Charice and Regine Velasquez Duet- Rehearsal

Charice and Regine Velasquez Duet- Rehearsal

chagene 75x75 Charice and Regine Velasquez Duet  RehearsalHere is a footage of Charice and Regine Velasquez rehearsing their number for Charice’s first major solo concert dubbed as The Journey Begins. Since we missed this duet at the concert, let us all enjoy this  wonderful moment of Charice’s journey.

Charice singing with her idol, video courtesy of Falsevoice.

By Falsevoice

As many of you have requested, this is the rehearsal video of Charice & Regine. This was the medley that they were supposed to sing at Charice’s The Journey Begins concert.

-Try It On My Own (Whitney Houston)
-All By Myself (Celine Dion)
-Through The Rain (Mariah Carey)
-When You Believe (Whitney & Mariah)

19 Responses to “Charice and Regine Velasquez Duet- Rehearsal”

  1. rocskygolf says:

    You wont feel the coffee if its hot or cold till you hold it with your bare hands.In my opinion, 10 daysof preparations was not enough to comeup with a extremely wonderful show nevertheless, the concert was a total success. The only drawback was the show started late, plus siksikan and pilahan to search for your seats, in my estimate, the crowd would be in the range between 6T to 7T people. Maliit si Charice for her gowns, iba na yung matangkad when youre wearing formal gowns, but the dresses, custumes etc, fits the occasion, sabi nga ni C.Bautista after his number, ” kailangan ng intermission to give way to artist in changing outfits/custumes etc” One thing me and my wife notice, my kids and the rest of the gang enjoys new hits by young popular singers of today. I think Charice should limit hersef singing (especially local concerts) oldies but goldies signature songs… the night would be more enjoyable should Regine appears on stage ” sayang”

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  2. daddy 0 says:

    Hello all,

    Charice is going to be playing a handful of dates as part of the David Foster & Friends Tour! Check out the Tour section here for more info:

    Dates are as follows:

    Chicago, IL
    Rosemont Theatre

    New York, NY
    WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden

    Newark, NJ
    Prudential Center

    Boston, MA
    Agganis Arena

    Atlanta, GA
    Fox Theatre

    Tampa, FL
    Blue Line Theatre @ St. Pete Times Forum

    Hollywood, FL
    Hard Rock Live

    Los Angeles, CA
    Gibson Ampitheatre at Universal City Walk

    San Jose, CA
    HP Pavilion

    Vancouver, BC
    General Motors Place

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  3. OMIE says:

    I have not looked much at the videos from the SMX concert. Like pitbull I didn’t like Charice’s outfits, but since I am not a Filipino and this was a concert for a Filipino audience I am not the person to judge.

    When it comes to the quality of musicians and dancers I think it is a little unfair to compare with Charice’s appearance in Italy. In Italy Charice appeared in prime time on the leading channel of the Italian state television company. One would thus expect all aspects of the production to be of highest quality. What we saw from the SMX concert were amateur videos made by members of the audience. Just the recording conditions were enough to create an unfavorable impression, at least for me.

    However, those who went to the concert seem to have been positive, and that is what really mattered.

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  4. pitbull says:

    I agree with you FLTom all the way. I could have done better, specially the custome of the star. She look like she is going to a prom night, not a star on the concert. I always have the urge to comment on her dress for a long time, but I don’t want to offend any chasters, because I’m one of them.

    But anyway in spite of the appearance and MIA guest, and the background, it went well. Every boby wnet home happy, but those video watchers, I’m pretty sure they were not fully satisfied, especially those rookies on the scene.

    her appearance in Italy was far better than the first concert. What a difference that could be. Well, they can do better next time, and I hope those tid bits of comment from fans would help the Philippines stribe for the best next time. Aim high guys.

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  5. AmazingCP says:

    For Charice


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  6. max says:


    There are ONLY NINE DAYS LEFT to enter Charicemania’s “DownLoad Note to God” contest. Wouldn’t it be a dream to take your wife or favorite friend to a meet and greet session with Charice, and watch her concert from some of the best seats in the house.

    For full details and to enter please click this link:

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  7. rovie says:

    Charice is a very talented young girl,but the organizers and back ups during her first major concert was a flop.I hope it won’t happen again and it would be better if she just concentrate on her concerts abroad where she gets support from “big” people in the music industry.

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  8. Paris says:


    perfect duet!!!

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  9. FLTom says:

    wowlegs: The concert was a success. But its success was due entirely to the phenomenal talent of the star, Charice herself. She made it work, even though the production elements she was saddled with were far below par.

    Again, her first solo concert was a success, and the crowd left happy, all thanks to Charice.

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  10. wowlegs says:

    was her first major concert really a flop? please someone clarifies if this is really accurate?

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  11. Joy Co says:


    I know this is Regine V. coz I know what she looks like and sounds like. I’ve also seen her interview with ABS-CBN before or after this rehearsal. Her longer and straight hair probably makes her look much younger, but she is Regine V. alright.

    Besides, Charicemania verifies all info prior to posting. This is a very professional and very credible website you are visiting. This is not a tabloid type of website. You can trust what Charicemania posts coz most of its infos are first hand and it is now associated with Warner Brothers, is it not ADMIN?

    Suggestion to ADMIN:
    Do you think you could leave the Mission/Vision statement, as well as the organizational chart somewhere for guests, new comers & bonafide members to see? I think it will help clarify who charicemania is, what it represents, what it stands for, who are the people behind it. Just a suggestion though. Thank you.

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  12. justcharrie says:

    Whew! Imagine, these songs that were supposed to be a duet were sang by Charice solo. Impromptu! Wow! She handled the songs that were practiced as duet in a blow-the-roof rendition.

    Just how amazing Charice truly is.

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  13. FLTom says:

    The quality of the musicians is all too apparent here. Just awful. Out of tune, timing all off, and poor equipment. The producers who hired these musicians and put this thing together should not be allowed to organize a backyard birthday party for a six year old, let alone a professional concert to be performed in front of thousands of people. Jeesh!

    RV has said she had H1N1 virus, and I believe her. But I really wouldn’t blame her too much if she saw what she was dealing with and decided to bail. No professional singer should have to put up with abysmal production values like these.

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  14. benny65 says:

    something is wrong with Noellen. Sorry for Regine, she missed the chance to sing side by side with Princess Cha!

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  15. tony says:

    one of charice dreams is to sing with her idol (regine v.), this video on their rehearsal “the journey begins concert” is sort of a dream come true!!! thanks FV for sharing!!!

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  16. 39ldc says:

    yes, that’s regine(phillip #2)…too bad she got sick…where’s noellen???

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  17. tony says:

    he.he.he i think noellen is “puyat”again!!! lol

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  18. Phillip says:

    This is Charice and Regine? Hmmm,she doesn’t look like Regine. Could this be someone else?

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  19. Ely says:

    So this should have been!

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