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Charice at Macy’s 150th Birthday Gala Celebration

Charice at Macy’s 150th Birthday Gala Celebration

charice82 75x75 Charice at Macys 150th Birthday Gala CelebrationPlenty of celebrities ai??i?? among them Charice Pempengco, Sean ai???Diddyai??? Combs, Eva Mendes, Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinton Kelly, Kenneth Cole, Ming Tsai, Tyler Florence and Todd English have turned out toAi??New York’s Gotham Hall for cake and fireworksAi?? to celebrate 150 years of iconic US retailer Macy’s.

Even the Empire State Building got in on the act, being lit red in honor of its historical neighbor, while the store’s 34th Street homeland is being dubbed “R H Macy Way” for the day to commemorate the retailer’s founding father.

“It’s amazing to consider that Macy’s was doing business before many great brands like General Electric, Coca Cola and Ford Motor Company were even born,” Terry J Lundgren, Macy’s Inc’s chairman, president and ceo tells The Daily. “The longevity of the Macy’s brand, its place in American culture, and its legacy of serving customers for five generations are extraordinary.”

About Macyai??i??s

Macy’s, the largest retail brand of Macy’s, Inc., delivers fashion and affordable luxury to customers at more than 800 locations in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Offering distinctive assortments including exclusive fashion and home brands, Macy’s stores are operated by four regionally based retail divisions ai??i?? Macy’s East, Macy’s Florida, Macy’s Central, and Macy’s West ai??i?? and an online store at


Additional Info:

by Randy Lerma

My niece just got home tonight from the Macyai??i??s 150 years anniversary celebration at the Gotham Hall in New York.Charice was the ai???finale guest. She sang “All By Myself”, “And I Am Telling You” with David Foster playing the piano. She was introduced by David as a young discovery by himself & Cheap generic cozaar Oprah and announced that before she turns 17 years old, he will launch her album.

She will be leaving tomorrow night for LA for another Lasuna online dating show with David Foster.

charice812 Charice at Macys 150th Birthday Gala CelebrationPhoto of Charice at Macy’s 150th Birthday Gala Celebration at Gotham Hall in NYC.

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Source: Macy’s Press Release ; Fashion United ; Charicemania ;

84 Responses to “Charice at Macy’s 150th Birthday Gala Celebration”

  1. dbsstussy says:

    goodluck girl! May God richly bless u.more power!

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  2. rose says:

    Amazing Charice!!!!!
    u go go go girl…
    m a fan!
    god Blz.. [:)]

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  3. huda1955 says:

    i love charice since i saw her in mtb before long time ago until now i always search her videos and bought her album via mail from phil. and am happy for her being under the good ppl. who look after her in the u.s. i hope and pray that she will always be healhty and strong with the grace of our
    lord GOD take care charice

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  4. xxchachaxx says:

    it’s just a matter of personal clothing preference. actually, I like her dress her. and I’m a person who is into the fashion thing as well. meaning, I know what clothes are ideal for such occassions. the color itself shows vibrance rather than the casual autumn sunrise that has become a standard for the autumn season. it identifies the person rather than season. so which one you think that is more important? season or person?

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  5. Heeeeeeey folks greetings from Regina,Sask.Canada.
    Here’s my feedback about Charice Performance Outfit.
    Re: Blue … me this is business logic
    at one point we should remember charice was discovered with her favorite rosepink or babypink get up…her trademark
    right (finks )lol…for the Filipino communities and all Charice followers…I think these music business moguls would like to break this. our mindset has to be shifted that out. Remember this words which has been repeatedly said By David Foster…Charice has morhped to be a beautiful butterfly now…she can fly and spread her wings …whatever she wanted.
    ” The Star Is Born” not in the Philippines but here in North
    American Soil, colour schemes make sense to me.
    She now belongs to the upper Class Society and yet she remained humble and very down to earth Filipino at heart.Charice !

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  6. nikki says:

    I don’t care about fashion…Charice is performing to show off her talent, she can wear anything she wants as long as it is not revealing.

    For me, the most important news is the launching of Charice ALBUM BEFORE SHE TURNED 17!!! I can not wait for that day…in fact, I was already imagining what kind of songs DF is working on for Charice. Maybe, a powerful love song? Fast beat? A song that will cater to different age group? Maybe DF will include the ‘Dreamgirls anthem’ in her first album, just guessing! I believed it is his favorite song by Charice.

    Charice, I always include you in my prayers. More Blessings!

