arnel1 75x75 ARNEL PINEDA OF JOURNEY EXPRESSES PRIDE IN CHARICE!Written by ANC News, Pacific News Center

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 Manila, Philippines – Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda shows his Filipino fans why he has become a big hit in Europe and the U.S.trans ARNEL PINEDA OF JOURNEY EXPRESSES PRIDE IN CHARICE!

The Pinoy Youtube sensation’s singing prowess has made him in demand in the Philippines as well and he’s even scheduled to guest inAi?? concert of Sam Milby.
But Arnel says his flu might prevent him from honoring some showbiz commitments.
Arnel also expresses pride in a fellow Pinoy singer, Charice, whose meteoric rise to fame took place the same way — via youtube.

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Arnel Pineda Interview

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  1. victoria says:
    Hello wonderful music lovers!

    I love reading your msgs. I, too, am devoted to Arnel and Charice, love their voice, their music and most of all am inspired by their life stories and their character. In this chaotic world, it is so good to see some people whose positive values we can all emulate.
    I am undergoing a lot of challenges in my personal life right now, but I have Charice’s songs to comfort me. It is like a lullabye to a child… altho I am in my 40′s lol! I just love Charice and I am loving Journey bec. of Arnel. I have heard of BlackEyed Peas as well. Isn’t Youtube wonderful!

    Love and peace to all!

    from Canada

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  2. joferr37 says:

    Chiboy, if i was in your shoe, i would take off for a day’s work so that i can watch Charice live on Oprah. How often do you get this opportunity??Work is always there, they dont go away unless you have problem with the company. Id watch Charice anytime when time allows because it might not happen again. The fact is, there are a lot of people who will pay any amount just to meet and watch their idol sing live.

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  3. joferr37 says:


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  4. QQ says:

    I can’t believe our comments here are being edited aggressively. Don’t get me wrong I love Charice but everyone should be entitled to their own opinion. Well, except for those people who have the evil intention to ruin Charice or start a flame. I mean a constructive criticism should be ok. If not, may I suggest to admin to change the comment header “SPEAK YOUR MIND” to “SPEAK YOUR MIND (NO CRITICISM AND NO FLAMING)” and put a mark below that says the comment submitted is being evaluated and might get edited without notice by the moderator.


    Hello QQ & everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback. We do welcome fans to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

    Please be informed that we do not make it a habit to edit everyone’s comments. We do reserve the right to delete any down right rude comments, disrespectful to others or countries (especially to our Princess Charice) by using derogatory/discriminatory remarks, and especially sexual connotation that is not appropriate for minors.

    We do, however, believe that a person should be kindly informed/warned first. And if such act of inappropriate behavior is still surfacing, then that person will be permanently banned from this site.

    On behalf of Charicemania staff, we apologize for any inconvenience. We’ve recently are going through changes and modifications in improving this site and have recently recruited more moderators to help keep this site clean and fun for everyone. Unfortunately, we are still establishing a form of communication with staff via instant messenger in order to collaborate our ideas and feedback to what is best in providing a safe and respectful environment for everyone. Please remember, we do have everyone’s best interest in mind.

    Thank you all for your patience and understandings as we continue to grow and find ways in improving our service in providing a healthy environment for Charice’s fans all over the world.


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  5. regal baby says:

    i did not hear Arnel apologized to Sam Milby. He apologized to the viewers not to Sam. Maybe, guesting at Sam Milby’s concert is a hoax, just to sell more tix. Poor Sam (Milby, as well as Concepcion). i would not let any of my family name their child Sam. Bad omen.

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  6. Eddie says:

    I have short story to tell, came here in states Jan. of 79.
    The only thing i bought here when it comes to music is one
    casette tape from journey with Steve Perry. I bought it for
    one reason to jam on keyboard on Separate Ways..
    but i like all their songs though. I used to play with the band
    here in the bay area, and i’m not good at all. Lot of them during early 80′s. Was my best moment…
    I lost in touch with our own music from pinas and never listened at all.
    Here comes Charice, i found out about her from my brother maybe 4 mos. ago, next thing I knew Im, obsessed. not only her but arnel too. Mostly with Charice i guess coz’ she’s a she.. Anyways, to my own surpriced i bought reveleation cd/dvd one for me and one for my daughter, i downloaded I-tune on my laptop so i could buy charice song on the internet. Pre-odered Mr. Foster’s hitman cd. Got no idea what happened to me. I was heck a cheap when it comes to this staff…Damn…

