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charice ntg2 75x75 CHARICE:  THE JOURNEY HAS BEGUN!!!Post your stories here! On the night of Charice’s first major solo concert held at the SMX Convention Centre in the Philippines, the chatroom (as usual when a major event is happening), was once again a-buzz with excitement and much activity with messages flying in thick and fast, and the usual requests for videos were coming in intermittently as new chatters come into the chatroom! The video stake-out has also begun! Regular (almost up-to-the-minute) Twitter updates were being received and relayed to the chatters as the concert was happening which made being in the chatroom almost unbearable, because we all wanted to be in the concert!

Thanks to @irmsmith and her updates, it was Order lady era review the closest we could get to being there, of course, sans the visuals, although, we got the benefit of Twitpics as well! Thank the person who invented Twitter! The tweets were very helpful in calming our chaddiction!

Author: OzGirl

Here are the tweets, for your own reading enjoyment!

1. Magstart na!Wohoo!
2. Excited n0w! Waaahh!
3. Start na!Video clip of Cha!about
4. The place is jampacked!about
5. Charice opens the concert with And i’m telling you i’m not going
6. Naiyak c Charice..She’s so happy
7. My Heart will go on..lovely!
8. She sang the song where she lost in LBS
9. Kyle,Makisig and other LBS stars singing..about
10. Rhap is singing..
11. Charice is singing IWALY
12. The best!!!
13. Cha and Mommy Racquel singing..You and Me Against the world..Very beautiful! They both wear the same dress
14. And now she’s singing the song Amazing..Composed by Charice..
15. Done with Listen..very powerful..The Prayer with Christian Bautista
16. Her voice is great again..So powerful..Christian Bautista is singing solo..
17. So handsome 4 Christian! Wohoo!
18. Charice is back with I have nothing song..Wohoo!Love it
19. She’s wearing a red gown and singing while interacting with the audience!
20. You’ll never walk alone song with a back up choir! Lovely! Lovely
21. Singing You Raised Me Up..With a choir..
22. I will survive! She’s so beautiful!
23. HALO!! waahh! Am going insane!
24. Just Dance! She’s rocking the stage! Dancing! Wohoo!
25. Really beautiful number!And now with Billie Jean
26. A short tribute to MJ..Very adorable!
27. On My Own..She’s in black gown!
28. Through the rain..Now with All By Myself! Ang galing! Ang taas ng birit!
29. OMG! She’s sooo great
30. Regine is not here..SAi?? sorry! But Kuh Ledesma is here
31. Charice said Regine is in the hospital..Cha and Kuh singing ANAK
32. Kuh is singing solo now..
33. Kuh said that Regine has fever for 2 days now..She’s in the
34. Wow!She’s stunning in blue gown as well..singing One Moment in Time
35. No Regine in the concert..
36. One audience shouted that maybe Regine is afraid of Charice..Audiences really loved Charice..
37. Always You! By Charice
38. You can’t believe that Cha has cough when you hear her sing..
39. Last song Note to God!Waah!
40. With the Choir! Soo great!
41. Not the Note to God costume..Only blue gown
42. A message from Michael G.,Marc J., her Business Manager, and David Foster!
43. Standing ovation after! Paano kita mapapasalamatan..
44. Finale. Maghintay ka lamang..Don’t know if that’s the ryt title
45. They are congratulating Charice..Finale is so emotional..
46. The concert was soo great!Very successful..Meeting with the Chasters ryt now
47. Ok,be back in a while guys..Chasters meeting here
48. Meet and greet with Charice..So excited!
49. Going to Yellow Cab for the post party gathering

Here are some of the videos courtesy bdfangeles. More videos will be uploaded as they become available. Enjoy!

