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Recapturing That Special Moment With Charice

Recapturing That Special Moment With Charice

celine3 75x75 Recapturing That Special Moment With ChariceEach of us has a few of those special videos of Charice that we watch over and over again, when we are down or in need of inspiration. We try to recapture that special moment when we first discovered her, and all the profound and deep emotions it stirred in us. It’s like falling in love again.

Her duet with Celine Dion does this for me, and is special because it captures the different stages of amazement people go through as Charice reveals herself to them. The many versions available on the net also allow one to experience the event through the various eyes and ears of the collective audience, from many angles.

Her introduction by Celine provides some context for the evening’s performance, but does not prepare the audience for the momentous event that is about to follow. Those who don’t know Charice think this is some kind of charity event, for Celine to give a kid a chance to sing with her, and aawwwww – how sweet for Charice to dedicate this song to her Mommy. They applaud to cheer this child on, lest her delicate feelings be hurt. They are totally unprepared for what will happen next.

TheAi?? video below is used as a reference in this article; although the video quality is not the best, it does capture the audience reactions in detail.

As Celine starts the song and gives Charice the stage, they expect a tiny voice to emanate from her, consistent and their initial impressions of her. They are astounded to hear this solid, mellow voice with the same power as Celine’s, coming from her. It takes them a few seconds to get over this initial disbelief, then to burst into applause, immediately resetting their initial image of her, and their expectations for the rest of the song. But they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet …

At 0:28-0:30, she renders a short passage in a delicately sweet angelic tone, and you can hear the “whews”, “wows” and spontaneous claps from the crowd, obviously touched by its sheer beauty. As the song progresses and builds momentum, Charice mesmerizes them with the effortless power and quality of her voice, as well as her perfect diction. The audience reacts spontaneously, as Charice reveals the different facets of her vocal talent.

They cannot come to grips with this level of talent coming from such a young girl, and by this point in the song, the nature of the applause changes. What was previously mostly an obligatory applause during her introduction (the loud excited applause at the beginning mostly came from the Charice fans), has transformed into cheering at a very personal level. Some of the reactions you hear though, are just raw expressions of awe, wonder and amazement, not really intended for the singer to hear.

At 0:50, the first logical part of the song ends, and Purchase lady era pills Celine joins back in. It is obvious by now that this young girl holds her own against Celine, and seeing the two singing together establishes in their minds that this young girl has arrived. Another major wild round of applause. But Charice is just warming up, and they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

At 1:22, she walks with Celine to the edge of the stage. The crowd recognizes the symbolism of her walking with the Diva, and that itself generates another major round of applause.

This is a gentle ballad she is singing, and so far, she already has everyone in the palm of her hands. Sweetly smiling, looking very relaxed and in her element, she is killing them softly with this song – until 1:52, when she gives them a sample of her higher vocal register, and just slays them right there. The audience erupts again in applause with arms raised, as if in victory.

However, the piece de resistance for me is at 2:27, when Celine says (what sounds like) “Go girl!”, and Charice renders the prolonged “whoa-whoa” portion of the song (pardon my very technical description). The sight of a young girl in the spotlight at the edge of the stage, in a semi-oblation posture with head tilted upwards and eyes closed, singing her heart out to the heavens and filling the arena with the sublime beauty of her soul-stirring voice, moves the entire audience into a rolling thunderous applause punctuated with primal screams and wolf-whistles. People instinctively clap their hands above their heads as they witness this young soul giving her all for this, her moment in time, and cheer her on as their own personal champion.

If you frame that last scene against the backdrop of her life story and her quest to better their lives, it will gain newfound meaning for you. Imagine her singing for her supper as she bares her soul and renders that haunting passage with her almost-pleading voice, and that image might just get seared into your mind and move you to tears.

At song’s end, the audience is going wild, not knowing exactly what hit them – one of the first coherent words you hear is “More!”. Charice is likewise in tears, touched and humbled by the significance of the moment, having lived her dream of a lifetime.

Through the miracle of the internet and video sharing, we can live vicariously through the audience to relive the different stages of amazement we experienced when we first discovered Charice, and those profound feelings that were awakened in us. We all take away something personally unique from this first encounter, and whatever course she takes as she charts her own destiny, we will hang on to those special gems that are the essence of that special moment with her.

To borrow a line from that classic movie Casablanca, “We’ll always have Cipla fincar online Madison”.

Written and submitted by: Arvee, posted by Max

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  1. Eve says:

    you’re right, ArrVee, that video was nice for seeing the audience and the full stage & lights, even though the video-camera kept on jerking back and forth, haha. It appears Charice performed right before Josh Groban again, the last performer of the evening. That must certainly be an indication of her crowd-pleasing ability since you always save the best for last, David Foster is no dummy. I bet they all went home talking about that little girl with the big voice. She’s so amazing.

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  2. ArrVee says:


    thanks for the feedback. Contributing to this site is therapy for me, being very much different from my day job.

    the Carousel For Hope videos are also my favorites. In “You’re Gonna Love Me”, she simply blows them away as she flexes her vocal prowess, and the crowd could not contain themselves, as you can hear from the howls, yelps and wolf-whistles. In Billie Jean, she blows them away again with her dancing prowess. Even Jay Leno was speechless after that.

    The only alternative version of this video I could find is of poor quality and is incomplete, but at least it gives one an idea of Charice’s vocal power, from the audience’s point of view, and it is really impressive:

    I hope we will get more interesting videos of her to comment on.

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  3. drtp says:

    Thanks Arvee for this post! I always look forward to your comments and now future articles. I have Charice videos that I consider my staple – like rice and potatoes (depending on whether you are from the East or West), that I watch everyday, like the three song combo of Carousel of Hope and the Listen/Fingerprint combo at Kodak. But Celine and Charice at MSG is for special occasions, like a rich tiramisu dessert, way up there with Note to God in Oprah. Your post had perfect timing since I had a special weekend in San Diego. But I do not recommend a Chaddict watching six versions of this performance (several times over) by the beach under the sun. Well, despite the sunburn- it was still worth it! Your writing made me experience this performance in a different way- the same feeling I get when I discover a new clip in youtube. Thanks again Arvee!

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  4. EBJohns11 says:

    EBjohns11 likes this!!!

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  5. mingsfan says:

    Jimfan55 — Thanks for the catch. I changed the date to 9/15/2008.

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  6. ArrVee says:

    “And I apologize to the people around me who had to endure my childish behavior.”

    I believe you mean “child-like” behavior. This is one where we dare to dream, to be filled with enthusiasm, to let go and let ourselves be subjected to awe and wonder. In this case, you should not apologize to anyone.

    As for writing an article, like Max says, just do it! You have a deep wellspring of inspiration in Charice for material to write about. And I personally like your deadpan sense of humor.

    ” … my favorite, seeing a daughter singing with her heart to her mother and making the song true and her own. ”

    - I totally missed that important perspective – thanks for pointing that out. In some videos, the parents in the audience are looking at the general direction of her mom as Charice sang, trying to imagine how she felt at that moment.

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