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The Charice Phenomenon

The Charice Phenomenon

Copyright 2008 by Teddi Jutsen

55929776charice1fan1012200822618am 75x75 The Charice PhenomenonIn the wake of Andre Agassi’s Grandslam for Children 2008 event, Charice fans worldwide are on a stake-out on YouTube waiting for the latest video of Charice’s performance at this famous benefit concert held in Wynn Las Vegas, where Charice was a special guest.Ai?? Did you get that? Special Guest!Ai?? This event saw her share the stage with big names like Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and Natasha Beddingfield just to name a few.Ai?? But let me say it again (just because it feels so good!):Ai?? Charice… was a Special Guest!!!

Even as I write, pictures of Charice taken at the event are being searched, viewed and purchased at and gettyimages by those (myself included!) who are too impatient to wait for the video in an effort to quelch our thirst for more Charice videos!Ai?? We just can’t get enough of Charice!

So what is it about this diminutive, unassuming young 16 year old “no-longer-a-girl-but-not-quite-a-woman” that keeps us glued on YouTube up to the wee hours of the morning watching videos (of her performances dating back from when she was 9 years old), over and over again!Ai?? One fansite even has a gadget on their website dedicated to creating new words resulting from this phenomenon, and they call it the Dic-CHA-nary!Ai?? Wechat spy, Sms spy. Hence, we now have a word for people on the video stake-out:Ai?? Chaddicts!

It isn’t just her voice, as utterly captivating as it is, nope.Ai?? It’s not just her pretty face and her engaging smile.Ai?? It isn’t just her sense of self-assuredness that spills out onto the stage and grabs hold of the entire audience (including the tv/video watching public) from the moment she takes that microphone into her hands and the first melodic tones come out of her.Ai?? It isn’t just the depth of emotions that she brings into every note and every word that she sings.

It isn’t just Can i buy xenical over the counter the facial expressions that seem to naturally just happen at perfectly appropriate sections of the songs.Ai?? It isn’t the goosebumps nor the effervescent feeling that emanates from the core of your being as you watch her and listen to her.Ai?? It isn’t the joy, nor the sense of pride, nor the feeling of recognition that she evokes in her listener (or beholder).Ai?? It isn’t her childlike innocence that lets you know the purity of her heart.

It isn’t the obvious love and respect she has for her mother.Ai?? It isn’t because she broke through all possible limitations thrown at her.Ai?? It isn’t her sudden rise to international stardom.Ai?? It isn’t the string of successes that she has added (just in the last 12 months alone) to her already dazzling resume.Ai?? It isn’t because she remains grounded and down to earth amidst the accolades and the standing ovations!

It is precisely because of all of that – put together in one compact albeit beautiful, attractive, delightfully addictive little package! Ai?? An innocent child yet with the maturity that is well beyond her years and the power to move grown men to tears!

It is because her very existence assures us that there is something, someone Supreme within all of us that makes the impossible possible.Ai?? It is her absolute belief in herself, and faith in that Supreme being within, which makes her an undisputable evidence of greatness, as well as a shining example and a great role model for anyone (young and old alike) who has a dream in their heart.

Yes, this young diva commands not just your attention, your admiration, your respect, your laughter, your tears, but most of all your unconditional love.Ai?? Yes, Charice has the magic to pull you right into her world… all of you… heart, mind and soul!Ai?? Because she has so much more to give back to you!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… CHARICE!

charice 452 The Charice Phenomenon

54 Responses to “The Charice Phenomenon”

  1. rey says:

    i think there is angel inside charice inner soul thats why whenever we heard her sings tears just start flow even if you doenst wat to.

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  2. Admin says:

    OzGirl – you wrote this???

    I don’t know what to say… It’s FAN-CHA-STIC!!!

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  3. Bing says:

    Teddi Jutsen, need we say more? You nailed it, big time!

    COngratulations, Charice!