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  7. hpj says:

    Maybe, DF’s decision to give her first debut album an earlier start came after getting encouraging feedback as well from Clive Davis and Quincy Adams (or he just slipped his tongue in his enthusiasm? Ooops!). Anyway, Charice has been consistent in eliciting positive and heart-warming emotional responses from her enchanted audience. Even at her age, she has gathered legions of fans in all age groups from 3 to 100 all over the world.

    But coming out with a record in less than 8 months can be very grueling for everybody involved should this be true. So Cha, your Wowness, have that fitness regimen in place, eat the right foods, find time for beauty rest, and take care of your voice. Ths next rollercoaster ride can be more tortuous. A definite THRILLER indeed! Bwa!ha!ha!ha!ha! Happy Holloween to everyone!

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  8. BROOKE says:

    I really don’t know what others are talking about her wardrobe. I think she looks FANTASTIC with this blue dress. It’s simple and yet very classy. Do they want her to show lots of skin.??? Come on guys, let’s just be happy for our Charice. THANK YOU!

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  9. jaychaddict says:

    charice –we always love you..Keep soaring and make some album coz we are here ready to shop some of your cd/album…
    David Foster and Oprah or whoever good people trying to help our little princess to spread her wings…THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR GUYS…MAY GOD BLESS YOU AS ALWAYS!



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  10. GM says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

    I am going out on a mission to start BLEEPING people’s negative remarks…Hehe! These fashion statements are starting to sound like a political debate. If you guys want to do that, then go watch Obama and McCain battle it out. This is a fan site. I thought fan sites are about expressing our love, joy and happiness for the star we admire.

    Negative remarks or comments on fashion or a person’s outer appearance is not positive constructive criticism. In fact it is damaging to anyone’s self esteem. It is tough enough already to go through our natural trials in life. And our trials of life is what makes us stronger with some positive uplifting along the way, that helps us overcome each hurdles of life.

    We all have different taste and we all have our favorite corners of Macy’s stores…hehe. I know I do and some corners I wouldn’t even go to…haha. That doesn’t mean I have the best taste in clothes either..

    When you lift, praise, and accept people for what or who they are, that is positive criticism. By lifting someone up, it brings them up to want to strive to do his/her best in achieving a goal.

    So, keep it positive folks! Charice already has her own mother to guide her through life and real top of the line professionals to handle her career. So, be thankful that Charice is in great hands by God and all the people she is blessed with to take care of her career.

    So, if you guys start seeing BLEEP in your comments, that is from me GM, and will have all moderators also BLEEP out negative comments. We are removing all the negative vibes that ruins the presence of peace and positive solidarity in all of us.

    Love you all! Please, don’t get mad at me if you have been BLEEPED. Just want to bring back the good clean fun in here..


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  11. EBjohns11 says:

    They are working on her album!!! Wooohooo!!! Its confirmed – they cant wait for 2010. Was her Birthday on May, right? Thats even less than a year if DF said it be launched before she’s 17.!!!

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  12. kyotovisitor says:

    Here’s an excerpt from an article on

    “The crowd was wowed by huge projections of the original Macy’s on 14th Street, a high-octane performance by Alex Da Silva and Alien Ramirez from the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” and singing by Michael Feinstein and 16-year-old Charice, who was discovered on YouTube by Oprah Winfrey and David Foster and is working on an album.”

    Here’s the link:

    But I had to sign up for a trial subscription to read the full article. NOTE: DON’T SIGN UP! The interesting part of the article I already copied here. No pictures of Charice anywhere with the article or in the slideshow. Sigh.


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  13. Yellowknife46 says:

    Peace to everyone. I still think that Charice is a good singer.


    Hi YW46!

    Thanks for your perspective. I share your sentiments. First paragraph of your comment moved and incorporated under #61.


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  14. Schoenheit says:

    From AnonymousFanatic:

    Charice is an example of making the impossible possible! No mission impossible for this young girl!!!

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  15. jaychaddict says:

    To jaychaddict:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I moved your comments under #61. Thank you for supporting Charice!

    To PHX:

    I moved your comment under cqq’s #38. Thanks for supporting Charice.

    Wishing you all the best,


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  16. tisha says:

    I agree with you Randy Lerma

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  17. Yellowknife46 says:

    I guess the price of being a public figure is to get noticed from the slightest details.

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  18. Jan Iriga says:

    for admin or for any one who knows, why is abs-cbn totally ignoring charice’ participation in carousel of hope and Macy’s celebration? these are major events yet Philippine media is disturbingly quiet about them.

    a lot of her fans have no access to the internet. they merely rely on the TV networks for news on charice. it’s a pity a lot of her fans are missing out on such important milestones in charice’s very promising international career

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  19. kyotovisitor says:

    Here’s a video featuring this event, but no Charice:



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  20. kyotovisitor says:

    OK, Guys and Gals!

