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Charice Fails to See Tita Cory at Wake

Charice Fails to See Tita Cory at Wake

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  1. noel says:

    kris was one of the biggest supporter of charice in the philippines. kris thought charice was in america. if she only knew that whe would be here even days before the burial she will definitelly include her as one of the singers instead of rhap salazar! so it should be a big deal for charice even if she was not invited to sing. it’s only proper that charice pays her last respect!

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  2. nuclear-blast says:

    It doesn’t matter whose body is inside the Church.Anyone who didn’t make it to the given time frame for public viewing should be turned around.She has no business attempting to enter that door if her name is not on the guess simple as that.

    It is so extremely nice of my idol though to take some of her precious time to pay her last respect although she don’t need to.The occasion is not to big of a deal to me.

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  3. pitbull says:

    we could speculate all we want about the incident, but again, behind that door we really don’t know all the facts. It is a family affair and we should give it a rest. Charice was not the star of the show in this case, Aquino’s family deserved to be private if that’s want they want. Let’s not go beyond or behind the door. Charice did the right thing, and we should respect her action.

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  4. LoloLando says:

    I thought those entertainment writers will feast on this issue. I was wrong. CHASTERS ARE……

    That being the case, you have to start analyzing the editorial, with emphasis to the 3rd to the last paragraph…..Charice Mom said that they just came from a commercial shoot before they went to Manila Cathedral…..

    Questions to ponder:
    > Was she invited to sing?
    > If not, why did she go there?
    > Why was she not allowed to see Tita Cory?
    > Did Charice texted Kris that she was there?

    I just had the feeling that texting is not allowed inside the Cathedral…..Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

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  5. juantamad says:

    Like I said earlier, it’s business as usual in our dear Philippines. What’s up with Charice not being invited at the mass? So are you trying to tell me that the Manila Cathedral as grand as it is was not able to accommodate Charice as tiny as she is? That just doesn’t sound right at all. And now people are starting to pitch in their slights to make it sound like Charice had been a naughty girl. So what, Santa is not going to visit her anymore come Christmas? Wake up again people! This girl has done nothing to deserve this hideous scrutiny. She’s not a crowned royalty that needs to behave a certain way to her subjects’ liking.

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  6. TCfromVA says:

    I concur Pitbull,

    Charice timing was way off. She was late for the public viewing but was too early for the Mass, the only problem was she wasn’t invited to attend it. Oh well, the intention was good it just didn’t work out. And like what you said Pitbull, at least she was there to pay her respect.

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  7. pitbull says:

    Don’t we all do that, pack bags, rush to the airfort, go through the security check, and wait an hour for the actual flight, from and to your destination. while on the plane, can’t sleep, watch those unwanted movies, and listen to those unwanted music, and eat food that you really like. But it is worth it to experience the hectic demand of traveling abroad.

    So I know the feeling, and the frustration connected with it.

    Charice know the drill, and I bet she’s used to it by now. Late or early to the wake, it does not matter, what does matter was that she showed up and pay respect to our former President.

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  8. rawdeal67 says:

    strongly agree with you TCfromVA!

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  9. TCfromVA says:

    TO Kei and Frank,

    Obviously, you guys have never travelled on international flights. President Arroyo has all the luxury and the VIP treatment at point of debarkation and at the point of entry. She doesn’t have to worry about packing her suitcases, nor have to exert any effort in carrying any baggage and checking it in. She’s travelling first class (a chartered 747) so everything was catered to her. As a head of a State, she doesn’t have to check in early for her flight. In other words, she was as fresh as when she left the US up until she arrived in the Philippines. In contrast, citizen Charice will have to do the opposite of what the president did.
    Charice have to pack her own baggage, haul it to the ticket counter (at least 2 hours before her flight), and most likely she did not travel first class, have to check in at the customs and immigrations to enter the country, and have to pick up her luggage and haul it out the airport and wait for their car. That’s at least two hours from the time their flight landed at the airport. Her total flight time was probably 14 hours and that’s not including time spent checking in at point of debarkation and getting processed at the point of entry. In other words, she needs to freshen up.

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  10. blackrose says:

    may Pres. Cory Aquino rest in peace…

    It was totally okay for me if charice wasn’t able to have a last glance, the most important thing is charice was able to go there and even lined up.

    I wasn’t even born yet when the EDSA revolution took place and Pres. Cory was the one who gave back democracy to the filipino people and we are all grateful for that but my mother’s family still loves the Marcoses for they have done a great deal to my family.


