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What Have You Done for Charice Today?

What Have You Done for Charice Today?

There’s a lot of Chasters who want legal copies of NTG but do not have credit cards/pay pal account presumably because they are still minors or students on a tight allowance, out of work or have busted/maxed out their credit cards, or living in countries outside the coverage of Amazon or iTunes and therefore unable to buy Chariceai??i??s Note to God. Now, in the spirit of Maxai??i??s ai???What Have You Done for Charice Today?ai???, Gandalf has decided to buy 21 copies of NTG which will forwarded by email to the first 20 lucky Chasters who can submit good/original ideas to answer Maxai??i??s call to action.

Max has contributed another 20 legal copies.Ai?? So, put your thinking caps on and post some promotional ideas.Ai?? Gandalf and Max will be the judges and the winners of the most original and widest reaching Order seroquel ideas will receive the free download of Chariceai??i??s ai???Note to Godai??? MP3 file via Email.Ai?? The winners will be notified on Charicemania.Ai?? Charicemaniaai??i??s staff has the email addresses and they will not have to be published.

NOTE: By submitting promotional ideas, you hereby give explicit permission for Charicemania to utilize your email address to deliver your prize and you hold Charicemania harmless from any potential liability.Ai?? Winners will be eligible for only one prize, even if multiple ideas are submitted.Ai?? Contest closes at Midnight May 31, 2009.

Submitted by Gandalf & Max, posted by Admin


So if you are one of those living outside the US, how Purchase antivert drug would you buy Note to God? Here’s one way:


picture 31 75x75  What Have You Done for Charice Today?MediaWoB allows anyone with a valid credit card or PayPal account to buy iTunes gift certificates that can be redeemed at the United States iTunes Store.

While there are iTunes stores available in other countries, none of them have as big a catalog of items available as the US store (currently more than 10 million songs, 100 000 podcasts, and 27 000 audiobooks). In addition, many iTunes features are only available at the US store:

  • Hundreds of TV shows from nearly every major network and cable channel, available the day after they first air in the US. Now also available in HD.
  • Buy or rent full-length movies that look great on your iPhone, iPod, computer, or AppleTV (also in HD).
  • Games and Applications for your iPhone and iPod.

While the range is obviously incredible, the best thing about the US store is that (at current exchange rates) it actually works out cheaper than many other country-specific iTunes stores (even after our minor mark-up is applied)!

Unfortunately iTunes only allows you to shop at the US store if you have an American credit card, which is where our services come in.

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*** Copied from an earlier article posted by GM, discovered by clothes, submitted by zeldrich

263 Responses to “What Have You Done for Charice Today?”

  1. Getting one just deep enough for the occasional large pot may be all you
    need. If that is the case, why is it that kitchen furniture is often last
    on the list of acquisitions for a new apartment or home.

    The generous worktop is perfect for staging buffets.

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  2. scoobydoo says:

    please confirm if the gift certificates from MediaWoB can be use even outside US.

    please let me know… im getting one as soon you guys confirmed.

    thanks and regards

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  3. voiceboxx21 says:

    I really idolize Charice. To promote her, I am getting friends via Blog tv chat room and tell them about her. Suggest the youtube link to them. When they listen and watch the video, they told me they love it. i think it can help in a little way!(-:

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  4. flojho92 says:

    I am a US Marine Veteran living in hawaii. I hope Mr. Marc Johnson, Charice Manager can arrange some type of a small concert appearance here in Waikiki at the Kapiolani Park in honor of our Iraq, Afghanistan veterans from all branch of service. The Marines from kaneohe Bay and the Army from Schoefield Barracks had allot of casualties from these two conflicts, It is something Charice can make the families can feel love by her beautiful voice. Ooorrahhh

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  5. chebozz says:

    spreading the good news!!!that a charice hater account on youtube has been closed because of abusive use!!!

    well that our job!i’m a member of CIA = (CHARICE INTERNET ARMY!!!)

    join now CHASTERS!!!
    heres the link!!!/pages/CIA-Charice-Internet-Army/137369606275198

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  6. FrostFruit says:

    I need to check the guide haha. So far I’m just looking at all her YT videos and trying to go to every website and following Charice on Twitter.

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  7. Merlina says:

    I bought the Pyramid Album, and because I work at WalMart Canada, I recommend it to my customers. I’m praying for Charice everyday.

