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20,000 watch ‘Wowowee’ live in Dubai

20,000 watch ‘Wowowee’ live in Dubai

63 Responses to “20,000 watch ‘Wowowee’ live in Dubai”

  1. 18wheeleredy says:

    finally someone from Dubai

    Thanks gandalf on ur info..

    I’d rather hear from someone who’s actually saw the performance

    rather than from someone speculatin’. But it’s all

    good. I’m going all the way with Charice.

    BTW i’m 51 yrs. old. ur not alone…..

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  2. gandalf says:

    To all previous posters, the price of the Dubai ticket was initially AED40 and near show date was AED50. I should know. I’ve been in Dubai for the last six years and I’m the one who bought five tickets for my family because I’m the biggest unashamed charicemaniac of us all! (By the way, I’m male, in my 50′s and I’m wondering if Charice has affected guys like me. Somebody should make a demographic study of Charice’s fan base so I won’t feel like an oddball here).

    Therefore, the equivalent ticket price is US$10.88 to US$13.60 not the absurd US$50 that some of you are posting here. Let’s get our facts right folks!

    So I watched Charice live, I was there (pls note I have watched all her videos and replayed my favorites hundreds of times) and you better believe me that her Dubai performance was a bit strained and below her standards. But that doesn’t diminish my love and admiration for Charice. The greatest performers have their own down days. So come March 12, my family and I will be watching Charice again!

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  3. LoloLando says:

    The first sentence on TOPGUNS’s commentary # 22 is loaded. “EVERYONE USES EVERYONE”.I’ve been analyzing postings from this column up to #60 and I feel uneasy digesting some comments. This is just a feeling and you can redirect my thought process if I am off-line. There is one contentious issue here that needs enlightenment. And this is the issue of CHARICE PERFORMANCE.

    This issue branched out into a variety of subjects ranging from a)effect of travel on her performance; b)who corners the “beef” c)the drawing power of CHARICE d) “egg or the chicken debate”, who contributed more to the growing popularity of CHARICE (ABS-CBN’s LBS v/s FALSEVOICE and YOUTUBERS v/s her MOTHER), etc.

    Now you tell me what is the relation of “EVERYONE USES EVERYONE” to the issue of CHARICE PERFORMANCE. The answer is simple: If she falters, our lofty admiration about her talent is somehow degraded into the negative side. Also if she falters, expected revenue from her guestings will decrease and the effect of this is less money for the organizers, from top to bottom. In other words, one side is for the inspiration, just listening to her songs and the other side is for the money, urging her to increase her guestings.

    The issue of CHARICE travels is not illuminated here. One side decried the health factors that affect the body, while the other side feared the effect of constant travel. One sampled the pilots’ and stewardesses’ flight schedules, which is more than Charices’ and even the travels of one poster, which defend the contention that because Charice is young, she is immune to it. But he /she did not state the purpose of the travel. Was it for singing or just to see the place? Were the vested with anti radiation clothing? The other side is silent on this, but they never bother to searched the web for their rebuttal/s.

    As to the “chicken and egg” issue, both contentions cancel each other out. But let us metaphorized the issue. Since CHARICE is like a ROUGH DIAMOND, what medium was used to extract it’s true color or glitters. Remember that the diamond underwent various processes, from age 4 to age 7; from age 7 to age 13; and from age 13 to where she is now. Maybe you could put value on each and choose which process was used for grading purposes.

    I tell you, this site is becoming home for debates in aid of legislating rules and actions to uplift CHARICE’s position in the world entertainment.

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