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  4. cesann says:

    To Teddi Jutsen,
    My hat’s off to you for the most accurate description of how I feel about Charice as a talent, as a person, as a performer. You are so eloquent in putting to words what each and everyone of us think but are unable to express it. Can you be part of Charice’s writing staff? Would you also recognize what an awesome job her mother, Racquel, did in raising such a fine, humble, sincere, and well-grounded young lady. I feel you’re the only one who could do justice in doing that.

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  5. Admin says:

    ~comment from the chat room~

    By Name:

    name: hey guys i just talked to my custodian friend at harpo production which i get to hang out here at harpos’s parking lot where i work that charice’s video performance clip has arrived at oprah’s office for cool is that , huh?

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  6. denzig says:

    Good Job Teddi! You hit the right(or I say the exact) words describing our young Diva, Charice. I believe this articles reflects what all CHADDICTS(including me) feel and think about her. Charice will be very happy if she read this..and of course our comments too!

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  7. Daniel says:

    VERY WELL SAID TEDDI ! Thanks Admin and GM for this site. As Charice popularity rise so does all website dedicated to Charice especially Charicemania. I am one those CHADDICTS you mentioned. Like I said on previous comments, I usually don’t idolize a singer or artist with the exception of CHA.

    She has that MagCHAtic personality that will draw you to her magCHAnemous World. She is fast becoming a sophisCHAcated Lady and her inCHAluence to the young and old is catCHAing in the speed of CHAlight. CHA is now a CerCHAfied InterCHAtional Star !!!

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  8. tonz says:

    And out of the woodwork comes TEDDI JUTSEN who had just given voice to all people who have been strickien by a desease called CHARICITIES and an addiction–CHADICTS. I am personally forever thankful to you Teddi for writing that gem.

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  9. beyond negotiation says:

    Charice Honey ” No More Tears ” enjoy the Spotlight …always remember you are one of them…Be proud of yourself with confident!!.. you are surrounded with talented singer and you are one of them..Sige ka nasisira tuloy and makeup mo… Take Care my sweet idol…

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  10. Cecile says:

    On the right side of the page, the first video is about the event and it includes a short interview of Charice. Watch it before it gets replaced with some other news.

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  11. weng says:

    teddy…i just want to thank you for amazing word you write about charice. i am chaddict fans looking for answer for sleepless nigth.charice make me youtube addict nigth and day searching for her video and news.

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  12. OzGirl says:

    Thank you, Lily!

    I can certainly relate to that! It’s 4:34am Monday here in Oz and I’m still awake, unable to pry my fingers off my beloved macbook, my gateway to all Charice videos!

    Aaaaagh! I used to have a life…

    I have a life! I have a life! I have a life!


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  13. nikki says:

    I am one of those CHA-ddicts. This is the first time in my entire life to be a fanatic. I don’t care about artists. I have a very busy life and I know that most of us are. I never cried when I heard somebody singing even the best singer in the world before Charice. I know some famous ones, and if I like their music, I listened to it, admire it, and that’s it.

    The only music that had made me cry and gave me goosebumps were the songs in church (Christian Music), the songs that gives meaning to my life and lift my spirit up. Other than that, no one has ever let me tear-up because of their songs…until Charice came up to the picture. Even just reading this article, my tears were rolling down my face. I am glad that I am not the only one who feels like this, the same way as lily said that this kind of addictive situation will pass. I never blogged before in the internet, nor knew anything about YouTube. I don’t waste my time in this kind, search somebody in the internet like crazy, but Charice changed it all. I am one of those certified “CHADDICTS”.

    To Teddy…very well said..awesome. You said all the words about this phenomenon.


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  14. lily says:

    typo error, sleepless nights. Now my mind’s affected because of it, sleep-deprived and I don’t work graveyard shift.

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  15. OzGirl says:

    Hmm, whoever posted my article at got my name wrong!

    They wrote it as Jeddi!

    Now I know I have Jedi powers especially when I’m around automatic doors which open when I wave my hand, but that’s supposed to be my secret! Now I’ve been outed!