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  11. Kei says:

    I agree with Frank…
    “It’s just a matter of priority and time management”

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  12. frank says:

    i thought charice went straight to the wake from the airport (like what gma did)… sorry for charice, going to cory’s wake was not her priority… it would be unfair also for thousands who have waited long hours outside and under the rains if they will let charice in!

    it’s just a matter of priority and time management!

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  13. osuna says:

    juantamad # 17

    you hit the nail solidly in the head,
    you made my eyeball a little wet.
    just like MMK.

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  14. juantamad says:

    This is one reason why I had thought earlier on that Charice would be better off staying here in America. It would be a miracle if all the Charice bashers in the Philippines haven’t come up with some wild theories about this incident to discredit her and to label her as an unpatriotic snob. That would be the icing on the cake if I do hear or read anything as lame as this being discussed at all by all the vultures of the Philippine entertainment media. For heaven’s sake; this girl’s mother probably wasn’t even old enough to even recall what went on when Cory Aquino threw Marcos out of office. I’m not trying to undermine the importance of Mrs. Aquino’s triumph to quell a horrid regime that drove the Philippines to the ground, but look at how Charice got her success? It took people from other countries, even before she came over here in the US, to give her the recognition she deserved for her talent; that her own countrymen refused to even give her the chance and was literally ignored and left out to be forgotten. Even after evil was overtaken, business as usual in the Philippine society prevailed. Charice’s early misfortunes in the hands of her own people was directly attributed to this usual norm. This is one of the many failings that even our great Tita Cory had humbly admitted she was never able to address and deal with accordingly. After all how could you possibly find fault to an ordinary housewife who she herself was basically tossed in a seemingly daunting task of taming a pack of wolves. But we all seemed to have agreed about one thing though, that these two fine Filipino ladies have similar qualities that will be admired and remembered for many years to follow.

    May you rest in peace Tita Cory…

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  15. justcharrie says:

    I have watched the portion of “Umagang Kay Ganda” where Charice was shown and I’ve learned that Charice even went to the line as ordinary people did. If she’s not humble enough and just made it directly to the door to get inside the church, not minding the line of people, she might have probably made it to have her last glance to the late President Aquino.

    I haven’t heard any negative remarks about her being late but what I’ve been hearing was praises for her for showing humility falling in line despite her superstar status.

    I think she deserves an applause.

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  16. pitbull says:

    well, Charice did the right thing. no comment at all. Condolence to the aquino family, and friends. She was well beloved by many people, and she will be remembered by her courage to stand up against tyranny, and to usher in liberty which we now all enjoy.
    Be the Lord God be with her, and God bless her family.

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  17. romeo says:

    I can’t help but give my reaction to this issue since the first thing that came into my mind when I have confirmed the death of our beloved president tita Cory was whether Charice & family will come home to give their last respect to the most beloved president of our country. Knowing the commitment of Charice to DF and when she said that she promised him that after the concert she will stay longer to finish her album, I started to have doubt. My doubt grew stronger as days passed by as I was literally glued to TFC to get an update on the happenings about tita Cory and no news about Charice. I even check regularly with this site & monitor the chat room hoping I can read something about this, I don’t know if I just miss it.
    Then it came to me as a big surprised when I watched the ANC news live of TFC and one of the reporters said that Charice was not able to get into the Church but without further elaboration. It was only on this article that I have known a more detailed report of what transpired.
    Now my point, this incident irregardless of the reasons why Charice was late, made me more admire and love her. Why? because of her reaction to the situation. A reaction that very few celebrity like her would have done. She again showed her human understanding and the humility to accept the reality of the situation. Honestly, I will be unhappy if she has not come home at all. As lololando has said there will be a lot of people who will start feasting on this issue and an opportunity her detractors had always been waiting for. I have always believed that from the very start of her life Charice like my idol tita Cory has been Divinely destined to be successful in life and be loved by many people. Like tita Cory, Charice will have to go through trials in her life before she can attain what was planned for her by God. If people will only consider the human aspect of Charice life it would be difficult to understand why things like this has to happen to her. I have always look at the things happening to Charice as God’s will for her or something that God has allowed for a purpose. But the bottom line Charice will be the kind of person God has destined her to be.
    Love you Charice congrats for your great humility and I know tita Cory is now smiling at you as a loving mother to her child.
    God bless you and your family

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  18. EBJohns11 says:

    Its ok guys, if it close to the public, its close – i actually salute the woman – she played FAIR, she followed the rule – no favoritism. Just going to the church alone is enough and Im sure the Aquino’s will be proud of it.