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  7. jn says:

    AMEN TO GM’s comments…..Both Charice and Arnel have showed the way….parallel life stories…..very inspiring.To Cha and Arnel, thank you for the honor you brought to the nation, a big diversion from what is currently going on in Philippine politics,the graft & corruption, social injustices and etc and etc.
    There is always a rainbow after a storm…So, let us not stop believing….dreams do come true

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  8. jn says:

    Like the rest of Arnel and Cha’s supporters, I would like to see both of these young talents (our nation’s pride) singing together one day……hopefully on one of the Christmas specials in any of our major networks………..Gosh, that would be a Big Bang….one of the best gifts for this Yuletide season…..Wishful thinking….
    Loved you both…

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  9. Eddie says:

    I wanna see Arnel and Charice have a duet, they both ROCK…

    Make it happen…

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  10. GM says:

    Hello all!

    I’ve decided to post this article because Charice and Arnel’s whirlwind experience are both like a Cinderella story. Their story certainly swept us away with them to their journey of hardship, perseverance, faith and overnight achievements of their own dreams becoming a reality!

    They both touched so many lives all around the world with their powerful voice, humble & loving spirit. And the fact that they both have strong faith in God, love and adoration for their moms. They both possess the humility and have so much passion in what they do. (LOl…to be descriptive, just read Teddi/OzGirl’s articulate writing of “The Charice Phenomenon”, there you will find the whole package of who Charice is and I believe even Arnel possess the same qualities…)

    They are both an inspirational and positive role model for all of us fans! We thank you Charice and Arnel for sharing with us fans the God given talent that you both were blessed with…


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  11. admin says:

    gotoatbawang – Dude, you crack me up!!! I really enjoy reading your comments–hilarious! Keep ‘em coming…

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  12. Chiboy says:

    Hey Cha-nel fans,
    Watch Journey here in Chicago(Sept 12), It was jamming even in a pouring rain!!!Same week I was invited on Charice taping on Oprah Show(Sept.8) at Harpo Studio couldn’t make due to my work schedule but I send Charice a copy of my family picture and a brief message about why we adore her and we wish her the best.I gave it to the producer. Now Journey fan we should support Charice same way we support Arnel(Journey). God Bless and may the force be with all of us…

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  13. gotoatbawang says:

    another ting mon!

    do you guys know how hard it is to get journey concert tickets in california?

    its so freakin hard!

    freakin frustratingly hard!

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  14. gotoatbawang says:

    i’ve always been a fan of journey since the early 80s
    steve perry elevated journey’s appeal to all earthlings
    there could never be another steve perry
    but after listening to arnel pineda
    he blew my mind away including holey socks
    with his soulful voice
    arnel’s voice resonates deep inside of me and pulled each heart string i have and extra strings i didn’t know i have
    he gave my favorite journey songs a new dimension to appreciate
    arnel has rekindled my admiration for the rock band
    yes steve perry was the voice of the band
    but its arnel pineda who brought the band to another level and another strata of greatness

    you rock arnel!

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  15. Randy Lerma says:

    To: MR

    I believe we are on the same page, however, my premise is that Arnel made it this year with the platinum album on top of his signature song “After all These years” which made in the top of the US billboard charts.
    Fans of Steve Perry ( revered lead vocalist of Journey)initally reacted against Arnel but eventually later, they found him to be the real deal and embraced him as well. Arnel, however, claims it is the additional support of the Filipinos around the world that sustained Journey to regain their luster after the lost of SP. Journey regained their old fans (lost them after SP quit) and won over new fans. As Neal Shoen claims, I hit the gold mine in AP.

    My contention is that Charice will become greater than Arnel in the future. But she must play her cards right. Of course, you cannot go wrong with DF, Ed Shapiro, Gurfunkel and Oprah. But first and foremost, she must record her album and her fans, specially the Filams, OFW’s and those in the Philippines must support and buy her album. She must translate these love and adoration into a platinum album in terms of sales. I was disappointed that her album made only 12,500 units (Gold PI standards)in the Philippines after all the guestings in Ellen, Oprah, OGrady,Korea and Las vegas hotel gigs.( Lack of marketing promotion specially here in the states and her appearances in Filam sponsored events, i guess).

