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Charice performs duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden


charice celine3 3 Charice performs duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden
The country’s pride, Charice again proved that dreams do come true
after she performed a duet with one of her favorite international stars
– Celine Dion, September 15, Tuesday at Madison Square Garden in New
York City.
In the concert dubbed as "Taking Chances World Tour, "Charice sang the hit "Because You Loved Me" with her idol Celine.

The song was actually chosen and dedicated for Charice’s strength and love — her mom Raquel Pempengco.
In the concert, the Canadian international star first told the life story of Charice. 
young girl’s name is Charice I’m so excited. She’s 16 years old and
she’s from the Philippines let me tell you she has a voice and can
literally blow the roof of Madison Square. But the real story is
Charice and her mom escaped a terrifying experience and had to leave
Charice’s violent father. You know to start a life on their own,
Charice thought to save her mom from life’s desperation. Through
prayers and dreams and God gave talent an incredible voice Charice
entered and won every singing contest in her native country and
eventually noticed by such a fortunate people saw the  show on Oprah
and Oprah want to take care of her wings and David Foster joined them.
had a chance to see Charice perform one of my song in Oprah last week.
I have a little difficulty to talk right now because I met Charice and
I’m so emotional and so I’m searching and looking for my words trying
to control my emotion. I invited here to come her tonight to sing with
me…,ai??? said Celine Dion. 
After Celine’s lovely
introduction to Charice she invited the latter to come up on stage and
join her. Celine then told Charice how spectacular she is and how she
looked really beautiful.

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Celine even asked the
young diva how she feels to be with her on the same stage. Charice
admitted that she’s nervous but Celine calmed her and said that she
does not have to be.
"First of all you look
spectacular you’re beautiful, you’re shaking, how do you feel? Don’t be
nervous I think people will understand that you’re nervous. But let me
tell you one thing, the  talent we’re not going to talk about because
you have, we’re not going to talk about strength because you have
(Celine pointing to Charice’s mom Raquel Pempengco) and so the love.
And I have to tell you that the family we have to talk because you have Order persantine dipyridamole
too, one time my manager my husband told me ‘Celine’, because when I
started to sing I was 12 years old so 12 and 16 it’s the same, okay?
told me ‘Celine I know you’re nervous don’t be scared you love to sing
when you go up there you’ll be nervous don’t be.’ I will give you an
image that you can think about, think about that all the people you see
in front of you are your brothers and sisters. You are singing in your
living room and it’s your family," Celine told Charice.
Charice in return said that she was ready to sing and agreed to dedicate their song "Because You Loved Me" to her mother Raquel.
The crowd, in standing ovation, roared and praised Celine and Charice after their performance.
"You did amazing, and the roof of the Madison (blew) up tonight," said Celine.
Celine also said that she loved Charice and that she could not wait to perform with Charice for a full concert.
you do perform in Madison Square are you going to invite me? I love you
and I can not wait to be with you to perform here for a whole concert,"
Celine said before she let Charice leave the concert stage.

In Oprah
It will be recalled that Charice guested on Oprah Winfrey’s show for the second time last September 9, Tuesday.
thought that she will just have an ordinary conversation with Oprah’s
"Washington viewer" but she was shocked when her idol Celine appeared
on live video conference and gave her message for the young diva.
crying, Charice listened to Celine’s message: "Hi Charice! I have to
tell you that I’m speechless. I have heard you sing. I have seen a
little of your life story and I am extremely ecstatic like the rest of
the world who’s watching right now…ai???I can’t tell you that we
lots of things in common and I also had a mother who is my strengthai??i??
You have more talent than most people. You can sing,  you can speak and
sing with your heart, you can play guitar… and you can have dreams
because your life story is quite a painful one.  Thank God your
strength comes from your mother and your heart will go
what made Charice burst into tears was when Celine offered a special
number with her, an offer that Charice will treasure forever.
I may, I would love to do something very special with you. Next week,
I’m going to be singing at Madison Square Garden and I would love to
ask you to come and sing a duet with me. And we can sing together.
Maybe we can sing "Because You Loved Me" and maybe we can dedicate this
song to your mother. So I hope you can travel to New York and meet with
me," says Celine.
Charice earlier told how excited she was to see her idol.
"Naku talagang happy ako kung makikita ko siya. Kahit hindi ko na siya maka-duet okay na sa akin ai???yon," she said.
shared that she would put a checkmark on her dream drawing book where
she had drawn Celine’s face. Included in Charice’s dream drawing book
is the famous tenor Andrea Bocceli.

Last July 20th,
Charice wowed Italians as she performed at Teatro del Silenzio in
Tuscany, Italy with Bocelli for the tenor’s birthday concert dubbed
"The Cinema Tribute." Charice met the world-famous tenor when she
performed for a benefit concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last May.

15 Responses to “Charice performs duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden”

  1. jn says:

    Topgun, thanks for the in-depth explanation…At first,I thought it was a negative comment but …after reading the article all over again and checking the meaning of those “not so common words like gesticulation and melisma”…i realized it was a positive comment…..

