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A Message from Charice’s Manager Marc Johnston and Legendary Producer David Foster

A Message from Charice’s Manager Marc Johnston and Legendary Producer David Foster

Dear Chasters,

Thanks for your constant support forAi??Charice.Ai?? She has the best fans in the world and we love you for that.Ai?? As you know, Charice has just launched her first single, Note To God, and our goal is to make this a global hit!Ai?? We need your help to make this happen.Ai?? Please go online and join Twitter ai??i?? then spread the word ai??i?? we need to create a NOTE TO GOD movement!Ai?? Keep in touch and thanks againai??i??

Marc Johnston,
(management of Charice)


2008 1126 ap david foster 75x75 A Message from Charices Manager Marc Johnston and Legendary Producer David FosterHiAi??Charice fans

Wanted so say hello and see what you think of Charice’s Note To God! Ai??I think it’s an amazing song and we poured a lot of time and passion into it. I think it’s perfect for Charice and I hope we produced many more songs like that together. We want to make it a hit so I’m counting on you to spread the word and download fromAi??iTunes! Ai??Since getting to know Charice I’ve become very appreciative of her (and my) Filipino fans and I can’t wait to come to The Philippines and perform!

All the very best,
David Foster


Ladies and Gentlemen,

You heard it directly from David Foster and Marc Johnston, they know we love Charice and this is our chance to show the world just how much we love Charice and her God given talent!

Let’s show how much we love Charice and spread our love for Charice and her new single “A Is there a generic drug for detrol la note to God”… Let’s join every social network there is and start spreading our love and support for Charice all the way to the Grammy, Oscar, you name it…to the top! Haha…I twitted everybody on the suggested list! Spread! Spread!

Let’s show our natural reaction with all our built up anticipation of seeing ChariceAi??for the first time singing her first single on Oprah’s show… Remember the anticipation and the “can’t wait” feeling? And when that moment arrived we waited with excitement and jitters just to hear Charice sing with such feelings and emotions that moved and touched us to tears with goosebumps galore!!

Well, start showing what it did to us!! It made us want Cual es el nombre generico de xenical more and listen to it more where we can’t even sleep at night..haha!!

More power to Charice, David Foster, Marc Johnston, Oprah and all of us fans that loves and support her!!

God bless…

Maria aka GM


Please Ai??sign in your twitter usernames below…..Go try to get as many followers.

Chasters’ Twitter Usernames List:

  1. Charice – OfficialCharice
  2. Mike Platts – JMikeyMike
  3. GM – GMCharicemania (Twitter username)
  4. Lovelysoul – Lovelysoul2009
  5. Cha_rade – Cha_rade
  6. jepoy – jotom
  7. ecirol – ecirol
  8. Theodore – Theodore08
  9. wowie – wowie29
  10. Garfield- Arkibytz
  11. arz_bayani – arz_bayani
  12. IslandGuy789 – IslandGuy789
  13. CherAnn – iAmCherAnn
  14. miyi – xmiyix
  15. Nicole Coronel – nickstah123
  16. Mikee Jacobsen – some12lv
  17. Charified – Charified
  18. Elvie Johnson – EBJohns11
  19. Richard – orex0328
  20. Cinderella – Cinderella0671
  21. Ludiza Love – jjeyc
  22. RJ Rea Culli Gan – Bay_Area_Fan
  23. Lourdes demagajes – loulou2496
  24. aisa mae guiyab – iceguiyab
  25. Femz Z – fem_z
  26. JustinCee – JustinCee
  27. munztaowl – munzt
  28. jedfan – jedfan
  29. OCfan – OCfan2009
  30. irmsmith_04 – irmsmiteh_o4
  31. noellendines – noellendines
  32. honeybee – honeybee1665
  33. blackrose – blackrose_chace
  34. Cecil – Charicemaniac
  35. pete easy (E.C.) – uptrendvideo2000
  36. DaddyRon – daddy_ron
  37. 18wheeleredy Ai??- 18wheeleredy
  38. harmony – harmony_faith
  39. admin – charicemania
  40. Andre Le MarchalAi??- AndreLeMarchal
  41. JesichoAi??- Jesicho
  42. KingkingAi??- kingeleanor
  43. ellaAi??- ella0319
  44. busays12Ai??- busays12
  45. muskratAi??- muskratlove12
  46. Jtshy24Ai??- jtshy24
  47. justcharrieAi??- abillidades
  48. edgarAi??- edj10
  49. christineAi??- chris_tinee
  50. kyotovisitorAi??- kyotovisitor
  51. FLTomAi??- FLTom
  52. orangecountyfanAi??- OrangeCountyFan
  53. adeeksakanyaAi??- adeeksakanya
  54. MJAi??- charicedabra
  55. nolaCharicefanAi??- saintsfan1775
  56. natashaAi??- celineanjelica
  57. okkabaAi??- okkaba2000

Posted by GM, submitted by MiamiMike aka kuya Mike

82 Responses to “A Message from Charice’s Manager Marc Johnston and Legendary Producer David Foster”

  1. Resonance says:

    Twitter: MakingResonance

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  2. Gerry says:

    Bravo! Aim high folks!

