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Charice Still Has Stage Fright

Charice Still Has Stage Fright

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  1. dadartful says:

    MJ stated that he always was nervous before every performance. He was the best performer on this planet and pleasing the audience was always on his mind, until he stepped on the stage.

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  2. jinXt says:

    …which is why shee needs to stay in the US =)

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  3. tony says:

    i would agree when shes performing in the philippines. charice once said filipinos are hard to please and you can see the big difference when shes performing abroad (U.S. & Europe). for those who knows charice life story, wouldn’t you have jitters performing infront of your own countrymen? she had to go thru a lot of bumps and bruises to where shes at today. sadly, in the philippines either your liked or disliked (nothing in between), either your rich or your poor (the rich get richer and the poor get poorer).

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  4. Multizony says:

    The real reason Charice still gets the jitters when performing in the Phils is that there are still so many enemies, detractors, envious, and people who don’t wish her well. They are around, lurking and ready to pounce the moment she stumbles. Abroad, her audience loves her. They care for her and they are in awe of her. She is still nervous before a performance abroad but these are what I would call “good nervousness” as opposed to the anxiety she feels when in the Philippines. You could see it in her facial expression when she performs in the US and Italy, so relaxed and enjoying herself. You saw that in Korea as well. Sadly, the situation in the Phils will never change. We all just have to live with it.

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  5. Harajuku says:

    Even barbara Streisand got a monstrous stage fright

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  6. kyotovisitor says:

    As Tiger Woods says, “The day I don’t get nervous is the day I quit!” ‘Stage fright” (aka anticipatory anxiety), when not crippling, can motivate the performer to put forth his/her best. And as we’ve already seen, Tiger wins a lot and Charice gives us goosebumps every time she sings!

    Hurray for stage fright!!!



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  7. EBjohns11 says:

    Its OK Charice, that is Normal! I have stage fright all the time hehehe.

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  8. Chuck says:

    Thanks to Charice for her being so candid, just another example of how down-to-earth she is.

    It is not unusual for superstars to have experienced stage fright. They just don’t reveal or talk about it very often. What’s amazing is that once she put herself in front of audience she quickly transforms and enters her zone. What we see is a performer with superb confidence and is seemingly at ease.

    Actually, to have some degree of stage fright can be useful in terms of keeping the performer in full alert and being aware of the moment. That in turn helps lead to great performance. Remember that Charice was feeling nervous on the stage with Celine at MSG? Miss Dion said she felt Charice was shaken during the intro. Once the first note was belt out, it all changed. We all know by now, that the duet with Celine and that performance of hers were destined to be Charice’s classical moment and something to be talked about for the ages.

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  9. LoloLando says:

    I see no reason for regulating my # 7 post. Though my comments there are on the “edge”, those were not crabby. You just missed a quizzical observation if it is not accepted!!

    May peace reign in this Site.

    Sometimes the system inadvertently directs comments into the Moderation. We apologize. We have restored your comment as comment #8.

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  10. LoloLando says:

    First impression is always lasting. This is one reason why CHARICE has still that butterfly in her stomach when infront of Filipino audience here in the Philippines. Her experience in her last competition, where she landed third, not by the quality of her performance, but through text voter attuned to Caucacian features, affected her so much and so traumatized that we still notice her timid entrance in very performance under ABS-CBN programs. Note that she also holds on to her mic with both hands as if this thing tips the balance between good performance and bad. Tweaking this equipment to regulate the sound volume will certainly affect her performance, she being noted for her loud voice.

    I also feel that there are established stars in this station, whose performance do not appeal anymore to the general viewing public, but because they have a clout in its management, they were there, still plying their trade, which to me is already jurassic. Look at their faces. Their relatives control the flow of a program that is why CHARICE, though noted internationally, somehow tempers her performance, even allowing other performers to shine.

    Those are the peripheral reasons why CHARICE STILL HAS STAGE FRIGHT, but only on ABS CBN shows. Just take note of her performances in other venues and you will see the difference. She giggles and clowns with the audience in the same breadth as her US performances.

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  11. justcharrie says:

    I wonder which local recording label she’s going to collaborate next time. I hope no more exclusive contract.

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  12. Eve says:

    well, blackrose, as David Foster says, Charice’s talent is “undeniable, it will not NOT happen for her here.” Her awesome voice and stage presence is so obvious to us Americans. She’s so cute, the little girl with the big voice.

    noellen, my competitive spirit comes out, at last, being first feels pretty good! But I better go to sleep now, haha.

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  13. daddy ron says:

    It’s good to know that her second album under Star Records will be her last. She can now concentrate under Warner Records. Go Charice! luv yah! =)

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  14. blackrose says:

    all i can say is THANK YOU AMERICA! for welcoming our charice… i always feel the respect and love and the western audience are just awesome…thank you…thank you…thank you…

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  15. noellen says:

    haha,, EVE,,,,now you stole my pole…

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  16. Eve says:

    Well I guess it’s easy to relax in front of Western audiences cuz she knows how much we love her, the Queen of Standing Ovations!!!
    Welcome back to USA!!

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