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Charice Touched My Life

Charice Touched My Life

This article is by none other than JP, known to many Chasters as Lolo JP.Ai?? He is opening his soul to us because JP wants us to know how and why Charice changed his life and his spirit.Ai?? JP was inspired to write this article by Henri_v and Gandalf.

As I look at the world around us, and bear witness to the unbelievably spontaneous chain of chaotic events that unfold, it simply leaves me to think and conclude that this place we call our home, is an uncaring place. And as we are all aware that we live our lives under different circumstances in this uncaring place, we are left Order kytril j wondering ai???what to doai??? when faced with problems and challenges.

Using this mind-painted backdrop as a theme, let me share with you the reasons that brought me into this wholesome community, CHARICEMANIA, in search of an adorable and modest child simply called by the name, Charice. While many of you, younger, keen and adoring fans were magnetically drawn by her musical prowess and grace, my reason for being here lies deep in my spiritual domain.

I chanced upon this cute, petite child with a big voice, Charice, on the Oprah show. As I intently watched her sing “I Have Nothing,” what struck me was her voice’s unique tonal quality and masterful delivery…it was so soothingly emotional and uplifting that her voice will hold you motionless and bring you to a higher plane to where she is in that moment. Her picture of confidence is undeniable and her innocent looks–never deceiving. She is an old soul in a young body.

Charice is a picture of a persistent young girl who is focused and had an eye on the main chance. Looking up to her idols for inspiration, she was determined to bring out her best on every given opportunity to start her dream of becoming a singer. She started to chase her dream at a very young age but things just didn’t come easy. Still unknown at that initial stage of her career, she already had to face countless detractors. She remains vulnerable to these hateful people as she steadily progresses in her career.

Spiteful language is not hurtful because it is forbidden…but, is hurtful when the hostile impulse of deep-seated meanness of others utter their malicious insinuations to another. While there is so much bad and so much good in the worst and best of us, it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak evil about the rest of us.

At an early age, Charice was bruised with words and was made to feel small that she could not achieve anything in her quest to win in singing contests. It reached to a point that is balefully hard for her to take but she took everything in stride and did the noblest thing that her conscience could ever dictate to her…”forgive and do nothing at all.”

Charice possesses strong cognitive skills that enable her to understand and prioritize the things around her. She feels assured on the premise that if she knew all, she can forgive all.

She never cherished the thoughts of resentment and it appears that she has put all the bitterness, Ponstel price south africa anger, and malice of her detractors away from her mind and has been tenderhearted and forgiving. It is evident that she was aware of the looming things in her path and the only manifestation that she shows of anger is by shedding tears. Words have the power to both destroy and heal but she remained gentle, quiet and had only kind and truthful words for her detractors to reflect their imperfections. She is compassionate and a true believer. She wants to know that people care and understand because to know that no one cares is the greatest burden that any individual can carry. She is gifted with a beautiful voice, is resolute and has a self-fulfilling attitude that will help her overcome obstacles along her path. She lives as she believes–proud and an achiever. She is what she is…Charice, her self-creation.

Personally speaking, Charice is that passionate and endearing child on the Oprah show who sung “heralding the triumph of Faith!” And that struck me hard and was a turning point in my life. At that time of my slow physical recovery, it was something that my weak body and fragile mind needed…food for my soul. I wrote this as an initial frame of reference to what I’ve seen and have perceived about Charice, and to better understand my circumstance of why I wrote what I’ve just written. I’m a survivor of 3 near-death major colon operations in 1977 and another surgery for the same in June 2001, a survivor of a near-fatal wintertime car accident in Reno in 1988 and now an older man of 63 who survived a heart attack in February 2008. I remain thankful and mystified with the gift of life.

As I have a nil chance of meeting her and to thank her in person, please allow me to honor her by sharing these personal experiences, my thoughts and a renewed affirmation of my spiritual faith.Ai?? As I watch and hear her sing, she lifts me up and brings me within an arm’s-length in heaven. Truly, she touched and made a difference in my life. As she continues to provide food for my soul, she lives in my heart. May God bless and keep her.

All these experiences, I can convey to you, but, to understand it for you, I can’t.

by Lolo JP,Ai?? posted by Max

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  1. capofret says:
    thank you for sharing.. im deeply touched reading this. im trying to hold back my tears.

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  2. nege says:
    whoa.. T_T.. this is so real…

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  3. max says:

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  4. purplewillow says:
    the power of the written word…what a beautiful, beautiful piece. this is the number 2 reason why i come here everyday, (the first one is of course charice’ news)..reading works of arts like this one. so honest…so sincere. thank you jp…and thank you to the others who have also contributed and shared…standing ovation from me for all of you…

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    Hi LoloJP.

    Great posting. This is what I love to read. I couldn’t agree more and i’m glad you said it, because I wish I could write as eloquently as you. When you said she can forgive all, that is the most important trait about her that I love. No time for bitterness and revenge. Plus she doesn’t think she’s all it and doesn’t make anybody feel uncomfortable. She just does her thing to the best of her ability no matter what the venue.

    When you read something like this it makes others want to comment. And that’s what’s great about Charice and Charicemania. They both inspire you to have your say, even if you have never done anything like this before.

