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Foster: Houston no problem to work with

Foster: Houston no problem to work with

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Celine Dion stands out in David Foster’s new book, Hit Man, as his favourite artist to work with, but there is one artist who was so difficult that Foster says he’ll never do it again “for no amount of money.”

However, Foster doesn’t name names in the book or in person.

“I didn’t write about it,” Foster said. “That would be very cruel to say that.”

And before you go thinking it was Whitney Houston — who has made headlines more recently for drug use and fighting with her ex-husband Bobby Brown (who she divorced in 2007) than for making music — you would be wrong.

“She and I have been trying to get back into the studio for the last year,” Foster said. “And I have a song I produced that my friend Diane Warren wrote, and this song is spectacular. And actually I just got a call from Whitney’s camp a couple of weeks ago saying she’d like to do the vocal. And I was in New York and I couldn’t do it — so our schedules are kind of off, but I think she’s ready to sing again.”

Foster says he never saw Houston and Brown fighting when they were in the studio with him, most famously when she was recording I Will Always Love You from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

“They loved the hell out of each other, it was amazing. They really loved each other and he was very supportive of her in the studio. I’m not just glossing this over, this is what I saw.”

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5 Responses to “Foster: Houston no problem to work with”

  1. st.tofi says:

    Lou, I think the ‘spectacular song’ is meant for whitney houston, David said he had been trying to get her to the studio since last year..

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  2. joferr37 says:

    I think the reason why David Foster cant work with Whitney for the main time being because he already made a decision to focus on Charice in 2009. I hope Charice will make a huge hit on DF and Diane Warren composition when the album comes out next year.

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  3. nencur10 says:

    Hi Charice !!!

    Charice is going put a record in the music industry .
    This is not a game it.s a real deal mark my words .
    I even see Charice in the record of Mr.micheal Jackson.
    But I am waiting to see what will come out after her first album.

    But I am scare too just as Mr.David Foster said ,…
    But it will be a nice thing to live after all .
    Charice all the way !!!

    From Curacao

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  4. lou says:

    I hope the ‘spectacular’composition he is talking about will be reserve for CHARICE– THE VOICE.!! Happy Holiday you all.!!

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  5. MARINITSKA says:

    David Foster is a straightforward guy, so I believe when he said that he didn’t see Whitney and Brown fighting in his studio. Also, The Bodyguard time was when Whitney was not so deep into drugs yet.
    I just got his book, Hit Man and I’m loving it!

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