    Charice, good luck again!!!

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  2. thanks for the xplanation, i didn’t have that much time to look for its meaning, i had to catch up with my sleep. because i hardly had last night, downloading every possible video and watching them. glad i learned something today! anyway, lets all show our support to HARPO, we know Oprah – Charice’s guardian angel will do everything for the best, of course, i think hindi rin nila papayagang lumaki ang ulo ng bata or the people around her… inshallah things will be perfect.. just like Celine’s career.

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  3. TOPGUN says:

    Amper means fluid like a river
    Gesticulation is body movement
    Melisma is from “Greek” word meaning musical declaration or blues singing.
    I am not a genius, I got these from GOOGLE’s dictionary.
    So all were positive just made more dramatic by the writer to project certain aura of sophistication & bravado in the English language.
    Anyway, after all is said & done, the diva is now almost accomplished and the business part is now to be in place and HARPO is now on it naturally to protect its investment and Charice. Let the games begin….. and Charicemania’s role as ‘guardian’ of this precious talent remains important as ever. You are part of the history in the making, people. More power to you !!!

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  4. red says:

    hahahaha, me too, it took me atleast three times to read the article before i understood what he was trying to say… but anyway, it could be an additional to my vocabulary but i don’t think am going to use it…. :)

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  5. chacha says:

    the writer’s observations are fairly accurate. even Charice’s style of singing describing her is pretty much dead on. btw, I had the same observation about Charice’s voice many months ago as well. in simple terms, Charice’s voice is a deep timbre type.

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  6. chacha says:

    Schoenheit, the writer is just describing the way how Charice sings. anyway, for everybody’s benefit, the writer describes Charice’s singing as somewhat hypnotic or in simple iconic term, she is somewhat a “WHITNEY”. dont’ worry, it’s not a negative comment but rather a compliment.
    hope that helps.

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  7. i think the writer of that article is ‘honing’ his/her writing ability by experimenting on using weird sounding words. it could have been eaier if it had been written simplier. but anyway, i guess that gives us something to work on.. i mean lets work on our vocabulary.. bwahhahahhhaha…. i also didn’t understand those words…. i think overall the article is written by a critic… with probably only 5% good things to say because i didnt like the review on Celine’s performance. Celine is as dramatic and theatrical on the stage as could be.. that is why people love her! that’s why i like her belting All By My Self or doing duet with Luciano Pavarotti with those facial expressions.. she is a story to watch.. her face is a story to watch whenver she sings… thats why we love her..all these years…

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  8. Schoenheit says:

    Oh let them remove the vids. There are more coming. Besides, they could only remove the ones that belong to them.

    Read the NY Post article? “…never heard rougher edges, amper gesticulations and melisma.” Speaking about written English. What the hell are they talking about? Positive or negative?

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  9. Ebjohns11 says:

    Im guessing they just dont want to overexposed Charice but I believe there is a GOOD reason or purpose why they are going to do it.

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  10. hoz says:

    I don’t speak Tagalog, but I assume the above announcement is about Harpo asking all uploaders to remove their copyrighted materialfrom the internet.

    I understand their position. But what did they think would happen? Charice was originally discovered in the US via the internet and YT specifically. It is only natural for her fans to continue to use YT to share and update her performances.

    Harpo has the copyright on Oprahs show. We don’t want to mess with Momma Bear do we?

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  11. Penelope says:

    Charice, I’m waiting for your international album, how about a song from Diane Warren produced by David Foster, songs in the like of I Turn To You of Christina Aguilera, very insppirational like your story…I can’t wait to see you on MTV, and your album on Billboard…

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  12. cecile says:

    hey,it’s not like oprah is going to take out all the videos on youtube. just the ones that belong to her company. it’s to protect her company’s integrity and maybe it’s also because something else better is coming for charice. there will be other oprah moments and other guestings we can see. there is more to look forward to with charice’s career so let’s just be patient and support charice.

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  13. amyer says:

    Hi. gusto ko lang malaman bakit kailangang ipatanggal ng Harpo ang mga videos, baka kasi may iba pang reason maliban sa aking naiisip, pa share naman po.


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  14. Kampanerang Kuba says:

    If this is true,we need to understand the situation because we love CHARICE.

    In the first place, suppoHARPO will be doing this for a good reason. We really need to understand and there is no need to react violently or need to be counter-agree.

    What’s important now is that CHARICE is in good hands and is really a STAR… INTERNATIONAL and WORLD CLASS TALENT.

    Lets just pray everytime for her success and good health!!!


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  15. AncianoUno says:

    ANNOUNCEMENT para sa aking mga kababayan. May balita na ipapatanggal ng HARPO ang mga videos ni Cha pati ang sa mga fansites niya. Ang aking adbiso. I-download niyo na lahat ng Oprah sponsored events ni Cha at alam niyo na ang kailangang gawin. Yung mga may original files ng uploaders, paki pasok na lang sa at ibukas para pwede makadownload ng high quality files ang mga Charice fans. Salamat po.

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