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Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts

Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts

billboard charice 75x75 Note To God In Three BILLBOARD ChartsNote to God is number 44 on The Billboard Hot 100 , number 24 on Billboard Hot Digital Songs, and number 23 on Billboard Hot Digital Tracks in its first week of release. How cool is that?

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Chasters are very proud of what Charice and her Note To God have accomplished so far.Ai?? Chasters will What is the cost of toprol xl continue to work harder together to make Charice and Note To God top all charts worldwide. Chasters we can do this. Yes we can!


The Billboard Hot 100

bb44 hl Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts


Billboard Hot Digital Songs

bb24 644x1023 Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts


Billboard Hot Digital Tracks bb23 Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts

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56 Responses to “Note To God In Three BILLBOARD Charts”

  1. blackrose says:

    i’m so happy for you charice.
    i’m already saving for your album.
    take care and God bless


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  2. dhin says:

    i love charice!!!

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  3. SHAWN says:


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  4. crappycaller says:

    just wanna say that charice song ‘always’ is really good..i thought it was a song of christina aguilera or something…pang international ang caliber..i look forward for her performance on today nbc…that show is shown in our cable last ..seeing charice on tv..i always watch her only in YT :o( ..and speaking of note to God…really really good

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  5. genesis says:

    to all the international chasters,

    its so uplifting to read all of your write ups about charice,its very soothing to the mind,body and soul.dont worry about charice future engagements ,we”ll give it to the Higher Source and He will take care of the rest.we will continuously pray for charice”s management team for good health,long life and more success.we will keep going and keep increasing and keep asking the question,WHAT did I do for Charice today?????keep praising,downloading and believing… together we can do it….welcome the new chasters…

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  6. irmsmith_04 says:

    Wow!C0ngratulations Charice!We will keep praying for your c0ntinuing success. We really believe that you will make it bigtime especially with the right team behind plus the unwavering support of all the Chasters and Divanatics..God bless!

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  7. charice fan says:

    Thank you Charice, with all the negative things happening here in P.I. your success there in the States is a breath of fresh air.


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  8. Moca says:

    WOW wot an achievement in a very short period of time, your so amazing….

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  9. AmazingCP says:

    GM, news about Charice….Hoda and KL mentions Charice on “Today Show”

    Clip from Today Show May 29, 2009 talking bout Charice
    —————————————- —
    Watch Charice promote her single Note to God on Monday June 1st on “Today Show” on NBC
    HODAKOTB TWITTER: I am crazy over that song on oprah the other day “note to god” by Charice. Playing it over and overrrrr4:17 PM May 20th
    Category: Music

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  10. YellowEngr says:

    First, Charice, congratulations! More power and I’ll pray that you’ll be safe always. May God bless you with more wisdom, strength and humility for the show interview this coming Monday. You are a blessing to all of us, to CHASTERS, to the world!

    Tipenski (#s 10 & 12), thanks for the elaboration and explanation. And I agree with Max (#26) on what will happen if NTG starts playing in radio stations… That will be awesome!!! Top of the charts, baby!!!

    Gandaf (#28), the Wikipedia article is uplifting and encouraging. There have been a lot of first for the Filipinos quite recently! I’m very proud to be a Filipino!

    StevenLA (#36), the last part of your comment are kind, caring and loving words.

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  11. IngKong says:

    I truly believe that when NTG is released worldwide it will climb to the top. Thousands of Chasters like myself can’t buy the NTG single because it is not locally available.

    I just kept on watching Charice NTG video on my iPhone. Can’t wait to hear the prolonged spine tingling last note of the studio version.

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  12. madz says:

    congrats Charice,, CHASTERSSS all the hard work is starting to pay off!!!!!!! yehey!!!!!

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  13. tony says:

    nice, very very nice…congratulations princess! sooner than later, you’ll be up there amongst the best. great job fellow chasters and lets keep it going, going, going until our princess is all the way to the top. once again, kudos to ms. oprah,david f., ellen d. and the rest of the team. YES, my “NOTE TO GOD” wil not be denied and thats charice making it to the top!!! god bless us all!

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  14. munzt says:

    Jackie (#15),

    Thanks for sharing what your friend had to say about Charice.

