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Skate for the Heart featuring Jordin Sparks, Charice, Honor Society, & KSM

Skate for the Heart featuring Jordin Sparks, Charice, Honor Society, & KSM

charice1 75x75 Skate for the Heart featuring Jordin Sparks, Charice, Honor Society, & KSMReigning World Champion Evan Lysacek, 2009 Pairs World Silver Medalists Ben Agosto & Tanith Belbin are just a few contenders for the upcoming 2010 Winter Games featured in Disson Skating’s “Skate for the Heart,” with live performances from music stars Jordin Sparks, Charice, Honor Society and KSM.

Other Olympic, world and national figure skating champions will perform with Lysacek, Agosto and Belbin in “Skate for the Heart” including 2009 U.S. Champion Alissa Czisny, 2009 U.S. Pairs Champions Rockne Brubaker & Keauna McLaughlin and many more to be announced soon.

Tickets for “Skate for the Heart,” a high-energy show that brings top music and figure skating talent together to raise awareness of heart disease, will go on-sale in June.

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Jordin Sparks
19 Entertainment/Jive Records artist, Jordin Sparks rose to fame as the winner of the sixth season of American Idol. With the success of her platinum self-titled debut album by the end of 2008 Jordin won an American Music Award for Favorite Artist- Adult Contemporary Music, an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding New Artist and a Teen Choice Award for Choice Music “Hookup” song. She also received a Grammy nomination for “Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” as well as two nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards for “Best Female Video” and “Best New Artist.” Sparks joined other notable music artists in performances at the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball hosted by President Barack Obama.

Charice Pempengco
Sixteen-year-old singing sensation Charice Pempengco, who’s powerful voice reduced Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres to tears during appearances on their shows, has performed with legends Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. Pempengco was recently praised by Josh Groban when she shared the stage with him, Michael Buble, Katharine McPhee and others during a concert in Las Vegas. This talented teen from the Philippines was discovered on YouTube and is working with legendary producer David Foster.

Honor Society
The four gentlemen of Honor Society have been winning the hearts of young fans across the country with slick pop vocal harmonies, ripping guitar solos and big beats. The band will join one of the biggest tours of the summer when they will share the stage with Jordin Sparks as the opening artists on the North American leg of the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009.

The spunky five-girl group KSM is moving up the ranks of teen stardom as they make appearances with pop stars the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Honor Society and many more.  The energetic teens will be special guests on the Demi Lovato Summer Tour 2009, kicking off June 22nd in Toronto.  KSM will release their debut album this fall.

Saturday, September 19, 7:30 PM, Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Parking Cost: $15.00
Ticket Prices:
$187.00 (On Ice), $87.00, $67.00, $52.00, $30.00

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25 Responses to “Skate for the Heart featuring Jordin Sparks, Charice, Honor Society, & KSM”

  1. Chiboy says: Hotels are about 10 miles from O’Hare airport(ORD)

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  2. Chiboy says:

    For those who’s going to the event link

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  3. Max says:

    Joycebinct asked a good question about Charice’s Big E concert. The last time I looked at their website, she is still on the scheduled for Sept. 18th. Here is their web site:

    Like 18-W E, I’m still struggling with which one to go to. Right now I’m leaning to the Chicago show because it is closer to me in Arkansas.

    I wish somebody would take the lead and decide if there will be a Chaster’s gathering at which one, or both.

    I’m trying to do my part for Charice today.

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  4. tony says:

    to rlf: ok youve said your piece and ive said mine….lets have peace not war!!! just dont get a heart attack, ok? LOL!!!

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  5. 18wheeleredy says:


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  6. rlf says:

    Off topic:

    GOOD NEWS, as the message on Itune available 25th of Mai, i have just downloaded Charice NOTE TO GOD here in ITUNE FRANCE… and hope to buy her album!

    POWERFULLL!!! I can listen in my car and at work now.. yesss i am very happy!

    So anybody in Europe i guess can downmoad from Itune now… I am not fond of using Credit card online so i bought my prepaid Itune card at the GEANT Casino supermarket.

    Just for info in Europe fans! thank!

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  7. rlf says:


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  8. 18wheeleredy says:

    just remind me of my 20 yr. old daughter who’s
    bf lives there. my daughter flies there occasionally
    to be with him. never met the guy yet and dont want to.

    maybe it’s time for me to know this guy who’m i tyhink
    would marry my older daughter. My daughter told me
    he joined the military and still in school but i forget w/c branch. Navy or airforce not sure.

    whats more interesting for me though, my daughter
    is sayin’ i look almost excactly like my daughters bf
    dad’s who is Mexican and married to a white lady.

    Now i have 2 options here, should i go to Illinois
    and watch Charice there and also meet my daughters future
    whatever you call it or Massachusetts…..Dang…

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  9. Jesicho says:

    LoloLando, great idea I will certainly incorporate it into the equation – thanks

    The way I look at it is, even if one is not successful in curving the attitudes of these “lost sheep” towards a more positive perspective, at least those who come across such elements and feel offended by them will hopefully slowly begin to see (by virtue of the comments made towards these negative entities) that they really are the exception and not the rule itself. However, just the same, I will certainly adopt your suggestion and hope that we will succeed in our common endeavours. One can only try.

