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charice star hollywood2 75x75 CHARICE:  WHAT MAKES A STAR?OK Chasters and fans, here is your chance to tell us what you think Charice should or could do to make her star shine brighter.  You have never been shy about your suggestions.  You have suggested just about everything from how she should dress to where she should spend her time to her make-up and much more.  Well, sound off here!  Please note only a couple of guidelines.

  1. Be positive. Neither Charice nor her management wants to know what she/they shouldn’t do, but  what can they do better.
  2. Do not attack other commentors or belittle their suggestions.  Charicemania reserves the right to moderate comments according to Charicemania’s commenting policies.

Have fun and let everybody know what you feel Charice can do to further her career.  Think out of the box.  Let your imagination run free.  Who knows?  Your ideas may make her star shine even brighter than it does now.

charice star hollywood3 CHARICE:  WHAT MAKES A STAR?

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68 Responses to “CHARICE: WHAT MAKES A STAR?”

  1. Chanuck says:

    Charice and KC Concepcion are now neck and neck for Ms Twitter Philippines. Please vote for Charice, let’s show them CHASTERS’ POWER. Our friend CHarified is in third place- vote for her while you’re at it. You can vote every 20 minutes. Click below

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  2. vil26216 says:

    I would like to add the following, in addition to all your good suggestions:

    1.Stay in the US to complete new album and promote NTG, 6 months at least.
    2.Keep a strict ‘English Only’ communications, oral and written, at home and while in the US. This should improve their (Charice & family) communication skill in English.
    3.Drop the excessive use of ‘po’ and ‘opo’ during interviews and conversation, It upsets some people being reminded how old they look, plus it’s degrading and she appears to be inferior to others.
    4.Release a CD version of ‘Note to God’and distribute it worldwide. Matured folks prefer CDs version because it’s simple and ready to enjoy the music, there’s no need for computers, internet access, ipod, burning to blank CDs, downloading and all the skills associated before you can finally enjoy the music.
    5.Do not invite Filipino artists and/or show host as guests/co-performers in the upcoming US concerts. Some Pinoys and Americans may avoid the show because they just want to watch Charice. The presence of other Pinoy artists/show host makes it appear to be an exclusive Filipino Show (sub-standard quality).
    6.Follow Oprah’s and US Management regarding attire and make-up for the shows and appearances in the US

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  3. joyco says:

    Like most of you guys, I believe Charice should start her speech and personality development and training. Having said that, I also want to emphasize that I wouldn’t want her to lose her identity as a Filipina. She must learn english as a second language, but losing her natural accent is not necessary. What is more important is the grammar and manner that she speaks. I’d like to see her able to converse intelligently with people of different background and walks of life. Understanding the American pop culture will definitely help her.

    Charice has an awesome personality and I think she should continue to be herself and be comfortable in her own skin. She just needs some polishing. Some sort of fine tuning. An enhancement. How to do this? I’ll leave it to the pros.

    Get some real dance lessons and or physical fitness trainer.

    Since she loves to play an instrument (piano, guitar and the drum), I think she should get a formal lesson in it.

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  4. ArrVee says:


    that is such an insight of the passing of the torch from MJ to her (may he rest in peace). I say this because I was just watching one of the news coverages about him tonight, showing his performances with the Jackson 5, saying that people were really amazed with his voice at such a young age – BAM! – that sounds like what they say about Charice, except that there were more superlatives used with her.

    I agree as well that she should not turn away from her heritage and strive to sound like an American. As for being good with interviews, she is still young, and over time, she will develop her off-stage performances as well. As she matures, so will her outlook in life, which will form the basis for how she presents herself in interviews, for example. She should be herself and not try to please everybody.

    But like OMIE@63 says, she should be constantly exposed to American culture, to learn its nuances, idioms and even humor, for example, that will further improve how she presents herself to the public. Learning about multiple cultures can only enrich her, especially as she is performing on the international stage.

    I would leave her packaging to the pros, but hopefully they will know what to leave well enough alone – the aspects about her that speak of natural beauty and simplicity – which provide a stark contrast to, and highlight her world-class talent. That would be her signature. She could even start a trend of wearing the same (or seemingly the same) jacket or even an entire outfit, as was once a hot topic in this forum.