    I think your friend is one among the many who are still concerned of the prejudice here in the US. That is reality, prejudice still exist. But I notice that it’s an American character that is slowly going away. Look around, you’ll see what I mean.

    ‘Chasters’ is now an international word. Not Filipino. Non-filipino chasters are in Europe, China, US and other countries in Asia. And chasters number continue to grow. You’ll find young American teens in youtube mentioning their admiration towards Charice. Some of them say that even their teachers know about Charice.

    Yes, prejudice still exist. But I have no doubt that America today is less of that.


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  15. LoloLando says:

    My comment #ed 29 (you can’t see accdg. to KV) is awaiting moderation for 5 hours now. That post urged us to pray that the NBC Interview of CHARICE on Monday is successful.

    Even if my comments was accepted, you can’t see it on the streams of comments below the advertisement portion of this Site.

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  16. aizen says:

    it sucks, that i can’t buy NTG single :(
    why won’t they do a worldwide release?

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  17. dagz says:

    Charice’s NTG is also #35 in Billboard’s Canadian Top 100!!

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  18. maria says:

    Wow! Congratulations Charice ‘coz NTG is in 3 Billboard charts. My husband told me last night that on his way home from work Charice’s NTG was being played at one of our local radio stations @ Delilah 96.5 FM. Well, I’ll call this radio station and request NTG and hopefully will be granted.

    Daniel- I think Today Show will be aired in SD same time with LA area huh? It’s good that I read your comments so I’ll be much aware of Today Show.

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  19. zeidrich says: charice will be on the “today show” this monday, pls buy at least 1 copy after the show to burst NTG on itunes and join the new one`s who will buy the copy.

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  20. yoly says:

    I told you guys we can do it. Let’s continue supporting her. The next thing will be the grammy. Charice congratulations.

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  21. StevenLA says:

    What Charice has done is historic!!! She is the first Filipino to be in the Top Billboard 100 let alone Top 25 (Enriquez in the 90′s was of Philippine’ descent). And she is only beginning.

    Billboard top songs was also a theme or has been used by American Idol for it’s theme week. That means that they can sing Charice’s song if the theme is Top Hits of the 2000′s. That means that she is already part of music history like the encyclopedia.

    It also open’s the possibility of her being nominated for Grammy as new female artist. There are just so many possibilities. Radio for one cannot ignore her. It is common sense to order and program songs and play on the radio based on top hits. We can also imagine as to what can happen when her new album will be released in fall?

    Oprah’s (besides David Foster) words are prophetic: “you have to keep your feet grounded even if you are wearing new shoes” or words to that effect that Charice is undeniable. It is rather scary what success will do to her but hopefully God will preserve her. Let this be her note.

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  22. natasha says:

    We should not stop promoting and supporting Charice. A lot of fans cannot buy her single bec. it’s not available in itunes in their locations, so gifting even one song to someone is a great way to support Charice, I already gifted one to a fan in the Middle East.

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  23. IringB says:

    Congrats Charice!

    Does anybody here have any idea how many buys the #44 position translates to?


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  24. Daniel says:

    Charified – Thanks for the info. I believe, Today Show starts at 8 am in Los Angeles area. My Vietnamese co-workers are now in awe of Charice. They said she’s cute and a very good singer. I told them she’ll be the only Filipina singer that will break through the international music industry and also the US, so watch out for her the next few months with more guesting. So just kept spreading Charice to all your friends and circle of influence.

    What have you done to promote Charice today ?

    No problem Daniel. That is good to know. My husband is also spreading the news of Charice. He ate at the pizza parlor last night and he told the people there about Cha and asked them to buy her Note To God. I hope they will.

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  25. Joy Co says:

    Congratulations Cha for being on 3 of the Billboard charts. I am so proud of the force made by Chasters and the soon-to-be chasters). Congratulations to everyone.

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  26. chey78 says:

    It would definitely be a big boost if “note to god”-(by charice) would be played in the airwaves and I’m sure requests will be played in big cities but i’m not too optimistic in the city where I am at (Monroe,Louisiana). I’ve tried and tried requesting Journey’s “after all these years” to no avail. Instead, my favorite station kept playing Journey songs of Steve Perry. I do not think smalltown radiostations or the mainstream are going to open up to asian singers at this time.

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