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  3. charice4ever says:

    To: GM (Maria)

    Please include me in the Chasters’ twitter usernames list. Here’s mine:


    Thanks a lot.

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  4. freezepudding says:

    I am a power seller on ebay with 7600+ 100% positive feedbacks. My store’s name is treasurehunterqueen boutique and I do get hundreds of visits daily from customers globally. I finally completed one of my projects which is promoting NTG in my store.I featured NTG in my about *ME* page as my backgound music with the single’s cover picture. I would have advertised that it is available for purchase @ amazon & iTunes but eBay prohibits promoting outside of eBay sales. So, I had the designer include a link of Charice’s performance in Oprah (which by the way, has the link to amazon & iTunes). I am still working with a designer about featuring NTG as a background music on my auction listings and store front. Here’s the link to my store’s about me page:

    Don’t forget to browse at my store, lol!

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  5. jn says:

    You missed my previous posts about my twitter name (I was among the first to post)…Huh!, huh!, huh!…

    Include me… the way my twitter username is

    Thanks lot and more power…..

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  6. JustAfan says:

    hello folks…

    I just joined twitter. But i got confused. I thougt Chairce’s twitter is “therealcharice”. So I added this. But seems that it’s wrong. I just found out that, Charice’s official twitter account is “officialcharice”. Anyways.. just sharing ‘coz there might be others who’ll get wrong twitter of charice.

    God bless….

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  7. KuwaitGuy says:

    here is my twitter


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  8. harmony says:

    just voted for Charice…=)

    here’s my twitter..

    harmony……… twitter username.. harmony_faith

    happy twitting!!!!

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  9. donna says:

    I just voted charice at MSMBC’s survey! Good luck Charice!

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  10. April Love says:

    To Mr. David Foster and Mr. Marc Johnston:

    I take this opportunity to thank you both and Ms. Oprah Winfrey for helping our dear Charice find her niche in the world of music.

    We are honored by your visit here; it manifests the care and support you have for her which is sincerely appreciated.

    The song Note to God is beautifully delivered by Charice. Its beauty warmed up my three sisters who were lukewarm earlier – a victory for me! (this is another story). Each is eagerly awaiting for the album to be released this fall. Now, they are talking.

    My daughter and one of my grandsons have downloaded the song from the itunes. It’s the beginning within my family.

    Again, thank you.

    April Love

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  11. rlf says:

    Twitter rlf_france…

    To Mr.D. Foster and M. Johnston… Charice is one of the most luckiest girl in the whole world… to have fall on the hand of the proper person to boost her talent and launch her career!

    I am sure that it is not just her potential that made you decide to take care her singing career… but because of her sweet personality and professionalism!

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  12. dejercito says:

    I have downloaded Note To God on itunes. Just love listening to this song. David Foster + Diane Warren + Charice = Classic Song. Well done!

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  13. 18wheeleredy says:

    twitter is: 18wheeleredy

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  14. trabihcra says:

    trabihcra twitter as trabihcra

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  15. mjk miss says:


    ilovemaya my twitter account

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  16. mjk miss says:

    david should visit the phils and he would be amazed with the plenty talents we have in store..

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  17. tyramaid says:

    To milesoka, comment #44

    Can you please post the exact web add, coz I’m also in Japan right now, in Sakata. This maybe my chance to finally buy the NTG, as I’ll fly to Singapore in a couple of weeks, and it’s not available there.

    Please reply, and calling chasters to please inform miles if ever she came in. Thanks.

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  18. DaddyRon says:

    My twitter username: daddy_ron

    Happy twitting Chatweeters =)

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  19. blackrose says:

    i have my account now


    my account is blackrose_chace


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  20. My twitter name is: uptrendvideo2000

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  21. Cecil says:

    My twitter name is Charicemaniac

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  1. [...] the cover song of her new album to be released soon: “Note to God” – written by Diane Warren, and collaborated by David Foster and Charice Producer, Mark Johnston, that could hit the top of the [...]

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