The Journey Begins Part 1

The Journey Begins Part 2

The Journey Begins Part 3

The Journey Begins Part 4

The Journey Begins Part 5

The Journey Begins Part 6

Journey Begins Part 7

The Journey Begins Part 8

The Journey Begins Part 9

The Journey Begins Part 10

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The Journey Begins Part 11

The Journey Begins Part 12

The Journey Begins Part 13

The Journey Begins Part 14

The Journey Begins Part 15

The Journey Begins Part 16

The Journey Begins Part 17

The Journey Begins Part 18

The Journey Begins Part 19

Submitted by angie

134 Responses to “CHARICE: THE JOURNEY HAS BEGUN!!!”

  1. noellen says:

    Lolo Lando @130,…

    You have gone to the demnition of bow-wows..(I borrowed the quote of Charles Dickens) hehe,,. but you really are lolo Lando,.. you are the best in moderation,…

    Lolo Lando,,, have you seen the picture of Lolo JP on the I am a Chaster Video?… hmnnn but I want to see also your photo there,.. hehe,..

    Thank you,…

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  2. nameless1010 says:

    Here’s my take, I feel that Charice wants to prove something to the people in the Philippines thats why she kept going back there. She people are hard on her and didnt believe in her. But I partly agree with Aloha, she should focus her career in the US so that she is accessible and not worry about the negatives because she will get a lot of that no matter how good she is.

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  3. Rendi says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Fil-Canadians comment.

    People here should just stop telling Charice’s managers and/or advisers what to do. If you think you guys know better, might as well just apply for the job, maybe show your credentials that you guys have managed a successful ‘artist’ in the past. Only then should you speak erratic comments about what Charice’s managers ought to do with their jobs.

    This is still a rampant problem for majority of Filipinos. Majority still wants to pick at somebody elses nose. Please, for goodness sake – lets not do this anymore.

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    • OzGirl says:

      LMAO, Rendi! “pick at somebody else’s nose” That’s one graphic image that would be hard to get out of your head! hahahaha!

      I hear you, though. And I’m with you on that. Somehow I don’t think we would see a rush of CV’s/resumés flying into the offices of the US management team!

      It can be amusing sometimes to read people’s “recommendations” and “suggestions” for the “betterment” of Charice’s career, but for the most part, it’s just, well, you said it, picking at somebody else’s nose! hahahahahaha! Not a pretty picture! It’s not pleasant watching someone pick their own nose, let alone somebody else’s! Yikes!

      still laughing,

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  4. LoloLando says:

    To Aloha and Fil-Canadian,

    Good morning to you… I guess both of you, including me are Chasters, so we have a common ground to discuss something about CHARICE. There are 2 key words that Aloha tried to project in “her” post: DESPERATE and VISIBLE.

    I can’t describe what “desperate” means in the context of Aloha but the proof of the matter is that the recent concert of CHARICE here in the Philippines has the blessings of her 3 managers (Oprah, David F. and Marc J). Be aware that David Foster has obligations, not only to Charice, but other singers like Whitney Houston to produce their music albums this year. Charice was invited (not desperate) to perform so, she took a leave of absence and was granted. She could have been to other places, like Korea, Italy or Singapore, but this was her debut concert and her local management were very optimistic that this would be a sell-out. Was it? The “desperation age” in the life of CHARICE is past. Even as I write, there is a growing queue of invites awaiting CHARICE. That aborted appearance with Michael Jackson is one. Forget that Dubai fiasco but this was also an invite, nonetheless.

    Visibility in the “old rule” entails physical appearance, so Aloha is right in that regard. Visibility in the “new rule” entails both physical appearance and through telecommunications facilities, like the internet and YouTube. I hope you are with me as I continue (just kidding). The root cause of her being known worldwide was through the internet or YouTube. Falsevoice started the ball rolling for Charice and soon this snowballed in such a pace that within over a year of posting, we saw her performing with bigwigs at the Mandalay Bay. What transpired within those period is an exceptional exploit of CHARICE worth telling. Again, she performed in those places through “invitation”, not “desperation”.

    I might go on and on but I would be repeating what other commenters in CHARICEMANIA had done, thus inviting moderation.

    Henri-v, when will you mail my first royalty check haa?

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  5. Fil-Canadian says:

    To Aloha,

    I think this question of yours has been answered too many times before. I’ve seen you frequently chatting with other people and each time, each and everyone of them gives you an answer to the same question. I think the problem here is that, whatever answers you’re given aren’t going to be good enough because you refuse to acknowledge the validity of the responses.

    Charice is a talent who has a manager who handles her career in the States. If she is needed there, she will be obligated to go to the States per her contract agreement. The urgency is not there at the moment so why rush?. Once the Album is released, then it will be another story. She will be anywhere and everywhere and will be very visible.

