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david foster and friends1 MESSAGE FROM DAVID FOSTER

Hi Everyone! David Foster, here, letting you know that my new CD/DVD, “Hit Man” will be in stores November 11th, along with my autobiography by the same name. I can’t wait to see what you think of them both.

“Hit Man” will air on PBS at the end of November. Check back soon for show times in your town.



DAVID FOSTER – To say that everything David Foster touches turns to gold — and usually platinum — would be an understatement. This stunningly talented producer and songwriter is a 15-time Grammy Award winner with an unprecedented 44 nominations, a recipient of 7 Juno Awards, an Emmy Award in 2004 and a three-time Oscar nominee, all over the course of four extraordinarily successful decades. His newest accolade was his induction Alavert cheap into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2007. He has worked with the biggest and best talents in the music industry, including Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Madonna, Nai??i??Sync, The Corrs, Natalie Cole, and many more. The good news for the music industry and his followers is that heai??i??s just getting started.

Foster entered the music scene in 1973, quickly establishing a reputation as the industryai??i??s premier keyboardist, and soon became one of the most sought-after session musicians. He performed alongside such musical icons as John Lennon, Diana Ross, George Harrison, and Rod Stewart. Toward the end of the 1970ai??i??s he ventured into writing and producing, and almost immediately worked on such classics as Earth, Wind and Fireai??i??s ai???After the Love Has Goneai??? and the hugely successful ai???Got To Be

Fosterai??i??s new career path began to soar in the 1980ai??i??s as he produced and wrote an extraordinary lineup of No.1 singles, including Chicagoai??i??s ai???Hard To Say Iai??i??m Sorry,ai??? Peter Ceteraai??i??s ai???The Glory of Love,ai??? and John Parrai??i??s ai???Man in Motionai??? (St. Elmoai??i??s Fire soundtrack, while producing multi-platinum-selling songs on the Ghostbusters and Footloose soundtracks and Chicagoai??i??s 16, l7 and l8 albums. Other production and writing credits followed with hits for Alice Cooper, Al Jarreau, Hall and Oates, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Boz Scaggs and Olivia Newton-John.

The 1990ai??i??s producing credits for Foster included Celine Dionai??i??s first No.1 hit, ai???The Power of Love,ai??? Natalie Coleai??i??s ai???Unforgettable,ai??? ai???Have You Everai??? by Brandy, ai???Music of My Heartai??? by Gloria Estefan with Nai??i??Sync, Email spy, Ubicar telefono por gps. Barbra Streisandai??i??s haunting single ai???Somewhere,ai??? and Streisandai??i??s entire Back To Broadway album.

In l993, Foster enjoyed a momentous year as he was crowned Billboard Magazineai??i??s “Top Singles Producer,ai??? “Top R&B Producer,” and was the yearai??i??s top Grammy nominee with an astounding seven nominations. To top it all he, managed to take home his third “Producer of the Year” award for The Bodyguard soundtrack.

After such an incredible year in 1993, Foster kept creating, reaching unprecedented levels of success in the next few years (ai??i??94-ai??i??97) with ai???Unbreak My Heartai??? (Toni Braxton), ai???I Will Always Love Youai??? (Whitney Houston), ai???I Swearai??? (All-4-One), and ai???Because You Loved Meai??? (Celine Dion). These singles collectively reached No.1 on Billboardai??i??s pop singlesai??i?? chart for a record-breaking total of 42 weeks.

As the decade came to a close, Foster founded 143 (I Love You) Records, in partnership with Warner Brothers. Under his new label he began to recruit an impressive roster of diverse and exceptional talent. Included in this pool were the Irish singing group, The Corrs, who sold an astounding 30 million records, Christian Pop sensations Plus One, platinum-selling country artist Kevin Sharp and the Popstars television show.

