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Charice Again

Charice Again

thinking of you graphics 12 75x75 Charice AgainI’ve already written a post about Charice Pempengco, but I can’t stop babbling on about her talent and potential. No matter how many times I watch her performances, I get blown away every single time, and the after effect of watching them never seems to weaken. It’s amazing how much talent she possesses not only in her voice but also in her stage presence, showmanship, and charisma at the young age of 17.

Assuming people will still appreciate true vocal talent in the future, Charice will be a dominant figure in the global music industry. And if we look at music history in America, the few greats that we honor and remember to this day are those who represented minority races and demonstrated that they held equal potential of talent, ability, and gift. To my knowledge, as of today, such historic figures in American music who accomplished this task are mainly, if not solely, from the African American community, such as Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, and Aretha Franklin. It wasn’t long before people like them sang that Jim Crowe Laws were still in effect and blacks still couldn’t vote freely.

Now there’s Charice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve never had an Asian figure who prominently rose in the American music industry and represented the Asian community. I think Charice will find her niche in musical history quite nicely. She has the voice, the showmanship, the compelling life story, the support of media giants like Oprah and Ellen, the guidance of David Foster, and literally entire nations left speechless at her gift. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the Aretha of the Asian community.

By: PeterKim

Submitted by Agno

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  1. Rolly says:

    i try to chase charice news and you tube just to know her sked and watch and read all those good news when it comes to her splendid performance. i compare her to Nora Aunor. jUST CHECK THE VIDEOS OF nORA aUNOR and they both have similarities in terms of singing prowess. both petite but the voice whew it can rock me. . .I salute both of them.

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  2. hermiemel says:

    I heared Charice once at You-Tube and just like that, I abandoned everyone just to follow her. I’ve been extolling her musical genius eversince.

    There are stories about Asian & Caucasian people who introduced Charice to their Asian & Caucasian friends. Her fan base is worldwide. She has boundless energy and mass appeal with good excellent folks managing and guiding her. DF is a mainstay in the musical industry and highly recommended by Oprah & Celine.

    Charice a diva and a worldwide musical icon? Why not?

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  3. pitbull says:

    Lea Salonga was the first to break that barrier, and she went through an audition, the normal way to reach the music industry. Lea Salonga should have been the forst one to be recognized as the very first audition to break the ice, but unfortunately, u-tube, twitter, and the mass communication at that time were not available for the world to see her, and comment about her performance.

    Charice is different, she went through different channel, where almost the have acces to her in u-tube.

    so if we are going to get all the facts, Lea Salonga, was the first, and Charice would be the second pinay that was given the opportunity to be one of of those best young singers in the world.

    again, race , color does not matter when it comes to music, either you have to voice or not. Music industry is not looking for colors, they are looking for those talents that can capture millions of fans, because that is where they get their big bucks.

    Obviously, the whole wide world have talent when it come to music, so Charice will not be the last, there are more youngkids from all over the world that can surpass her in the future.

    But for now, since we lab Charice, we are going to support her till the end of the world.

    But then again, by watching on u tube all the time and searching for young talents, there are many young kids that in u tube that has equal talent that Charice has. labyo you all.

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  4. FLTom says:

    Charice does not “represent a minority race in America.” She’s a foreign national, a proud Filipina, who’s chosen to launch what will surely be an international career with the help of Hollywood music professionals. As for her race, as an Asian she’s among over 2 billion fellow Asians on earth, and I would argue she benefits not in the least by allowing herself to be described by the polarizing language of American minority rights guardians.

    Charicemania should be very careful about displaying on the site an essay which a reasonable person might assume seeks to promote the author’s own agenda and parochial view of the world, and not the best interests of Charice.

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  5. idolming says:

    I’ve already got my concert ticket here in HP Pavillion SJ CA. Im so excited to see my idol Charice, happy too im on the front row main floor. Im so much in love with you Charice. IM dying to see you. LABYO! LABYO! LABYO!

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  6. LoloLando says:

    To PeterKim,

    Your last paragraph, when taken as a whole, is descriptive of the level of attention heaped on CHARICE at the moment. You are correct.

    I am curious, though, what were your parameters when you labelled CHARICE as the Asian ARETHA FRANKLIN? Let me know the similarities?

    Thank you for an impressive post, I felt educated….

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  7. jn says:

    I was in the chatroom earlier and Noellen shared this vid….a new update of Cha

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  8. jn says:

    Welcome Mr. P. Kim to this site…I guess you are one of those silent supporters of Charice….but now, NO More…
    Thanks for sharing….I do hope too….Charice will be one of the Asian personalities that will really rise or make a mark in the history of the entertainment world (globally)…..No doubt about that(keeping my fingers crossed)….with her faith, her voice, confidence and of course US,…her supporters…Keep up the great job….Cha..

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  9. EBJohns11 says:

    Nice blog mr Peter Kim =) Never heard from you before but now i do so nice to meet you!

    ” Labyooo CHARICEEEEE”

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  10. Peter Kim says:

    Response to BHrt:

    Although the 15th Amendment denied discrimination in voting rights, blacks were still being discouraged from voting, particularly in the Southern states. Legislators found other means to deny their right to vote, such as literacy tests and poll taxes. It wasn’t until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 they were freely able to vote by abolishing such practices, hence me saying “blacks still couldn’t vote freely” (“freely” being the key word).

    Sorry if I was vague about that, but I hope that clears things up.

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  11. tony says:

    how about Lea Salonga in the field of musical theater. the first asian to be recognized for having won the tony, olivier and other theatre world awards. i believe Charice undeniable talents and with her U.S. debut album due to be release this fall, will be the other asian figure and represent the asian community to rise in the american music industry. without a shadow of a doubt, she will match or surpass other minorities in the entertainment world.

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  12. BHrt says:

    Peter Kim – FYI – after the civil war (1861-1865) 13th amendment abolished slavery; 14th amendment granted Africans (former slaves) citizenship; 15th amendment was added to the Constitution in Feb. 1870. This amendment prohibits states from denying American citizens to vote based on race or color. MJackson, Stevie Wonder and company came into the music scene 100 years later.

    Yes, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for Charice.

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  13. Chamazing1 says:


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  14. maximus says:

    Another nice post, im grateful to the person who introduced Charice to me coz im really enjoying myself and at the same time improving my English. I hate English subject when i was still studying. oh Tony your no. 6 too. Something not right, lol (just joking).

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  15. maximus says:

    Hah i just notice that Tony is 1-4 amazing. What happen Noellen?????????

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  16. maximus says:

    Definitely i agree with you Peter thats why im always in the net to update Charice from day to day basis if not by the hour. Wow im in the top 10 again nice nice nice.

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  17. Gloria says:

    Most definitely.

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  18. tony says:

    am going for broke,,,max, noellen and others :D

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  19. noellen says:

    hehhe,, tony,,, thank you Peter KIm,,, I read your blogs too…

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  20. tony says:

    last chance to all chasters!!!

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  21. tony says:

    :D:D:D 3 ur out noellen heheheh

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  22. tony says:

    :D :D

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  23. tony says:


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