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  19. osuna says:

    Folks, let it be, like Paul McCartney said

    When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me,
    speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
    And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me,
    speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree,
    there will be an answer, let it be.
    For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see,
    there will be an answer. let it be.

    Let it be, let it be, …..

    And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me,
    shine until tomorrow, let it be.
    I wake up to the sound of music, mother Mary comes to me,
    speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

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  20. noellen says:

    Hhehe,, Lolo Lando,, I just hope that those entertainment writers will write like you,, with sense,,,hihihi,,,

    Hongkong is so hot today, so maybe I will just make an iced coffee for you,…

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  21. LoloLando says:

    The rain, traffic and cramped schedule of Charice converged together to forced her to miss this momentous event. Forget about ABS-CBN and let yourself be the manager of the entertainment segment of this occasion. What would you do?

    You have to get the best singers in the land and settle them in a nearby hotel. But before that, there must be a dress rehearsal of the singers and orchestra: when and what to sing. I have to get alternates in case one is not available. There’s got to be a fail-safe point where if one was not present at that point in time, he or she is out. In this case, it was CHARICE.

    Let’s just wait for the possible fall-out of this incident. I am sure entertainment writers will have their time feasting on this.

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  22. mhy says:

    I can’t believe it that they did’nt even allow charice and her mom to just go inside the church even for the last moment for Pres. Cory. Until now I don’t understant why they did it to charice. Imagine how hard to go there with traffics and everything and nothings happen to them.Its terrible organizers are really mean.

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  23. efren antiporda says:

    well thats how life goes. i just wonder if charice happens to belong to the rich and imfamous. poor girl a minute of consideration will not harm the funeral preparation i believe. rules are rules. i admire your humulity cha. at least you showed up and condole with the aquinos particularly kris your kapamilya. this is a reality check for charice. you do not belong yet to the “bourgeois” if kris is around she would have allowed you i m sure.

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  24. tony says:

    with this incident, theres no doubt in my mind, detractors “crab mentalities” will be all over our princess from head to toes. some people wouldn’t understand her for being late at the funeral mass nor people just dont want to understand her period. charice, has prior committments before heading to the church and with her tight schedules, anything ( like traffic, etc.) may have cost her arriving late to the church. charice and her mom made an “effort” to attend the mass and extended their condolences to the Aquino families and that should take for some kind of consideration. can you guys imagine what those people “crabs or not” and especially in the philippines entertainment industry thinks, if they didnt show up at all? president Cory Aquino may rest in peace!!!

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  25. benny65 says:

    Better late than never, at least she showed her deepest condolence to Aquino family. Cory and Charice have something in common, Cory remained humble in her entire life as well as Charice is still as humble us she was before. Both are successful in their respective crafts. I wish that women of their likes will multiply in our world.

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  26. JonRes20 says:

    Noellen, Im so glad that this is my first time to be at the top pole. What made it extra special is that this article featured a historical figure. :)

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  27. Eve says:

    oh good, I see the article got posted. here’s another one that I got from charicediva while at the office here, but it’s in tagalog. Apparently the bottom half talks about a director in the Philippines who will be working with Charice on a commercial or music video. Maybe it’s the commercial that delayed Charice’s arrival at the funeral.

    The article is dated July 31st, fairly recent. Sorry I haven’t learned how to post yet.

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  28. ArrVee says:

    I was personally present at EDSA, where the People Power revolt took place – I wanted to be part of history and I wanted to be there. I remember the moment when Cory came into power. It was an incredible feeling of joy and freedom, and it was nationwide. For a brief period, everyone was full of hope and cheer, and everyone was nice to each other, which you could especially notice with other co-drivers sharing the road with you.

    There was something to believe in, to work towards, something I have never felt before, since Marcos had been in power before her for a long time, when there was no sense of freedom (the lyrics of ABBA’s song “Fernando” come to mind).

    Paul Wolfowitz wrote an article on her legacy:

    May she rest in peace.

    This occurred to me just now, that like Cory, Charice is also an agent of change to reckon with, albeit on a smaller scale. This spans not only the entertainment industry, not only in spreading Philippine goodwill around the world, but also at a more personal level with each and everyone of us in this international community of ChariceMania, where she spreads inspiration, hope and cheer. In my mind, she is the Gabriela Silang (local heroine) of the modern entertainment industry, and also a personal heroine as well.

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  29. noellen says:

    jonres20,, hahah,,, wahahah,,, I was not able to catch the pole,…

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  30. JonRes20 says:

    Too bad Charice wasn’t able to see Tita Cory’s wake. Well, at Charice came there.

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