The turn of the millennium was a welcome sight for Foster and 143 Records as he began to thrive at a newfound passion; discovering new talent. Foster and 143 first signed and produced pop sensation Josh Groban, whose critically acclaimed albums have sold over 17 million copies. Most recently, Josh and Foster paired up for the record breaking Christmas album ai???Noelai??? which was the number one selling album in 2007, breaking serious records each week including Elvis’ long standing record in 1957 of having a holiday album at #1 for 3 weeks in a row on the charts by spending 5 consecutive weeks at #1 and selling over 3.7 million copies.

david foster2 75x75 MESSAGE FROM DAVID FOSTERNext, Foster set his sights on fellow Canadian Michael BublAi??, a modern day crooner whose new album, Call Me Irresponsible, debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts and took over the number one position the following week. The album has already sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Fosterai??i??s newest project is the profound and evocative storyteller and musician Peter Cincotti. His second album, East of Angel Town, full of masterful, intriguing and captivating stories, is a catchy blend of jazz-based funk, rock and blues, and is due out this fall. Foster continues to search out and nurture new talent, most recently with crooner Renee Olstead and piano extraordinaire, William Joseph.

Aside from his new discoveries, Foster continues to work with some of the biggest names and veterans of the music industry. He produced Andrea Bocelliai??i??s platinum record Amore along with his DVD/CD combo, Under the Desert Sky. He also produced and co-wrote (with Carol Bayer Sager) the Golden Globe winning song ai???The Prayerai??? for Celine Dion and Andre Bocelli, produced the Nicole Kidman duet, ai???Come What May,ai??? from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, produced hits for Madonna and Michael Jackson, produced Celineai??i??s new multi-platinum album Miracle, and was even given the honor of producing and co-writing (with his daughter Amy), the closing song for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

David Fosterai??i??s wild success in the music industry over the last three decades, has also allowed him the opportunity to give a great back to his community and reach out to children. In 1986 he established the David Foster Foundation, based primarily in Western Canada, which has raised millions of dollars to assist families with children in need of organ transplants. He has also lent his musical talent to well over 300 charitable events and organizations, including the Andre Agassi Foundation, Race to Erase MS, Muhammad Aliai??i??s Fightnight Foundation, Cap Cure Prostate Cancer Research Foundation, Malibu High School Scholarship Program, The Carousel Ball, and Cedars-Sinai Research Center for Womanai??i??s Cancer, among many others.

Throughout David Fosterai??i??s illustrious career he has shown himself to be extremely versatile, creative, caring and hard working. He achieved early success as a brilliant keyboardist, mingling with some of musicai??i??s all-time greats, but had the drive to delve further into the music industry. He rapidly ascended as one of the music industryai??i??s top writers and producers, making contacts early on with some of the biggest stars of the music industry, and joining forces with them to make some of the greatest hits of the ai???80s ad ai???90s. As a producer and writer he has been able to shape and mold the careers of many promising young stars, as well as help advance and sustain the careers of the classic stalwarts. His penchant for finding new talent, along with his dedication and success over the past three decades are proof that in the coming years he will add more achievements, discoveries, awards and recognitions to his already staggering lifeai??i??s work. We will literally be hearing much more from David Foster for many years to come.

My Newest Baby

charice david foster and friends4 MESSAGE FROM DAVID FOSTER

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  1. hannah says:

    Hi All. I just want to thank David Foster for his support and love he is giving Charice (our little angel) They are both amazing DF as a singer composer and Charice being new in the circle which she is innow. Seeing them together makes me feel that they are like dad and daughter having fun for the God given talent while sharing this to the whole world. Again the whole Philippines is thanking you Mr. Foster for your incomparable suport to Charice together with Ms. Oprah. All of those people who invited Charice and believe in her talent thank you so much.

    God bless us all :)

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  2. justcharrie says:

    Hey guys! Any idea if HITMAN will also be released in the Philippines? I live in Japan, I tried to pre-order it in Amazon but the estimated delivery is Jan-Feb. Oh no, i can’t wait that long….

    Thanks guys!

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  3. 18wheeleredy says:

    ROBIN LEACH (LUXELIFE @ Las Vegas Weekly)

    Pint-sized Charice entered the stage ….

    Like the review but Pint-Sized? damn!!! c’mon. To me that’s s**ks.
    There was this news about the shortest guy in the world meet the tallest guy in China and they never called him pint size.