    Secondly, performing in the Philippines for the Filipinos is definitely not a waste of her time. Please don’t look down on the country and it’s people just because Charice is slowly making it in the world. I personally take offense to that. In fact, you should learn from this young 17 year old girl who knows where she came from, never forgets her roots and always appreciative of the support of her fellowmen. This is the same 17-year old girl, who despite of her early struggles, is able to reach out to the world because of her tenacity and perseverance. This is the same humility that endears her to the world that she is destined to conquer, through her passion and love of music.

    If this humbling trait frustrates you, well my friend, the problem is yours. Not hers.

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  6. Aloha says:

    Why is Charice kept going to the Philippines? Hello can someone answer me why is she so desperate to go home when David, Oprah and Marc Johnson are so devoted to build her career in the US????

    The old rule is, in order to be successful in the music industry in the US and around the word, you have to visible all the time and that place is the US. She’s not visible in America so how can she be popular in America if she’s nowhere to be found? She’s not a big celebrity yet so she should start building that up rather than wasting her time in the Philippines. She can always go back there when she’s already a star in the US. She can even live there forever and not come in the US which is good for her because her heart belongs there.

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  7. bld9696 says:

    After watching the posted videos from my home in Atlanta, Ga., USA, I have a few observations. First, to all of the blind fools who think Charice is ugly, please look elsewhere. Charice doesn’t need you. This young lady is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. Her smile is captivating; it melts your heart. All I can say is, if I were a young 18 year old man, Charice would be my number one crush. To hear her spectacular voice during this concert was fantastic. And on top of that, she had a cold. I can barely talk when I have a cold, and yet she sang beautifully despite her illness. This illustrates just how magical her talent truely is. I just wish the other aspects (band, choir, venue, etc.) of the concert were up to the standards she deserves. But she won’t complain. That is how special she is. Charice, please move your home base to America. This wiil be difficult, but it is necessary if you are to soar to the heights you deserve. Keep pushing to the top. With the help of David Foster, you will be there very soon.

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  8. satee09 says:

    i watched the concert and i can say that the organizers of the show did a poor job..for somebody like charice, the show should have been better..after all, charice is international..

    as for charice’s performance…it was good..near perfect, in fact…i came to hear charice perform live and was not disappointed..hearing her live is really different from hearing her on tv or videos..
    you go, girl! keep it up!

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  9. abettertomorrow4 says:

    Okay Charice please stay in the U.S.finish your album and concentrate on the U.S market cause once you made it Here, the rest will be History!Charice-The Chosen One

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  10. Artg says:

    Trying not to defend the “ELITE” from ABS-CBN “Kapamilya”, maybe they feel so insecure and inferior of what Charice had shown on her very first concert. Despite being short changed by the Band and the Choir, the sudden illness of HER IDOL RV (maybe a COPOUT) the result is still the same “WOW” what a performance. The organizers tried to make the concert cheap and maybe try to “downgrade”, “sabotage” the concert to no avail. Charice was a trooper and the concert went on as usual. At her tender age seems like nothing is going the phase her, her demeanor when I saw her perform on Ellen & Oprah pretty much says it all. Ika nga “been there done that”. The concert was RIGHT ON even though I was not in attendance. Thank God for YOU TUBE

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  11. webmarketstrat says:

    To my understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, there were only a couple of celebrities in the audience–Boy Abunda and Dr. Vicky Belo. Maybe there were others but I didn’t see them in the news flash. Still, it was telling.

    My point is, you see these celebrity sycophants fawn over Charice when they are on-air yet their mock admiration was exposed when they didn’t show themselves to support Charice in her MAIDEN concert.

    Charice deserves better. She should concentrate more in the US and abroad. She already achieved her dream of holding a concert in the Philippines. It is time to move on and go to a place where she’ll get the proper respect and treatment due her.


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  12. rose says:

    I do agree that Charice should concentrate in US.Look Leona Lewis
    is one of the example shes in US considering England is one of the best place.

    Lubyo charice from London

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  13. st.tofi says:

    Thanks ckalehb for the correction ^_^

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