    I’ve posted a request for their Admin to amend the author’s name and to post the updated version of the article. I hope they will.

    Good to know that people are reading it even though it’s long!


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  16. liliy says:

    So true. ADDICTIVE is the word and many of her fans described the same feeling. Since I saw her performance on StarKing, I was hooked and surprised myself for watching her vid repeatedly,never happened to me before. I thought it will pass, but it’s almost a year now and the eagerness is still there, weird.
    Sleepness nights and being late for work, it happened to me too.I’d say I could’nt sleep, w/c is true. I did’nt tell them that I stayed up all night watching Charice’s video.
    I’m en-CHAn-ted.

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  17. cory says:

    Thank you so much for that amazing write up about Charice “THAT WAS PRICELESS” I’m admitting I’m one of the chaddicts, can’t stop watching her diffent videos I found one her singing LADY MARMALADE I don’t know if that is the title but boy i love to see her ina different element enjoying to be a teen,can dance twirl the mike around, that is a true artist, entertainer can tackle any song and at the same time the audiences are havng fun.Can’t to see if there is a video of her latest LAS VEGAS STINT. I was looking at the pictures. They are so cute I guess she had 2 outfits one for the red carpet and the one she performed in. Way to go Charice keep energing us fanatic fans of yours .Its good I’m off tomorow and keep watching your videos again.

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  18. Gloria says:


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  19. kyotovisitor says:

    You’re getting rave reviews for this at Charicediva. One of them would kill to have your name.


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  20. Reese says:

    I can’t stop crying after reading this….it’s a wowwwer!!!

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  21. zinamp says:

    The Charice phenomenon! Her Star was born in YT, it’s only fitting that we follow her in YT through the internet. She’s re-writing entertainment history folks! Several years from now you can write a thesis about her and her rise to stardom. Thanks Teddi!

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  22. OzGirl says:

    Hi Charicemanians,

    Please feel free to circulate this article so long as you keep the byline (the copyright line) to give credit to the author (me).

    Felbzz, I’m an artist/songwriter amongst other things.

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. I enjoyed writing this article! I just wanted to express my love for our beloved darling diva, Charice!

    I hope she gets to read it!


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  23. Teddy.. thank you.. for putting the right words in our mouth.. and when i say our.. i mean the millions who have been captivated by Charice….. we are certified 100% CHADDICTS

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  24. felbzz says:

    Teddi Justen, I salute you mate! YOU HAVE SUMMED IT ALL AND MORE… YOUR write up of ” the charice phenomenon ” which you cleverly copywrited just give me goosebumps and a tear.

    Pardon my being rude in asking this? are you a poet or a professional writer or both? Simply because of all that had been said and done about our dear Charice… your write-up is simply
    beautiful im lost of words “cream of the crop””Amazing” pure yet true.

    Who are you ?if i may ask?. Can i copy your impressive write-up
    above? The whole article or part of it.



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  25. jn says:

    To Teddi Jutsen,
    YOU SAID IT ALL……Wow, just perfect.Thanks for sharing your article…..This needs to be published.

    Cha, you are just unbelievable….
    God bless you!!!

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  26. theresa says:


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  27. kyotovisitor says:

    Very nice write up, Teddi! You could be part of her media team!




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  28. pinoy_kuyafred! =) says:

    WOW, tinutulaan ako ng binabasa ko! astig! ay totoo yan, perfect package tlga ang certified WORLD IDOL NATO. Hindi na tlga ako makapaghintay d2… We lov you CHARICE

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  29. denzig says:

    Thank you Tedd for your contribution. I cant find the exact words,phrase,sentence to describe Her(Charice). But I think yours is the most accurate one I’ve heard so far. We love you Charice!

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  30. cerytine says:

    i keep searching her new performance at adre agassi..cant wait to see her new appearances..all i can say ”wow! and speechless…almost all of her dreams come true..mariah carey give her a big hugg, so touching by watching on her..proud of you charice…They are other people is not supportive to you but we always pray for you charice..God bless

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