    I got 2 daughters one is not tall either, someone call her pint size
    I’ll be p***O**.

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  4. Bay_Area_FAN says:

    We got you covered Mr. Foster! Thanks for the million in a lifetime opportunity you have given to our Young Digital Diva. She came from a modest background that would not disappoint.

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  5. pchasters says:

    You know, as one in a trillion charice fan, it become my daily habit to open my computer in the morning and read article about her. And also listen to her angelic voice. To be inspired.

    As I search in the internet about my idol Charice , this is what I read in or at
    This article is written by Robin Leach of LUXELIFE.

    From FYI Music News
    ROBIN LEACH (LUXELIFE @ Las Vegas Weekly)

    May 28, 2008 · 12:39 AM
    Tribute show fosters good will — and a budding new star

    Pint-sized Charice entered the stage through a video screen of Whitney Houston’s blockbuster Bodyguard soundtrack medley. Charice’s extraordinary voice morphed out and over Whitney’s brilliant perfection and to be honest with you I couldn’t tell where Whitney ended and Charice began. It brought the audience to tears and to their feet for an unbelievable standing ovation!

    At the stars’ after-party in Wolfgang Puck’s Lupo Italian restaurant at Mandalay Bay tiny Charice told me: “This was the biggest day of my life. I can’t believe I was on stage with all those superstars. This is all more excitement than I can think of and I don’t know where it is going to lead to but I’d like to stay here and have Mr. Foster make me into one of his stars.”

    Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Michael Bublè were just three of the $20 million worth of superstar talent who came to sing the praises of their Grammy winning songwriter record producer David Foster. It took more than three years to organize the never-to-be-repeated musical tribute at Mandalay Bay with Andre Agassi, Brian McKnight, Kenny G, Katharine McPhee, Boz Scaggs, Blake Shelton, Peter Cetera and Cheryl Lynn.

    In the end it was a 16-year-old Filipino singer who was discovered by talk-show host Oprah Winfrey on [YouTube] that stole the show.

    Said David: “I got a call from Oprah about this 16-year-old girl and when Oprah calls, you pay attention. Oprah has been monitoring this girl and is in love with this girl, as we all are. She is an extraordinary talent and became a [YouTube] sensation. Listen to her and you understand why immediately, she is a heaven sent angel who is one-day going onto super stardom.”

    Even Josh Groban was blown away: “There is nothing like a great musical surprise. When you hear or see something that blows your mind for the first time is great. I was waiting to go on after her, which wasn’t a good thing but I was standing there with my jaw on the floor. She has one of the most beautiful voices I have heard in a long time.”

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  6. Yellowknife46 says:


    Who knows? David Foster might be reading this. After all he has himself wrote a short message here inviting us all to support the CD. I wrote a similar thing on his website many months ago but a more elaborate one detailing how people in the Philippines love music. A favorite past time by Filipinos.

    I prefer to buy it at the store than on-line.

    Thanks for appreciating my message to him. I could feel that you are one of those people who have so much passion and emotion in life. Take care and God bless!

    Happy Charicemania to you and to all! he..he..


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  7. jaychaddict says:

    I’ve ordered this so it’s on its way —-
    this is the best gift i”ve requested from my family….get david foster cd/album because charice is in it! yahoooooooo!

    more power charice and david your the man!

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  8. 18wheeleredy says:

    Hey Mr. David Foster Luv you man but I love Charice more…
    arghhhh, arghhhh,arghhh…
    I already pre-ordered them and can’t wait. I even got the grammy’s hardcover too..
    Finally our own Miss Charice on cd/dvd with Mr. Foster?
    Nothing could get better than that. Our very own pinay…
    I don’t have to wait and see what I think about it coz’ I know it’s out of this world….heheheh…
    Peace to all….

