Request Note to God on Radio Disney

Request Note to God on Radio Disney

While shooting the breeze with fellow Chasters in the chatroom last night, BayAreaFan made a great suggestion: why not promote Note to God Buy generic levlen no prescription on Radio Disney? Apparently Charice’s single has made it on the Magic Kingdom’s radio playlist alongside other artists such as Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers. Radio Disney broadcasts 24/7 via webstream and accepts requests online.

listennow 200703 skyscraper 80x300 Request Note to God on Radio DisneyWith our continuing promotion of Note to God, this is an ideal opportunity to spread the word about Charice and her carrier single. Disney, as we all know, is a behemoth in the entertainment world with a diverse following from all ages. Tapping into this large fanbase provides a chance to create buzz amongst Disney fans when her song gets played on Radio Disney. Put simply, it’s a way for them to hear Charice’s angelic voice to get them Chaddicted. And as Chasters know, once you get Chaddicted there’s no turning back.

Request Note to God on Radio Disney today! Simply go to Radio Disney’s website and scroll down to select Charice’s Note to God. The request webpage is:

For those in the USA, since you are contacting your local radio stations to request Note to God here’s a website with a list of US radio stations. Simply click your state on the map, enter your city/state, or enter the call ID of the station.

Make sure you select one with an appropriate format , e.g., Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Variety or Christian to make your request. It’s unlikely they’ll play Note to God in a Sports or Classic Rock station. =)

For those outside the US, there’s also an international listing. Select Order geriforte tablet your country of residence:

Have fun requesting!

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35 Responses to “Request Note to God on Radio Disney”

  1. ggg says:

    I just requested NTG… Hope they’ll play it…

    God bless everyone!

    just QB

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  2. blackrose says:

    to rocskygolf

    in OMAN??? is that in the middle east??? am i right.pls. correct me if i’m wrong…lol.anyways if it’s really there and charice’s NTG placed 4th that’s really great news…haha…lol…

    waiting for charice’s album is already unbearable….huhu


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  3. GM says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I can feel the heat from my vacation….lol. I am back to splash water on these threads with all the heated exchanges and all the people who were either hurt or offended. So, consider yourselves splashed with water, so I can put out the fire in this Charicemania

    To the innocent bystanders, we apologize for any inconvenience that these heated exchanges caused anyone. Please do know that most people here are genuinely nice; people who are either coming face to face with cultural differences and still adapting to each other’s ways. So, please be patient, show understanding and love one another and give love and kindness to all…

    And NO…we are not being biased with people, you all have to remember that this is a volunteer work for everyone and we all do require sleep and have to tend to our own personal lives. We don’t always catch the provoking comments that are hateful, hurting or just plain arrogant in nature. And if we did miss the bad ones, yes we will admit that some bad comments slipped out of our hands. We do try to remove them as soon as we get to them, anything that may continue to add fuel to the fire. That doesn’t mean we allow one person to get away with it and not the other. So, stop all the accusation and bickering folks… hehe… Don’t assume we love you any less just because your comment was removed. Sometimes you guys mean well, but sometimes certain words used can still cause a ripple effect that continues to add fuel to the fire. Also, remember none of us are perfect and we are trying to handle things the best possible way. It will require all of us as a community of loving people to be patient with one another and just move on…

    So, folks chill, chill, chill, considered yourselves splashed with water and hope the fire is out of everyone’s hot head… haha!! 18wheelerdy!! Please wheel in the whole fire truck so we can put out the fire in this house… hehe. Help me clean up the ashes folks!!! Clean up! Clean up! Time!! Clean house …clean house time…hehe.

    Go cool off folks and redirect your minds to something fun and exciting, go play our guessing game…lol..hehe

    Peace to all and God bless…

    Maria aka GM

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  4. joycebinct says:

    i’ve never requested anything from radio disney except…Charice’s NTG, so i hope they start playing it soon. i dont even listen to this station…:/

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  5. jipny1 says:

    i hope and i wish and i pray that u are right 20cali09

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