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  6. elsa from spain says:
    LoloJP…very touching,allow me to thank you for sharing it to all Chasters. Your description is like a lullaby, so soothing to my ears and i just felt the goodness of those chosen words very fitting to our Princess…the true being of Charice is reflected on your description. I say, LoloJP and Charice are survivors in life.

    I am in my golden age now and i pray to see Charice to continue to soar high with her dreams so i always pray and end my writing with GOOD HEALTH TO ALL CHASTERS GLOBALLY and to CHARICE!!!…let us enjoy every moment with Charice, a reason for us to outlive as we will all live longer than we je je. Chao.

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  7. noellen says:

    gandalf @39… thank you for the update,, hehe,, just read your comment there,,,

    everytime I read this, I do still cry, heheh..

    Thank you again Lolo JP,, my lolo JP…hugs from me,,,

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  8. gandalf says:

    Here’s an updated link to all our Buzz Up articles including this poignant piece by Lolo JP:

    Buzz up all of them and leave as many comments as you can! This can be our daily answer to Max’s “What have you done for Charice today?”

    In our own small way, we are spreading the word about Charice in a bigger forum – the whole wide world!

    All 4 Charice,


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  9. JP says:

    CHARICEMANIA — “The City Of Charicity”


    With all of my heart, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for receiving my short piece with fervor.
    It may appear a bit profound but I wrote it exactly how I felt it with calculated transparency.
    I feel elated with your ennobling response and I just hope that you’ll keep the essence of my message to heart.
    You will have your own moments of trials and distress, in God’s Providence…”keep your faith.” God is love, good and just.

    I’ll give the credits to CHARICE being the principal figure in my piece as I just happen to be an incidental player.

    It is difficult for any of us to conceive our lives without the relationships with our family and friends. We discover who we are by learning about and flourishing with the people who touched our lives. Though relationships are sometimes exacting, we expand our understanding of ourselves by opening our hearts and minds to others. It takes commitment and the ability to create new ideas to maintain all relationships. We need to be consistent in developing meaningful and lasting relationships. We need to let the people we love know that we care about them, that is, caring and seeing with the heart.

    In closing: Go out and enjoy nature…walk the trails and stop to appreciate the flowers and the small creatures along the road. Watch the birds and the fish that abound in the sea. Watch ordinary people–what you see is you, so, respect them, live and let live, wise up and learn. The world remains a testy place of struggle. Believe!
    Never stop saying, “I Love You.” I love you all.

    Everything else considered, Charice will be the Chaster’s “Ultimate Audio-Visual Delight.”


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  10. Max says:


    There is not much I can say that has not been said. When you sent the proposed article to me, for consideration to publish, I read it right away. As I finished it, I had to go back and read it again. I knew you had a gift for writing, but I immediately thought, “He must share this with the world”.

    When I published just about one day ago, I promised myself I would not comment on it for 24 hours. I wanted to see the response of our Chaster family.

    Never in my dreams would I have envisioned the passion and inspiration your article AND the responses brought out. I plan to go back through every comment here because they touch me just as your article did.

    Until now, I do not think I really knew how powerfully Charice has affected us all. I’m a complete mess. I feel purged and exhilarated of all things negative.

    I will do all I can to try to to get this article and comments to Charice for her and her mom to see. You guys can help, too. “Buzz” this article to your social networks, Charice’s Twitter and other accounts, and email it to your acquaintances. She just has to read these beautiful messages. Anything less would be a disservice to her.

    Congratulations JP

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  11. odie052 says:

    Lolo JP

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Truly, Charice has the magic touch. You did not only manifest your unconditional love and adoration from this unique creature all of us also adore and admire but also strengthen our spiritual faith in merciful God. Its a miracle how you were able to survive those horrific tragedies that nearly ended your life. You must be a superman and with due respect may I call you one of the SUPERLOLOS elite forces of our Princess Charice? OMG what a force to reckon with. Hehe

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  12. abettertomorrow4 says:

    Thanks LOLO JP for sharing your wonderful inspiring story.Wow Charice really connects all us chaster around the World as one Big Family.Like I always said.Charice-The Chosen One

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  13. FLTom says:

    That you’re one of the very good guys around here, LoloJP, can be seen in every line of this essay. It’s a privilege to get a glimpse into the challenges and inspirations of your life, and to be inspired in turn by your courageous response.

    Charice’s magical voice reveals her own deep goodness. That’s how she attracts the many good people on this website and throughout her fan base.

    A toast to Charice’s Goodness Vibe! — May it long reverberate all around the world.

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  14. noellen says:

    Dear tessie @31,,, heheh,,, this article is written by Lolo JP…

    Lolo JP,, is it fine with you I will have your email address?..

    My hugs to you henri_v,.. thank you,..

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  15. grace says:

    hi Lolo JP,
    What a beautiful write up deep within your soul that goes to mine.Absolutely gives inspiration to everyone and personally wanted to thank you.Would love to give a hug to my lolo JP. TC and may good heavens keep us safe always.

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  16. tessie says:

    Hi Lolo Lando …

    I’m so touched of your writing and thanks for sharing this to us.
    I really admire Charice of her spectacular voice and very down to
    earth behavior.Everytime Charice’s perform i always felt so releived
    and teary eyed.Her voice touches every one’s heart and she’s a God
    given talent.

    God bless us all,Good health and more power to Charice!

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