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Charice Walks the Talk: A True Winner

Charice Walks the Talk: A True Winner

charice pempengco 75x75 Charice Walks the Talk: A True WinnerWhen asked to react to a rather malicious rumor questioning her popularity, Charice simply replied, ai???I am not competing [with anyone], I am just simply doing my jobai??i??ai??? (translated from tagalog, SNN July 07, 2009). This may sound ironic coming from a young lady who started singing at four-years-old and has joined more than eighty singing contests by age 12. You might expect that the competitive drive would be second nature to her. On the contraryai??i??

On separate occasions, Charice displayed humility when she wept profusely because of admiration and awe upon meeting her favorite artists, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. In an episode of Oprah (September Order fosamax osteoporosis 9, 2008), she candidly identified what others perceived as her flaws, ai???they say I donai??i??t have what it takes, and that I am not prettyai??i??.ai??? And, with head held high, she boldly described her unprivileged living conditions without any hint of embarrassment. This openness to expose her weaknesses and vulnerabilities definitely does not characterize competitiveness.

Even though it has only been barely a couple of years since discovered in America, Charice is not narrowly focused solely on her own career advancement. Just in the last couple of weeks, she openly supported new and aspiring artists, such as Rhap, Jessica, Carmella, and helped them gain more attention from her followers. Her desire to share her accomplishments with family and friends is also quite overt, involving them in her endeavors, such as her first major concert in the Philippines. Chariceai??i??s willingness to share the limelight and desire for others to take part in her achievements show her generosity, not typical in competitive nature.

Thus, perhaps, Chariceai??i??s modesty, generosity, and lack of pretensions show that her contest-packed life was not much about competing with others, Write my paper but more about overcoming personal struggles. Chariceai??i??s life was an uneven playing field. She was already concerned about helping her mother put food on the table while other kids were sheltered by the innocence of childhood. Despite the unfair disadvantage of having to contend with those who are more financially fortunate to have nicer clothes and more eloquent speech, her resolve to succeed did not require stepping on anyone. Without pessimism, she answered these challenges with dignity, ai???gave her bestai??? in every performance, persevered, and survived.

Amid fame, public scrutiny, and constant pressures to conform and assimilate, she is unwavering in being true to herself. This playful and unpretentious teenager just simply says it as it is, with no frills. Although her candor gets her misconstrued many times, she nonetheless consistently ai???walks her As such, I believe her claim, not to be in competition with anyone. Besides, her journey from her humble beginnings to where she is now, at only 17, has taken her farther than most people.Ai?? To me, even though the best is yet to come, regardless of how far she gets, in the competition of ai???lifeai??? – she has already won!

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  1. osuna says:
    I wish not to alarm anyone on the last comment I made. I was a late comer on this little phenomenon,and I start to do some research by way of youtube, and it tells me a lot about this little girl how she got started. From humble beginning,to where she’s at right now. One YouTube performance that really caught my attention, (just want to let any one knows, I am no expert by any means)is her 7 or 8 years old performance singing “To Love You More “, in my opinion, she was already a star then, and nobody cares to listen or recognize by the so called “expert” in the Philippines. I can tell why, she is just a little girl from Cabuyao Laguna who is not in the inner circle of the entertainment business, pure and simple. Really broke my heart why it took her so long, until Dave (FALSE VOICE) uploaded her talent in YOUTUBE, that outside of the Philippines talent scout noticed her, (what a shame). Now that she is in pinnacle of her career, compared to Philippine standard, seem like every one in the business is jumping to the “bandwagon” praising her accomplishments, and the painful part about it, the two TV personalities failed to protect her from bashing of an old washout former performer who has a twisted philosophy about one little girl.

    Charice is the bread winner of the family, she is simply working to support her family. Highest paid OFW, if you wish to put it that way. With anger and jealousy from others for her success, I can not avoid, in my own mind, an ala JOHN LENNON, DACER-CORBITO and failed JUN LOZADA plot. Filipinos, think about it. Like some one said,23 years ago, it already happened.

    There is only so much that we “FANS” can do to protect this little ANGEL, is to make everyone aware that there is a possibility that some one wants to HARM this little girl. Hopefully I am very very wrong of what I’ve been writing.

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