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  9. Yellowknife46 says:

    For sure, this CD/DVD would be on my list of what to buy. I’ll wait till this is in the store stand in Canada. I wonder though were it would be. Like when the band “Journey” said, they’ll have it in Walmart, off I went to Walmart. When Charice announced she have her own album in the Philippines, I waited till I was able to get back to the Philippines. I got back here in Canada about a month ago and I’m back with her CD here. So, Mr. Foster…you bet I’ll buy this. Michael Buble is also one of favorites. I have his 2 CDs as well. Your music is great, Mr. Foster! I find it hilarious when you aaid in an article that you never take the elevator because you would just hear your own music. Your music sir not only can be heard in the elevator and radios, but through all public transportation in the Philippines. You go anywhere sir, and your music is everywhere as well. That’s how popular your music is back home. And lastly Mr. Foster…thank you for taking Charice under your wings.



    Your comment brought tears to my eyes. It’s very touching! I wish David Foster could read it.


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  10. wintersonata says:

    i’m hoping this will be available here in the Philippines..

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  11. tonz says:

    Mr.David Foster, you are wondering what we, Charice fans, think of that new cd/dvd of yours? Well,I have pre-ordered and obviously not in my hands yet but no need to wait for it in order to render my opinion on it. I’ll just have to ask myself two things. And that is-Was it produced by DF and was Charice in it ? If both answers is a yes, then said cd/dvd must be great and excellent, period. Of course, I am only speaking for myself. Thanks

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  12. joferr37 says:

    I ordered 3 copies of the HITMAN dvd/cd at Amazon. Lets give our full support to the first female asian singer Charice who broke the ceiling in US music business.

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  13. Mikee says:

    At long last this the one i’ve bee waiting for so long.I’m so excited with this cd.Cha hope you can have you’re own album’re the girl that heaven sent to all of us.cha you’re really no.1 to our hearts.

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  14. GV88 says:

    Pre-ordered with as soon as it was possible to do so. That shows how eager I am to have it!

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  15. jn says:

    Mr. David Foster and Charice paths are meant to cross.(my opinion).
    Even way back before Charice found Mr.Foster, she had been singing a number of David’s compositions, which i noticed as i tried to look back on the early years of Charice.(thanks to the many fans of Cha who posted those old vids when Cha was unknown).
    Yep, I already pre-ordered Hitman: David Foster and friends via If you spent over 25 dollars, you will enjoy afree shipping and handling.

    Rest assured Mr. Foster, we will be supporting this CD/DVD and the future ones. You loved Charice thus we loved you too.Mabuhay!!!

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  16. USBoy says:


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  17. PHX says:

    you are super AWESOME !!! MAGNIFICENT !!!!
    can’t wait to see you perform in every TV show promoting your own album.

    take care & more power & more success….

    love you always,

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  18. Joy Co says:

    I’ve heard most of those many popular songs, however, I never tried to find out who the man is behind all those beautiful compositions.

    I came to know David Foster thru Charice. Now, I am consciously following his career and sort of back tracking his previous work too. Such a precious gift he is, just like Charice. With one of the longest running career there is in the music industry, he probably heard every praises and accolades. So, all I can say is that you have a new fan here. Wish you all the best, prosperous, successful and meaningful career for many more years to come. I am so glad and thankful your path has crossed with Charice … I am so anticipating the coming of her first album, and also the Hitman.

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  19. ilovethaimore says:

    Charice, when she sings, people begins to ponder, what does she has that makes me listen more?

    I noticed that those singers who enjoys performing, when they do a duet with Charice, if you will just observe, they can’t help but stare to Charice, rather than compete with her, if not, they try to blend their voice with Charice, not to force their voice with Charice – they take Charice and her voice as fragile and beautiful and they let it stand out. See videos with Celine, Sharon, that Korean lady.

    Whilst those performers who wanted their own to stand out, they failed and drown, if not, they destroy the song. You can see them in youtube.

    So, to those who loves music, and wanted to share a positive outlook in life, it is high time to buy a CD/DVD of the Hit Man, and be one of the witnesses as Charice soars high and make her audience satisfied and happy.

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  20. apoetal says:

    Mabuhay ka David Foster and God bless!

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  21. rlf says:

    can’t wait to buy, a good idea for a christmas gift!

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  22. ella says:

    Goodluck princess!!!..LOve you!!!.OUR precious BABY.

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  23. Ebjohns11 says:

    I already pre-ordered it! Im sooo excited!!!

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