    Thanks to Max and Lourdes

    All the Best


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  10. lourdes says:

    kyotovisitor Your welcome…. thanks

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  11. Max says:

    I want to ask a question about where the next Chasters reunion may be. I ask because my budget will not allow me to attend both Chicago and Springfield. I hope there will be one in Chicago because I can drive there in one day. Flights from anywhere west of the Mississippi River to the New England area are really expensive.

    The advantage, to me, in Springfield, is that it is her concert and I assume she would do the whole show, correct? Also, all tickets were $10 as I understand it. Also, I tried to purchase tickets from the big E site, and I never pushed the right buttons, I guess. I couldn’t buy a ticket. Did anybody else experience this?

    I vote for Chicago!

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  12. LoloLando says:

    YouTube is a hellacious place to park your comment/s. The management tolerates these ‘wordwars’ as a way to appease anger. No moderation; no deletion. It is one of those necessary evils for would-be commenters; a transition Site to post their one or two-liners until they develop confidence in writing. Soon they will put their energies into writing positive comments or conflicting ones, yet composed in a manner not hurting to others.

    It is next to impossible to educate people in YouTube. The best that we could do is invite them to CHARICEMANIA and show them the way, the nice way. Most will agree that this Site was once a YouTube-like arena but slowly our persuasive Chasters were able to parry their attack and led them to think and changed their style. I was once a ‘sacrificial lamb’ to this Site, so I tarried for a while until slowly they toned-down and became major contributors.

    YouTube is a place to invite those’rough diamonds’; persuade them to come to this Site; educate; mold their character; and open their eyes into a world of harmonious existence.It’s a challenge but we can do it, all for the glory of our CHARICE.

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  13. kyotovisitor says:

    Jesicho & Lourdes:

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    All the best,


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  14. J says:

    Oh this is too much, I have my crush Jordin Sparks performing along the same stage with my instant favorite little powerhouse, Charice, on stage and I can’t be there ‘cuz it’s in Illinois?? Arrrrrrgh!!!!I would love to be there at that show and be as close as possible!! Charice come to South Florida and bring Jordin with you! I’m a fan of both of yours for life :) Love u both!

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  15. lourdes says:

    Jesicho i agree with you…

    Charice fans should show their kindness to all other fans of any singer , not to fight back just say a civil words … Let say like yes… your favorite singer is good too, we wish you a luck!!! so that we can gain more friend not an enemy. I am Charice fan too but sometimes other fans of Charice are below the belt if they comments to others singers. Be kind as we Filipinos are known to be a nice people to other…. thanks a lot … Charice … May God shower you with the best of everything.

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  16. chafvl says:

    Wish I could be there!

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  17. jessica86s says:

    Hmmm. Great. Don’t get overworked Charice dear.. Take care and give it to them. Love you..

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  18. Jesicho says:

    It sounds like it is going to be a terrific event! Wish I could be there.

    I hesitate to digress from this topic, but I feel it is necessary to discuss a negative trend that seems to be taking place on YouTube and some other blogs that appear to originate with over-zealous fans of Charice who at the end of the day are only doing her more harm than good.

    As a Filipino, I fully understand and can appreciate the passion and pride that Filipinos all over the world feel towards Charice because she truly is an undeniable talent and beautiful person; however, sometimes it appears that this passion and pride goes beyond the norms, in that, it transforms itself into a platform of hurtful comparisons of other artists or, into an extreme platform of National pride (i.e. comments of extreme “Pinoy” pride that can be inferred to be insulting). I even received an e-mail today that (PtobeP – “Pinoy” To Be Popular) accounts are being established.

    Now, while there is nothing wrong with having pride in Charice’s accomplishments in the context of her Filipino roots, I think the majority of us “chasters” who support Charice will agree that this pride needs to be balanced with a certain modicum of respect for other cultures and other artists. Charice, is not just a Filipino star but an International one as well. In the final analysis, extreme sentiments of pride that borders on the line of insulting other artists or people may cause potential future fans not to support Charice. I am not saying this will happen, but the possibility exists.

    While it is impossible to police all the commentaries on YouTube or other Blogs, I believe we can help Charice by taking the time (when we see such comments) to respond accordingly. Now, that does not mean we should go into attack mode, but we certainly can bring to light some of the points I have made in this commentary. Remember that these people may not be aware of their actions and as such a small reminder may be all that is needed.

    Very well put.


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  19. BAY_AREA_FAN says:

    Skate for the heart seems to have been televised in NBC in the past. There’s a lot of vids from that event and its always on NBC.

    Great that Charice has more and more National TV appearances.

    On a side note:

    GM or Admin

    I believe its best to bring back that Sliding banner on top and put all upcoming concerts for charice in that banner instead of being treated as a regular article. Was looking for the Big E! even and can’t find it until i searched google and found out its in comcast arena.

    That’s just a suggestion. Think there are 3 known concert gigs she have right now for that sliding banner. Comcast Arena, Skate for the Heart and SMX concert in Manila.


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  20. joycebinct says:

    does this mean, she’s NOT gonna be at the Big E on September 18th in Massachusetts?

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  21. ggg says:

    looking forward…on YT.. lol cant wait..this would be awesome.
    just- QB

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  22. Chiboy says:

    I got 4 tickets already here in Chicago… See u all there… The show is in Hoffman Estate Illinois 20 miles NW of Chicago…nice area an wewly develop arena. Maybe they have other showing on other cities.

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  23. Grumq says:

    What city?

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  24. kyotovisitor says:

    Good morning, Max!

    Will talk to you later today, I hope!



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