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  8. TT says:

    I have an idea that Charice should perform on:

    World Pride London 2012
    Caribana Festival
    World Cup

    …this will give her tremendous exposure of fans of various groups1

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  9. Rom Remus says:

    My entry for the best promotional idea is at the same time educational. It is designed to energize chasters, help them form teams in their neighborhood, and guide the teams to broaden the reach of Charice’ music.

    The teams will run CCubes, or Charice Centers for Children. A CCube may be somebody’s backyard where children ages 3-13 can gather with their parents once a week to learn the songs of Charice, including the covers, by rote memory. If there’s a big group, the team will divide them into ages 3-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13.

    Participating parents will be asked to buy Charice album (s). If needed, neighbors may share the cost of one album and arrange for its use among them.

    The CCubes idea give chasters a good reason to approach others on the basis of supporting emerging literacy among ages 3-7 to promote the albums.The team approach will help overcome the problem with time commitment as chasters are busy people.


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  10. h3nr1_x says:

    Hello to all Chaster, being an avid fan of Charice I want something that every fans must have to own. Last Friday 03-19, before I attend Charice Nokia Plaza L.A. concert I made a sketch of her as my presence. I call it Charice Doll @ Star King Korea. After I handover it to Charice she said it’s cute! If this doll will materialize, all Chaster will be happy to have one.

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  11. Gibbbo says:

    Jay D recommended using as they will also provide you with iTunes gift cards, and they are actually cheaper than MediaWob

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  12. sherwin says:

    I came and see her @ her hotel in Milan yesterday and helped to pick a pair of shoes for her… we ended up taking the PRADA studded cut out heels… i saw her performance @ IO CANTO wearing it last night!!! wowwww i’m super happy… can’t describe the feeling :)

    hello to all the Charice fans out there!!!

    God bless Charice and everyone!

    Sherwin Sacramento
    i’m on facebook as well… drop me a line guys! :)

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  13. francis marcella says:

    i’ve been sending the video of “note to God” (the oprah version) to all my friends on facebook and they all loved it.

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  14. luvkcha09 says:
    I disagree with people saying Charice is gaya-gaya or copy cat. When she sings , it is her voice I hear! I searched Whitney singing the BodyGuard and she sang it differently. When Charice sings, really she is singing as Charice, her emotions and interpretation of the songs is from her alone! That is why I keep saying that we should not be comparing singers because no two are the same, only the song is the same not the singers! I rest my case.

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  15. ranty says:

    I always vote for caherice at and that is daily. for peopleschoice ,before i vote daily but i dont know how to do it now. for singerstowatch i vote for her everytime i am on another desk top.

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  16. SkyBashe%9 says:

    Great articles & Nice a site

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  17. charicefanguy says:

    I’ve embedded this video:, a fan video by TheJerryChannel of Charice’s Note to God on our family website. ( I have over 300 members on my mother’s side, up to 4 degrees of separation listed). Here’s the code to copy and paste on everything:

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  18. FLTom says:
    Sandy, Thanks for that engrossing post. I listened to the song on youtube. It’s a catchy tune and expresses a universal feeling. Charice could surely sing it beautifully. But I’m not sure it fits the taste of the young American market you very astutely want to target. Charice’s management will have earned every penny she pays them if they can find a way to reach the youth market given the fact that, ironically, and despite her own youth, her voice is too beautiful for kids. The music pros will have to solve this dilemma. It’s above my pay grade and ability.

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  19. rlf says:

    CHASTERS… let us give a big hug to CHANNEL IIV for this video…

    So nice of him/her!

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  20. Max says:


    I have over 250 pledges for the NTG promotion contest already. Please hold your pledge for the announcement in a few days about the “Pay It Forward” promotion. You will have an opportunity to contribute to it. More later…..

    Thank you for your support.

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  21. nikki says:


    I agree with you 110%! Charice US management team is the best in the planet and I trust them that they were doing the best for Charice.


    I already received the gift card from I-tunes. Let me know anytime you need it.


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  22. LoloLando says:

    Hi Sandy,

    The message of that song appeals to the broken-hearted. We, all experienced that condition during our teens, ever looking for an ideal partner until reality hit us that we are incompatible with one another. Nice song…..

    If this song-writer is still active, you or others could contact her to write ANOTHER SONG along this line for CHARICE. Dang, you love that song so much, but we have to consider that singing your favorite song will again re-open the stigma or question of originality,as what we often say in Tagalog during our younger days (gaya-gaya, puto maya). Let’s be original this time.

    Peace be with you.

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