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Charice Will Soon Release International Album Under Warner Brothers

Charice Will Soon Release International Album Under Warner Brothers

charice pep371 75x75 Charice Will Soon Release International Album Under Warner BrothersCharice is no longer just a little girl from the Philippines with a big voice, but the newest Asian Superstar among the young singers of today. She has sung all over the world with some of the worldai??i??s biggest artists and she is probably the only Asian who has sung hand-in-hand with so many other superstars.

Charice has appeared as a guest on Celine Dionai??i??s concert at the Madison Square Garden singing ai???Because You Loved Meai??? with Celine and at Andrea Bocelliai??i??s own concert in Tuscany singing ai???The Prayerai??? with the world-renowned tenor.

The 17-year old singer boasts of an amazing voice and she now has David Foster as her mentor. Charice has truly gone so far in a short time with her astounding talent. And with a ai???Note to Godai??? she is really blessed with great things as her message reaches the heavens. The Filipina is now signed up with Warner Brothers Records in the U.S. as its newest international artist.

Charice made an appearance in the Oprah Winfrey Show last May 18,2009 for the ai???Finale: Oprahai??i??s Search for the Worldai??i??s Most Talented Kidsai??? episode. She debuted her first international single ai???Note to Godai???, which was written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. The single was also made available for digital download on the same day and it was no surprise that the song landed at the #5 spot on iTunes and #1 on Amazon download charts. Watch Chariceai??i??s passionate performance of the song ai???Note to Godai??? on the Oprah Winfrey Show by clicking HERE

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Article from: PEP
Saturday May 30, 2009

Viewers will see that the man playing piano in the background is none other Toprol xl cost at walmart than Mr. Foster.

Chariceai??i??s album which is now being worked on and produced by David Foster himself, will soon be released by Warner Music Philippines before the end of the year. But for now, watch out for her introductory single ai???Note to Godai??? premiering on radio stations in Metro Manila this week.

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44 Responses to “Charice Will Soon Release International Album Under Warner Brothers”

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  2. nuclear blast says:

    Apology is like a teen-age courtship in some other world.The more you chase them the more they dodge you. LOL

    I strongly agree with you

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  3. kasey says:


    Chasters are fully aware that you are a true Gentleman and a Class act.You din’t cross any fact you are absolutely right based on your postings

    My advice to you is: Never offer an apology beacause sometimes it won’t reciprocate the way you always handle things with professionalism.YOu are dealing with so many diffrent people here with assorted of diffrent cultures.

    Mabuhay ka po, Sir at salamat sa pagsuporta kay Charice.

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  4. Chuck says:

    Jesicho #41

    That was exactly what I was thinking before you posted your comment.
    Amazing! How many of us have independently come to the same conclusion? You nailed the core of the issue! Your last key word is perception!

    Internet media can be powerful in both ways. Be careful with what we wish for.

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  5. Max says:


    I apologize for getting hot. I know you are a true gentlemen.

    I am heartened immensely by the comments content since last night. It just goes to show you that we as Chasters are willing to make our voices heard, and heard they were, BIG TIME.

    I commented on FalseVoice’s video my concerns, and apparently, so did many others. I’m sure he meant well. He was nice enough to reply to me.

    Now, back to work. “What Are You Doing for Charice Today”?

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  6. Jesicho says:

    Well for what it is worth, there is a disclaimer on the video now in YouTube. Not what I had expected but perhaps an opening in the door to see more positive changes. I really do hope that this forum can find some constructive way to address this issue before it has the possibility of getting out of hand and misused by negative elements.

    It is one thing if this video was done outside Charice’s circle, as that is something one cannot control except through attorneys. However, to have been created by False Voice the person who introduced Charice to the world, logically some people may infer that Charice’s camp approved this video even if it did not. It is all about perception.

    My last two cents worth on this topic.