    Her managers (and her mom) should also be vigilant of the dangers of overexposure, especially since she is still young.

    For many of us however, no matter how they package her, she will always be near and dear to our hearts. We all have that defining moment when she first pierced deep into our hearts and touched our souls. For me, this moment came with the Celine Dion duet at Madison Square Garden. Even if I eventually tire of her over time, I can always go back to that golden moment – “we’ll always have Madison”.

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  5. jimfan155 says:

    I have previously suggested like many fans that Charice do more interviews in English. While some would like her to speak English all the time, I disagree. How can someone turn their back on their heritage? I just want her to improve her skills so she can be comfortable when responding. I love accents and don’t see the need for Charice to lose hers completely. I am not in favor of a total makeover. She is Filipino and will always be. Is fame worth losing your identity? Not in my opinion.

    I fell in love with Charice as Charice. Obviously, some changes have to take place to get to international stardom. Do I want to see her as controversial as Madonna?, do I want to see her wearing costumes like Cher?, do I want to see her become another Britney? Not at all. If being classy isn’t enough to take you to the top then so be it. As she has seen before, being number one is not necessary to be successful. If she wants it she can have a musical career for the next 40 years; if the lord allows. Of course I would like Charice to win all the awards for her first international album, but if it doesn’t happen now, I have no doubt she will win her share in the future.

    There’s no denying she has the most singing ability than anyone out there, at this time. But it’s tough because of her mature voice and young age. There will always be critics saying she shouldn’t be singing love ballads because she’s too young and hasn’t experienced the emotions, yet. But the fact is she sings them better than anyone and can act the part. I love all her duets with seasoned professionals where she is not intimidated and more than holds her own.

    The girl can flat out sing and that alone will make me buy her albums and go to her concerts. I am sold on Charice, as is. As long as she keeps her feet on the ground and doesn’t forget to pray, she will be ok in my book. All the improvements maybe important to getting her on the fast track, but I don’t mind if she takes her time, since she’s only 17. Since she likes to sing, I think she needs 2 albums. One with fast songs that the younger fans can relate too and one of ballads for us old folk.

    They say “when one door closes, another door opens”. Michael Jackson passed away today when he was on the verge of his final concert tour. Charice is on the verge of her first concert with more to follow. Is this signifying the passing of the torch? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. Good luck Charice. Keep focused and keep smiling, no matter what.

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  6. OMIE says:

    Charms27 in #60 raises two important points, communication skills and interview skills. With Charice’s busy schedule she probably cannot go to a regular language school. Apart from private coaching I think Charice would benefit from having an American “support family”, a stable family with previous international experience but not of Filipino origin, not in show business, and with children of her own age. Charice should be able to visit there for weekends or longer and take part in everyday activities as a family member.

    This would work in the same way as the various international youth exchange programs that I have seen in Europe. Several members of my family had such exchange experiences when young and learnt not only communication skills but also about life and culture of the other country – Great Britain or the United States. Other families which I am related to have been at the receiving end of such programs in Scandinavia.

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  7. jn says:

    We have to remember that Charice is only 17 years old…..Let us not pressure here too much. About her crying during the SNN interview, let her be…let her espress her disappointments/frustrations/heartaches and etc. It is Therapeutic…Her life journey was not easy…One of the many things I loved about Charice that she is ‘real.” Just observed how she answered the questions…straightforward, not showbiz,rehearsed type.. As she grows older, she will be able to control those emotions (crying). Again, these outpouring of emotions is good for Charice mental health……Good Luck..Charice..

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  8. JP says:


    Good afternoon and welcome to Charicemania. Thanks for dropping by and finally leaving a comment. I felt your sincerity in expressing your concern about Charice and I can assure that the active community leaders of the community are giving their precious time and dedicated tireless effort to maintain the wholesome atmosphere and integrity of the site.
    By the way, I’m just the old Barker here for now while some of the residents are out on Charismatic Sabbatical.
    I hope that you’ll visit us regularly and don’t say that you are not credible to leave a comment…you are Incredible!

    I’m just a tenant here, so, I’ll catch you later before the manager wakes up.


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