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Interview: Charice Hopes to Sing in Pacquiao Fight

Interview: Charice Hopes to Sing in Pacquiao Fight

manny pacquiao national anthem 75x75  Interview: Charice Hopes to Sing in Pacquiao FightSinging the Philippine National Anthem in one of the future fights of world’s boxing pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest dreams of international singing sensation Charice.


Interview: Charice Hopes to Sing in Pacquiao Fight


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Pussycat Doll next to sing RP anthem in Pacman bout?

MANILA – After world-class performers Lea Salonga and Charice, it is Nicole Scherzinger’s turn to express her desire to sing the country’s national anthem in  People’s Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s bouts.

Scherzinger, the half Filipino lead singer of popular American pop girl group “Pussycat Dolls,” said, if given a chance, she is willing to sing Lupang Hinirang in one of his fights.

“[It] would be an honor to sing the national anthem. So, let’s make that happen!” she said.

The singer admitted that she is a big fan of the Filipino boxing icon and that she has been following his career.

“I’m so proud of him. I’ve been following him. It’s just awesome to see my kababayans out there like Apl [de Ap of Black Eyed Peas] and Manny… there’s so much pride,” she said.

Scherzinger also revealed there are offers for her to appear in the planned movie of Pacquiao and Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.

“I’ve been given the Manny Pacquiao script so we’ll see what happens with that… if I’m going to be part of that in any way it will be a blessing,” she said.

Earlier, Charice and Salonga also expressed their desire to sing the country’s national anthem in Pacman’s fights. Pacquiao  traditionally handpicks an artist who will sing Lupang Hinirang. In his match with Ricky Hatton, he chose Martin Nievera.

Doll domination

Scherzinger is in the Philippines, along with other Pussycat Dolls Kimberly Wyatt, Melody Thornton and Ashley Roberts, for a one-night only concert. Another member, Jessica Sutta, was not able to join the group because of her injury.

Dubbed as “A Clear Doll Domination: The Pussycat Dolls Live in Manila,” the show will be held at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City on June 11.

They are expected to perform their hit singles from their “Doll Domination” album including “When I Grow Up,” “I Hate This Part,” “Whatcha Think About That,” and “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).”

This is the second time that the all-female singers group will perform for their Filipino fans. The Pussycat Dolls’ first concert was held at the Araneta Coliseum in July of 2006.



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14 Responses to “Interview: Charice Hopes to Sing in Pacquiao Fight”

  1. milesoka says:

    To Chasters, fans & visitors: Let’s make this Charice’s Note to God Oprah vid 500,000 hits before Charice’s 27Jun concert in PI. By your power, we can do 31,000 hits/day. Thank you very much. link to

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  2. Rommel says:

    Maybe we should email pacman? Or maybe we can ask pacman to visit this site? That would be bombastic if both Pacman and Charice fame will be combined in one event!

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  3. Joy Co says:

    All of these three lovely ladies – Charice, Lea Salonga and Nicole Schwarzinger(?) are excellent performers. Either one of them will bring so much buzz coz …

    Imagine Pussycat Doll Nicole in a demure and classic Filipiniana dress? Most non-Filipino Americans will not recognize her. It’s a good promo if she is really going to do a movie with Stallone & Pacquiao in 2010. Nicole looked and sounded different (in a nice way) singing SWAY live in Great Britain TV show. I am beginning to take her as a serious performer.

    Lea Salonga is a multi-award winner that includes the Tony Award and the Sir Olivier Award of Great Britain. Another princess with a good brain on top of her shoulder. Charming and witty. Not many boxing audience know her unless they are into Broadway and Disney productions. Good exposure for her too. Deserving!

    Charice has her own following now. It will be a real treat for the boxing fans to see her sing the Phil. National Anthem. She’s a good prelude to jump start the pulse rate of the spectators. She’ll come out with a big bang and leave the audience upbeat in time for Pacquiao to throw his first punch. All the more deserving!

    If I am to choose, Charice is the winner!

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  4. 18wheeleredy says:

    heck forget gayweather.

    Pacman against Mosley will be a good fight definitely.

    Hey Pacman i’ll even let you beat the crop out of me
    just have Charice sing National Anthem on October….okey?

    i’m not worried, my buddy Max will protect me from you
    or better me and max against Pac. we can take him, right Max….heheh

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  5. JeremiahKD says:

    Team Pacquiao has an eye for Charice to sing in the plan Mayweather fight to create a great buzz in the already biggest boxing event in the decade. Their concern is when Charice starts singing, the crowd will be mesmerized and will be in awe of her performance which might take away the thunder from the boxing match. Anyways, hope it happens because it will energize the crowd and will definitely showcase two world class Pinoy talent unite together for a spectacular event.

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  6. 18wheeleredy says:

    No not yet Charice,

    wait for the big one.
    Fight of the Century: Super Pacman against
    Mayweather Junior. That’s more appropriate
    for you. It’s gonna happened…..

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  7. java says:

    The Insider posts a short article on Charice 1 hour ago “Introducing Charice”

    lifted from this post (Source):
    (by Amanda @ Jun 12, 2009)

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  8. Marie says:

    Ohhhh.. I like Nicole, I love Lea, but most of all I am inlove with Charice. Pls. Let Charice sing the anthem, Mr. Pacman!

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  9. Daniel says:

    Nicole, Leah , or Charice…… Who will Pacman pick to sing the Philippine National Anthem ? How about a trio. Nicole will sing first, then Leah in the middle and Charice at the end because she can hit the high notes. But if Manny pick Charice, it will be another dream come true to our Princess….and I will be watching it live with the rest of CM chasters !!

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  10. JaYrOx says:

    I hope she does get her wish granted of singing in the Pacquiao fight. If that happens, I’ll surely watch it live in Vegas, instead of watching it in pay-per-view.

    Isang kaadikang mukha nga dyan!!! (O_O)

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  11. jn says:

    Manny, it is your final decision though……but you know what….if it would be nice if you can pick Charice or Leah….but first pick Charice.

    Anyways, probably this is off the thread here but just want to share this link…Charice looks so simple but beautiful and with a write up…..My first time to see this picture

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  12. justcharrie says:

    Oh, just give Charice her humble wish…don’t make it hard for her, com’on!

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  13. EBJohns11 says:

    I dont mind Nicole coz I love PCD too but I would prefer if Manny will get Charice instead! Well, hopefully! I’m praying …

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  14. bullseyejames says:

    pacman let charice do the honor to sing our national anthem

    bej first

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