a chaster. a BIG PROUD CHASTERS OF CHARICE….
    IT MADE ME PROUD BEING A CHASTER BCUZ OF CHARICE.what is her magnet why even we dont know each other personaly is we love one another and we care for each other.and bcuz CHARICE GAVE US ALL PILIPINO PROUD TO THE ALL NATION!!!!

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  7. Becky M. says:

    Arvee @#18. Haha Arvee!

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  8. ArrVee says:

    LoloLando, Narita: That video is dark because the singers are under the Charice Witness Protection Program.

    Seriously, I’m sure this will bring tears to Charice’s eyes. Whether she cries laughing or if she cries because she is touched, the video will have sent its message. And that is, our heartfelt support of her, which we want to express, even if we don’t have the means to properly express them (e.g., singing). But I’m sure this will really touch her, inspire her and energize her for her upcoming performances.

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  9. ArrVee says:

    Becky M.@17 – “(Lolo Ando I’m a CPA like you but still active in my practice, that’s why somehow I envy you for your relax status now,hehe)”

    CPA – Charice Pempengco Addict?

    Charice is really a fountain of youth for us all, regardless of our age.

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  10. Becky M. says:

    I don’t know but when Charice hit me the first time, I know an avid fan out of me is born and a proud Chaster has become of me. Everyone in my office, most of my friends and family know that I am a Chaddict. And the way things are going I’m sure I would happily continue to be a Chaddict for the rest of my life. I’m already well on my years, a professional , with a wonderful family, but I can say that with the advent of Charice phenom life is never been more colorful for me.
    I love Charice so much and I tell the world what a proud Chaster I am.
    Tintol you’re one of the greatest Chasters here that makes me all the more proud to be called a Chaster. Yeah you’re right when you told one time that the people in the Charice community add to your inspiration to become one, and me too so proud of the talented Chasters here that many times I will just stand in awe as I would browse on their writings and shared videos( Hmmnn! like idol like fans?). Way to go Tintol.
    Hi to my Charice buddy Narita, Cutiepieraw, Pin, Java and more too many to mention, hehe.

    (Lolo Ando I’m a CPA like you but still active in my practice, that’s why somehow I envy you for your relax status now,hehe)

    I love my Charice community!

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  11. max says:


    Tintol would not even tell me who the Chasters were in the video, and I uploaded both the article and the video.

    They sure are a quiet bunch, huh? hehehe

    Good job, Tintol.

    I hope after Chasters view all of the new vids from the Big E Concert, they come here and read this article because they will be so Chasterized, they will appreciate what you write even more.

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  12. narita says:


    Yes, I understand the room was too dark. These guys are proud but publicity-shy Chasters, I guess. And Tintol might get back at me if I answered your question in No. 12 so…I’m trying to keep my lips sealed hehe.

    Well I hope in time we will all make ladlad haha!

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  13. LoloLando says:

    To Narita…

    For enlightenment, the room was too dark to recognize the faces of the singers….. Sorry, sometimes me and my mind only understand each other.

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  14. narita says:

    Dear LoloLando (Comment No. 12),

    I really really wanna answer your first question but I don’t want vengeance, hahaha!

    I loved the last part- where they finally realized they were nothing less than a fan club- way to go Ilonggo Chasters! We’re with you! :)

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  15. LoloLando says:

    Nice write-up, Tintol. Was that you in the video? Too dark for my discerning eyes. Guess what, you have to .. TAKE 5 OR 6 to really catch the essence of the song: CHASTERS for CHARICE are not afraid to show their face…. In all, this is just a start… In time maglaladlad din kayo to show your fanatical side….CHARICE FOREVER… Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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  16. nege says:

    well 2 days ago,from a week or 2 being here and interacting with fellow chasters made me wonder to write an article like this -more likely to express the care and love i have gained from this community.i am Also Very Proud being a Chaster! as we all are “Chasters for Charice”. its a good thing that a friend of mine was checking on this site and catched my attention. Chasters and Charice made this aspect of my life unforgettable! -moments with chasters and charice put me on a diff. side on my self being in a Euphoric place and ends up being ecstatic!

    >i said, whoa. they are Great People! they care for a fellow fan (Chaster) too. this group unites from people all over the world. and im Glad! for being a Chaster!

    and im pratically eating my Breakfast in front of my comp. now to comment on Tintol’s article. @TINTOL thanks for your great article!

    Have a great day everyone! :) This article just made my day!

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  17. mischokos says:

    i never thought that ill finish reading this article…omg!!!
    for how many months been member here..
    ill never reads/comments any Article..
    im not really unto reading**..
    But this Article catches my eyes..

    “same here”~~ first im denial that im Addicted to this Lil Lady..
    *i try to hide when im watching her Videos~~
    *try to use headphones when playing her music~~
    *try to frequently change my Password not to see my Edited Pictures of her~~

    Everything i tried!! (Lol im *teary Eyed*)

    But not anymore… am FREE..
    Showing how im CHADDICTERS to her…
    (to my Family..Friends..Colleagues..)
    Every sites i have shes there..her Name..Pictures..Videos..

    I Am CHuper Proud of HER!!
    I Am CHuper Proud to be a CHASTER!!

    CHAbyo CHAsters!!
    CHAbyo CHA!! :))

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  18. JAEdney says:

    Hehehehehe hahahahaha I loved it!!! Awesome!!!!! Tintol great writing!!!!!

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  19. ABCD says:

    TinTol… I could not say anything more, you are fully right in a description of “Being A Chaster”.. Anyway, congrats and I will give you another WoW”..

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  20. ABC says:

    Wow.. TinTol… Wow.. A Very Nice Write Up about Being A Chaster. Kudos to you and keep up the good work… Again a simple way of saying Wow..

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  21. siane says:

    indeed great job playmate! another crying article again! whaaa truly CHASTERS are talented.

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  22. Noellen says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh TINTOL,,, thank you again,,, The video made me laugh too,,,

    Here is another video from a Chaster, doing the same thing,, hehehe,,

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  23. ABC says:

    Ha Ha Ha.. I missed that Pole… Anyway.. Osana Congrats…

    As I said before, once you are called a Chaster, he/she will be a friend and a family of all Chasters, like Uno (R..I.P), he one of a kind Chaster.

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  24. marie says:

    count me in… one of you too!!!

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  25. drtp says:

    I needed that laugh! The video has really shown deep ties brought about by one greatly loved young lady! Also, great writing Tintol, you enhanced my self-acceptance as a Charice follower and further stripped me of all pretentions that life and society keeps on pressing upon me– truly inspired by Charice, who herself is unpretentious.


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  26. osuna says:

    i’m last, finally
    Ha ha Osuna,

    Do you want me to change that to “First” for you?

    Just kidding, Max

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