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chatube36 CHARICE SINGS, I WILL SURVIVE, AT THE ALIW AWARDS 2008Aliw Awards, Founded by renowned Philippine journalist Alice H. Reyes, are meant to give due recognition to Filipino live entertainers. The awards range from comedians, live acts, musicians, and entertainers. Founded in 1976 in Manila, it has been the pioneer of giving trophies that signify achievements. The first Entertainer of the Year award went to Ms. Pilita Coralles. The 2007 Aliw Awards went to Regine Velasquez, who received the 2008 Aliw Awards Entertainer of the Year award for her boyfriend Ogie Alcasid. Aliw is from the a root word meaning “to entertain”. Several great Filipino entertainers have been awarded this coveted award for their craft and soul. –Wikipedia

by mangdiws
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  1. lavinia says:

    charice i love u a lot ,you are a model to young filipinas..i wish i could have ur number so i can speak to u ..god bless u ..ur brother and ur mom. pls come and visit the bicolandia if ever u have the chance in the future but i prefer you to stay in the US. you are the pride of the philippines. keep up the good work ..i am so proud to be a filipina bcoz of u

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  2. justcharrie says:

    Ohhh…I can’t refrain from watching this complete version of IWS over and over and over…I really love Charice’s movements here…elegant young lady…those hand gesture that gives emphasis at the end of the song – wow! very impressive! it chills….

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  3. charicefan-25 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CHARICE !!! This is only the beginning of the many awards that you will receive throughout your career. I can’t wait to see you receiving an equivalent award here in the US. It won’t be long, just wait and see. Meanwhile, start to prepare some kind of acceptance speeches just pretend it is for some kind of imaginary award. Then you will not be caught empty handed. You tube is the best source of similar shows.

    I like your HAIRDO in this event. You look very pretty and very mature. Just hoping someday I can see you in person here in America. I’m praying all the time for your continued success and may God continue to shower you with many more blessings and successes. .

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  4. GM says:

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  5. Pre' says:

    It was good, but she didn’t look like she’s enjoying it unlike when she’s in the US.

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  6. Maribeth says:

    Hi Charice and your family,

    I think you should really consider moving permanently to US. Your accessibility in continuously doing projects in US is a big factor for you to really be known there.

    I’m a big fan and would really like for you to make it big there….so please consider this sacrifice for your future. Just think that you are one of the Bagong Bayani ng Pilipinas who has to sacrifice not beeing in your own country to earn big bucks for your family….

    You can always come back once in a while in the Pinas…though not as frequently as you are doing right now……;-)

    All the best dear,


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  7. Randy Lerma says:

    Hi,Charice and the Mom,

    Hope you reconsider your decision. Your brother can stay and study here too. Charice, if you want to attain your dream of becoming another Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, you have to live and try life here in the states. You must have concerts here, be more visible in the US networks, guest with jay Leno and Sat Night live and fraternize with stars like Cyrus, Jonas brothers, Vanessa and other young stars in your age group.

    Your age is just right at 16 to assimilate and learn a new culture that will enhance your personality. A good example for you would be Lea Salonga who migrated here at the age of 17. Look at her now, a complete lady, won the coveted Tony award, considered by peoples magazine one the 50 prettiest woman in the world and truly exemplifies the embodiment of a true Filipina.

    Actually, you have the potential to be up there with Celine, Mariah,Barbra,Whitney? Make your dreams come true. Take Oprah and Davids advice – they are star makers and they really care for you.

    Remember, your success means a lot to the filipinos, you make them proud. Reconsider.

    Just a fan,


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  8. jimfan155 says:

    I agree with you lou. The music was rushed and loud. Charice’ vocals were impeccable, so this could have been a great performance if all the parts were working together. Too bad. Maybe next time. Congratulations to Charice on one of many awards that will come her way.

    By the way, why are there comments about her not moving to the US here?

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  9. mamamia says:

    Jana – Your comment was nothing short of criticism for not following what you’ve personalized to be Charice & her mother’s decision. I can’t believe you’re guilt ridden response about being very upset and almost refusing “us”(but really you mean YOU) because you’re waiting for her videos…pleazzz. Everyone else has expressed their concern eloquently but your comment was just whining and complaining… Pls remember to choose your words carefully next time. It’s these type of responses that makes me wonder if some people are true fans. After reading your comment, “shame on you!”

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  10. Jana says:

    Charice & to her mother.. shame on you, your the only first Filipino who offer such opportunity by the magic man and you refuse it! very upsetting, we’re always waiting for your videos and the guest appearances but what you did, you almost refuse us too, please make up your mind, this offer comes onces in a lifetime. grab it please!!!!

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  11. n3lakay says:

    I cant believed what i have read.The mother refused the oppurtunity to live here.But i dont totally blame her,i understand her predicament.Bt one way or the other she has to cross that bridge sooner than later if she wants the best for charice.

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  12. glym says:

    cha my one and only baby….you should grab the opportunity. Best opportunities in our life comes once so grab….forget about the Philippines just for now and when you are totally adjusted or settled… can come back to the Philippines when ever you want. Think about your career…..take care….

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  13. JustAfan says:

    I agree with “k”. Also, when she decides to stay in the US does not mean she’s totally leaving Philippines. She can come back any time she wants when she’s settled.

    But then, I hope, DF or Oprah ask her to enroll in a language school to enhance her communication skills. And I believe she can better practice it if she’s in the US.

    One more, I hope she doesn’t tie herself in any network in the Philippines especially with ABS-CBN. I hope she doesn’t sign an exclusive contract. That way, she is free to guest or promote in any network, be it in GMA or ABS-CBN.

    I love you Charice. Take care of yourself always.

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  14. jrzeegrl says:

    Article announcing the Aliw Awards winners:

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  15. k says:

    cha..I hope you will reconsider the idea of staying in the will help you..DF is right you must stay in the US to focus more on your can come back in the Phil anytime you want once you are so establish.. the reason why pinoys just take you for granted is that they can easily see you in abs..look at arnel cha he only comes here for rest and he can decline offers as he is made already…this is just my opinion..peace.

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  16. lou says:

    Seem to me the music sound rush and get faster but Charice could lead and gave her all, her talent shows and give justice to whatever shes singing, another wowerr night.

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  17. justcharrie says:

    I love this complete version. CHARICE will always be the best. Congrats again for the award, you’re really really deserving!

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