    Enough. Apologies for my part in continuing this discussion. Thank you for all your comments, but We will never agree on this issue of dress.

    Case in point (bordering on OFF TOPIC!): A friend and I used to go to Qigong class together. I wore my favorite karate pants all the time. It was comfortable; I liked the way the fabric softly hung around my hips and I thought I moved gracefully in them. I wore the pants so often that the color was now more gray than black. One day, my friend took one disgusting look at my karate pants and chided thus: “Stop wearing those pants! It’s not good Feng Shui!” (This she said to me who happens to be a Feng Shui practitioner, among other things). I was stunned at the ferocity with which she expressed herself AND amused. Yes, we’re still friends, but I found out we do not share the same ‘fashion sense.’

    So enough already, OK? CHARICE CAN DRESS HERSELF ANY WAY SHE WANTS. Next comment on this issue, I will personally delete with no further ado. Understood? Thank you.

    Wishing you all the best,


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  21. Ebjohns11 says:

    For crying out loud – she is only 16 and even BIG famous hollywood celebrity – they could have worst dress ever. Its not new in Hollywood.
    Well, if someone criticize Charice about Fashion then that MEANS She is BIG TIME CELEBRITY now. Looks like the PAPARAZZI has been following her.

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  22. Randy Lerma says:

    Here is my take on Charice wardrobe at Macy’s. Charice is now a celebrity, becoming very busy indeed in performing to well known celebrities, millionaires, philanthropist, hollywood producers and others. Varied opnion, pros and cons on her dress. If some say she looked bad in this one instance, that is part of the game. One in twenty occasion, is not bad, a dress can looked good on how the photo was taken or the mood of the beholder in that one instance.

    Also, as a celebrity, I m sure, besides Charice there are always fashion experts on their fields to take care of her dress, make up, shoes and even hairstyle for free. In Macy’s, I am sure one of macy’s fashion consultant selected that dress, bags, shoes and what have you from their celebrity or models demo stockroom -gratis to Charice. Macy and Bloomingdale have loads of clothes to choose from. In the Oscar red carpet , besides lending or giving those fabulous gowns, they even lend jewelries costing millions as
    advertisements but to be showcased by these superstars.

    From Charice herself, she mentioned when she appeared on Oprah, her wardrobe, hairstyle,, makeup eveything was done by Oprah fashion experts.
    This is now true in her every appearances now as she now has a “professional management team” to rely on besides the opinion of the fashion consultant of the sponsor, as in this case, Macy’s.

    Peace and let us move on.


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  23. MARINITSKA says:

    I agree with Yellowknife46. That blue is not for autumn and not for an evening gala affair. She could have worn red or black or orange like the one she wore at Agassi’s red carpet. Because we love her so much that we want to protect her from being criticized not only by the haters but more so by the media.

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  24. Yellowknife46 says:

    I was focused on Charice’s singing ability until these comments about her fashion style. Here’s my take on her wardrobe. I think that there’s nothing wrong on the style of her dress she’s worn here at Macy’s except that that color is suited for summer. If you really want to package yourself in North America or in any country with four seasons for the most part, there’s sort of like a color scheme each time. I like bright blue what she’s wearing very much but that’s best worn on a summer not fall. My two cents worth. Peace to everyone. :)


    jaychaddict response:

    October 30th, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    “nothing wrong about charice fashion? they can wear anything she want too or her fashion team like her to dress up whatever outfit looks good her…Isnt not a problem here at all! Every one has thier own style/taste and color…Just be respectful co-fellow…Infact, she is still very beautiful on that outfit…She is still young fresh little girl and fashion is not that big deals at all..Just listen her voice and forget about fashion…Not all places here in America are the same season or temperature called ”” cold or warm”…If you go to Ohio or the rest of the state started getting colder but if you go somewhere in Texas or california , or the rest of other state they still in warm weather… have peaceful mind about fashion…
    Fashion not make your hungry belly full…”


    Yellowknife’s final word on this issue:

    October 30th, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    “I guess the topic about fashion still won’t die. That’s the beauty of this kind of forum. Freedom of expression. I think this is a healthy debate and nothing to be emotional about nor make one sound like in a fighting mode. There’s nothing disrespectful that I see here in my opinion. I believe Charicemania ain’t all about Martial law rule, are we? I remember the elders saying that it’s all about suppression under Martial law in the Philippines.”

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