    Your contention that it was Journey band that was successful and not Arnel, i beg to disagree. This year is the last card of journey if they had not chosen the right lead vocal and frontman. All the 1,000,000 fans who has seen Arnel perform live this year are one in saying, Arnel is amazing and the man in the new refurbished Journey.

    MR, my contention is that AP has done it, Charice will follow suit to even greater heights but the cards must be played correctly and need our whole support. Charice, the superstar, in her mansion here in the US and a Lear jet to travel to her concerts.


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  16. june says:

    M Recan, yes you are right that journey is a legendary rock band in the U.S. but, you are totally wrong saying that it’s not Arnel’s Peneda’s success with the journey. You meant to say that they’re (Journey) touring around the world with success this recent year without Arnel? are you out of your mind? It’s the success of the journey so with their new front man Arnel Peneda. The rock band is not an individual success but, it’s a team work effort of the members.

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  17. Daniel says:

    Charice and Arnel are both phenomenal singers and they both brought pride to the Philippines and open doors to future talents.
    Big difference is that Arnel is a veteran singer and discovered by Neal Schon from Journey who’s band is well established and icon of the rock band era. Charice on the other hand is becoming famous through her own talent and singing prowess ( with the help of DF and Oprah, of course ).

    I missed Journey’s concert at Pechanga Casino at Temecula, California because it was sold out. I have their CD/DVD Revelation and I hope Charice will have her own Signature album also. It takes a Superstar like Arnel to recognize that Charice will be an up coming Super Star.

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  18. Randy Lerma says:

    To MR,

    I believe we are on the same page and there is no disagreement as I said Charice will be greater than Arnel Pineda. But what i am pointing out is that todate AP financially has it made and was able to overcome the initial rejection of Steve Perry fans . Charice, I am sure will be able to do it, but still needs the full support of his team and her fans specially the filipino fans. In the case of Arnel, AP acknowledges the tremendous support of the Pinoys all over the world ( Plus the US and european fans), help him a lot to attain this status. This is Arnel prayer and advice to Charice in the video, that she gets the same support from the kababayans in the US and in the Philippines to make make her album rated “platinum” also in the future.

    I guess what i am saying is that AP has done it and Charice is on the way of making it to her first million album sales. Again,If Charice does it, she is the greater icon between the two. But still they are both filipinos to be proud of.


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  19. M Recan says:

    I beg to differ to Mr Lerma. Journey is a legendary rock band in the US and the band’s hit song are the one being followed by US and EU fans NOT Arnel Pineda. You cannot claim that it is Pineda’s success, NO it’s NOT, it is always been a success of JOURNEY the band. On the other hand Charice is a success on her own, her own individual talent propelled her to be noticed via YT by the God (DFoster) and Goddess (Miss Oprah) of American entertainment business.
    Both are great but Charice is a phenom and an “IT” girl in the music industry now. Wait till they announce her in HSM of Disney.

    - MR

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  20. QQ says:

    Arnel rocks!! The album Revelation is great. Now, I’m just waiting for the debut album of our Charice. I know it will rock harder haha.

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  21. Randy Lerma says:

    Hi, to all

    Further, I hope Charice follows Arnel footsteps and i know she is destined to have the same destiny if not a greater one. Arnel is very low key, humble and a great singer like Charice. Both of them started at you tube at the same time, in 2007. The difference is Arnel was able to take of, ahead of Charice. He has got 69 sold out concerts in Europe and in the US last year and was able to release the Revelation album with his own signature songs and also another cd which are cover songs. This album is now on Platinum status, meaning here in the US, selling one million copies. Their gross sales on their US concerts (Without Chile and Europe Tours)alone is more than $ 21 million dollars per latest news release on the top grossing concerts here in the US.

    I feel Charice is following suit and will have the same success as Arnel. Mind you, Charice is much more popular in the Philippies than Arnel, but i guess the big bucks is here in the Land of Aplenty.

    For further info, I would like to direct you to Arnel Pineda’s website. He is now on vacation in Manila with a brand new house and brand new van.

    Wow, Philippines producing two international superstar this year, isnt that great.


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