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  7. Jesicho says:

    I have just received a “tweet” from xmiyix who informed me that False Voice fully understands our concerns and shall address them accordingly.

    xmiyix he replied back and thanked me for bringing up the concerns. LOL. Actually, Vitto, you deserve credit too, for even bringing this up hehehe.10 minutes ago”

    My reply

    xmiyix@xmiyix thanks for your quick reply – It is a team effort ! The objective to Charify the world – hehehe ! 7 minutes ago

    I am sure that False Voice meant well and like all artists was focused on his craft not realizing the potential impact it could have.

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  8. cizcan43 says:

    I agree with 18Wheeler. That video has no place in there (U-Tube). What I did was flag that video and if a lot of us (who disagree) do what I already did, then U-Tube will zappp it.

    Charice song should not be associated with political controversies. The images presented-like the WTC- will surely rekindle painful experiences from people directly affected by that horrible catastrophe. That is what we should avoid.

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  9. Jesicho says:

    The initial impression I got when I saw the “Note To God” video created by False Voice was Wow! However, I would hasten to guess that the latter was more driven by emotions as opposed to logic.

    After playing the video again wherein one has the ability to put things into perspective the video (whether one likes it or not) tends to have an appearance of certain biases. Moreover, the 911 images are truly of poor taste. My business partner lost all his business associates and friends that day, and I am sure if he saw this video it would make him extremely angry.

    If this was a personal video that was not going to be shared with the public, then False Voice has every right to exercise his creative talents. However, when one takes this kind of material into the public realm, then I believe as human beings we need to be more responsible and considerate of our audience – especially in respect to Charice. If this was an attempt to increase the sale of “Note To God” in the USA and Internationally, I think it will have the opposite effect. Granted certain countries who are detached from the images portrayed in the video will probably not be affected, but they will most likely be the exception and not the rule.

    For the above stated reasons and lalo na para sa kabutihan ni Charice (for the best personal and career interest of Charice) I feel this video needs to be changed to reflect a more neutral point of view, otherwise, the song “Note To God” and by extension Charice, would appear to have chosen a side even if Charice has not.

    The song “Note To God” is a message to diminish hate and anger in this world and bring about peace. The application of this video to this song will only seek to foment more hate and anger. Further, certain groups in society may use this video as a political instrument to serve their own interest. The last time I checked, Charice has no political aspirations. This is very unfair on Charice who is only 17yrs old and who tries her best to bring happiness and joy to everybody through her incredible singing.

    Once again music is a vehicle for unity.

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  10. Chuck says:

    FalseVoice has just changed the featured video and removed the controversial “FalseVoice 3″ video from his channel. The later one is still on YouTube. From reading comments there, it seems clear many fans thought the video was uploaded by FalseVoice.

    See link:

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  11. Chuck says:

    max 33:

    I was trying to add a little black humor here. Amusing? Not really. Not that I was entertained at all. Hope you realized I was actually with you totally. That video totally destroyed the subtlety of the song.

    You might be right, someone is desperate enough and acts like a hero. What NTG needs is a series of carefully planned promotions, not an emotionally-charging controversy.

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  12. Rey says:

    I think this FalseVoice video is treading on dangerous grounds. Although the constitution guarantees freedom of expression, we need to be careful in expressing our opinions because we might be courting misconceptions, especially with anything dealing with politics. Don’t let our excitement in advertising Charice muddle our objectivity. Remember that Charice is now a global property and may be subject to constant scrutiny.

    While I’ve been an avid supporter and loyal fan of Charice, I do not agree with using Note to God as a vehicle to promote political concerns. I don’t think we want Charice to be wrongly perceived as having political leanings. We want people to realize that she is a gift from God and here on earth to entertain our hearts with her angelic voice. From the start, our basic purpose has always been to support Charice attain superstardom in the entertainment industry. Mixing this with political issues might distract our concentration.

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  13. 18wheeleredy says:

    There are freakin’ fanatics out there who
    might get offended with this video. This is not the way
    to represent our Charice.

    i dont like this at all…
    that’s my only concern…

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  14. Max says:


    Yes, the sweet and pure Charice’s name belongs to Charice, not David Foster nor FalseVoice. You have your opinion, I have mine. To put all the ugly in that video on her should not have to happen. Are they that desperate to promote her? I just hope not.

    And there was nothing amusing about 911…….

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